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Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Boy, Freak, Attention-seeking Brat, Heir of Slytherin, Cheat, Triwizard Champion, Liar, Murderer, Disturbed, had enough. After Cedric had died, Harry went into shock but was not treated for it. Just like he wasn't treated for Dementor exposure the previous school year or treated for the Basilisk bite in year two, nor was he treated for the injuries he sustained after frighting the troll in year one.

Harry was used to not being treated for his physical and mental health. Even at home, he did not get his shots unless he attended the vaccination clinics hosted at the local secondary school yearly. He wasn't sure how he could attend school without aunt Petunia providing immunization records. But she never took him to get immunized when she took Dudley. During the first year of Hogwarts, Harry had heard students talking about their immunization for Dragon Pox. Harry asked Madame Pomfrey but was dismissed absentmindedly. Of course, she wouldn't help him, just like the school nurse in Little Whinging never helped him. So he would have to help himself. He knew Gringotts was a sovereign nation, so he figured they would have some medical facility. So one day, shortly after he arrived home from Hogwarts, he took the train to London. He learned a lot that day. His immunization was updated, his broken arm was fixed, and they gave him some heavy-duty nutrient potions to take to combat his malnutrition. He was supposed to come back later in the summer to speak to an account manager but was unable to. Once he arrived home from Gringotts, he discovered his uncle had hired someone to put bars on his window, six locks on his door, add a bucket for human waste, and a cat-flap to feed him by. He was never leaving the house again. Thank God for the Weasleys!

This time arriving home from Hogwarts, Harry headed to the local library. PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Flashbacks to the traumatic event—check! Nightmares and sleep difficulties-–check! Persistent anxiety—check! Depression—check! Mood and behavioral changes—check! Avoiding situations that remind you of the traumatic event—check! Harry kept reading the psychology book. Memory loss and forgetfulness of the traumas—check! Self-esteem troubles—check! Disassociation—check! Drastic behavior changes—check! Irrational patterns of thinking—check! Inability to control or regulate emotion—check! 'Oh, God!' Harry thought, 'I have PTSD from living with the Dursleys. Can one have PTSD from multiple events?' Harry flipped through the book. "FUCK!" Harry yelled out and was promptly kicked out of the library.

Avoidance, avoidance sounded good to Harry. 'I need a vacation,' Harry thought before he was grabbed by an invisible Molly Weasley and dropped off at the Dursley with a scolding of not leaving the house again. 'Fuck, I'm being watched,' Harry thought to himself.

That night Harry let Hedwig out, telling her to go to Hermione and to stay with her for a couple of weeks. Harry was going on vacation no matter what Mrs. Weasley thought.


"Viens ici, bébé Immortel! Venez à Thure! Laisse-moi te prendre la tête. Laissez-moi prendre votre QUICKKENING!"

"Take a vacation. Get your mind off your multiple PTSD. Get your mind off your abusive relatives. Get your mind off someone out to kill you," Harry muttered as he dodged an axe-wielding maniac.

"Come here, baby Immortal! Come to Thure! Let me take your head. Let me take your QUICKENING!" a long red-haired man yelled as he chased Harry around Paris.

Harry tripped and did a header over an iron fence; the axe came down and sparked. Harry started crab-walking backward, trying to get his feet so he could stand up and run. Behind him, he could hear a heavy door opening. "C'est une terre sainte. Vous ne pouvez pas attaquer le garçon ici."

"Call the police, mister; this man is trying to kill me!" Harry called out, turning to the man behind him only to freeze. There wasn't one man behind him but three. One who was dressed as a Monk, and two big men standing on either side of the Monk, holding swords.

"He cannot harm you while you stand on holy ground." The Monk replied in English.

"Give me the boy, and I will leave you to your prayers," Thure growled out, not wanting to fight three other immortals for the boy. "I usually only take the children; your lives are safe from Thure!"

"Get into the church, lad," the large light-brown-haired Scottish man said as he opened the door for Harry. Harry dashed inside, deciding that it was safer than standing outside. Harry quickly looked around, looking for a back door but did not find one. He hides in one of the pews.

"You can come out now, lad," the dark-haired Scottish man said as he and the two others entered the church. The Monk went and sat down towards the back of the church near the doorway at a chess set. The lighter-colored-haired man also sat down at the chess set.

"Did you call the police?" Harry asked, standing up from where he was hiding in a pew in the center of the church.

"No, we don't usually involve them," the dark hair man replied, sitting in the first pew closest to the door. "My name is Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod, this is Connor MacLeod, and the Monk is Darius."

"Do you know what you are?" Connor asked, looking away from the chess board to look at Harry.

Harry burst out into maniacal laughter to the point when he fell down into a pew and started crying, "Damn PTSD," the three concerned men heard the boy mutter to himself. "Is this where you tell me yer a wizard, Harry."

"Ah, do you attend Hogwarts in Scottland?" Darius asked as he made a move on the chess set.

"Yes, so I don't need you to tell me I'm a wizard; why did that man attack me?" Harry asked.

"Yer an Immortal, Harry," Connor said as he made his counter move.

"Huh? I know you're speaking English, but huh?" Harry replied tiredly.

"Tha thu neo-bhàsmhor, Harry," Duncan replied cheekily.

"Téigh fuck do mháthair," Harry responded back.

Duncan, who had taken a drink of water, sprayed all over the pews in front of him before coughing.

"Where did you hear that, young man?" Connor asked, his eyebrow raised in shock.

"One of my roommates likes to swear in Irish. When my Scottish professor hears him, she gets after him. So I figured Irish and Scottish was close enough," Harry said as he calmed down.

"Yes, well, let's not fuck our mothers," Duncan replied, getting breathing back down.

"This is a CHURCH!" Darius responded, looking at each man.

"I owe Seamus Finnigan a bloody nose when I get back to school; my mother died protecting me as a child," Harry muttered. He jumped and froze when the Monk, Darius, sat down in the pew in front of him, turning around sideways to speak to Harry.

"Violence is never the answer," Darius said, "How old are you, Harry?"

Harry looked at the Monk, then looked at the two MacLeods. Duncan had taken Darius's place at the chess set. "I'll be 15 on the 31st," Harry answered honestly.

"We," Darius said, pointing at himself, then the two MacLeods are immortals. "We cannot die unless we are beheaded. We feel that another immortal is in the area by a buzzing that runs through our heads. This alerts us to the danger of another one of our kind is nearby. No mortal wound can kill us, no disease, no spell." Darius paused to watch Harry take in what he was telling him.

"Please, tell me I'm not one of you. I just want to be normal for once," Harry whispered.

"Hello! Darius, Duncan, Connor!" A woman's voice could be heard. The two MacLeods groaned.

"Hello, Amanda," Darius responded.

"OH MY GOD! A baby immortal!" Amanda squealed, looking at Harry. Harry limply slid down in the pew to the point of lying on the floor. "Is it something I said?"

"YES!" the two MacLeods replied, while Darius said simultaneously, "No."

"Hello, Sweetheart. My name is Amanda. I have been immortal for over 1,000 years now. I have had apprentices who were baby immortals before. I can teach you how to survive The Game. How old are you? When did you become immortal?" Amanda said as she sat down on the pew behind Harry and leaned over the pew to look at Harry on the floor.

"He hasn't had his First Death yet," Darius responded, "He's only 14."

"I'll be 15 in less than a month," Harry whined.

"Fifteen-year-olds were men when I was 15; how about you, Darius, Duncan, Connor?" Amanda replied.

"Yes," the two MacLeods called out. Connor moved to sit in the pew Harry was in at the far edge of the pew. Duncan joined Amanda.

"I died when I was 18 months old, does that count?" Harry said from the floor, petulantly ignoring that he was acting like a baby and Amanda had called him out.

