As the sun rises over the horizon and the dawn begins anew, the silence of the dawn over the dorms of The University Of Tokyo is suddenly shattered by the blaring alarms of the many students getting up to go to their classes. Most of those who didn't have classes were still awoken by the chatter and clamor of those who had classes that day, One of those people being Glenn.

Glenn, upon hearing the alarms and the chatter through the walls of his dorm room, quickly leaped out of his bed with energy usually unseen for the average just awoken college student. This energy lasted as he went to the kitchen of his small single-room dorm to make himself a simple breakfast consisting of some rice with an egg cracked over it, this and a glass of orange juice was a good enough breakfast for the boy as he scarfed it down in seemingly an instant, before retreating to his bedroom to do what he usually does with his free time. That being using his Super Famicom to play his favorite game, Final Fantasy VI.

This is how the boy usually spent most of his days, lazing about while doing what some would consider being a complete and utter lack of contribution to society. But to the boy, this was his life and he was content with it and its lack of changes. After what felt like mere moments to the boy, it was already noon. And at that time he had received a message on his phone which he paused his game to check.

"Glenn, you're late again! We told you to be here at noon last night! You know we can't play since you're the only one with the dice we need!" The text read, the annoyance of the sender radiating from the words on the small screen. Glenn looked away from his phone to the alarm clock at his side, the digital scoreboard-like numbers on it reading 12:30 PM.

"Wow, time flies by fast huh…" Glenn thought aloud before hastily typing out a response. "Shit, my bad! I got caught up doing something, I'll be there in 5 minutes!" Glenn lied through his teeth as he pressed the send button on his phone. Before hastily getting a few of his things together, Including a trusty pouch filled to the brim with dice with varying numbers of sides. D5s, D20s D100s, and such. With all of his stuff together, Glenn prepared to head out the door before he got another text.

"You said that the last three times Glenn quit making excuses and just hurry up already!" The text read as Glenn quickly found himself with sweaty palms. Instead of responding, Glenn put his phone away and hurried out the door of his dorm with his necessities.

Glenn hurried his way around campus in a rush before coming across his desired location, yet another dorm room. Glenn quickly rushed into the dorm without knocking, only to be met by the darkened interior of a two-person dorm room, silence quickly filling the air as Glenn shut the door behind him before trying to search for the light switch. As Glenn rubbed his hands against the walls of the dorm room looking for the familiar feeling of the smooth plastic that outlined a light switch, all of the silence along with his thoughts were broken by the clicking of a lighter, the soft flame illuminated the room as Glenn's head jerked in the direction of the flame, clearly shaken up by its sudden appearance.

"W-Who's there?" The boy stuttered, completely ignoring the illuminated face behind the flame. Glenn stared around the room, his heart racing before he once again faced the flame and the person behind it. "Wait is that-" Glenn was suddenly cut off by the blaring sounds of an alarm clock much like his back at his dorm. Over the blaring sounds of the digital clock, Glenn heard a voice.

"So… You've finally arrived, Glenn…" The voice spoke out much like a generic ghost out of a cartoon. Glenn knew this voice all too well yet he couldn't help but still be terrified, Backing away towards the door where he came from, he bumped into someone, causing him to squeal out in fear as they shouted out

"You're late Glenn!" This sudden shout caused Glenn to leap forward and bump into the light switch he was looking for from the beginning causing the room to be fully illuminated. With this Glenn sighed as he looked around to notice his four friends standing around ready to scare him. Yet with the lights on they knew that they couldn't scare him any further so they sighed in disappointment.

"Dammit, Hiroshi! We told you not to stand by the door to scare him! We told you to shoot him with that toy gun you have!" One of Glenn's friends groaned out in annoyance as he referred to the tall, black-haired boy clothed in jeans and a black graphic t-shirt who scared him from behind. "Now look! Eri didn't even get a chance to scare him!" His friend once again exclaimed as he turned off his lighter before pointing to the small girl giggling in the corner, her light blue hair flowing down to the floor, in her hands, the aforementioned toy gun was held, bearing a single foam dart.

