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Sirius sighed. Why did life have to be so confusing? Up until just a few days ago he had been a normal, teenage boy, who was drooling over every girl in school, then suddenly, they all seemed dull and the moon instead of the stars shined brightest. How did it happen? He had no idea, it just DID. He'd been minding his own business when his imbalanced sexuality decided to rear its head and tell him exactly what it thought. It all started, of all places in a game of truth or dare.


Sirius and James had been forced into detention after turning Snape's hair red for about the thirtieth time in the past month. Thankfully they were just cleaning the trophy room, not too bad, especially since they weren't really being supervised. Filch was too busy chasing after peeves to much care what they were up to, so long as the trophies got cleaned.

"Say, Sirius, you bored?" James had asked suddenly.

"Who wouldn't be? I'm about sick of this 'Tom Riddle' fellow and I haven't a bloody clue who he is!" Sirius had replied looking up from the trophy he was cleaning and laughing. "What've you got cooked up this time?"

"How about a little game of Truth or Truth?" James had asked- a crazy glint in his eye.

"I always thought it was called 'Truth or Dare'…"

James laughed and stated, "But we can't really pull off any good dares here, so why not ask really crazy…zany questions that we don't really want to answer?"

Sirius had raised an eyebrow, but had agreed to the terms.

"You first James. Truthfully…who would you absolutely LOVE to go out with, but would never have the balls to ask?" Sirius had asked with a malicious glint to his eye. He'd been trying to get it out of James for months who he was constantly pining over…

"Err…" James flushed before muttering "lilyevans." He said it almost as one word and very quietly, but Sirius caught it all the same and had to stifle a bark of laughter.

"You've GOT to be kidding!" he had laughed.

James just glared at him. "Ok, your turn smart ass. What girl would you secretly love to snog senseless?"

Sirius had sat back and thought, but a single girl that truly appealed to him refused to cross his mind. He blinked and looked up at James. "None of them." He stated with a shrug.

James tilted his head in confusion. "Really? You do know that one of the rules is to be completely honest, right?"

Sirius nodded. "Yeah, that's why I had to think about it….and I can't think of a single girl I'd enjoy snogging. I didn't expect that…" Sirius scratched his head and wiped the last of the soap off of Riddle's trophy before moving on to the next one. "Let's see…What's the most embarrassing name your mum ever called you?"

"Oh good lord Sirius, why would you want to know THAT?" James asked, throwing his hands in the air.

Sirius shrugged, "Because I'm weird. So what was it?"

"Err…'Shnookums'…Yeah, I think that was the worst of them." James stated. "You're very strange at times." James just shook his head, cleaned for a few more minutes and then looked back at Sirius. "Ah- I've got it. But you have to promise to answer thoroughly and honestly." James said, pointing his finger at Sirius.

"Alright…" Sirius quirked an eyebrow and waited for the question.

"Which do you like better? Girls or Guys?" James asked, leaning on one of the pedestals in the room.

"Whoa…good question…" Sirius said, "I think both are pretty good. Does it matter if someone is a girl or a guy? I can't really say I'd noticed that much…"

James looked at Sirius startled. "Can I ask a clarifying question then?"

"Go for it."

"Which way DO you swing?"

"Whoa! Where'd THAT come from?!?" Sirius said, stepping back.

"Your last two answers of course."

"Really?!? I've never even THOUGHT about that James…Oh good lord. Now I'm confused!" Sirius said, slightly panicked. Everything had been wonderfully simple until just now, but when James had said that…

"So which way is it?" James persisted. He sure was persistent..

"BOTH!" Sirius almost yelled, his hands over his head in a vain attempt to control his thoughts, but it wasn't working. Images of Remus kept floating through his head, eating breakfast, listening to music, reading by the fire, taking notes, laughing, scolding him, rolling his eyes, working on his homework, brewing a potion with his tongue stuffed between his teeth. The images blurred together so fast that everything for Sirius was just a blur of Remus. It was all Remus. Nothing but Remus. "Or, no…" He said slowly, looking up. It had just hit him. "I don't fancy any girls, but I think I could. I don't fancy many boys, but I do fancy one." He stated slowly. "So in a way, it's both, but in a way, I think I've just now realized I'm…in love."

James looked rather startled by Sirius's outburst followed by his confession. Yet, for once in his life, James Potter decided not to pry.