Chapter 1 Enter : Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto's Trouble

Chapter 1

by, trex0428

(Sainan Town, Streets)

The sun was shining brightly with the wind being slightly chilly and the streets of sainan was brimming with all kinds of people going onto their daily lives. except for one person and today we'll see that person's life change forever.

A blonde haired boy was humming to himself with his eyes closed as he began his trek towards school.

The boy was rocking a middle part hairstyle. and is seen wearing a school uniform that consists of white short sleeve button shirt with its front open showing his black t-shirt and green trousers with a yellow cross-hatched pattern.

He was walking peacefully and jamming into his music when suddenly a tall muscular man stops infront of him.

Not noticing the person he continues his walk only to bump into said person.


Slowly opening his eyes and taking off his orange earphones, as he looks up and stares at the man.


Says the boy in a flat tone.

The tall man just grins seeing as he now has the attention of the boy and asks his question.

"So, are you Uzumaki Naruto??"

The man asks in a excited tone.

Naruto stares a few more seconds before answering the question.

"Yeah, so?"

Hearing him answer, the man's mood suddenly improved much better than it was.

"Oh, that's good! very good!!"

The man starts doing some light warm-up.

Not recognizing this person whatsoever, Naruto asks him the question.

"Who the hell are you?"

After confirming his suspicion, and being ask politely the man spreads his arms flamboyantly then introduces himself.

"My name is Araki Keigo, and i heard you were the strongest around Sainan city. so i came to fight you, what do you say?!!"

As if trying to add more intimidation, the tall man takes his jacket off revealing his muscular stature and tattoos that adorn both his chest and arms.

Feeling quite proud of himself, expecting the kid to be intimated by his physique, so when he looks down directly at Naruto face. he was surprised. seeing as it didn't have any effect.

On the contrary Naruto doesn't even look the least intimidated and actually looks more relaxed than anything.

Not waiting for a signal and settling for a instant win, Naruto immediately launchs a round kick towards the tall man's head hooking it with his feet and sending him head first towards the hard pavement below. the tall man passes out the moment his head collides with the concrete.

Slamming his opponent into the ground. Naruto stands there for a few moments, waiting to see if the big guy can actually recover from his kick.

A few moments passed and with no indication of him waking up soon, Naruto starts walking away until he hears someone shouting his name.


Hearing an irritated female voice that he could quickly recognize from anywhere.

Stopping his movement. Glancing to his side, Naruto sees his childhood friend.

"Oh good morning, when did you get here Yui?"

Naruto nonchalantly greets her as if he didn't kick someone's ass a minute before.

Kotegawa Yui is a girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes wearing the female version of Naruto's uniform.

"Just in time to see you kick that person's face!!!"

Not even a second after saying that. Yui closes their distance and starts her daily lecture to Naruto about being a modest student.

Non-apologetic by his actions, Naruto just just shrugs off his friend's irritation.

"He totally deserved that."

Hearing Naruto's answer the girl just raises an eyebrow at him with her arms crossed.


in which Naruto defends his actions by saying.

"Because he bumped into me."

Releasing a sigh, Yui decides to ask one more to make sure.

"That's it?"

Fully convinced that he's right Naruto backs up his reason with quotation marks.

"It's a valid reason you know, I'm not that big to be unavoidable!"

Exasperated by the blonde actions, Yui gives up and decides to focus on what's more important.

"I give up, let's just go!! before we're late for school!"

Quickly grabbing his hand, the girl half-way drags the blonde to the school. in which Naruto made no attempt to resist and just actually let's her drag him off to their school.

In a few minutes of them power walking, the two finally arrived at their school. seeing all of their classmates come from all direction entering Sainan High.

(Sainan Town, Sainan High)

Arriving at the school the two already attracted a crowd.

All of the boys after seeing Naruto bows their head and greets him respectfully.

"Good Morning, Naruto-kun!!"

In which Naruto responds with a nod.

Walking through the crowd, Naruto sees someone and addresses Yui to stop.

"Can you stop holding me now?"

Not realising she was still holding his hand, Yui quickly lets go.

"Oh sorry!!!"

Naruto shrugs it off and signs for Yui to walk behind him which she complied.

"Hey, Naruto shouldn't you?"

There. directly in front of them was a man, addresing every student for the smallest of things. like walking with your hands on your pockets.

On the surface, it look like he was only lecturing them.

But, every student knew that it was just an excuse to let out off some steam onto others.

The man's name was Koichi Mido.