"My bad Sadao," Hiroshi said, referring to the boy with the lighter in his hand. Sadao stood up, the dark ominous cloak he wore made it impossible to see anything except his blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He sighed out, still a bit upset about the outcome of his prank.

"Well, I think it went well!" Another voice spoke from one of the bedrooms spoke out before walking into Glenn's sight.

"That's because you timed that alarm perfectly Akina!" Eri giggled as she stood up, revealing how short she truly was for a twenty-year-old. Along with her small figure the pastel colors, she wore added to how small and innocent she looked.

"Thanks, Eri," Akina spoke out, her maroon dress and her unkempt brunette hair swaying with her movements. As the four conversed and complemented each other, Glenn just stood there, embarrassed, dumbfounded, and impressed.

"W-Wait… So you're telling me, you guys planned all of this out within the five minutes?" Glenn said slightly chuckling, acting like he wasn't just scared out of his mind mere seconds ago.

"That's right!" Sadao remarked, "We thought we'd give you a bit of 'motivation' to show up here on time since you're always late to our D&D sessions!" Sadao said as he sat down on the floor, handing each person the filled-out character sheets they've been using for the past few sessions. "Now mind handing me the dice?"

"R-Right…" Glenn said as he slowly sat down, his legs quivering, still clearly shaken up by the prank pulled on him, everyone else did the same, sitting down before looking at their character sheets. Glenn looked at his character sheet before reading some of the info on it to himself. "Blade Krater, the level 17 Variant Fighter. 20 in STR, 14 in DEX, 20 in CON, 9 in INT, 10 in WIS, and 10 in CHA."

As Glenn read his character's stats, he couldn't help but smirk at his immense strength, and HP, along with his legendary Vorpal Longswords, his character could effortlessly topple anything that came his way. As Glenn peeked to his left and right, he was able to catch glances at his team's noticeably lowered stats. If given a chance to fight them, Blade could probably cut them down in one turn.

"So, everyone! Are we ready to get this session started?" Sadao said as he threw the hood of his black cloak over his head, ready to play the role of the group's Dungeon Master. The crew, Glenn included, nodded their heads in approval. "Alright then! Let's begin!" Sadao exclaimed as he began to set the scene for the group. "After the defeat of Anubis and the collection of his ruby, the group had traveled to The Cave of The Dragons only to find themselves unable to find the entrance, but instead a gem-shaped hole high above the group in the side of the mountain where the entrance was meant to be, what will the party do from here?"

"Ooh! I know!" Eri spoke up, Her wizard character had plenty of utility spells ready for her to use. And it seemed as if she was going to use one to get past the problem. "I roll to climb up the mountain that the gem-shaped hole is in…" Eri's voice slowly faded away in Glenn's mind as he tried to think of an idea himself. All of the voices around him droned on as he came up with an idea.

"I roll to cut into the mountain" Glenn spoke up abruptly, cutting Eri off before she got to finish her idea

"Glenn no-" Sadao said before being cut off again by Glenn.

"Glenn yes!" Glenn said with a smug smirk on his face "I have a 20 in strength and I'm not afraid to use it!" Sadao sighed before speaking up

"Fine, go ahead, roll with your strength stat see what happens if you get anything but a nat 20 on that dice!" Sadao groaned out in annoyance before tossing Glenn his 20-sided dice.

"Sadao, don't jinx it!" Akina whispered to him as Glenn tossed the dice onto the wooden floor, the clacking of the dice silencing the room. Slowly the dice stopped and landed with the number twenty facing straight up on the dice.

"Ha! Suck it Sadao!" Glenn teased as he flaunted the twenty on the dice, his smug grin now turned into an annoying sneer as he tossed the dice back to Sadao, who had a glare of anger on his face. Sadao sighs before reading out of his notes.

"Blade pulls out his dual Vorpal Longswords and rushes at the mountain, cutting into it with such immense power that he reveals an entrance to a cave…" Sadao suddenly snaps at Glenn "There! Is that good enough for you Glenn?" Sadao shouts as everyone else at the table gives Glenn a glare of disapproval.

"That's perfect! Continue, please!" Glenn says, completely missing the memo of how everyone at the table was annoyed with him.