"I have never seen an immortal child younger than 12 years…." Darius said.

"My Kenneth was 10 years old when he had his first death," Amanda responded.

"Harry, how did you die as a baby?" Connor asked as he slowly scooted over on the bench.

"I was hit by the killing curse by the Dark Lord who killed my parents moments before," Harry pushed up his hair that hid the scar on his forehead.

Amanda leaned over and looked, "you're a wizard!" Amanda said with amazement. "I have only met two immortals who were also Magus."

"I don't want to be immortal; I already have enough problems being a wizard," Harry whined again. Harry watched as the immortals all sat up straight and turned to look towards the door. Harry got off the floor and sat on the bench looking between Amanda's shoulders and Duncan's.

A man in a wizarding cloak came in, his face hidden, "Harry James Potter, I have come to take you home to Surrey. You cannot stay here."

"I'm on vacation," Harry replied huffily.

"I know, child. And I know what is happening in Wizarding Britain. You deserve a vacation after all the shit you've been through. Still, with this many immortals in one location, you have the Watchers' attention on you. The Watchers absolutely cannot find out about the Wizarding world." Harry just groaned.

"He's not going anywhere without us taking care of the whip marks on his back," Darius hissed angrily, seeing the bloody shirt. Harry had broken open the scabs as he was running from the immortal, and the blood was soaking the back of his shirt.

Harry turned around to face Darius, "I'm fine."

However, Amanda pulled on Harry's collar and looked down the gap at the marks, "you're not fine. Take off your shirt." Amanda turned to look at Duncan, "you know he's the youngest man I have ever said that to."

"Pedophilia is not cool, Amanda," Duncan replied, and Amanda slapped Duncan's arm in outrage.

"That's not what I meant!" Amanda yelled, slapping Duncan's arm several times.

In the meantime, Harry had scooted down the bench closer to Connor, who had grabbed his knife and quickly exposed the whip marks made by uncle Vernon's belt with a cut to the back of Harry's shirt. "Hey!" Harry complained before catching a small jar the stranger threw at him.

"Put that on the open wounds; it will sanitize them and seal them properly, so they don't break open again. Then, if you picked up some scar cream and had someone help you, the scars would disappear," the man replied.

"I don't have anyone to help me, and if my uncle noticed the scars missing, he would fr…be extremely pissed and beat me worse," Harry snarled.

"What about the healer at school?" the man asked.

Harry snorted, "bint has never helped me before."

"Language, Harry," Darius scolded.

"Does your chest have FREAK carved into it?" Amanda asked as she pulled a sword out of thin air. "Harry, darling, I'm going to need your uncle's address."

"Sit down, Miss Darrieux. His uncle is dead. Died last night," the man said.

"Ah…I don't know whether to jump up and dance a jig or be upset," Harry replied as Connor spread the cream on his back.

"You dance the jig on his grave," Amanda helpfully replied.

"How did he die?" Harry asked.

"Your aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon heard your cousin screaming outside, and your uncle charged outside right into a Dementor. Your cousin escaped into the house, and your aunt shut and locked the door when she saw your uncle being held up high, his feet not touching the ground. She remembered your mother describing Dementors and knew she could not go outside. A friend of yours had tried to call the house earlier that day. Your aunt found the callback number and told the young lady that the house was being attacked by Dementors. The young lady was able to contact Amelia Bones, and the Aurors arrived around the same time that a letter expelling you from school. Amelia, having already interviewed your aunt and knowing you have been missing for the last two days, took care of the letter. You are good to return to Hogwarts, although Amelia does want to speak to you beforehand."

"That's a lot of information. I really don't want to go back. I'm on vacation. I'm doing the avoidance thing the PTSD book listed as a symptom," Harry whined again. All the immortals just paused and blinked at the information Harry just said.

"I know Harry, you saw a friend get murdered in front of you last month, you were forced to participate in a necromancy ritual to resurrect the Monster that murdered your parents, and worst of all, you are not supported, not believed, and sent back to the place you have been starved and abused since you were 18 months old. You have PTSD. I have PTSD. Everyone in this room, except maybe Darius, has PTSD. And amazingly enough, you are smart to realize it. You are also smart enough to realize that avoiding it is not a treatment. Neither is petty theft!" The man said, cutting off Amanda, who had raised a finger to add her two cents.

"You know, with Vernon dead, my aunt or cousin will try to kill me," Harry replied.

"I'm not trying to send you home; I'm trying to get you out of the Watcher's eye. There is a civil war in the Watcher's ranks right now. I'm afraid if the Watchers find out about the Wizarding World, it will tip the balance in favor of those who want to kill the immortals. Believing us as evil. They will then turn to the Wizarding World and start a war with them. With the British Wizarding World already on the brink of civil war, this would not be good."

"What if I leave here?" Harry asked.

"They will follow you, trying to figure out who you are. If you are an Immortal or a pre-Immortal. What your name is. What your background is. A photo. Currently, I destroyed the film in all the cameras that caught your image from the youth hostel to here, including the Watcher's film," the man replied.

"Can you get me out so they all follow, then portkey me back here?" Harry asked.

"There will still be those watching Darius. Amanda. And the Two MacLeods," the man reminded Harry.

"Yeah, but won't know I'm here," Harry replied.

"Why do you want to stay here?" the man asked.

Harry looked at Darius, "Priest are supposed to help people, right? I can't talk to anyone back home. Can I stay and talk to you?"

"You can always talk to me, Harry. However, I am not a Priest but a Monk," Darius replied.

"My aunt told me I would catch on fire and burn in hell if I ever entered a church; I have no idea what the difference is," Harry said dryly.

"That's alright, Harry," Darius said seriously.

"You really don't want to talk to him of all people," the man said with a little bit of a sneer sounding in his voice. "This man, before becoming a Monk, raped and pillaged his way across Asia and Europes, sacking Rome several times as he rode with the Visigoths."

"You're one to talk, Methos!" Darius calmly replied.

The man, Methos, pulled the cloak off his head to turn to argue with Darius and noticed that Duncan, and Amanda, were sliding down the pew away from him.

"Methos, as in the Pale Rider? Death?" Amanda squeaked.

"Yes," Methos sighed and gave Darius a dirty look.

"Death? Did you once create a wand, a resurrection stone, and an invisibility cloak?" Harry asked excitedly. "My friend Hermione is making me learn Ancient Runes outside of class since I don't take the Runes class, and she gave me this book to read for homework this summer, and it mentions you. I have an invisibility cloak that has been passed down through the generations. Hermione says that's extremely rare, if not impossible, since they only last about 20 years." Harry pulled out a book written with Norse Runes and an invisibility cloak and passed both over to Methos. The other immortals looked at Harry like he was the strangest thing they had ever seen except for Darius, who was smirking, and Methos, who was flabbergasted until he saw the cloak.

"What did you do to my cloak!?"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, looking at the cloak.

"It's missing at least two feet of fabric, and the hood is missing!" Methos said. He pulled out a wand and started chanting in a language that no longer existed. Darius seemed to understand him, but Connor, Amanda, and Duncan clearly did not. As they watched, the cloak appeared to remake itself. The missing two feet and hood seemed to materialize out of nowhere. "There, now it's perfect."

Methos handed the cloak back to Harry before taking the book out of Darius' hands, where he read the story that Harry had turned to. "How did you get the cloak?" Methos asked as he read the story.

"It's a family heirloom passed down from my ancestor, Ignotus Peverell," Harry replied.

"Well, the story is rubbish, but I did give it to my adopted son, Ignotus Peverell; I suppose you can keep it," Methos replied.

"Thanks," Harry replied excitedly before spooking almost everyone by disappearing.