Mido is a very thin man wearing a black pinstripe suit. Inside the suit, he wears a white dress shirt along with a yellow tie.

Spotting the most known delinquent in town, he quickly moves towards their position.

"Uzumaki!! what did i told you about wearing earrings in school!!"

Coming into earshot, he starts addressing Naruto for his attire.

Naruto casually ignores off the teacher and goes on to his way.

Not before lightly pushing his face. making him fall on his ass.

"THAT HURT!! Why you little!!!

Hey, wait I'm not done talking to you, arrgh fine do whatever you want."

Getting up and dusting his clothes, Mido spots Kotegawa turning his attention towards her.

"Kotegawa-san!! why are still hanging out with that boy! he's a bad influence you know!!"

Not wanting to deal with the annoying teacher, both of them just ignored him and moved on.

Moving out of earshot Naruto says.

"Can't imagine you said you wanted to be a person like that guy!"

As Naruto snickers a little while trying to maintain a straight face.

"Don't even remind me!! I thought he was a very respectable person after hearing all of his records. but in reality it was actually the opposite..."

Sighing at herself, Naruto comforts her by patting her shoulder.

A few more minutes of walking the two goes separate ways to reach their own classroom.

"See you Yui."

"You too Naruto!"

With the both of them waving goodbye, they went their separate directions.

On the hallway. Naruto spots a blue haired girl walking with her friends.

"Haruna-chan Morning!"

Sairenji Haruna has blue hair and purple eyes, she has quite a cute complexion which most boys seem to like. She always wears a red vertical hair clip on the left of her head.

"Good morning, Naruto-kun!"

Being greeted by Haruna, her friends took notice of Naruto appearance and also greeted him.

"Morning Naruto-kun!" x3

Trying to look more presentable and exchanging looks between themselves as they saw him passed by.

"Morning, Girls!"

Naruto greets them, as he walks pass them and moved closer to the spot he knew he saw something familiar.

"Yo, Rito, Kenichi."

Rounding a corner. he caught someone hiding.

"N-n-naruto!! don't sneak up like that!"

Yuuki Rito has golden brown eyes and orange-brown hair. with the spikes on his hair are sharp and seemingly sticking out.

"What's up Naruto?"

Saruyama has black eyes and black spiky back hair, most of which is pointing back.

"Not much, is Rito still stalking Haruna-chan??"

Naruto asks as if it was a daily thing.

"As you can see."

Hearing that, Naruto just shooks his head in disappointment.


Rito frantically denies the accusation.


Saruyama asking Rito made him stop his rant towards Naruto and responds without skipping a beat.


Rito answers with full conviction.

"Dude, it's not even that hard.."

Not convinced, Naruto looks unfazed.

"Easy for you to say!"

Rito points his finger at Naruto while accusing him.

"Ehh? why?"

Naruto just looks innocently dumbfounded.

"Naruto, you're the most popular guy in this school!! tell him, Saruyama!"

Trying to get to his point across. Rito asks his friend for help.

"Listen, you're called 'The Unbeatable' Naruto!! everyone in town knows about you!! you have the power, confidence, everything!! that Rito lacks!!"

Kinda shock about hearing that directly, Rito still agrees.

"Ok...that was uncalled for, but basically yes."

Naruto still unconvinced why is that have to with confessing to Haruna brushes it off.

"Yeah, i still don't get why can't you be done with it though. anyways let's go already. everyone's probably inside by now."

Noticing their the only one's outside the hallway, Naruto heads towards the classroom.

"Oh, crap i forgot!"

Rito and Saruyama quickly fall in line with Naruto.

"Come onnn Naruto! tell us your secret with the ladies!"

Saruyama seeing that his being but still wanting to know Naruto's secret latches onto him.

"Kenichi, stop dragging my feet.."

Even after being told off, Saruyama just latches harder.

"Please tell me, Master!!"

Naruto gains a faint tick mark on his head. he grabs Kenichi up and decks him in the gut.

"This should knock him out for an hour."

Saruyama falls down like a sack of potatoes. quicking pulling him back up and pushing him towards.

"Take care of him Rito!"

Naruto says as he ditches the both of them and run towards the classroom.

"WAIT!! WHY ME!!?"

Rito yells out holding an unconcious Saruyama in his hands.

After ditching Rito with Saruyama, Naruto quickly arrives at his classroom.

Sitting at his seat. Preparing his things as Naruto was getting ready. that was when someone decided to put their hands onto his eyes.