"The party heads deep into the cavern that was revealed, as the party continues deep into the cavern they're suddenly attacked by a group of 4 young Copper Dragons! The four elephant-sized dragons circle the group as they ready themselves for battle!" As Sadao spoke, the entire group's eyes lit up in excitement, all of them seemed eager for a battle, even with the odds stacked against them, they knew they could pull through!

Hiroshi quickly speaks up, knowing that his character would most likely have the first move due to his high initiative.

"I attack dragon one with my dagger!" he shouts as he looks down at everyone's dice rolls to see his prediction was correct. Hiroshi indeed had the first move. He then looked up to Sadao before nodding to set his choice in stone before rolling Glenn's D20 dice to try and hit the attack. Luckily for Hiroshi, the dice landed on the big lucky number of twenty. As the dice landed, Hiroshi jumped up in excitement letting out a 'Woot!' in celebration as he looked to Sadao who seemed surprised

"Wow, two natural twenties in a row! That's not something you see every day!" Sadao chuckled as he handed a d4 dice to Hiroshi before speaking once again. "Don't forget to roll twice, you always keep doing that when you land critical hits!" Hiroshi rubbed the back of his head before accepting the dice.

"Right, my bad haha…" Once again the laughter and such slowly faded from Glenn's mind as he thought to himself.

"Weird, why is everyone so happy when he rolls to do something…?" Glenn's thoughts overtook him as the moments pass by and by the time Glenn snapped back to reality, he found that Hiroshi's damage was applied, dealing 41 damage total to the young copper dragon. "Hah!" Glenn laughed out. "Not bad damage for a fortified toothpick! Just sit back and watch the big boys-" Glenn paused himself as he noticed the glare from his fellow players. With a sneering grin on his face, he continued with his statement "Wait- did I say 'big boys?' I meant, let the big boy handle this one!" He laughed even harder as he grabbed his d20 and rolled to hit on the attack he was yet to state. As the dice clatters against the floor, the dice slowly tilts over to the number 18, just barely a hit.

"God damn it…" Hiroshi mumbled under his breath, now even more fed up with Glenn's antics and rudeness.

"Now, I use my vorpal longswords to rush dragons two, three, and four! Hitting each with one attack!" Glenn then picks up his dice and prepares to roll before being cut off by Sadao

"Woah, woah, woah! Who said you could do that?" Sadao said as he took Glenn's character sheet out of his hand to look at it closely, only to see the fact that Glenn had three attacks per action he could take in battle. This was due to the over-leveled nature of his character. Sadao stumbled over his words as he tried to find any tangible reason to disallow Glenn's attack, yet in the end, he had no choice but to oblige Glenn's request as his characters absurd strength allowed him to destroy three of the four young dragons with just six swift slashes from his attuned blades. "And there goes the amazing Glenn, striking the three dragons down with little to no effort…" Sadao said in a monotone voice as he sighed before looking over to Eri. "Alright, Eri your character is up!" Sadao said, his demeanor instantly changing to one much more positive. Eri slammed down her hand on the floor in a joking manner before boldly speaking out two words.

"I cast fireball at the 7th level!" Eri exclaimed before laughing a small bit. Her high-pitched voice added to the comedic boldness of the statement as everyone began to laugh along. After calculations, Eri's damage totaled up to 40 damage. The final dragon the group was up against had fallen, to which the three adventurers celebrated before traveling deeper and deeper into the cave.

"As the team continued onwards…" Sadao said using his powerful and head-turning voice to once again set the scene for his group. "They soon came across a barren room, the cave ceiling out of sight and shrouded in darkness. The tiling on the floor seems a bit bumpier than the rooms prior, and the stone monuments on the wall depict the dragons of ancient times. The gemstone eyes of the monuments seem to pierce the soul of the party as they step into the room" As Sadao finishes speaking, Glenn once again instantly shoots his shot to make another one of his stupidly daring actions.

"I go to tear the gemstones out of the eyes of the monuments!" Glenn said, completely unaware of the clear hints that the room and the gemstones were trapped and primed to be set off by the group's abrupt and unwelcomed entrance.