Methos and Darius spent an hour arguing whether Harry was staying to get therapy help from Darius. The leading argument against Darius was the fact that he killed Emrys. Who's Emrys? Just the oldest Immortal who ever lived…he also went by the name MERLIN! Duncan argued that killing Emrys was good since Darius went through a Light Quickening. Methos argued there was no such thing as a Light Quickening. Connor argued if there was a Dark Quickening, there must be a Light Quickening. During that time, Amanda disappeared and returned with clothing that would fit Harry. Connor showed Harry where Darius lived so he could shower and change. When he returned, he heard Amanda ending the argument by telling Darius and Methos that Harry would be coming to Brazil with her. She was going to introduce them to the Flamels. Who was like Harry and apparently Methos, both Medji and Immortals. Both Darius and Methos conceded that speaking to Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel would be better, and they would be able to help Harry through his PTSD. Methos created a portkey for them.

"Harry, before you go, do you have any ancestors who were MacLeods?" Methos asked, and Duncan and Connor, who had been saying goodbye to Amanda, looked up.

"Yes, my mother's mother was a MacLeod before she married my grandfather Harris Evans," Harry replied.

"I thought so; you are the fifth MacLeod I've met," Methos said as Connor and Duncan yelled, "WHAT?!" "There must be something in the genes MacLeod carries to create so many immortals. Maybe someday I'll become a genetic researcher and figure it out. Amanda, come along, pip, pip, and cherio! Unfortunately, the portkey is about to leave."

"Wait!" Duncan and Connor yelled out, wanting to hear more about Harry being a MacLeod.


Harry and Amanda arrived in Brazil to drawn wands and swords that were quickly put away as Nicolas and Perenelle realized it was Amanda arriving. When they saw Harry Potter, they quickly begged for an unbreakable vow to protect themselves from Dumbledore. They did not want the meddlesome fool to know they were alive. Nicolas walked Harry through the vow, how it worked, and how it would protect them. At the same time, Amanda quickly whispered to Perenelle what was going on with Harry. Then, Nicolas started to teach Harry how to become an Occlumens whilst Perenelle, who had a Doctor of Psychology degree, worked with Harry on his PTSD.

Harry spent his 15th birthday on the beach watching almost naked women dancing. Best birthday ever! He decided he was definitely an ass-man until Amanda and Perenelle joined Harry on the beach dressed like all the other dancers. NOPE! He went inside and joined Nicolas in the potions lab. Not that Amanda and Perenelle didn't look good, they both did. Still, he was starting to look at Amanda as a mother and Perenelle as the best grandmother in the world. Harry found out shortly after joining the Flamels that Nicolas and Perenelle didn't actually have a philosopher's stone that carried the elixir of life. That was a cover-up, so the Wizarding World didn't find out about Immortals. Whenever they would pop up in the Wizarding World, they would wear a glamour of an old couple, so people didn't think that the stone kept them young and beautiful as well as immortal. Who knew those were two separate issues. Perenelle taught Harry how to make the glamour to hide himself. Best day ever!

Towards the end of the summer, Harry finally broke down and cried. He cried for Cedric, he did NOT cry for Vernon, but he did weep for Darius, who had been murdered a few days after Harry left by his own Watcher. Worst day of the summer!

Five days before Harry had to go to Hogwarts, Amanda and Harry arrived back in London. Amanda spent two days taking Harry around shopping. A whole new wardrobe, new shoes, new glasses. Harry never caught Amanda stealing, but he was pretty sure she couldn't help herself while in Harrolds. Also, that night he found a FUCKING nice men's watch mixed up with his stuff. They spent two more days glamoured in Diagon Alley. Finally, Harry got a new trunk with multiple compartments, one for his new wardrobe, one for his school books, one for his potion equipment, and one with an ultra-secure lock that he kept his invisibility cloak and map in. The last compartment was for his broom and quidditch supplies. He got two additional pieces of luggage that looked like hat boxes his grandmother would have used in the 1950s. They weren't hat boxes but a complete library that would hold 10,000 books. He got one for him and one for Hermione for her upcoming birthday. Harry didn't know if he would ever have 10,000 books, but he knew if he became immortal, he actually might reach that. Nicolas and Perenelle had five of those library boxes each.

The second day in Diagon Alley was spent with Amanda in Gringotts. As impressive of a thief Amanda was, she was a better financial advisor. Also, Harry found out he had been emancipated due to the Triwizard Tournament. SCREW YOU, Dumbledore; Harry was never returning to the Dursley again! Visiting Harry's family vault had Amanda salivating, and she started speaking in French; all Harry heard was "La petite mort!" which made the Goblin snort and Harry turn red. Amanda was off looking at everything. She quickly found a painting of his parents, which went into his library box. And best of all, she found multiple swords and training dummies. Amanda asked all sorts of questions to the Goblin about the training dummy and swords. Harry found two Goblin-made swords that he liked, each with a different type of handle that fits like it was made for him. One was a traditional English Broadsword, and one was a Japanese Katana like the MacLeods used. "Excuse me, Grindhard," Harry said.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?" Grindhard, the Goblin account manager for the last two hundred years, said.

"I am seeing numerous of what I think are Goblin-made items in my vault, correct?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Grindhard said tersly.

"Is it also correct that Goblin-made items are supposed to be returned to the maker after the person who "rented" it died?" Harry asked.

"That is what is supposed to happen, but as your see, many wizards refuse to see it as renting," Grindhard said while grinding his teeth. Amanda was alert for sudden attacks from the Goblin; she had lived through a Goblin rebellion or two.

"How do I return the item my ancestors rented, and how do I rent items?" Harry asked.

"What?!" Grindhard asked, flabbergasted; he had never had a wizard ask him that before.

"I would like to return the Goblin-made items, but I would like to rent these two swords for the duration of my life; my death must be by beheading. And I would like a return to sender charm placed on them, so the Goblins get them back after I die, by beheading," Harry explained.

All the Goblin-made items in the Potter vault were returned to the Goblins. The Goblins then made Harry a friend of the nation. Any Goblin-made item that had the name Potter or Peverell on it was rerented to Harry for the remainder of Harry's life, must be death by beheading, with the charm to return to the Goblin's after Harry died. Harry added the two swords and the training dummy to the trunk compartment that held his cloak and map.

"So why did you do that, kiddo?" Amanda asked after they left the Bank.

"If I become immortal, I will have a long life. So isn't it better to be on the good side of the Goblins who hold my money?" Harry said.

"Yes, which is why the Goblins hold my money, and they are the only Bank I will never rob," Amanda replied, feeling proud of Harry.

Amanda, who would continue to manage Harry's money and investment for the next several years, discovered that the Goblins had majorly dropped interest on several items. 'Nice!' She thought.

On the last day before Harry had to leave for Hogwarts, they went to several Museums. Harry had never had the chance to visit a museum; he had always been held home on field trip days. Harry knew he was along just as a smoke screen while Amanda cased the joint, but he didn't mind. He really had fun. That night Methos showed up at the hotel will a multi-compartment trunk. This trunk held woods from all over the world and wand cores from all over. Methos, the Pale-Rider, Death, the creator of the Death Stick, was making him a unique wand. It was Holly like his other wand with two cores, Basilisk venom, and tears from a Phoenix. He was never going to live down the stupidity of the second year. Methos also gave him two wand holders, one that went on his wrist and the other for his ankle. It was suggested that he keep his new wand (without the trace) a secret. He was emancipated, but the trace was still on his wand. Le sigh!


Harry boarded the train waving at Amanda and Methos, who saw him off. He noticed Hermione and the Weasleys running to catch the train before it left. He was grilled by his friends on his disappearance. Once at Hogwarts, he was interrogated by the Headmaster and his Professors. The fifth-year wound up being the worst year at Hogwarts yet! Umbitch! Mr. Weasley almost dying, Umbitch! OWLS, Umbitch! Sirius dying. And finally, vindication as the Wizarding World and Fudge saw Voldemort. Did he mention Umbridge? The worst thing, Dumbledore said no, ifs, and, or buts, he would be returning to his aunt Petunia this summer. "I don't care if you are now emancipated. It is for your own safety!"