"Who is it?"

A singsong voice whispered to him.

"I can't see, Risa,Mio."

Having already experience this. Naruto immediately calls the perpetrators name.

"Hey! how did you know?"

Having their names called out both of them feign ignorance trying to look innocent.

"Look, no one's gonna go do that to me besides you two."

Naruto just stares at them suspiciously.

"Okay you caught us! but, how did you guess it was both of us??"

Momioka gives in the pressure of Naruto's stare and asks how did he know.

"By your touch.."

Although slightly disturbed by the sudden coming out. Naruto reluctantly answer with the most careful tone.

"Oh my! did you hear that Risa?!"

A gasped can be heard from both of the girls.

Momioka Risa is a girl has a light brown hair and pink eyes. She has a curvaceous figure that attracts a lot of their male classmates.

"So, our favorite delinquent remembers our touch huh Mio?"

Having a smug look on her face. Risa looks at her friend.

Sawada Mio has a dark brown hair which have two pig tails and light brown eyes also wears glasses.

"Wait, don't say it like that!"

Knowing it was gonna go blow out of

proposition Naruto tries to take it back.

"Of course you would remember. after all you did ravish us roughly last night! didn't he Mio??"

Risa hugs herself and makes an embarrassed expression.

"He surely did, i couldn't walk after that!"

Mio quickly joins in her friends antics and adds more fuel to the fire. mimicking her friends action.

"Yeah...I'm not dealing with that."

Deciding to not wanting to put up with their antics. Naruto puts his headphones back up and lays his face on his table. closing his eyes and tries to sleep.

After sleeping for a whole day. Naruto finally awakes up from his slumber stretching is limbs and missing out the entire class and lunch.

With the sun almost down, Naruto sits still pondering what did he missed.

"No one bothered waking me up. Oh wait i always told them not to. well...better go home now"

Quickly packing up his earphones, Naruto then immediately exits the school and went home.

"Man, I'm starving!"

(Sainan Town)

The sun was now fully down. with the lights from the city illuminating it.

Naruto was walking home passing down a couple shops on his way home.

He then spots his favorite motorcycle shop along the way with him curiously looking inside.

There displayed in the front of the store was a red Honda CL250 bike in it's fully glory.

Deciding to take a closer look Naruto stares at it in awe.

"Just a little more money and i can finally have you!"

Looking at it for awhile. Naruto now looks a little bit satisfied, quickly peeling his eyes of the bike he wants and makes his way home not wanting to get distracted again.

(Sainan Town, Naruto's House)

Arriving and opening his house, Naruto announces his return

"i'm home Mito-baachan!!"

There sitting in her swivel chair watching Tv was Naruto's grandparent.

Uzumaki Mito had long, maroon hair that was loosing It's color due to old age, large, black pupilless eyes. many wrinkles covering her face.

"Welcome home, Naruto!"

The older uzumaki greets her grandson with delight.

"How was school?"

Taking his bag and setting on the table. Naruto opens up refrigerator looking inside for food.

"It was okay, Yui still lectures me the same thing, Rito being Rito, Saruyama can't shut up, Risa and Mio being a pervert, Haruna still a angel, all things considered today was pretty normal"

Mito seems pleased with Naruto's answer as she faintly smiles while still watching Tv.

"Well, I'm glad your having fun your friends!"

Finding only set of food and utensils inside, Naruto curiously asks.

"I wouldn't deny that, did you eat already Baa-chan?"

Hearing her answer, he then takes out the food of the refrigerator and heats it up.

"Yes, dear. doing the chores made me tired. I'm gonna sleep early today, so I'm counting on you the rest."

Mito turns off the tv and gets up grabs her cane then heads backs up to her room.

"Roger that!"

Naruto walks ahead her and holds her hand. assisting to help her grandma reach her room safely.

"Goodnight, Naruto!"

"Goodnight, Baachan!"

Tucking her in and after saying goodnight to her. Naruto goes back down to start eating and clean up the rest.

Finishing his dinner. Naruto quickly tidys up and finishes the rest of the chores before calling it day.

Moving upstairs to his room taking his uniform off grabs his towel. he then goes off to the bathroom to have a bath.

While filling up the bathtub with hot water. incidently making the room more misty.

He started the shower and closed his eyes as the water cascaded down his body.

As he reached out to grab the soap when his hands found something soft and warm. He squeezed experimentally and received a soft moan.

