I know this isn't the epi to TAR, but I'm more excited about this little drabble than I have been about anything in a long time.

Official posting days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… but as long as the muse holds, you'll probably get more. This is a piece of me, of those glorious teen years when you feel everything.

Most of it is first-hand experience—give or take an Edward Cullen, so no complaining about ages and drugs blah blah.

Song titles and artists are listed in each chapter, and when I figure out the playlist thing, I'll start adding them :)

August 11, 1989

Mercedes Boy—Pebbles

I grip the final chunk of my hair and roll the iron back, spraying a generous helping of Aqua Net. The steam rises and dissipates before I release the curl. Lifting the purple, round wide-bristled brush, I push it through the curls to feather my hair from top to shoulder. A quick spray of my trusty extra super hold is next before I grab the pick and lift at the top, positioning each hair with the precision of a surgeon.

"Hey, baby." Mom peeks around the door already dressed in her diner best. "Are you sure you're up for the all-nighter? I'll still be on the clock if you change your mind at two in the morning."

Once I've perfected the lift, I grab the spray and go crazy before turning to Renee, nearly choking on my own beauty routine. "You know they lock the doors at eleven. If I'm leaving it has to be before then."

"Then my question stands." She walks over, poking around on my brass vanity. "I have a break at eleven, so if you change your mind and the other girls stay, you can always call me." She lifts my black liner pencil and lays it in my hand. "You could use a bit more. The lighting in that place is horrendous."

I laugh as I take the stick and pull down my lower lid, leaning closer to the mirror as I swipe the inky color back and forth. "I won't change my mind. This is the last all-night skate of the summer."

"That's right." Mom sighs, a dreamy look in her eyes as she lays her hand on my shoulder. "My baby is going to high school this year. You've grown up so fast."

"So fast, not fast enough. To-ma-to, to-mah-to."

She giggles then, rolling her eyes. "Don't rush life, baby. The best days are just ahead. I promise." She sweeps down and kisses my cheek before grabbing a pink lipstick and shining her lips. "Love you. And don't forget to call if you change your mind."

"Not happening," I say, taking the same pink and swiping it over my own lips. "I'll see you in the morning."

"You girls be good!" She's already headed out my door.

"Always." I make sure it's loud enough for her to hear.

My room phone rings just as I'm slipping on my Vans, and I know who it is. "Headed downstairs now. Meet you at the car."

"You have two minutes or Rose is leaving without you."

"What a bitch." I wrinkle my nose in distaste. She's always bossing us around, and she's only two grades ahead of us. "Tell Skater Cabbage Patch I'll beat her to the car."

"Will do." I can hear Alice's laughter as she hangs up.

I shove my passion fruit lip smackers into the pocket of my cutoff jean shorts and race down the stairs.

Even though Rose is a snotty bitch, I can and do appreciate that she has her license. We'd always be walking if their parents didn't force her to chauffeur us around.

Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale are half-sisters, born from the same social-climbing mom. But I gotta hand it to her, Tanya Denali-Hale-Brandon landed a winner with Bob. He works like crazy and spoils both of them girls, and me via bestfriendship, like mad.

Just to annoy me, Rose lays down on the horn of her ice blue '85 Mercedes as I'm running across the yard. I flip her the bird when I climb into the backseat. "You said two minutes."

"Two minutes, two seconds, who cares?"

"Whatever, Cabbage Patch," I mumble, hunkering down in the back seat.

She shoves in her cassette and fast forwards until she gets to Mercedes Boy before shifting the car into first gear and popping the clutch. Whipping around the cul-de-sac, she hits second gear and revs the RPMs as the stop sign looms ahead.

"Whoa!" Alice chimes from the passenger seat, grabbing her belt and snapping it into place. "Buckle up, Bella, before she kills us all."

Taking a right, Rose cuts her eyes to her little sister. "Only you two."

"Bite me," Alice snarks, twisting around so she can check out my look. "Your hair is rad, but aren't you tired of wearing that Sex Pistols tee? It's so threadbare it's practically see-through."

I look down at one of my favorite band tees and then back to her. "As opposed to what? Fingerless gloves, a tutu, and lace?"

She smiles wide. Her deep red lips are striking against her ghostlike complexion. Her jet black mohawk and blue liner so thick you'd think she's a member of the raccoon family completes the look.

"Always!" she chirps, flipping around as we pull into the already humming parking lot.


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