Not literally a party

Warnings/notes : Yuki/Shuichi, third pov, slight fluff?

Disclaimer : I don't own Gravitation.

I have no idea if Yuki's publisher is male or female ; if you do , please let me know.

written at 15th may 2003, by Misura


Yuki was bored.

Shuichi could tell by the way he stood there, glass in hand, occasionally sipping.

They were at a party given by Yuki's publisher. A lot of big names from the literary world were there and somehow the woman had gotten Yuki to agree to attend as well.

She calls this a party?

Even *I* can't find anything fun about it and Yuki always says I can find something to enjoy in everything.

Why can't we just go home?

"Oooh, look what we have here? What's a cutie like you doing here?" an elderly lady cooed, slightly bending her head to take a closer look at him. Shuichi stepped back.

"Uhm ... I'm here with - "

"Furui-chan, surely you know who this is? He's the lead-singer of a band called Good Luck!"

The woman who spoke was a bit younger, but the way she eyed him was just as uncomfortable. Like he was some cute kitten they could pet and talk about as if he wasn't really there.

As if he had no voice of his own.

"Actually, miss, it's - "

I'll remain polite! I don't want to make Yuki regret bringing me.

" 'Good Luck'? What a funny name for a band! Youth today has such strange taste."

The other woman looked slightly peeked.

"Are you suggesting tomorrow's generation doesn't know what good books are anymore?"

"Ah, Wakai-chan, of course I didn't mean to offend you! You certainly belong to today's youth, yet you will agree with me most of the people your age have horrendous taste in reading as well as in music and other things."

"Miss?" They still ignored him.

"Perhaps you are right."

"I mean take Muzaino-san's prize-author for example, that Yuki Eiri. Have you ever read one of his works?"


"Once. I stopped halfway."

That's stupid! How can you say whether or not a book is good if you don't read all of it?

"Halfway? I admire your courage and perseverance, Wakai-chan. I barely made it past the first page." she shivered. "It was horrible, awful. And yet that's the kind of books that end up on top of the best-sellers' list today."

"It's a shame."

How can they say that?! Yuki's the best author I know. And a lot of people agree with me.

So how can they just go and say he's bad?

He's not!

"Sorry, dear, did you say something?" both women were looking at him again.

I don't care if Yuki's annoyed with me for defending him.

He may not care what people say and think of him, but I do.

"Yuki's books aren't bad, they're good! And my band isn't called 'Good Luck' ; it's 'Bad Luck'."

Both women blinked at the sharp edge to his voice.

Shuichi continued, determined to speak now that he had their attention. "How can you judge a book by not even reading all of it? How can you say other people have bad taste just because they like something you don't? Maybe you're the one with bad taste!"

His voice had risen during his words, making some other people turn their heads to listen to him.

Oh, oh. Yuki doesn't look very happy.

Then again, when did Yuki ever do?

"Well, sweet, I'm sure you think his books are nice." the elderly woman said, making an attempt to ruffle his hair. She sounded very condescendingly, as if talking to a child. "But one day," -if you're a bit more grown-up, her tone implied, "you'll see what I mean."

"I'm not a 'sweet'." Shuichi hissed. "And I'm not some child."

"Now, dear, calm down a bit. You may think you know something just because you sing in that band of yours, 'Good Luck' or whatever it's called, but - "

" 'BAD Luck'! Aren't you listening to me at all?" Shuichi screamed, beyond caring who heard.

"Don't use that tone of voice with me, young man!"

At least she's got my age right.

He felt a hand drop on his right shoulder. "I think that maybe we should leave now." A soft voice suggested.