Ok, so I decided to do this again after all, not entirely sure where I'm going with this either. Another twilight fanfic. An idea struck and I could not escape it as it kept progressing in my mind. This is a OCxCarlisle fic, no Esme because of this. To be honest I did play around with a Volturi pairing with the OC instead, but decided against it. I also want to focus more on family bonds - and except for the newborns, but even that I won't drag out (eclipse timeline) there will be no major coven fights. Picture them as the graphic novel (mostly) if you can, especially the volturi (let's not forget they're supposed to be hot, haha), Jane and Alec will have been turned when they were around 12-years as humans. The romance when Carlisle gets into the story in the later chapter 4 will also be explosive as it is a response to the bond between mates in my fic. Story starts in 2005 and glides over to 2006 (new moon). Rated M. I read through the chapters at least once before posting. Apologize for any grammar mistakes ahead of time and other possible mistakes with the writing. All chapters will be 2000+ words. Characters that feel OOC (prob most), well, sorry to break it, but this is fanfiction so I decide as the writer. If you don't like, don't read. The idea is mine and so is the OC, and any possible OC's. I do not own the twilight saga or the characters from those books, they belong to Stephenie Meyer. And with that I will let the story start, and I give you, dear reader, the first four chapters.

Enjoy reading!

Chapter 1:

Ariella Swan was the adventurer in the family, or at least she saw herself as one. Her life with its own share of tragedy had led her to continue her education in Italy while she also worked on supernatural books. Not knowing it would lead her life to the current one she now led. She did keep contact with her dearest uncle Charlie, even after her accident that changed her life even more.

"Marcus, can you hold this for me?" Ariella asked the Volturi leader as she adjusted the laptop with one hand and the other reaching out with the phone towards the vampire.

Marcus took the phone that clearly had been put on speaker, not that it was anywhere near necessary with her heightened sense of hearing. "Could you repeat, uncle Charlie?" she then asked.

Charlie sighed on the other end. "It's really bad, Ariella. I would not ask you to come back to this side of the ocean if I were less concerned, but it has been over a month," he explained.

"Over a break-up?" she asked incredulously.

"We Swans only love once," he just responded, a hint of regret in his tone.

"Alright…Thank you…" She had the phone back, while she sat crossed-legged in the middle of the throne-room. "…I hear what you say…Mm…You did get the photos right?"

It took a moment before he responded. "Yes."

"You won't talk about it, right?"

"Right." His short answer convinced her she was safe.

"Ok, talk with Marcus and I'll check out my options for flights."

Marcus lifted a brow and she shook her head at the other vampire. He shrugged in response. "Hello, Charlie, what a pleasure to talk with you again… Yes indeed, Ariella has really exceeded our expectations. After graduating so early, her books have really sold, they are truly a hit in Europe….Yes…"

Ariella blocked out the voice of her uncle, but Marcus' was a bit more difficult as he was so close. She briefly tilted her head towards Caius who mimicked her, obviously wanting to know more about the situation itself.

If only the internet could be as quick as her vampire speed. The closest flight would be the next morning. Satisfied with her find she reached out her hand to get back her pink flip-phone.

"Ariella is ready to talk again, Charlie. Always a pleasure," Marcus said and handed over the phone.

"I can be on my way earliest tomorrow morning, and don't worry about picking me up, I've also sorted out a car for rent. Since I do not know how long I will stay…"

"Renting a car is ridiculous," Charlie responded.

"I can more than afford it uncle, and you know it."

The grumble in response made her laugh. Her uncle still did not understand what great of an author she had become (even if she published through a pen-name). And it did not hurt that she had the Volturi with her. Money was not an issue. She hung up with a strange feeling in her chest. Something strange was going on in Forks. Growing up there she had never felt that enough happened there.

"That kid really hurt her…"

"This Edward dude?" Ariella asked as she strode out of the room. Waving to her adopted brothers.

She made her way quickly to the kitchen where they had stored blood bags for her and she found a cup and straw and prepared her meal. She changed between animal and human, not taking any risk when living so close to them. Her control excellent after years of practice. She was supposed to be twenty-nine, but was stuck in her year of twenty-two. Charlie suspected that she – after her books became famous – went under plastic surgery to fix the damage the accident supposedly caused. She could have been dead, and that she shared, but not the part where she had become immortal instead. Her parents though were not as fortunate.

She listened as her uncle again repeated the story and all the trouble that had been since Bella had chosen to come back to Forks. And that even if he was happy the kid had been there when she fell through a window – long story there too – it might have not happened if they had not dated at all. But then again, he argued with himself, it could have happened even if she met another guy and were not as fortunate with the events that followed.

The call cut and she made her way to her room quickly. Her power changing her eyes as she went, and her skin turning a bit darker. What would the Volturi do without her there? She wondered. Her power gave them all more human looks, and even if she could hold it for quite a distance, there was still the fact that after a certain one, all eyes would turn red again and their skin would pale. Whatever changes she had done to the females' hair by request would also change, and they would be as they had been before she was changed.

