Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

After Wolves are slaughtered and Vampires are killed by a unexpected attack, the survivors band together and move to the Canadian woods to start over. When word of Bella (presumed dead), is alive, they send a rescue to get her. Is she still the same Bella they know? Or has she been tortured and too far broken to be healed?

Rated M; don't own the characters, just the plot. No gain but the love of fans.


Chapter One: Dismal Reunion

Like shadows in the night, they stalked the hallways of a dark, run down prison as quietly as they could so they wouldn't draw attention. Moving as a single unit, Jacob, Embry, Paul, and Leah shuffled down the left aisle.

P: 'We're close.'

J: 'Keep an eye on our six. Don't need company.'

L: 'Guard.' They all froze against the wall and waited for the soldier to come around the corner.

J: 'Take him.'

Embry grabbed the unsuspecting guard, quickly disposing of his head from his body. Dropping the body silently, they listened for any alerts, but none came.

E: 'Clear.'

J: 'Move up. Second door on left.'

Embry opened the door, Leah stayed on the outside while the other two headed in. They almost froze at the sight before them, but they had no time to waste.

P: 'Not good,'

J: 'I know. We need to get her out. Carlisle can fix her up later, let's move.'

As Paul gently picked up the fragile, battered body they once knew as Bella, they left the building as quietly as they came.

~*~*~ Two Weeks Prior ~*~*~

Unberable pains ripped through her body as she fought as hard as she could. Her screams shattered against the walls, the restraints did little good as she tossed around.

"Hold her damnit!" A deep voice erupted.

"We're trying. She's strong for a human."

They had been micro-dosing her with vampiric and lycanthrope venom for weeks. They had taken her when she had gone out for lunch with Claire. Snagged her from the women's bathroom and out the back door to a waiting van. It was bold, precise and organized. She didn't stand a chance.

She went through volcanic fevers and glacial chills. She vomited up tar-like liquid, the rejected venom she assumed. Her body tore itself apart and healed. Still, somehow she remained human.

"Alright that's enough. She's almost too far gone." As they undid the binds and other medical equipment, they roughly dragged her back to her cell. She could barely keep conscious as she heard the two guards talking.

"Why isn't she turning man? They're just gonna end up fucking killing her if they keep pushing her like this."

"No idea. They said she was a shield or something. That it was inhibiting her body to turn."

"So she won't ever?"

"Don't know. Ask the doc." She faintly registered the door opening, she found the darkness of her cell comforting. As they dropped her and left without another word, she slowly curled into herself, the cool dirt easing her tremors.

"They kept you longer this time." The voice she recognized as Gail, came through the bars of the cell next to hers. She was a older vampire they took some time ago, using the venom from her for their experiments. Her gentle red eyes bored into her small frame.

"I don't know how much more I can do this Gail..." Bella whispered, her pain evident.

"I know sweet heart." They heard a commotion down the hallway a few minutes later.

"In ya go, come on!" A freaked out young man was tossed into Gails cell. "Dinner time!" As the door locked, so was his fate.


"I'm going to save you the troubles of asking the 5 W's. It'll only make it worse and sour my food." As Gail lunged on the screaming human, Bella was unfazed as she heard her feeding, she had become accustomed to it by now. Also, Gail took pity on her once she found out Bella's purpose. As she finished, the smell of a fresh kill lingered.

"I'm sorry my dear. I really am."

"I know. It's not your fault."

A heavy breath, almost a purr came from behind her, Bella struggled to sit up. A jet black wolf was in the cage on the other side of her. At first she mistook the wolf for Sam Uley, but quickly found out it wasn't him when the wolf attacked her though the cage bars. Now after being here for a few weeks together as neighbors, there was a uneasy truce.

"Hey Pan. You okay?" The beast huffed as it laid down, it's massive body leaned against the bars. Bella could see a new shaved area where they took blood from it again. She nicknamed the wolf Pan due to its coat being almost jet oil black like a panther.

From what Gail said, Pan was here longer than she was and much more feral. Since Bella, it had become more predictable and tolerant.

"We need to get you out of here darling." Gail spoke. "I fear they aren't going to keep us around much longer..."

Later that week, Gail's premonition came true: an order had been given and was swiftly carried out. The guards tossed in a incendiary grenade to Gail's cell while they fired copious amounts of bullets from M4's into Pan. Bella could barely hear her own screams of protest over the slaughter. She watched helplessly as her cell neighbors and friends died around her.

As Bella laid in the ground sobbing, she had given up on life, on any chance of rescue. She would let her body wither away and die. No one was coming for her.


A slow rhythmic beep drew her from unconsciousness. The bright lights almost burned her eyes, blinking several times to adjust.

"Hey Bells." She hasn't heard that name in a long time. Panic began to set in.

"No, no, no, no." She began to rip the IV out but several hands flew to her to stop her. "Let go! I won't do it!" She screamed over and over.

"Bella! Bella! You're okay! Calm down!" Jake tried. "You're home Bells." His voice registered into her crazed mind as she began to settle down.

"J—Jake? You're real?"

"Yeah Bella. You're safe. You're home." As she slowly sat up, taking in her surroundings.

It was true: the dark, cement cell walls had been replaced by a soft, light grey room with windows. The rain was gently pouring outside against the panes, slightly soothing her into comfort.

"Where are we?"

"Our compound." She turned to see Carlisle on her right. "We had to move because..." His voice softened, his marble pale face hardened from pain.

"Because what? Wait...where's Edward?" Both Jake and Carlisle glanced at each other.

"Bella, we were attacked too when you were kidnapped."

"Where is he?" She was scared and impatient.

"Bella," Carlisle's soft voice turned broken. "He's gone."