Feeling my heart hammer against my chest, panic fills me as the small plane shakes violently, and I grip the armrests as tightly as possible. This is it, I think, squeezing my eyes shut as I feel the tin can drop in the sky. One of the other passengers screams as loudly as I do in my head, and her husband tries to assure her that it's normal for planes to shake. From her huff of annoyance, she buys it just as much as I do.

We're going to die.

"Just breathe," a man says as I watch him move to the seat across from mine. He's a giant compared to me, having to duck low just to move up from the back of the plane. "Take my hand, sweetheart."

Looking up and meeting his bright green eyes, a smile curls his lip up to the left in a gorgeous smirk as he holds his hand out to me. The plane rocks once again, and I pry my fingers from the armrest and slap my hand into his. Warm and large, he encompasses my hand and holds it tightly.

"We're going to start descending soon," he says in a deep, velvety voice as I close my eyes again. "I promise it's going to be okay; I take this flight every month, and sometimes, it's a bit rockier than others, but we're going to land in a few short minutes, and you can even kiss the tarmac, if you want."

I shake my head, letting out a soft laugh as I sigh. "No, thanks, but I'm never taking this flight again. Ever."

He chuckles. "Understandable. Are you visiting or coming home? I'm Edward, by the way."

"Bella," I whisper, turning my head toward him and opening my eyes.

I can't help but admire how absolutely handsome he is. He brushes his shaggy bronze hair back, and it falls perfectly over his forehead. His thick short beard matches in color, covering a strong jaw. Hell, everything about him looks strong. He has to be well over six feet—like, closer to six-three—and he's well built but not overly toned. His arms look incredibly strong, covered in tattoos that his flannel sleeve mostly cover. God, do I suddenly have a lumberjack fetish?

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He smiles, squeezing my hand slightly. "And my other question?"

"I … I'm not really sure. I was raised in Forks, but I left for college a few years ago. Now I'm kind of moving back. Temporarily, I hope. Maybe."

I'm probably going to die here, to be honest.

"I live in Forks actually. Did you graduate with some obscure degree there's no jobs for?"

I laugh, shaking my head. "No, I got my bachelors in criminal justice, and now, I'm working on my masters. I'm, uh … deferring a semester or so. Life's been a bitch lately, you know?"

He nods, his eyes holding sympathy as he sits up higher as the captain comes on, announcing that we're about to land. My heart's still beating a little fast, but it's calmed down a lot, thanks to him.

"Thanks for holding my hand," I say, knowing my cheeks are probably bright red. "It helped. A lot, really. Maybe I'll see you around town."

Grinning, he suddenly lifts my hand and kisses the top of it as I giggle. "I certainly hope so. You know, we could always plan to see each other. You do look like you could use a drink after this flight."

"My brother's picking me up." I sigh. Not that I can drink anyway. "How about coffee sometime?" I bite my lip nervously, and he nods happily.

"Perfect. Give me your phone." He holds his hand out, and I cock my brow, pulling it out of my purse.

"What are you going to do?"

He chuckles, taking it easily from my hand as the plane touches down on the ground with a forward jolt. "I'm just going to text myself so you have my number. I go into work around seven usually, so lunch time might be best. Tomorrow?" he asks, holding my phone back out to me.

I read the message, smiling as I nod.

Sweet Treats Coffee and Bakery 12pm. See you there, gorgeous Bella.

"I can't wait," I say, meeting his pretty eyes once more. I'm still not thrilled that I've been ordered to come home by Emmett, but meeting a handsome lumberjack doesn't hurt matters. Once the plane comes to a stop, and we're allowed off, we let the elderly couple go first, and then Edward grabs my slightly oversized carry-on for me, motioning for me to go first.

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