She found a photo of herself and the three kings in the vampiric world. She sighed. Aro was the older brother she had always dreamt of, if a bit eccentric. Caius and Marcus her younger ones, but as caring, in their own ways. It had not been a dance on roses to get there, but the truth was, that no one could have foreseen the bond between them all. Even Marcus had been fairly surprised when he first had laid eyes on her when she came to the town.

It had been when she first came to Italy and her school year had yet to start so she decided to be an explorer. She went around fully being the tourist. She really wanted to see inside the Volterra castle, but only a limited group had been accepted that week and she was grumpy she had not made it. Carefree she had tried to sneak in, but to no avail. She ended up in a small bookshop browsing when she met him. His red eyes made her think he wore contacts as a part of his gothic style, but his beauty threw her a bit off guard, though his expression seemed haunted. Determined not to be too affected she greeted the stranger that also kept to the section she was browsing. With just the slightest hint of an accent he introduced himself as Marcus. Her answer to his question of what she was doing there kept his interest. She was interested in the supernatural and did research on different legends and myths to inspire her own writing. All in all it had peaked the man's interest and for the reminder of the week she kept meeting him.

Smiling to herself as she packed, she shook her head one time. It had led to her future, even if some memories were hazier than most. The rest the three leaders of the Volturi had told her from their own memories of their encounters with her. A lot had disappeared and became hazy under her transformation from human to vampire because of the pain.

Ready to go she floated through the hallways, smiling at the few she met and then came back to the throne room.

"Packed and ready to go," Aro said as a statement, followed by a sigh.

"It's not like it is forever," she responded with a grin.

"Thankful for that," he countered. "You do realize we would have let you use one of our private jets?"

She nodded.

"She needs to keep up some of her human charade," Marcus said.

She nodded to that as well.

"You know, it would not hurt the three of you to leave this castle a bit more often. Take a break now and then," she suggested.

"You know why we cannot," Caius said and his brows pulled together.

Marcus smiled, if a bit sadly. "You have truly stirred the dynamics of this place." And he had to admit that it was a welcome change to his otherwise miserable existence.

"You can if you truly want to," she said and met Caius' icy grey eyes head on, hands on her hips. "Marcus did when he met me," she then said.

Caius rolled his eyes. "That was different."

"I don't see why."

"Enough," Aro then said and sat down on his throne. His brown eyes had clear red spots from human blood – only visible to the vampire eye – and they turned brighter with his annoyance. "You two bicker enough as it is."

"She started it," Caius muttered and crossed his arms.

Marcus lifted a brow.

"If others saw us now…" Aro sighed defeated.

"Then they would think of us as any other family," Ariella responded while Marcus nodded.

"Which we are not portraying ourselves as. We are leaders of this world to keep the balance with humanity," Caius responded.

"And times are changing," Ariella argued.

"Please give us all a break," Aro interrupted. "We all could need it. At least that should lessen with Ariella's trip. You two won't be needing to disagree on so many matters."

"Maybe visiting your wife in her tower would be an idea until she leaves," Marcus suggested.

Caius stood and brushed past the female, not saying anything else.

"Their bond is strong Aro," Marcus then said. "You know this. We all have our own views, that Ariella and Caius clash a bit more is mostly friendly."

"Mostly," Aro responded.

"I'll miss you all," Ariella then said and walked out in search of the witch twins, not that they ever were far away.

Alec and Jane had been so young when changed that as Ariella matured, she had started to care deeply for them. She tried to not think too deeply of the scars that followed the two, as it only darkened her thoughts and she was happy that they had found their place in the world, although she did not like the by fear part. She didn't completely believe in the Volturi way of things, but she did love the coven.

It did not surprise her that the twins wanted to come along, though she also knew she could not take them both with her, if even one of them. Therefore, for the time being they had to stay. Their presence always most needed where the kings were. Also Jane was more attached to Aro than any of the other members, while Alec truly had taken to her after her change. It was hard not seeing them as more than children, even if they had lived far longer than she had, because of their young appearances, and sometimes, that youth also showed through their mind and thoughts, the way they processed.

"I'm sure they would let us if we present it properly," Alec said, trying to convince his sister.

"That is wishful thinking," Jane countered.

"Not exactly, but I think they would only let one of you go at a time," Ariella told them.

"True." Jane nodded with her response, her blue eyes shining. "And it will be much better when you come back again!"

"Of course I will be back, but have a bit of patience, will you?" Ariella grinned.

Alec met her grin with his own.

"We'll keep in touch, but remember time is different between us, so do not call at supposedly ungodly hours."

The twins snorted at the same time.

"And please try to behave yourself, I know I'm not the only one giving Caius a vampiric headache." She looked pointedly at Jane, whom shrugged in response. "And Alec, please keep your sister in line."

She could feel the tug as they both tried to access her with their gifts, but were met by a closed wall. She pushed against them and felt them gasp as they staggered a bit backwards as their gifts reflected back towards them. "It hasn't changed…" she then said, not amused.

"Sorry," they both mumbled at the same time.

She hurriedly hugged them both again and then started rushing through the castle hurrying up her goodbyes, not knowing how long she would stay in Forks, she did not want to leave without saying bye to absolutely everyone that were in the castle.

She ordered a taxi from outside the castle, and with two suitcases, she briefly wondered if it would be enough for her trip. The clothes of course.