Harry is woken up from his sleep by Aunt Petunia banging on the door to the cupboard. He can tell by the light coming through the slots of the vent that it is early which means he needs to help make breakfast. He rubs the sleep out of his eyes and sits up from his baby mattress. He takes the time to hide the little green blanket that has the initials HJAP on it. He is still learning his letters so he doesn't understand what that means yet. He pulls on his cousin Dudley's old rags of clothes and opens the door Petunia unlocked.

"Hurry up boy! You're making the bacon today" Petunia tells Harry.

Being only four years old Harry is not yet tall enough to reach the stove so Petunia has him stand on a chair to help make a full English breakfast. He tries to go as fast as he can cooking the bacon but when Dudley runs around the kitchen knocking over the chair Harry is standing on, Harry falls burning his arms with the grease in the pan. Falling from the chair Harry also lands on his arms trying to catch himself and hitting his head on the ground.

"Get up boy! You ruined the bacon!" Aunt Petunia is screaming at him while Duddly runs around laughing. Harry rushed to get up as quick as he could while a little dizzy from hitting his head. All the yelling brings Uncle Vernon down the stairs to find out what the freak did wrong this time. As he walks into the kitchen he sees Freak trying to clean the bacon grease from the floor and stomps over to him.

"Freak! What did you do? Ruining our perfectly good breakfast. Go to your cupboard, I will deal with you later!" Vernon yells. Harry runs to his suboard and listens as the family sits down for breakfast. He takes the blanket and wraps it around him under his shirt for comfort. He is desperate to hide it so it does not get thrown in the fire like the other belongings of his.

An hour later when Harry is sitting in the dark hugging himself for comfort, already having had an accident out of fear, knowing it will make the punishment worse, the door is ripped open. Uncle Vernon grabs Harry's shirt and throws him into the hallway. When he finally notices the accident he starts yelling about how the 'Freak is worthless', 'running their perfectly good normal family', 'disgusting'. He starts punching and kicking Harry all over the little boys body. A lot of the kicks going to his back as Harry curls to try and protect himself. He felt something crack and pain so bad he screamed. Vernon trying to silence Harry kicks him in the head knocking him unconscious. When Harry stops moving Vernon takes a minute to catch his break. Petunia comes into the hall because of the scream and knows something must be done to get rid of the boy.

"Vernon he is going to need to go, Drop him off at the hospital or somewhere and I will clean the hallway. We can burn anything linking him to us when you get back." she says while looking for bleach.

"You're right Pet, I will drop him somewhere and be back soon." Vernon says grabbing the boy and throwing him in the back of a car wrapped in a blanket. He starts the car and pulls out and starts driving. He drives for about 45 minutes and sees an empty field that looks abandoned. He throws Harry into the field and turns around the drive home.

About an hour later someone else was driving by when they saw the blanket and the strange shape. He pulled over and saw the little head sticking out of the blanket and the blood. He ran over and felt for a pulse, finding one he quickly picks up the little body and drives to the nearest hospital. As he gets there he grabs the little boy and runs into the emergency room to get help. The nurses see him and run over seeing the child and lead him to a room.

He briefly explains that he was driving and saw him on the side of the road and does not know who the little boy is. He assumes the baby is about 2 or 3 years old due to his small size and he sees blood on his head. He agreed to stay and talk to the cops while the nurses rush Harry back for testing.

When the nurses and doctors unwrap the blanket and put the rags off the little boys to see better. They find the blanket he was hugging and keep it seeing the initials, as they might help identify him. They work hard helping him and running tests for a couple hours. Lucily the hospital is in London so there is technology to help with DNA analysis to see if they can find any parents or relatives that way. They move him to a room where they can keep watch and wait for him to wake up.

The hospital is working on finding a match when the computer beeps showing a father for the little boy in the United States of America. They do a bit of a background search and find he is a federal agent to NCIS and his pervious work as a cop. They find his phone number and decide to call him and inform him of his son and the child's condition.

The nurse Grace is the one to make the call. She dials the number and waits. When he picks up the phone she knows this could be a hard conversation.

"Hello, Very Special Agent DiNozzo here" his deep voice answers.

"Good Afternoon Agent DiNozzo, my name is Grace and I am calling from a hospital in London. Do you have a few minutes to talk?" Grace says not trying to give away any information on the child yet. She has a feeling he did not know about this child which could make this conversation harder.