The Order of the Phoenix tried to threaten aunt Petunia as she picked up Harry; as Harry walked up, he watched as aunt Petunia slapped Mad-Eye Moody across the face. The pedestrians at the train station suddenly slowed down so they could observe. As Harry passed the Order, he called out, "you deserved that!"

The ride home was silent. Then, as they pulled up to the house, Harry noticed a cargo container that goes either on a train or ship in the driveway. Dudley peeked out the front window, and Amanda, the two MacLeods, and Methos were in the front yard. "Amanda!" Harry yelled, jumping out of the car, running up to the raven-haired woman, and hugging her.

Methos was here to check the blood wards that Harry wrote to him about. Guess what? The wards transferred to Duncan and Connor MacLeod as soon as they stepped on the property. Harry no longer had to live with aunt Petunia, and she was taking advantage of it. Methos and Amanda helped her buy a new property in Surrey, British Columbia, CANADA. A suburb of Vancouver. And set them up with new names. Amanda may have also committed a felony by fudging Vernon's life insurance to give Petunia enough money to move far, far away.

Harry joined Amanda and the two MacLeods as they moved to a remote location on the Isle of Skye. The property they lived on actually had a Hedge, which made the property Holy Ground. None of the immortals had to worry about being beheaded while they lived there. It was actually Harry's property. Amanda found the deed while working on Harry's finances. At first, there was no house there, but Amanda worked with the Goblins to build a house…cough…cough… Manor on the property. It was promptly named Heather Manor. It had four wings with a center courtyard that Methos co-opted, much to Amanda's ire, and created a ritual circle. That summer, Harry started learning ritual magic that had not been taught in Britain since the Druids were slaughtered by the Christian Anglo-Saxon invaders. First, Harry was taught how to make Holy Grounds. Just that ritual itself bought off Amanda's ire in losing a wind-free place to sunbathe.

Dumbledore was pissed, livid, enraged, furious! The boy had disappeared for the second summer in a row. The Order had no idea where any of the Dursley family was. All the neighbors remembered was being introduced to two brothers, MacLeod, who were cousins to Petunia, and that the troublesome boy would be living with them from now on.

Professor Minerva McGonagall was on a roll; she searched all of Scotland for the missing MacLeod brothers. Of course, having magic helped. She finally heard of two cousins who had adopted a 15-year-old cousin from a Sasannach branch of the family. The land was lovely, with a row of mature trees to help block the wind that ran up the island. The house was a large, three-floored manor with four wings, sitting on the cliff's edge. On the island's tip was a small stone hedge that the locals must have worshipped 2,000-3,000 years ago. The Manor was surrounded by grass, but the rest of the land was covered in the beautiful purple Scottish Heather.

Before Professor McGonagall could knock on the door, a tall man with chiseled cheekbones opened the door. "Latha math. An tusa MacLeòid?"

"Good day to you, Madame; I am Adam Pierson. How can I help you today?" Methos asked.

"Hello, I am Professor Minerva McGonagall. I teach at Hogwarts school. I am looking for a wayward student of mine. Harry Potter. Is he here?" McGonagall asked.

"He is indeed; please come in. He's in lessons right now, but we should be able to peak in without disturbing him," Methos responded, "everyone in this house knows about magic, so you don't need to hide. I, myself, am a wizard. I warded this house, so I knew you were here."

"Wards, I didnna feel any wards," McGonagall responded, nervous that she entered a house but couldn't feel the wards.

Methos just smiled. 'Success!'

"Harry really should be living with his aunt Petunia. There were blood wards on the house protecting the boy from harm," McGonagall argued.

"Liar!" a black-haired woman yelled out as she walked up to McGonagall.

"Excuse me?!" McGonagall said, insulted. She didn't know why she was offended, but she was.

"Come with me and see how safe my son was in that home," the black-haired woman led McGonagall into a room where two dark-haired men were sword fighting with their shirts off. One shorter than the other. The shorter man had scars all over his back; McGonagall gasped when she realized who she was looking at. That gasp caused the two men to look over at her and stop their training. Harry's green eyes go wide seeing his Transfiguration professor standing there, her hand covering her mouth and tears streaming down her face. As Harry turned to her, she saw massive scars on each of his arms; one was a nasty-looking cut, and the other looked like he had been bitten by something; enormous. On his chest was the word FREAK carved into his chest.

"A mhic, tha mi cho duilich. Cha bu chòir dhomh a bhith air èisteachd ris an t-seann amadan sin," McGonagall said.

Harry turned to look at Duncan, "she said, baby/son, I am so sorry. I never should have listened to that old fool."

Harry put on his shirt, feeling very uncomfortable with his teacher seeing him shirtless. "Professor McGonagall. Are you going to make me leave?"

"Do ye wanna leave, lad?" McGonagall asked, trying to get control of her emotions.

"No, I prefer to stay here with Amanda, Duncan, Connor, and M…Adam," Harry replied.

"How are you related to the MacLeod family?" McGonagall asked.

"My grandmother, my mother's mother was a MacLeod," Harry responded.

"Right, so the blood wards switched from your aunt to your cousins?" McGonagall asked, looking at Adam.

"Immediately," Adam responded.

"And you are?" McGonagall asked Amanda as she stood next to Harry, fuming at the old woman.

"Amanda Darrieux, I adopted 'arry in the mundane world. Duncan MacLeod is my l'amant," Amanda said, pulling hard on her French roots.

"L'amant?" Harry asked.

"Lover," Amanda replied, only to watch Harry turn red. She giggled at his embarrassment.

McGonagall left and tore a new hole into Dumbledore, Madame Pomfrey, and anyone who had stood guard duty over Harry while he was at the Dursley. She had sworn to keep Harry's location a secret, but she was allowed to show the scars that littered Harry's body that she saw. Madame Pomfrey slapped Dumbledore and tried to quit. McGonagall convinced her to stay at Hogwarts for the children but to go ahead and quit the Order, as she was. The rest of the Order felt terrible, and several people, Nymphadora Tonks and Molly Weasley, also resigned. This was not what they had signed up to do. Remus had to be stunned before he did a rare shift into his werewolf form outside the full moon. Dumbledore was shocked and confused. They were family. How could family hurt each other like that?

Harry's OWLS were sent out, with him receiving an outstanding in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Potions. He received an exceed expectations in Astronomy and, surprisingly, Ancient Runes since he never took the class. Harry received an Acceptable in Divination and History. Much better than any of his teachers expected, but what they didn't know that Harry finally had people who cared about his grades and his life.

Dumbledore finally pushed through the red tape that was Sirius's Will. When he told the Goblins that he would tell Harry about the Will, they immediately contacted Amanda. She, with Harry, the two MacLeods, and Methos, immediately arrived in Gringot via Goblin Portkey and was able to sit in at the will reading. Dumbledore tried to shame Harry for leaving whatever sanctuary he was hiding in just to attend a Will reading but didn't get very far as Amanda was suddenly on him. Yelling at his treatment of Harry for the last 15 years. His inability to keep Harry safe at his school and a whole host of other things. Amanda backed Dumbledore out of the meeting, through the hallway, into the lobby, and out the front door as she plucked his beard two or three hairs at a time. Leaving a trail of long white hair. He left Gringotts missing quite a bit of hair. Not to mention the Will reading. He had been locked out.

