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Chapter 17: A Battle of Two Fields

Ranko blew out her aura to a maximum, lightly shoving Saffron towards the window that he busted through to get into her apartment. It helped only a little. He lunged across her bed, burning the sheets with his aura and punched directly for her face.

The punch was extreamly fast and extreamly hot. As the fist neared her face her eyebrows felt as if they had been burned off.

Ranko did, however, managed to perfectly dodge the first punch, only to realize it was a diversion. Saffron suddenly whipped his back toward her forcing his wing to wrap around her and hurl her through the window into the fading daylight burning her back a little.

Ranko fell fast and hard. She prepared herself for a landing quickly and thought of the things she would need to do.

"How in the world did he find me so fast when Nabiki couldn't?" She thought first. "Well... no use worring about that now... first things first... gotta get away from innocent people... but where? I'm right in the middle of the city practically.

Her thoughts were interupted as the ground finally touched her feet. She launched herself in the direction of the place where she sensed the least amount of aura's. After three buildings she began to wonder where Saffron had gotten too.

He had learned basic martial arts in this life some how and was physically much stronger..., if it were just strength alone Luc could probably take him but... he had slightly more advantages then simply physical strength.

Considering during their last battle he had no training and had almost killed her. But that had been nigh on a year and a few months ago... she was much stronger now... she didn't lose then and she wouldn't lose now.

Especially not considering her recent... change.

Suddenly Saffron showed himself again as she hit the sixth building from her hotel.

He flew directly above them and singed everything below with his enourmous trail of fire.

All the buildings were topped with a roof of flames.

Ranma noted happily that the sky was getting cloudy. Possibly water's attraction to her would FINALLY be of some use.

After she hit the seventh building she ran out and a large forest was surrounding her. But that wouldn't do either. Saffron's fire could destroy a forest in minutes if they fought there.

She suddenly heard police sirens. She had no choice. She would jump on air until she made it to the mountains where fire didn't hurt anything, or until she found a place where he couldn't hurt innocents.

She landed on the ground where a police vehicle was driving. The man quickly got out of his car and aimed at the burning figure that was falling toward the ground near Ranko.

Saffron landed and stopped.

"You've decided to stop running now?" He asked plainly.

"Hmph, I'll stop running when there is nothing innocent for you to kill." She replied.

He smirked. "The very thought of Ranma Saotome running."

"I'll fight you fair if we get away from all the people." she said simply.

He didn't reply. He just attacked quickly.

'Damnit,' Ranko thought. 'It was worth a try.'

Suddenly a bullet fired.

The bullet was, however, incinerated by the flames surounding Saffron before it even touched him.

"GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!" Ranko cried. She blocked the fist that flew at her and again, launched herself into the air.

Saffron smirked again. He flew to meet her at her angle of decent. But then she suddenly shot upward again.

He smirked yet again.

"So you've found a way to fly? Well, let me show you how an expert does it!" He cried.

He shot forward and, as she was stuck in upward travel, Ranko couldn't dodge. His fist slammed her further into the air with no control as to where she would land. Saffron watched her try to regain control. By the time she had fallen back to the point he was at in the sky, Saffron had started a fire ball.

He threw it at her just as she finally had regained control and set up for the fall.

It exploded upon impact with her body and sent her hurtling toward the ground. Unable to regain control she braced herself for the head on collision with the ground. When she finally hit the ground she fell unconcious.

"Hmph... you were so much stronger then. You've slacked off," Saffron muttered to himself.


The being and Ranko are fighting sir. But, it wasn't much of a fight. Ranko is unconcious allready.

"WHAT!?" Dyne roared.

"Sir...?" Claust asked.

"Stop all plans on the bank robbery. I'll go there myself if I have too." Dyne cried.

"But sir!?!" Claust exclaimed.

"Get everyone who can throw a Ki blast and get them there. I'm going now." was his reply.

And Dyne dissappeared.

"You've got to be kidding me!!! DAMN!" Claust cried and then went to do his masters bidding.


Saffron picked up the girl by her collar. Her neck lolled back and her hair hung down. When suddenly another aura appeared.

