Missing my vode

Sometimes decisions made out of anger and spite can leave a string of regrets lingering about

There weren't enough regs in the entire Empire to fill the void he felt inside of himself. None of them even coming close of being able to fasten the gap. The great big hole left there behind. The constant reminder of his loss. The gaping, bleeding, festering wound. The one left there, by his batch.

He had made his choice. Adamantly so. And because of that choice, here he is now, all alone. Without his family. Without his batch. Without his loved ones. Without any one in the great wide galaxy to call his own.

But, he is a solider, through and through. It is in his nature. It is written into the very blood flooding inside of him. Nothing can change that. He, cannot change that. He will be the good soldier and follow the orders given to him.

And so, the days move along, one by one. Each of them rolling past smoothly or less so. Doing the job he was bread and assigned to do. Without any questions. Without a thought of his own. Or even thoughts of his future. After all, what else is there for him except being a solider for the Empire?

Working together, again

Old friends in lonely places can be found, and if you let them, they can try you ground

Cody enters Crosshair's office. There is much work to do, even if it is past the office hours. The Empire never sleeps after all! And for the two commanding clones, the work simply keeps pouring. Because they have proven themselves to be that good. Unfortunate for them perhaps. But never for the Empire. Not as long as they can last the grind of it all.

"Crosshair!" The name comes out a soft breath almost.

"Commander Cody!" Perhaps because of the late hour or something else, the timbre much coarser than usual.

"As Rampart wants us to work together on the new campaign…" Stutters and stammers, words for some reason failing him. "Well.. So I thought we could start now."

"Sounds as good as time as any. I really have no other plans for now." Not that there ever is, any other plans.

Laughs nervously. "Me neither. Seems work is all we do these days." Sighs heavily.

They start working on the plan. As it is late, there is a rather casual setting. No armour, dimmed lights. In any other time, it would almost be like… Well, tonight is not the time for anything but work. Not for either Cody or Crosshair.

The planning, the plotting continues. It is what they do after all. They are both commanding officers with a very demanding superior officer. So, they work, even if it is rather late. Nothing personal in the Empire, not of for the clones anyway.

But somewhere along the line, the work, they both drift into deep thoughts, the task fading into the background as the lonely thoughts once again take over. Both of the Commanders.

"This Empire, the new campaign were are working on… is it worth it all?"

"We are soldiers, we do what needs to be done."

More planning. More work, which seems never ending. Even if the two Commanders are mostly just going through the motions of the task.

After some time, there is a pause though. Deep in thought, both of them are. But Cody breaks the silence, once again, clearly having something on his mind. Something which have been there for a while.

"Credit for your thoughts"

Head raised in surprise. "Huh?" A pause of contemplation. "I doubt it's anything you want to hear."

"Try me."

"It's nothing anyway. We better get back to work."

"You miss them, don't you. Your Batch"



"I miss some of them too. Our kin. The brethren. The camaraderie. Even the ruckus." Lets out a nervous laugh.

"You mean Rex."

Looking up. "Yeah. Mostly."

Pause again.

"We all knew you two were together."

"Guess it was no secret."


Another pause. Seems to be a lot of that going on.

"There were rumours you know, about the Bad Batch. That you were…well, tight. All of you."Snorts.

"Who do you think started those rumours?" Pause for revelation. "It was us who started it!"


"To keep the regs at bay."

"So, you weren't all… sleeping together, then?"

"Of course we were."

"Oh." Thoughtful pause. "So why the rumours then?"

"It was because of a stupid bet."

"Hm. musta been some bet!"

Chuckles. "Yeah. But those days are long gone now."

A contemplative and fidgeting pause. "So, you are not seeing any of the vode? Here? Now?"

The permascowl appears. "No. Why would I? The others are regs."



"Nothing, I just… well there were some rumours about you and guess Captain Howzer."

Glares. Intimidatingly so. "That… Is ancient history!"

"Fine, fine!" Raises hands in mock surrender. "I won't mention it again."

"Good. You really shouldn't."

"But he is a reg. And you have no fondness for regs."

Glares snidely at Cody. With no further response forthcoming.


"You should be."

Turns back to work. He likes Cody, though. Reg or not.

Looks sideways, but relents speaking of the topic further.

"So, about the campaign…"

"Yeah… Rampart wants it on his desk first thing tomorrow morning."

"What else is new!"

Suggestions, ideas, and what happens next?

Friends, family, lovers, they might just be all the same - just give it a try!

The plan almost completed. Cody knows he should leave. But keeps staring at Crosshair for whatever reason he has yet to fathom. Or has he? As it is, Cody likes the familiarity of being with Crosshair. And the hostility of the other clone isn't so bad. Not any more at least. And then there are those thoughts again, filling Cody's mind. The missing of his vode. Rex. And perhaps… Well, could it really hurt to ask? Perhaps, getting smack on the head? That would not be the worst kind of rejection after all, now would it?

Glares sideways at Cody. "Spit it out."

"Well, I was just thinking…"

"What." Again, no questions.

"You said you weren't seeing anyone."

Glares back, rather intently. "Are you offering now?"

"Well, you could do worse."

"You are no Hunter."

"And you, certainly are no Rex!" Laughs loudly.

Glares. Stares. A challenge issued perhaps?

And without any warning, at all. Well, guess there were plenty of signs to see if one was looking!

The passion burning. Lips smashing together in a heating moment. Hands roaming. Grasping for the familiarity of it all. And finally, skin on skin.

The planning of the campaign long since forgotten, the two lonely clones finding solace in the familiar arms. Even if the other is not the one yearned for. But right now it does not really matter. They can both be lonely. Together.