"Glenn, You're insane!" Hiroshi spoke up as Eri and Akina glared at him, knowing damn well what might happen to them if Glenn was to go through.

"I know I am, that's why I wanna do it," Glenn said, dead set on completing the action he spoke about beforehand.

"But-" Eri spoke up before being cut off once again by Glenn

"No buts, Eri!" Glenn said, before looking over to Sadao, "Now go on Sadao, hand me the dice!" Glenn demanded as he held out his hand, ready to accept the D20 dice into his hands.

"Glenn, are you sure you wanna go through with thi-" Sadao said

"Yes" Glenn once again cut off those around him, this time with a bit more hostility in his voice. This caused them all to jump a little as Sadao reluctantly handed him the dice. Tension filled the air and everyone but Glenn crossed their fingers in hopes that he'd fail this roll, as for it to succeed would cause the team's downfall in one swell and quick swoop. Glenn then rolled the dice.

Clack… Clack… Clack…

The clacking of the dice filled the dead silent room as everyone stared at the dice in bewilderment and rage. As Glenn picked up the dice, his sneer slowly twisted into the most manic grin the boy had ever made as he stared at the face-up number of 18. "So, what's the result, mister Dungeon Master?" Glenn said, the snark in his voice more apparent than ever. Sadao sighs out before speaking up.

"As Glenn climbs one of the monuments he tears a ruby out of the eye socket of one of the dragons. This causes the room to shake as an avalanche of stalactites falls from the ceiling of the cave, impaling the entire team, and killing every single one of them instantly." Sadao sighs out as everyone looks to Glenn, rage filling their eyes as Sadao speaks up once again "Glenn… Glenn Graves…" He spoke out as he rubbed the temple of his head "This here is the fourth… The FOURTH session ended with your idiotic actions!" He said as he stood up, approaching Glenn. "I'm up to here with your bullshit! From the avalanche that got us killed last time to the time you killed the rest of your team by feeding them pineapple juice when you knew they were deathly allergic to pineapples! Y'know what? Just… Just get out of my sight Glenn, and don't bother coming back, We'd be better off without you!" Sadao pointed at the door as Glenn just sat there, shocked.

"Woah woah wait a minute! Can't we just talk about this? Come on guys, talk some sense into him!" Glenn said as he looked to the rest of his group who just shook their heads in disappointment

"I think you should just see yourself out, Glenn…" Hiroshi spoke as he continued to shake his head. Looking down at his character sheet before throwing it into the nearby trash can. Eri and Akina following in suit

"You've done nothing but get us into trouble and you've been an awful sport at the same time, I'm not surprised Sadao kicked you out earlier!" Eri shouted out as she looked down, clearly upset about having to restart from nothing once again.

"You heard them! Now out!" Sadao said as he pointed to the door again.

"Come on! Akina! Back me up here!" Glenn chuckled nervously as he looked to Akina as his final lifeline.

"Sorry Glenn, but the others are right, we'd be better off without you, sorry Glenn..." Akina said before groaning out in annoyance and falling backward, more burnt out than annoyed due to the multiple restarts the group had.

"But- B-But-" Glenn sat there for a second trying to think of something to say to defend himself but before he knew it, he was lifted to his feet and shoved towards the door by Sadao.

"Sorry Glenn, but you heard the others, it's about time you said your goodbyes to our group!" Glenn was then shoved out the door, as he fell over from the sudden push he just looked at the opened door in pure shock, the boy was utterly speechless as his other belongings landed beside him. And before he knew it, the door was shut and promptly locked.

"Damn…" Glenn said as he grabbed his things, before heading back to his dorm room, both disappointed and saddened.

Authors note: Hey Guys! Tenshisad here, and I just wanted to say thank you all for sticking by to read this far. Before going on, I'd like to thank some of the people who helped me make this fic a reality. Without the help of those around me, I'd never have been able to push myself to get this out to the world

Special thanks to Clover Pegs, the Walfas Station Wagon discord community, and my close friends on the Fantasy Trigger Discord server, without any of you this fic would never have been written, nor would it have made it past the first draft. I hope to see you all again for the second chapter!