The aura was hundreds of times smaller then Ranko's but it was that of a fighter.

"Hey, you got some business with Ranko?" A young man asked.

"Why yes.. yes I do. Ranma here killed me last time we met and I was just invoking my peoples law of eye for an eye." Saffron replied.

"Well, I can't let that happen," Luc said angrily.

"And what are you going to do about it?" Saffron laughed.

"Well, I dunno, I figured this would do something." Luc said confidently.

And suddenly an aura spiked in the oposite direction. Saffron turned and saw a continuous ki blast flying directly for him.

He threw down Ranko's body and braced himself and the Ki was blocked against him. Though it did leave a burn mark and his clothes were torn of in a circle where the blast had hit.

When the ki stopped a man in black stood.

"I'm afraid that that girl is going to need to stay around a while longer. I don't know how you beat her, but I'm guessing it was a lucky shot.

A ki blast was fired from Luc. It was a single blast and dissapaited without a wince from Saffron.

Without looking he hurled a fireball backward and Luc was out of commision.

"You are a decent fighter. I'm impressed." Saffron said to the man in black.

"Heh, you are a crappy fighter. Without your fire you'd be such a wimp." Dyne said confidently.

"True... but I appear to have my fire don't I? It's what we pheonix god's do. We burn."

And the fight began. Saffron launched himself at Dyne. Dyne dodged effectively and threw a side kick at the creatures kidneys. But he was unprepared for the increadible heat.

The foot connected and Saffron flew into a nearby tree but Dyne's foot was burning. He waved it out quickly but soon found himself in serious pain from using it.

The tree Saffron busted through lit. And the fire began.

Dyne knew that he wasn't up to the level of power that this being was at. And if he couldn't fight Saffron physically he was at a major disadvantage. He only had so much ki at his disposal.

Saffron flew toward him again, taking advantage of the humans weakness to his heat.

Dyne, shaking off the pain of his burning foot, leapt back and fired another continuous ki blast.

Saffron threw a fireball. The fire ball broke through the blast and impaled Dyne singing his dark clothes.

"Damn," He thought.

Dyne jumped into the sky as soon as he got up and fired down hundreds of small ki blasts as fast as he could.

But saffron merely smiled.

"You are weaker then Ranma was when he first fought me." Saffron said.

Dyne decended and kept throwing the blasts throughout the entire decent.

But nothing worked.

Just before he hit the ground Saffron kicked him in the solar plexus. And Dyne was once again, propelled away.

He lay in a small crater and started to stand, when suddenly a burning hand closed around his neck.

"Why do I waste my time with you?" He said.

Suddenly, almost a mile away from where Saffron's battle with Dyne had taken them, Ranko began to arouse.

"Ugh... cheap... shot..." She groaned. She instantly re-awoke when she heard a hoarse scream.

She looked around and noticed an unconcious Luc. Anger filled her.

"Allright... you wanna fight? You got one!" She cried.

Saffron dropped Dyne. Dyne automatically grasped his charred neck and started coughing.

But Saffron was gone.

A blue circular aura flowed around Ranma, her wings appeared again, the blue balls of ki appeared on her fingers. Her hair flung around wildly with the ki powered wind that had sprung up left the dragon symbol on her forehead in plain view.

She saw a red light hurdling toward her. An oval of red aura shrouded the form inside it but she knew who it was of course. Red wings sprouted on the top of it.

Ranma noticed his use of a new technique. Wrapping his aura around himself as a protective barrier and hurling himself toward his opponent. She decided to improvise and used the exact same technique.

She was wrapped in a blue aura. And her wings were visible through the aura.

Once she got high enough she turned around and let the being catch up to her. Saffron floated a few meters away from her and the same level of hight.

Ranma, not waiting for Saffron to gloat, Hurled herself at him.

He was caught by surprise and bounce back a few hundred feet, tumbling around in his oval.

He straightened himself quickly and flew back.

The aura's collided a once, twice, ten times and more.

"Hm... so you ARE my sister's decendent." Saffron said as they collided once agian. Both of them bounced back and hovered looking like collored eggs with wings sticking out the backs.

