Bella pov

Edward left me in the woods to die but I still want to see him I know I was nothing to Edward anymore but just a toy to be played with and throwed away like trash

I have a secret crush on someone else who is married to Edwards mother Esme but I'm worried about if the man rejects me because he's married I hope that he sees me and understands my feelings for him

Today someone was in the house and I think it's a burglar I grab the peper spray that dad gave me and went down stairs to the kitchen to see if the person who was in the kitchen and it was..."Carlisle" I wonder why he was here I mean shouldn't he be in Alaska.

Carlisle pov

I was in my study at our house in Alaska I felt like my true mate is in pain I knew Esme wasn't my mate

but I knew I couldn't leave her when my true mate didn't know and with someone else

The pull is telling me to go back to Forks Washington I sighed the divorce papers I had in my desk drawer that I kept hidden

Alice had a vision that Bella fell off a cliff so I packed all my things putting them in the boot of the car and sped off back to Forks

I went to the Swan residence to see if Bella was there or not I heard someone coming downstairs and it was Bella I wondered how come she's still alive

Alice's vision was she jumped off the cliff and she never saw that coming up from the water but how how was she even alive I wonder why she is alone Alice's visions are never wrong I wonder how she didn't see Bella getting pulled out of the water then she spoke "Carlisle" "Bella"

Back in Alaska

Alice pov

I saw a vision where Bella jumped off a cliff and never gets up for air I don't know what happened probably because she might be dead I told Carlisle and he packed his bags and putting them in the trunk of the car and headed straight to Forks hes been upset after we left Bella

After I told Carlisle I told Jasper he said him and I would leave for Forks as well so we did I hope it's not to late