April 17th, 1912

It has been four days since the sinking of the Titanic, the tragedy has been on the news multiple times. Including newspapers and bookstands. Rose is living with her mother until they can get a sense of where Jack is, her real true lover…she always gets nightmares about that night and bad dreams about Jack dying.

Many people have already gone home to their loved ones and their loved ones have missed them but in Rose's case. She still lives in a mansion with her mother and Cal. She will be able to move out once Jack is found (if that ever happens) Her life has been a bit better.

Her mother hasn't been treating her like a slave and Cal has been treating her like a good fiancè, they are set to have a wedding in May. Which is a long way away, plenty of time to find Jack.

Suddenly the doorbell of their new mansion rang. It was Officer Lightoller. He was standing with a man who looked very familiar. "JACK!" Rose screamed jumping into his arms, "what happened?" She asked. He came inside so he can explain.

He explained how he was dragged from the ocean and put on a stretcher. He also mentioned how he was worried about Rose back and he was worried about how she was feeling, he wanted to leave but he couldn't leave.

Rose could feel hot tears coming out of her eyes. Knowing that her true love is okay and knowing that all her family is alright, she couldn't help but almost cry…She thought about her future and what it would be like for her and Jack.

She thought about it and how she was going to live, her mother was okay with her moving in with Jack if she wanted and she was alright with Jack being with Rose. She would just have to visit often and she would have to make that a promise.

And Rose was going to make that promise—A promise that will stay a lifetime. As Rose and Jack were huugging Cal mentioned something about having a party, "hey, guys. Since we are all alive do you think we should have a party?" He asked.

"Hmm…Yes!" Rose replied.

"What should we do?"

"I don't know, watch a funny movie."

"That sounds like fun."

"I know."

They all watched a movie in the movie theater, it was Rose's family theater and her and her mother usually watched rom-com movies in there. This time they were watching a nice and funny animated movie.

Suddenly Rose had a flashback.

Rose's flashback

She is sitting in a lifeboat clinning to life, why did she do this and why didn't she jump out like she planned. Tears were coming into her eyes and a bunch of people were looking for their loved ones. "Is there anyone alive out there!?" A man is yelling, "keep looking for them!" He shouts again. He must be yelling to his other people.

Rose was looking for Jack but she couldn't spot him, did he lose his life in the ocean or did he go missing? No one knew what really happened to Jack and what really was his fate. He never even got to really say goodbye to Rose. He just picked her up and put her in that boat.

The boat that would save her life.

She kept on thinking about how it all could go differently, when all of a sudden she heard a voice. "Ma'ma? Are you alright?" It was the Lightoller. He was checking to see if she was okay. She didn't say anything and just nodded, meaning she was okay.

Something was bothering her and something was making her upset. She just didn't know what it was, but in her trembling voice, she asked. "W–where's J—Jack?" The Lightoller looked at her as he didn't know what to say.

He wasn't dead and he wasn't alive. So what did happen to him. This was the question everyone in Rose's family wants to know.

End of flashback

Rose starts crying as she is thinking about that memory, she remembered the Lightoller and finding out about Jack's condition. She also remembered everything about what happened that horrible cold night. It was about negative zero in that water. She was clinning to life like no tomorrow, and she was thinking about her long lost love and what happened to him, she couldn't help it but she hugged him tightly and cried into his shoulder. He watched her sob and express her feelings, she has never really cried like that before.

Even though Cal wasn't really that nice, he gave Rose a hug back. "Alright sweetpea, it's okay…" He said in a soothing voice. Ruth wasn't quite ready to comfort her daughter yet. She was still rolling her eyes and watching the movie.

The only person who was really comforting her. Was Jack. He made the most effort to hug her and make her feel better.

He also wanted to see if she needed anything. No one else asked her that, the girl was still sobbing in his arms. "There there, it's alright." Jack said, "Hey! That's like what I said!" Cal said angrily. As the two boys stopped arguing, Rose was calming down.

It was kind of funny for her to hear the two men fighting, she felt like she was someone in a love triangle. Although it was kind of one. It really wasn't.

As the movie finished everyone clapped, they went outside into the kitchen to talk to Jack and Rose about what they were going to do.

Rose's mother was watching her with the man she truly loved. And so was Cal, who was trying not to cry. Not because he was loosing his financè but because she was moving on to someone else. Someone better and bigger than him.

But he knew that even they would have a good life together. Hopefully.

After that night with Rose and her family. Jack started to see why she didn't feel so comfortable around them. He asked her questions about them and she just looked at him like he was crazy. Sometimes he was crazy, but this time he wasn't really.

They looked at each other in their new bedroom and hugged each other. They were ready for a new life and something else to change, they were also ready to live together and have memories to make. They were also going to make love.

As in, have sex.

"Alright, Jack? What do you wanna do?" Rose asked.

"Hmmm…I was thinking we could go out for food?"

"Yeah, me too."


"How about that new mexican restaurant."



They got in their new vehicle and went out for food. They looked around at their old town and waved out the window, Rose was most excited about starting a new life because she deserved it. She needed it after all the crap her mother and Cal have put her through.