"The day I acnowledge relation to you is the day you die agian!" She screamed.

Her aura was suddenly sapped from around her, exposing her again. Her wings held her in the air as her protective aura fueled a ki blast.

"Moko Takabisha!" She cried.

The body sized blast came at Saffron and slammed his aura barrier hard, breaking it.

This didn't hurt him at all however. But Ranma appeared directly behind the ki blast with and uppercut that flung him further into the sky behind the clouds.

She was surprised. Last time she couldn't physically hit him without a searing pain into the body part that hit him, which was only bearable because of the the pheonix pill and her extensive training with the soul of ice amoung other things.

Now his heat barely nipped at her as long as he didn't flare it to maximum or anything near that extent.

Suddenly she heard a cry from the clouds above her.

"Emperor sized big ball blast!!!" Was the cry.

She knew this techniqe... and it hurt like hell even with her heat resistance. The ball flew at her. And she flew from it. It was too big too dodge, off the ground. If this weren't her first time using her wings to fly, perhaps she could have made it. But all the innocents below her on the edge of the forest made up her mind for her anyway.

It burned her skin but she noticed that it became smaller as it touched her and steam was filing off it. And suddenly she smiled with the development of a new technique.

"Emperess sized big ball blast!" Was the cry.

A blue ball of water, glued together by confident aura, erupeted around her and engulfed the red one. They dissapated without any trace save for a slightly steaming and wet Ranko.

Ranma began throwing water balls back up into the clouds. Unfortunantly for Ranko, the clouds absorbed the water before they hit Saffron, but in turn, became darker and more numorous.

"Damnit, rain!" Ranma thought and wondered why she was so anxious for it to rain. It had been proven that it didn't hurt Saffron much.

She flew down to the ground and waited for her opponent.

She was winning this fight now and she knew it.



The jusenkyo valley was littered with this cry.

"Her aquatic dragon magic! That is what is keeping the blessing from working! All I have to do is take it away! But..."

"You've figured it out, now archbishop?" The messenger asked appearing beside him.

"Uh.. yes... All I have to do is take away Ranko's dragonic magic, temporarily and the Blessing will activate in one hour."

"Why?" The messenger asked.

"Well, The blessing was being held off from finishing by the magic of her dragonic origin. So all I have to do is block that magic and the blessing will be free to activate." He replied.

"Then do it and your way to heaven is secure."

The archbishop smiled. "Yes, ok."


"Emperor/ress sized Big Ball Blast!" Yet another round of enourmous fireballs colided and dissapated.

"Grraa... Damn you infidel! I'll kill you!" Saffron cried as he charged Ranko again.

Ranko dodged. The smirk on her face was imminent.

"Cant you do any better then this?" She asked. Now that she had found counters to all his techniques he was almost child's play. Once it started raining, it was only fuel to the fire for Saffron's temper. And that was what would lose him the fight.

She backed up more and more and stayed into the sky to avoid burning things on the ground when she soon came to a clearing.

A very large clearing most people call an ocean.

The waves of the pacific beat the beach below her and a few people littered the sands like ants.

All of them stared up and the blue and red light clashes above, more then likely thinking it was a spectacle of some kind.

There wern't very many people. After all it was raining, and only just about to turn summer. The water would still be cold. But the few that were there kept Ranko from landing. She turned and flew back even further far out away from the shore and Saffron followed.

Suddenly she dived directly into the ocean.

Once underneath she found that she could swim almost as well as she could fly. A skill Saffron probably didn't have.

He did not follow. Instead he fired another big ball blast which dissolved quickly before reaching Ranko. She was to deep.

She began to manipulate the water... it swirled around her moving faster and faster until it left her in an underwater pocket of air with a buble of water spinning around her... and the buble rose to the surface and decended to the bottom floor. She created a whirl pool large enough to reach the bottom and she decended to the bottom and stood on the sea floor.

Ignoring the poping in her ears she forced the water at the top to spiral into a tornado that rose high into the air.

Saffron was mildly surprised to say the least.