When he arrived at 12 Grimmwauld place, he found out that he had been locked out of this building too. The Goblins were there, tearing down his Fidelius and putting a new one up. Miss Granger, Remus, and the Weasleys stood outside watching. The Goblins walked over to the crowd and let them back into the building. However, Dumbledore was not. The Goblin, instead of handing him a note with the secret, gave him a letter. 'Albus Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix is no longer welcome at Grimmauld place. You will return any item taken, borrowed, stolen to the Bank to be stored in the Black vault by…due…." Dumbledore took the item inventory list of missing items and sighed. A third of the items Dumbledore knew Mundungus had stolen, a third of the items Molly had thrown out, and the rest…Dumbledore had borrowed. He really did not want to return those books.

Harry returned to London with Amanda five days before the train left again like last year. They followed the same schedule. Two days shopping for Harry's new wardrobe, two days in Diagon Alley, one-day shopping, and one day going through the Black inventory and finances. Unfortunately, quite a bit had been lost due to Dumbledore letting Mundungus loose in the house. Not to mention Dumbledore loose in the library. Luckily, Sirius had Kreature take all trash bags to the Black vault to store the heirlooms that Molly-throw-it-out-Weasley tried to get rid of. Like last year, Harry returned all Goblin-Made items to the Goblins. Harry had Kreature add all Black books from the house and the vault into his library box. Harry, not trusting Kreature, had Dobby add all Potter books to a different section of the library box. All Dark or illegal books were placed in a locked cabinet in the library box. There were several locked cabinets by the time Dobby and Kreature were complete.

Again on the last day, Amanda and Harry went to the museums to look around. Harry had noticed some lovely paintings on the walls of Heather Manor that looked suspiciously like stolen paintings from the museums in London. These paintings had been stolen the previous year. He wondered if any new artwork would be placed in the Manor by the time he returned. Was it bad he just didn't seem to care? That night Duncan came and gave Harry the "TALK" Amanda feeling like Duncan was not giving Harry enough information, burst into the room, interrupted Duncan's talk, and fixed it by giving Harry the "TALK." Duncan, Connor, and Adam all felt they had learned something they hadn't known before. All the males, Harry included, were mortified by the end of Amanda's talk.


This year's train ride was the same as last year's train ride, as Hermione and the Weasleys grilled Harry over his summer. And after the sorting feast, Harry was invited, told, ordered to join Dumbledore and some of the professors (not McGonagall) in the Headmaster's office for his interrogation. But, five minutes in, McGonagall came in with a vengeance, put a stop to it, and sent Harry to the Common room for the night.

Harry had received a letter with his OWLS telling him that a new Potion master would be joining the school this year, and he (Dumbledore) highly encouraged Harry to continue to take potions. Nicolas had agreed with the sentiment when he and Perenelle came to visit…torture Harry with more PTSD therapy after Sirius died.

This year really was no better than last year; the Potion master was a leach trying to collect Harry. Harry did everything he could to avoid him. Dumbledore ignored Harry the previous year but seemed to do the opposite this year and would not leave him the fuck alone. Finally, Dumbledore became so frustrated that he told Harry what he needed to know this year instead of slowly seeping the information out like he had done in previous years. Bad news, Snape was the DADA professor this year; good news, Snape was the DADA professor this year and would be gone by the end of the year as the curse did him in.

Good news…no bad news, Ginny finally kissed Harry. He was totally in it at first until he opened his eyes and saw…Ginny. "Ginny," Harry said, rubbing the back of his neck in awkwardness, "Ginny, thank you for the kiss, but I'm just not into Oedipus…uh, sorry!" Harry booked it out of there, leaving Ginny confused. She went to Hermione, who explained who Oedipus was.

"Sorry, Ginny, what Harry was saying, is he is not attracted to his mother. You look too much like her," Hermione explained.

Ron was pissed until Harry told him to go snog, Molly. Suddenly Ron understood. Ginny looked too much like Lily Potter. Harry was grossed out by that, just as Ron was grossed out by the thought of kissing his mother. Ron explained it to Ginny, but she refused to look at Harry for the rest of the year.

Back to Snape getting cursed by the DADA curse, boy, was that bad! Snape actually killed Dumbledore as he was returning to school after Horcrux hunting. Dumbledore had tried to make Harry go with him, but Harry had previously told Methos about the Horcruxes…Horcruxi…and Methos told him that he would take care of it and not to leave the school with a senile old fool.

Amanda sent him some paperwork shortly after Harry told Methos about the Horcruxes, which, once signed by Harry, kicked Bellatrix Lestrange out of the family for not following her marriage contract. Resulting in the entire Lestrange estate being enveloped into the Black estate. Yeah, more books! Oh hay, Amanda found a Horcrux which Methos quickly destroyed. Dumbledore, before dying, had found a ring Horcrux and killed it using the sword he stole from Harry in his second year. The locket Horcrux that Dumbledore died to get was fake, but Amanda found the real one while trying to organize the Black vault. Kreature had apparently hidden it there to keep it safe from Mundungus. During Dumbledore's funeral, Harry saw Methos sneak into the castle. Harry watched on his map as Methos snuck into the Room of Requirement on the seventh floor. As Harry stood on the side of the Black lake watching Dumbledore's body be entombed on an island, Methos came up behind Harry and whispered, "another Horcrux gone, one…two left." Harry cried silently in relief. McGonagall saw Methos standing behind Harry with one hand on his shoulder and nodded to the man.

Harry called Dobby to him and had Dobby raid Dumbledore's office and living suite looking for any missing Black or Potter items. Dobby had to ask for a multiple-compartment truck; it seemed Dumbledore had helped himself to the Potter vault to refurnish his living suite after Harry's parents died. McGonagall was pissed. Harry also asked McGonagall if he could have the broken furniture that the House-Elves stored in the Come-and-Go room. She told him he could have everything. Harry had Dobby buy several multiple-compartment trunks, and Dobby and Kreature emptied the room thoroughly.

While Harry and Dobby are doing this, Methos hands a stack of papers to McGonagall. "I need to speak to the Order of the Phoenix about something Dumbledore was trying to make Harry keep secret. These are portkeys to Heather Manor with a date and time of the meeting I would like to have with the Order. Can I trust you to hand them out to the Order?" Methos said.

"Of course, Adam. Dumbledore and his secrets…." McGonagall sighed. "I'll be there, and I'll bring the Order."


Methos brought Harry home directly after the funeral instead of him taking the train. The first week Harry was home was spent with Methos, Amanda, and three Elves—Kreature, who was strangely devoted to Amanda, Dobby, and Winky. Dobby and Winky had decided that they wanted to be Potter Elves, so Methos taught Harry how to add the Elves to his family. The six of them when through the multiple compartment trucks from the room of requirement and sorted items by cursed and not cursed, then by Hogwarts houses. Each wing of Heather Manor was dedicated to a Hogwarts house. All wings had Clan MacLeod tartan pillows and blankets, which worked well with the Hogwarts colors. Methos started teaching Harry how to break the curses on the items, with Methos doing 90 percent of the curse-breaking and Harry doing the other 10 percent to his delight. The elves were fixing and restoring bits and pieces, and Amanda decided which room the items would be placed in. All Goblin-made items were set aside for Grindhard to return to the Horde. Any non-Goblin-made weapon was sent to the Horde to restore so they could be used or placed on the walls as decorations. The Manor was now fully furnished. The items that Dumbledore had co-opted Methos and Dobby went through. Dumbledore had apparently had Golden plaques made with saying like 'Albus Dumbledore Slept Here.' His ego knew no bounds. Methos banished all plaques, and Dobby restored all the furniture, returning it to the Potter vault. Harry had no desire to sleep in a bed that Dumbledore used. Maybe someday when the memory was faint.