Noticing that wasn't normal. quickly opens his eyes and backs up a little to check what was that.

Shock at seeing a naked curvaceous teenage girl with long bubble gum pink hair, emerald green eyes, and very large breasts wasn't what he expected but thankfully he had restraint and was able to communicate properly by asking.

"What the hell..? Who are you?!"

Not even bothered by them both naked inside a room. the girl introduces herself.

"Hi! I'm Lala"

The pinkette smiled at him as she waves her hand like this situation was normal for her.

'A tail? Is that real??!'

Standing away cautiously, Naruto carefully looks around her and sees something weird.

"Um, hello?"

Being so caught-up in the moment. he quickly focuses back at looking at her face.


Looking concern for Naruto. the girls tilts her head and checks up on him.

"Are you okay?"

Not noticing he was spacing for a little bit. Naruto shakes his head and coolly answers.

"I'm fine...look can we just get out of the water"

Wanting to get out of the awkward situation. Naruto not even waiting for a respond moves out and grabs his towel.


Wrapping a towel around himself. he hurries back up to his room to get a spare one for the girl and quickly making it back to give it to her.

"Cover yourself and follow me."

After making she was covered up. Naruto then guides her to his room quickly and trids to not make any loud sounds that would wake up his grandma.

"This is a nice room you got!!"

Shutting the door down Naruto looks at his closet to find some clothing for him

"Thanks! Hey, aren't you cold?"

As he checks his closet back again trying to find something for her wear.

"It's okay! Thank you!"

Hearing her said that. Naruto focuses his attention back onto her and tries to get back into the topic but unsure how to proceed.


He was suddenly interrupted when something barge in his room and smash through his window

A small white ball came in flying and crashes into Lala.


Catching the small thing. Lala smiles and she lifts up like a baby.


Peke is small a robot and her body is almost completely white. She has a round head with two thick swirl shaped black eyes

"Peke huh XJ.."

Hearing that name made Naruto remember a bike called similar to that.

"Did you say something??"

Denying it her question and trying to divert attention back to her Naruto ask in a curious tone.

"Nothing! anyways what's that your holding?"

Holding Peke proudly and presents her to Naruto.

"It's my creation!!"

The robot although look weirdly at him. still greets him with some semblance of respect.

"Hello, Nice to meet you!!"

Peke greets In a general friendly. as they were to talk about things that happen. they were once again interrupted by someone breaking in and smashing the remaining windows.

"We've been searching for you!!"

Two body guard looking men came in. and immediately move in towards Lala.

"PEKE!! i thought i told you to lose them first!!"

Angry at being caught. Lala tries to smother Peke in her hands.

"I'm sorry!! Lala-sama"

Although apologetic by what she done. Peke tries and ultimately still couldn't escape her grasp.

"Come with us!"

The bodyguards having enough calls out with more force than earlier.

"No, i don't wanna!!"

Lala defiantly denies them and holds out Peke as shield trying to deny their attempt to bring her back.

"Then. you leave us no choice."

Having no more options, Lala was about to run when Naruto grab her and pulled her behind him.

As they were ready to grab her. Lala's security guards were caught-off guard when Naruto just some walk up to them. slightly wondering who he was.

Naruto now being pissed off at strangers thinking they can just pull up to his house and creates a mess. Decides to teach them some manners.

Naruto launchs a round kick towards the bodyguards head with enough force to send him towards the other bodyguard making their bodies collide and crash against the wall caving it in.

"Wow!! how did you do that??"

Seeing a normal human beating up her bodyguard was shocking to Lala. even more so as they were a high-ranking officers assigned to protect her. they were more trained and physically much stronger even than the habitants of her planet.

"Ok, what the hell?? explain already!"

Losing his patience, Naruto demands out his answers.

" see I'm an devilukean!! well that would mean I'm an alien to you anyways!"

Hearing her answer made more question than answers, so Naruto decides to start with first one.


Naruto with some Tokyo x Revengers elements.

Almost Always that most of the delinquent type Naruto fics i read is him being bullied or being talk down at. Like how is that possible, if i know someone could smoke me without any hesitation. i wouldn't want to be on their badside.

I made Naruto wear Mito's hair accessories as an earring, i kinda think Kishimoto should have fleshed the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan more. Their the main protagonist Ancestors, who wouldn't be curious especially since the clan was wipe out because of their abilities.

I'm still wondering if Naruto should have a harem and what to do Rito.

Anyways feel free to review and give me some advice!!

Thanks for Reading.