He swerved around the tornado however. After a few moments of easily manuvering around it he began to laugh and gloat again.

"Is this all? Is this REALLY all you can do?"

Her eyes narrowed.

Three more water twisters rose hundreds of meters into the air to meet wtih the first.

One of these came up directly below where Saffron was and engulfed him.

"DAMN!" He cried.

The water began to turn to steam against his heat. He screamed with the dense pain of her ki magic and his own hatred of water as they all swirled around him.

The twister suddenly threw him. He flew through the air untill hitting another one of the twisters and was again flooded with pain.

But suddenly, something happened.

Ranko sunk to her knees and the twisters fell back into the ocean.

The waters colided on her. Just before the water engulfed her, Saffron, having recovered from the water twisters, noticed her at the bottom... however... her hair was blonde.


Luc awoke unsteadily and unhappily. His shirt was missing. His pants hung on to his skin... barely. All in all he was quite burned.

He looked off. About twenty meters away lay his boss, as disheaveled and tired looking as he was. Only the boss didn't have his clothes half burned off. He lay against a tree, breathing hard.

"Boss!" He shouted. Luc climed to his feet, annoyed with his lack of speed. He limped over to his boss at a slow stride.

"Boss... what the....?" He asked.

The boss was a father figure to Luc in some ways. Luc knew he was one of the most feared men in California but he had raised him. Apparently, Dyne didn't want Luc to turn into a criminal of any sort. Luc had seen this side. No one else that he knew had.

When Dyne found out what was happening to Ranko, he had immediatly contacted Luc, knowing full well that Luc was fond of her. How he knew? Anyone's guess.

"Hey boss.. you allright?" He asked tenaciously.

"Glass a water would do me good..." Dyne said hoarsly.

Luc chuckled. "Where's Ranko?"

"She's fighting whatever that thing is agian. Whatever it is, it ain't human, that's certain." Dyne told him.

"Where is she right now?" He asked.

"Use your senses boy. Haven't I taught you better then that?" Dyne asked angrily, and then started to cough.

Luc felt around him. Ranko wasn't near by any means but wasn't too far off. It felt like she was... far below him.

"Boy... if I were you I'd stay out of that battle. Those beings are not human. The girl may be but they are both good enough to be considered divine to some people." Dyne told him.

"Wha... Yeah boss... But..."

"There are other fish in the sea boy, and that one seems more like a pirana anyway." Dyne said using a crude analogy.

Luc hesitated for a moment and then ran toward the fight. A few feet later he turned and said, "Sorry boss, after this I'm gonna want to let loose of the V... weather Ranko's alive or not."

"I figured," The boss coughed.

Luc ran off.

"Good luck..." Dyne muttered. He roused himself and began to limp toward the base, or what was left of it, as it was one of the building's that caught fire. But two steps and he met others.

There were all in all about thirteen people. Each of them were well respected members of the Black V.

"Sorry boys... it's a bust..." Dyne muttered as he limped toward them.

"The... the boss is hurt!" One of them cried.

"What in the world could possibly hurt the boss?" One of them muttered.

"A pheonix defeated me in combat." Dyne said.

He suddenly was on the recieving end of several skeptical looks.


They turned tail and ran.

Dyne sight.

"I'm sorry Valentine."


Ranko was hurled ruthlessly about under the deep and powerful currents of her own making. She had lost the power that she had attained from the dragon transformation. As soon as she regained control under the water she noted that her hair was blonde again.

"DAMN" She thought.

She hurled herself upward and shot out of the water.

Where in a certain pheonix insantly noticed her and began throwing fireballs. She fell back into the water.

She had gone maybe half a mile from land, and in this form, had no chance of fighting Saffron above water. All she had to do was keep herself hard to find when she breached the surface for air. This was very simple because it was raining and the waves were allready quite strong.

In falling back into the water she looked the direction she would need to travel to reach land. Once under the water she swam at full speed.

"What happened? I'm gifted with this creepy dragonic power and then it's taken away from me just when I need it? DAMN YOU MURPHY!" She thought. "I'll beat him without it, like last time..."

