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* * * * * *

Chapter Three: Time Grabs you by the Wrists

* * * * * *

A somewhat still and heavy afternoon air hung in the halls of Konoha village hospital. Doctors proceeded to tend to their patients and paperwork while nurses continued their aid.

It would have been a normal day had not two unsettling youths disrupted the serenity.

"I win!!" Naruto whooped as he sped across the "finish line" which happened to be a piece of white string that hung loosely between two doorknobs.

The un-oiled wheels of Naruto's old wheelchair came to a screeching halt at the end of the hallway, drawing the attention of all people in hearing distance.

His raven-haired rival rolled in on his own wheelchair seconds later, barely missing an old man.

"Damn you Naruto!" Sasuke yelled as he steadied his chair, both boys had obviously regained control of their arms.

A nurse rushed to the scene minutes later and the two young ninjas were pulled off the chairs by their ears and dragged back to their room.

"NEITHER OF YOU WILL BE GETTING DINNER AS PUNISHMENT!" She roared, while her face turned red. She then slammed the door so hard that an old portrait of some swans that hung above Naruto's bed shook ominously before regaining stillness.

"Nani??" Naruto cried in agony as he realized that would mean no food until tomorrow morning.

Sasuke smirked and reached for a white box wrapped in pink ribbon that lay untouched on his nightstand.

Pulling off a card, he glanced at it briefly and tossed it aside. Naruto managed to catch site of the line "Love Ino" before the card slid under his bed and out of sight.

The words "Get well soon Sasuke-kun" were written neatly in dark blue frosting atop the very fluffy-looking chocolate cake.

Naruto's jaw dropped and he had to guess that the sudden moisture he felt on his lips and chin would have to be drool.

"Sasuke??" Naruto asked quietly, "You are going to share that right?"

A mocking voice answered back. "Gee, I don't know, I am really hungry. . ."

Thinking a minute, Naruto decided to throw, whatever dignity he had left, aside and donned his adorable, watery-blue, puppy dog eyes.


Sasuke sighed, although he would never admit it, those eyes did make him feel a bit softer than usual. He took a plastic knife and cut the cake in half, handing Naruto the "Get well soon" part.

Naruto beamed and thanked him, immediately digging into his large share of the cake.

Sasuke smiled and watched him eat. Naruto's childish behavior never ceased to amuse him.

* * * * * *

Naruto watched the sunset from his window, he was bored, very bored, Normally he sat on his roof at home and watched the deep, orange sun recede along the mountains but recently that had not been the case.

While he was in the hospital, both he and Sasuke watched the dying sunset together, it had almost begun to feel like an evening ritual to him.

"Sasuke?" Naruto called silently, turning to look at the other boy. To Naruto's surprise, his rival was not in his bed.

//Kosu. . .// Naruto thought and turned around putting his fists up, but it was too late.

"GOTCHA!" Sasuke pounced on Naruto, tying him down with duct tape.

"DAMN YOU SASUKE! TRAITOR!!!" Naruto screamed as he continued to squirm despite the duct tape.

Sasuke laughed and sat down on his bed. "I wouldn't have to do this if you just agreed to take your bath every night!"

"NOO!! NEVER!!" Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs as the nurse carried him out towards the baths.

Sasuke sighed and stuck a piece of duct tape over Naruto's mouth. "That ought to shut him up for a while." He said to the very grateful-looking woman.

Naruto gave Sasuke a death glare as he disappeared down the darkening hallway.

* * * * * *

The blond boy slowly wheeled himself back to his room, it was past nine, the reason that his bath had taken so long was because he had swallowed three bars of soap, given two nurses nervous-breakdowns and all in all, well, refused to cooperate.

//Hehe, that'll teach them to try and give Uzumaki Naruto a bath every again!// He thought cynically as he entered the dark room.

For a minute, he felt like turning on the lights and jumping on Sasuke for duct-taping him, but a noise disturbed his scheming.

It was a low, soft whimper. "Why did you do it? They didn't have to die!"

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked, alarmed.

"No! Please! I'm scared, don't kill me!"

Naruto rolled slowly towards Sasuke's bed, he was in a panicked state. "Sasuke?" He asked again, and he leaned forward, catching a glimpse of the pained look on Sasuke's face.

"Sasuke! Snap out of it!" Naruto shook Sasuke lightly.

Tears slipped out from under the boys closed eyelids. "Why?? Why??"

Naruto inhaled deeply, and closed his eyes before making his next move. Slowly, but surely, he raised his hand back and slapped the raven-haired boy awake.

Sasuke's own hand immediately made its way to his face, and he held it there, the coldness of his palm soothing the stinging pain for a brief moment.

"N . . Naruto?"

"You were having a nightmare, you sounded really scared, so I had to do something. . ." Naruto said quietly as he looked to the floor.

Sasuke sat up and hurriedly wiped the tears from his face.

//He saw me cry . . .// He thought bitterly

Sasuke looked out the window, as if searching for something in the darkness. "I guess you never thought the high and mighty Uchiha Sasuke would succumb to nightmares did you?" he said coldly to Naruto.

The blond boy looked taken aback, but then his answer was comforting. "It's okay, we all have things that make us feel like the world is ending, they're hard to deal with."

Sasuke swallowed and nodded. "Thanks. . ." he muttered silently.

His rival smiled weakly. For a few moments they both said nothing, but then Naruto reached over and gave Sasuke a quick hug.

Sasuke at was shocked, but he liked the way it felt when Naruto hugged him so he returned the hug lightly..

"I know how you feel Sasuke, don't worry." Naruto whispered into his ear.

Sasuke sighed. "Thanks Naruto. . ."

It would be much later before the boys finally went to sleep, but that night a special bond formed between the two, a bond that neither quite understood.

* * * * * *

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