Three human skeletons were found, wrapped with care, and given to the Horde to identify. Two families were able to add the bodies to their own family plots and were given closure. One skeleton they couldn't recognize, Harry added that skeleton to a new family plot on the Heather Manor Estate. The Potter-MacLeod plot. Methos again went through what Harry needed to know to sanctify the new cemetery. Harry let McGonagall know about the three skeletons that had been found in the Come-and-Go room so she could let the Hogwarts Elves know that any more bodies discovered, she or any future Head needed to be made aware of immediately. She even put in a caveat that the Elves were required to inform whoever was in charge of the DMLE so no Headmaster could hide the fact in the future. McGonagall was informed of six more bodies that had been hidden in Hogwarts. Harry added two of the unknown skeletons to his cemetery.

On day seven after Dumbledore's funeral, the Order of the Phoenix, Harry and the Immortals, and eight additional people not associated with the OotP met at Heather Manor. Apparently, Molly Weasley was pissed because she was omitted, as she had quit the order. However, her family, still in the order, did attend. So it was just her, Ginny, and Percy-the-Prat who were not invited. The eight people who were not in the order were Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Amelia Bones, Remus (who had quit after he got control of his anger), Nymphadora Tonks, Madame Pomfrey, Ron, and Hermione.

Amanda took everyone on a Manor tour before the meeting started, only to pull her sword on Mundungus while in the Formal Dining room where the meeting was to be held. "Theif! You will empty your pockets," Amanda snarled. Duncan face palmed, Connor laughed, and Methos pulled his wand as Amanda backed Mundungus up towards Methos.

"Crazy lady!" Mundungus laughed nervously, "I haven't taken anything."

"Liar! I have been a Master Thief for the last 1,000 years! I know when someone is stealing from me! From my family! From my son!" Amanda poked Mundungus with her sword three times, and each time, there was a sound of clanking instead of a sound of pain. The four Aurors (Amelia, Mad-Eye, Kingsly, and Nymphadora) in the room had raised an eyebrow at the Master Thief comment. Still, they turned to look at Mundungus with each clank.

Methos waved his wand, and suddenly everything that Mundungus had stolen was flying out of his coat and dirty slacks. "Okay, so maybe I pocket'd some of yar things, but the rest of that is mine."

"Oh, no. I think I've seen a report of multiple thefts throughout Diagon that matches the remainder of the items," Kingsly Shacklebolt replied.

"Dobby, Kreature!" Amanda called out; the two Elves popped up wearing matching Butler outfits, one with the House of Potter crest on his breast. The other with the House of Black crest on his breast. "Kreature, please be a dear and return the items on the table that belong to our Manor to the correct location. Dobby, please fetch a box with an expanded inside to put the rest of the items so the Auror could return them to their rightful owners."

Hermione took a breath, but Harry beat her to it, "not now, Hermione!" Hermione huffed, crossed her arms over her breast (which Harry noticed), and scowled at Harry.

Methos then turned Mundungus around, looked into his eyes, and erased the memory of being here and being invited to come to Heather Manor.

"Give me his wand and place this on his coat. He will be dropped off in the Auror intake room. I'll deal with him later," Nymphadora said, and the rest of the Aurors nodded.

With Mundungus gone, Amanda invited everyone to sit down at the table. Methos took the head with Harry on his left and Amanda on his right-hand side. Duncan sat next to Amanda, and Connor sat next to Harry, much to Hermione and Ron's annoyance. After that, the Aurors moved to sit next, closest to the immortals, then the professors, Ron and Hermione, and finally the Order all sat down.

"Thank you all for coming. My name is Adam; this is Amanda, Duncan MacLeod, and Connor MacLeod. I believe all know or know of Harry Potter. As we discuss the issue I asked you all here to discuss, I would like you to introduce yourself at that time. Winky," Methos called.

"Is it time?" Winky asked shyly; she was dressed in a black skirt and white shirt and, like Dobby and Kreature, a butler's coat. On her breast was the MacLeod crest.

"Yes, please," Connor replied.

Winky disappeared with a curtsy, and the table had small plates on it for individuals to use and was laden with cold cuts and cheese, different fruits, veggies with dips, and different drinks from coffee and tea, to water, juices, and sodas. First, however, a plate with a vast 12" sub sandwich was set in front of Ron. Ron's eyes went huge, and Harry winked at Ron. Ron smiled and dug in. Hermione snorted. "Please dig in if you are hungry," Harry said.

"As I said, my name is Adam; I am a Wizard and an Immortal, capital I. Amanda, Connor, and Duncan are also Immortals," Methos said, purposely not mentioning that Harry was a pre-Immortal. The four Aurors and Remus paled. Professor Flitwick squeaked and looked on with amazement, and Bill was heard to say COOL!

"I'm sorry, what is an immortal?" Arthur Weasley asked, looking between his oldest son and Adam. "Oh, Arthur Weasley," Arthur said, remembering to add his name.

"Immortals are as it sounds; we cannot die unless we are beheaded. When we have our first violent death, we stop aging. We can sense when others of our kind are around," Adam said, "I am the oldest Immortal in the room; Amanda is next, having become an Immortal around the mid-800s. Connor became an Immortal in the early 1500s, and Duncan became an Immortal in the late 1500s."

"Awesome!" Bill said excitedly, "William Weasley, please call me Bill. Have you ever heard of Tak Ne? I found the tomb of two of his wives while in Egypt. He wrote the story of his Immortality on the walls. How about Methos? We found his wife's tomb just before I returned to Britain. He also listed his early life in Pre-Bronze Age Mesopotamia."

"Pre-Bronze Age?" Amanda said with a smirk looking at Harry and winking. Harry had a huge smile. "We met Methos in Paris two years ago, didn't we, Harry."

"If you want to know more about Tak Ne, you should stay later and ask Connor; he was a pupil of Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, otherwise known as Tak Ne," Adam cut in, speaking over Amanda.

"Which one of you is the most dangerous?" Mad-Eye asked, "Alastor Moody."

Duncan pointed at Adam, and Adam, Amanda, and Connor indicated Duncan. Harry just laughed before pointing to Amanda.

"Traitre!" Amanda said, and Fleur laughed.

"C'est peut-être un traître mais c'est un adorable," Fleur said.

"Oui," Amanda responded.

"William et moi nous marions le 1er août, j'aimerais que vous y assistiez," Fleur continued.

"Ça suffit!" Adam said, and Amanda leaned over towards Fleur and whispered, "oui!"

"Enough, Amanda. We are here because Albus Dumbledore has been playing with Harry's life. Not even going into the abuse, Dumbledore contributed by leaving Harry with the Dursleys. In addition, he tried to make Harry keep a dangerous secret from the Order. Harry would have done so if Harry had not had us in his life for the last two years. However, as we acted as Harry's parents, Harry trusted us enough to tell us," Duncan said.

"The Dark Lord Vol de la mort made Horcruxes. Six of them," Adam said.

"FUCK!" Bill swore.

"I hate to sound ignorant, but what are Horcruxes?" Arthur replied, giving his son a disappointed look for swearing.

"Amelia Bones, Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Soul jars; he split his soul in half to create one jar, then in half again. Et Cetera, with one piece of his soul still on Earth, he cannot die," Amelia explained, "Harry, why did Dumbledore want to keep this a secret?"

"He said because of the prophecy, I have to be the one to hunt them down and destroy the Horcruxes, but he lied because last summer, he hunted one down and destroyed it. He was cursed by it, so he believed that only I could do it," Harry said huffily.

"His hand," Madame Pomfrey said, putting her hand up to her mouth. "Madame Pomfrey, Hogwarts Healer," she stated, then cringed as the Immortals gave her a dirty look.

"He was a moron! Harry told me about the Horcruxes at the beginning of the school year when Dumbledore told him. I've been hunting for them since, and I have destroyed one; Amanda found one, and we destroyed it. So we are down to two left. One is his snake Nagini, the other I have no clue," Adam said.