Breaking to the rainy wavy surface above as unoften as possible she reached the surface in aproximatly seven minutes. Saffron still hovered a half mile in the wrong direction frantically scanning the surface.

He did not even see the large Moko Takabisha that hurled toward him and slammed him directly in the back, sending him hurtling toward the water. A place that he REALLY didn't want to go.

Upon entering it he fought the horrid waters that beat at his skin and for the first time, envied his boyhood body that was immune to the painfully annoying affects of water.

But thsi was not searing pain. It was more like slamming your entire body in a car door. Just a pain the ass that can be lived with.

He flung himself out of the water... angered once again at his prey for cheating.

But it wasn't the blue haired girl that had hit him. This one was blonde.

He flew up over the rain where he couldn't be seen and the rain wasn't pestering him and prepared his attack.

Ranko was discouraged. She saw the light forming behind the clouds and knew that another big ball blast was coming. And this time, she had no counter except for the Hiryuu Shoten Ha. If she could force a Hiryuu Shoten Ha through the exact center of the ball, It could hit Saffron and end the fight the same way as last time while still dissapating the ball.

The sand seeped beneath her feet and the wind picked up. The ball became visible through the clouds. As it neared her she could feel the fire and noted the increase in temperature as it came closer.

She began to spin. Not in a formation. Just standing and spining. She took the cold ki, produced by the rain and the aura's of the quite things around her and mixed it with her own cold aura. Once completed, she colided the masive aura into the anger of Saffrons producing the twister on the end of her hand.

She thrust her hand forward directly towards the center, and the twister fired.

It tore through the fireball, imploding it and forcing it to explode before ever coming near enough to do any damage to her or the beach she stood on.

The Hiryuu Shoten Ha that continued on afterwards however, failed and did not hit it's intended target.

Ranma turned around and saw another blast, much closer then the other had been. She had no time, the ball impaled her and exploded.

The beach was left as a crater, quickly filled by the rising tides.

Ranko lay, beaten and battered at the center.

She stood shakily as Saffron hovered down toward an edge.

"Seem's I'll have my revenge after all." Saffron bellowed from the top.

"Why... do you want? Revenge? Your alive... Why can't we just let it be?" Ranko asked as she forced herself to stand firm.

"Because... You defeated me. I will not have that dishonor on my Devine name, mortal." He cried.

Suddenly, a presence filled Ranko... engulfing her being and fighting agianst yet another force inside her.

Her hair flashed between blond and blue wildly as the inner battle began.

Soon her hair held a full blue color and a voice that was not quite her own spoke out. "I'm no Mortal..."

Her hair snapped back to blond instantly and she charged. She jumped as fast as she could towards Saffron and began beating him.

He blocked most but a few punches and kicks got through. To Ranko's delight, the fire that eminated from him didn't seem to affect her at all now.

But Saffron suddenly flared his aura causing the entire beach to become a wasteland of melted sand and broken rocks.

Ranko was unable to fight through the flames that scorched her eyes. And when Saffron's fists came flying back, she could only hold up her arms in a hopeful attempt to block most of the damage. She had only one choice left... only one.

She cupped her hands, hunched her back, and muttered the technique.


The archbishop formed all his three thousand year trained magic into the soul purpose of decimating the power of Ranko's inherited bloodline.

It was... VERY difficult.

But, all in all, he was succeeding. He was quite certain that Ranko could handle Saffron at least until The Blessing FINALLY activated. And just on time as well. He only had about three hours left.

He had allready begun to see the magic begin to work. All that needed to happen was for a gateway to open and then whichever form, male or female, that was chosen to be forsaken would go through that gateway to heaven.... along with himself.

But for that to happen Ranko had to survive this fight. And it would be a difficult battle considering this time Saffron could control his fires, which it was.

Though, luckily Ranko was now pummeling Saffron with some unknown technique. All the archbishop could see was enourmous twisters and other blast flying at Saffron from a different place every time.

As if an invisible being danced around the fire god shooting a blast of some kind at every break in the dance.

He was thirteen minutes into the hour long process.

He had a long way to go.


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