"Kingsly Shacklebolt, Senior Auror. Can you tell us what the others were?" Kingsly asked.

"His school diary," Harry held up one finger, "his grandfather's ring," another finger went up. "Helga Hufflepuff's chalice," a third finger went up, "Salazar Slytherin's locket," a fourth finger went up, "Rowena Ravenclaw's tiara," a fifth finger went up.

"Diadem," Amanda corrected, and Professor Flitwick groaned in pain.

"His snake Nagini," Harry continued ignoring Amanda's correction, putting up a sixth finger, "and we don't know what the last one is."

"Why would he make seven with the soul in his body being the eighth piece?" Bill asked.

"I don't know; the ritual I used when we found the chalice to see how many parts the soul was separated into showed seven pieces plus the one in his body," Adam responded.

"I'll ask Severus," Professor McGonagall replied. Chaos broke out, and everyone was yelling except the Immortals and Harry, who kept looking at the Immortals and how they were acting. Finally, he decided to follow their lead of cool indifference.

"Quiet!" Adam yelled, and everyone shut up immediately, "Madame McGonagall?"

"As Harry mentioned, Albus was dying; You-Know-Who decided to punish the Malfoy family for Lucius getting caught in the Ministry by Marking Draco Malfoy and setting him an impossible task; killing Dumbledore. Severus, as a spy, told Dumbledore about young Mr. Malfoy's task, and Dumbledore made Severus promised he would not let Mr. Malfoy tarnish his soul by killing and; when the time came, Severus was to kill Albus. This would cement him on You-Know-Who's side, and he would stop questioning everything Severus said. However, Albus wanted Severus to keep this quiet, not tell the Order; Severus was worried about how the MOB would react once the Light Side won. So Severus came to me after their conversation and told me what Albus was planning."

"And you believe him?" Mad-Eye asked suspiciously.

"100 percent," McGonagall venomously replied, staring down Mad-Eye. "Albus and his damn secrets almost cost us the war!" McGonagall banged her fist on the table.

"You can ask him without YOU being caught? Without HIM being caught?" Connor asked.

"Yes, we set up a way," McGonagall said.

"Okay, see if he knows what the last item is. We can't move on to his pet without him realizing that we have taken all his anchors away," Adam stated, "It would be extremely, exceptionally, exceedingly, bad if he found out he had no anchors. This man is so afraid of dying that he butchers his name as the flight of death and creates Horcruxes so he can't die. If he is backed into a corner, he will become the most dangerous being on the planet. Right now, he is just an annoyance."

"An annoyance, our population in Britain and Ireland, is just under 10,000 Witches and Wizards; he and his Death Eaters killed over 2,000 people in the last Blood War," Amelia said, insulted.

"Yes, an annoyance. I was asked which one of us Immortals was most dangerous; I pointed to Duncan because I have not taken a head since 1722. When I was younger than Amanda, I was a barbarian," Adam said, "I raped, pillaged, and burned my way through Asia and Europe. Sacking Rome several times. My men and I had killed more than 10,000 before I underwent a Light Quickening. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the Earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the Earth. My name is Adam, but before my name was Death, you might have heard of me," Adam said before he stood up and left the room.

"Adam, wait!" Harry called before following Adam out of the room.

The room was silent. 'His name was Death?' everyone thought. "Anyone else comforted by the fact that Death is on our side?" Hermione asked before she left the room to look for Harry. She found Harry and Adam sitting on the counter in the kitchen with Winky scolding them as they each ate a container of ice cream as quickly as they could. Hermione stood at the door watching as Adam was the first to get brain freeze.

"Yes!" Harry cried out, "I win!" then he too had brain freeze.

"Boys," both Hermione and Winky said with exasperation.

Amanda got tired of the arguing about whether Harry was safe in Adam's presence and left the room to hunt down her son. Amelia and Professor McGonagall quickly followed her to stop in the doorway to the kitchen as they watched both Adam and Harry sitting on the counter with ice cream containers dropped and slowly melting and both boys…men holding their heads groaning in pain from overeating ice cream too fast. Hermione stood a little in front of them, scolding them. Professor McGonagall slapped a hand onto her mouth to prevent a giggle. Amelia had no problem and burst out laughing.

Hearing Amelia laughing brought the rest of the group out of the dining hall and squeezed into the kitchen. "Ooh, ice cream," Ron said and grabbed the ice cream Adam had been eating; the twins grabbed Harry's. All three Weasley boys then groaned, "ah! Brain freeze!" Everyone else started laughing, and there was no more arguing about Adam being dangerous to Harry.

Amelia Bones tried to floo home after the meeting, only to be blocked. As she was leaving ahead of Mad-Eye, Kingsly, and Nymphadora, they turned to watch her.

"Madame Bones, perhaps we should all apparate to your Manor to ensure everything is okay?" Kingsly said.

"I'll come with," Adam said as he pulled out his wand.

Amelia stared at Adam for a moment before she grabbed his arm, and the other Aurors crowded in. They apparated to just outside the wards to find her home burning from fiendfyre and the Dark Mark hanging about her home. "SUSAN!" Amelia screamed and tried to run to the Manor only to be grabbed by Kingsly and held so she wouldn't run into the flames and die too.

Not two seconds later, Susan and Mrs. Abbott apparated behind the group. "Oh no!" Susan said, and Amelia tore herself from Kingsly's arms to grab Susan crying in relief.

Kingsly contacted the small division of the Auror department that dealt with fires of all kinds, and they arrived shortly to put out the fiendfyre.

Three out of four Bones Elves survived the fire as they apparated between Bones Manor and Bones vault saving as much as possible.

"Madame Bones, you and your daughter and Elves are welcome to stay at Heather Manor. I promised the wards are excellent. I've had over a thousand years to learn how to ward properly. Not even Merlin could break through my wards; he tried once," Adam said confidently. Susan and Mrs. Abbott just stared at the strange man.

Amelia agreed, and both she and Susan moved into Heather Manor. There was a little awkwardness on the first day as Harry and Susan didn't get along. Still, after a therapeutic screaming match between the two teenagers, everything was hunky-dory.

Two nights later, Minerva McGonagall received the worst news of her life. She immediately apparated to Heather Manor. Harry was already in bed, but she told the Immortals what Severus had told her. Harry was an accidental Horcrux, one Voldemort did not know he had created. Adam did not seem surprised. Connor sighed sadly. Amanda threw a wine bottle at the wall and left the room. Duncan followed her. McGonagall when home to Hogwarts and was still trashed the next day.

Two weeks later, Harry invited Hermione to visit Brazil with him to celebrate his birthday early. They would return home to Britain on his birthday and head to the Burrow the next day for Bill and Fleur's wedding. For Hermione, the best part of going to Brazil was meeting Harry's adopted Grandparents, Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. For Harry, the best part was him asking Hermione to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. They spent many hours on the beach in one of the rentable stands snogging. Harry loved that Hermione wore a string bikini with thong bottoms; Hermione loved the tight little shorts Harry, and the other Brazilian men wore. The night before, Harry and Hermione…went all the way. Best birthday ever! Amanda didn't tease him once…in front of Hermione.


On August 1st, 1997, Fleur and Bill Weasley married, the Ministry of Magic fell, and the Order was attacked at the Burrow, burning it to the ground. The Weasley family moved into Heather Manor. At the same time, Amelia and her Aurors saved as many as possible from the Ministry falling into Voldemort's hands. Twenty-five families moved into Heather Manor, and Amelia set up a provisional government on the first floor in the Hufflepuff wing. Thank you for the expansion charms.

On August 7th, 1997, Voldemort released his followers from Azkaban. Umbridge and Percy Weasley started a new department to hunt down mudbloods, half-bloods, and undesirables. Guess who was undesirable number one? The Snatchers worked directly for Percy, who was responsible for hunting the mudbloods down. While Umbridge tried them for theft of magic and sent them to Azkaban, which was back under the control of Dementor.

On August 15th, 1997, at 11:04 am, while in a Death Eater meeting, Severus entered the meeting as silently as he could make himself, using a scentless charm so no one (Fenrir) could smell him and as invisible as possible, including a heat disruptor, so Nagini and Voldemort couldn't scent his body heat. Then, he went to where the idiots (Pettegrew, Goyle, Crabb, Parkinson) stood. Next, using a severing charm, he beheaded Nagini. He immediately flew horizontally up to the ceiling to get out of the way. A black cloud of soul screamed out of Nagini before dissipating. Voldemort was enraged and attacked the idiots, screaming. Severus then triggered a preset message that said, "Harry Potter was here." Below the message was a crude drawing of a boy pissing on a beheaded snake. A final note was below, "I'm at Hogwarts. Come and get me!" As soon as Severus triggered the message, he threw a ward buster over to where Bellatrix, Lucius, and the rest of the inner circle stood and porkeyed out as the wards fell. He never did get to see Voldemort's reaction to Potter's message. He didn't see Pettegrew, Goyle, Crabbe, and Parkinson dead from Voldemort's attack after Nagini died, and he didn't see the five other Death Eaters who died when Voldemort felt the wards drop.

While Severus was attacking Voldemort's base single-handedly, Hogsmead was being evacuated. Hogwarts was about to become a battlefield with Aurors, former Ministry personnel, the Order, the Hogwarts Professors, and ten Immortals. Adam, Amanda, Connor, and Duncan were there, but Adam called in Colin and Owen MacLeod. Amanda invited Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel and her best friend/adversary Jade. And Duncan called in Richie Ryan, a new Immortal he had been training. Unbeknownst to everyone but Harry and Amanda, once Voldemort and the Death Eaters arrive, a squadron of Goblin warriors would secure Hogsmead. Death Eaters that tried to run after the fighting started would either be arrested or killed. Depending on if they surrendered to the Goblins.

Harry Potter conjured a bench where he was told to stand and wait; he dropped a burlap sack underneath. As Hogsmead was cleared and everyone gathered behind Harry to wait for Voldemort, Hermione sat down next to Harry. She started snogging him, to his delight and everyone else's dismay. Severus Snape quickly became visible as he walked toward his allies. Some cried out in fear seeing him, not knowing he was a part of the group others cried out in joy seeing him alive. "Knock that off, you dunderheads!" Severus said as he saw Harry and Hermione snogging. "He's coming!"

Hermione stood up and moved over to where the Weasleys had gathered, all except Charlie, who wouldn't make it from Romania in time, and Ginny. Molly had slipped Ginny a twelve-hour sleeping draught to keep her daughter from the fight. Fortunately, she was not the only parent who did that today (cough…cough…Amelia and Susan), saving the children from the trauma of battle. Harry stood up and vanished the bench as he heard apparations in the village, the sack still at his feet. Death Eaters, Pure-blood sympathizers, Percy Weasley and his snatchers, Umbitch, and the Ministry, who did not flee Voldemort, all started to walk towards Hogwarts. Mercifully for the side of the Light, there were no trolls, giants, werewolves, or other dark creatures. Unfortunately, Voldemort did not have time to call them into battle. The wall of opposition began to split from the back to the front as Voldemort, and his inner circle approached. "Severus, I wondered where you had disappeared to. I see even after you killed Dumbledore for me, I lost you to the Light," Voldemort hissed angrily.

"Oh no, I killed Dumbledore because he was dying, and he asked me to. I didn't do it for you," Severus sneered at Voldemort, "you lost me years ago when you killed my sister."

"Traitor!" Bellatrix screamed and threw a curse at Severus, which he effortlessly banished.

"Easy, Bella, you can play with him soon," Voldemort promised, and Bella smiled sadistically.

"Tom, you speak to Severus and ignore me?" Harry faked, wiping a tear from his eye. "I thought we were besties!" Then, Harry using the fire trick the 16-year-old Horcrux-Voldemort used, wrote "BFF4EVER!" before it turned into a flaming crude hand gesture. Harry heard Severus sigh in exasperation, and he smirked.

Voldemort threw a Crucio at Harry, who dodged and returned fire with Avada Kedavra at Voldemort, missing him but hitting Bellatrix.

"Yeah!" Amelia Bones cried out.

"Oh, Tom…" Harry said as he levitated the burlap sack into the air before lighting it on fire. The burlap burned extra quick, and a diary, a ring, a cup, a tiara, and a locket fell out of the bag at Voldemort's feet. "Oops, did I destroy your things?"

"Why is Harry antagonizing him?" Molly asked quietly.

"It's what he does," Hermione responded nervously.

"YOU DARE!" Voldemort screamed before yelling, "Avada Kedavra!"

Hermione screamed.

On August 15th, 1997, at 11:50 am, Harry James Potter died his First Death, he was seventeen years old, and it was a Friday. The Light side screamed the Dark side cheered.

On August 15th, 1997, at 11:51 am, Harry James Potter woke as an Immortal. As he stood up, the Light side quieted. Harry holds his arm in the air in a He-Man pose called the sword of Gryffindor to him. The Dark side was silenced, and Voldemort, who had turned to face the Dark side, turned quickly but not quickly enough to stop Harry from beheading him.

On August 15th, 1997, at 11:52 am, Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort, aka The Dark Lord, aka You-Know-Who, aka He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, aka, You-No-Poo, was dead for the last time.

Half the Dark side fleed, those who fleed were being killed by the inner circle who yelled at them to fight. The Dark Lord was immortal, after all. He would return. They did not know that the junk Harry had dropped at the Dark Lords' feet was what kept him immortal. Percy Weasley was struck down by Umbridge as he tried to flee. Molly Weasley screamed in rage, took Gryffindor's sword from Harry's hands, and chopped into Umbridge. The battle did not take long with the Immortals who had fought in wars for centuries participating. The Goblins stunned any children they saw fleeing but conveniently forgot they were supposed to keep the adults alive unless they fought back. Both Narcissa and Lucius fell to their own Goblin account managers' blade. Draco he stunned. Ten minutes after Voldemort died, the battle was over, and just under 500 were dead. Another 500 had been stunned and were being arrested. The Light side had 10 deaths.

As victory was announced over the Wizarding Wireless, Penelope Clearwater apparated to Hogwarts looking for Percy. She found his body surrounded by the Weasleys who had been at the battle as Molly Weasley sobbed. Penelope explained that Percy had been concealing Muggle-born away from the Snatcher and hiding them in his tiny apartment. Penelope was also eight months pregnant with Percy's baby. She fell down into Molly's arms and sobbed with Molly.

The Death Eaters were tried by a war crime tribunal of an even mix of Goblin and Medji. Those found guilty of treason were sentenced to the Veil of Death. Those found guilty of aiding and abetting were sentenced to Azkaban, some for as little as six months, others for life, and anywhere between. The children of Death Eater who were caught were interrogated and sentenced to Azkaban for 10 days, then put on probation for up to 10 years, depending on how deep their involvement was. After their 10-day stint in Azkaban, they were fitted with a magical monitor and sent to Hogwarts to finish their education.

September 1st had all the children of Magical Britain on the train headed to Hogwarts. Neville, who had spent the summer in Southwest Asia studying magical plants while his grandmother took a needed vacation, turned to Harry and asked, "what did you do on your summer vacation?' Harry just burst out laughing.


Ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry James Potter disappeared, not looking a day over seventeen.

"He is not dead," Grindhard told the Ministry forty years later as they tried to confiscate his vault and estate, "I spoke with him yesterday!"

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