Jacob POV

This summer, I had plans. Big plans. Big plans involving a small girl. I had long gotten over my loss of Bella's affection and moved on to her pixie like best friend. From the moment I first laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one. Though, I wouldn't know if I'd imprint on her until I got to know her.

Yes, we are mortal enemies, but everything about her makes my heart flutter. Her smile is so bright, it makes Bella's gloomy ones pale in comparison. Her constant joy gives me all sorts of feelings in my chest and I want to finally put those feelings to rest.

This week, I invited some of the Cullens to a friendly pool party. Things had easened up between us and the leeches, relationship wise. This was especially an opportune time, because apparently that blonde kid was away on a trip. Leaving his lonely girl all to my discretion. I'm sure their bond isn't all that. Unlike the other Cullen couples, Alice and her bozo don't ever show affection in public. Once Alice bears witness to a real man, she'll leave him.

Alice and I knew each other a little bit due to our relationships with Bella so I thought I could get away with some simple flirtatious actions. As soon as I saw her signature yellow Porsche stroll into the driveway, I greeted her with a hug.

I was already in my swim trunks, excited to put these muscles to good use. I had always thought Bella would see my chest and easily choose me over the mind reading leech, but I guess Bella never appreciated good looks when she saw them. Alice, though, I could immediately see that sexy smile when I approached her window with my shirt off.

To my big surprise, Alice was also wearing her swimsuit. It was a simple black bikini that showed her tight body and curves well. I always thought she was flat chested but I soon realized that she was just perfectly proportionate. Her breasts were perky and I could already imagine them bouncing as she rode my cock. Now, I was getting ahead of myself but I knew it was only a matter of time before we were rolling around together.

"Hey Jake." She grinned, her dark lashes fluttering up to stare at me. I was 6'5, so she had to take quite the glance upwards. I had hit the gym like crazy in the past weeks, making sure my body was absolutely irresistible to even a married woman. My perceptive eyes had noticed that her eyes had lingered on my chest and abs.

"Glad you could make it. You look stunning." I smiled a signature grin that I took on that showed both my dimples. Her eyes dimmed into a cloudy color as I realized she must've received a vision. I took that as an opportunity to put my hands on her hips to stabilize her. She felt so soft. I wanted her so badly and I didn't even hide my erection.

Her eyes refocused and she grinned again. I looked down at her as she tilted her head to the side and stuck her tongue out impishly. I noticed she put on a healthy amount of makeup, accentuating her beauty all that much more. Her hands rose up my arms and squeezed my biceps.

I was so utterly and completely smitten and my hard-on was not going down. My eyes fled hers for a moment as I looked at the chub in my trunks lightly pressing against her belly. She also broke eye contact as she followed my gaze. I swallowed hard.

"Let's make it to the pool first, shall we casanova?" She whispered. I nodded. I backed up from her door as she closed it shut and greeted other members that had joined. I took a quick breath and shuffled with my erect cock to settle it down. I put on my smile and joined her.

Ah the Cullen women were fantastic creatures I must say. Alice for one was just a complete beauty but her sisters were not too bad themselves. Physically, they were truly some of the most beautiful beings I'd ever laid eyes on.

My eyes glanced once more at Alice who chose a pool chair away from everyone else. Why was that? She started to put sunscreen on despite not needing to. Bella always talked about how Alice's want to be human always made her do unnecessary things. I cooly walked over to her and put my hand on hers.

She glimpsed at me through those seductive lashes and bit her lip. Oh fuck.

"Let me help you with that." I said. She giggled and allowed me to lather the sunscreen over her back and shoulders. I put an even coat on but more importantly I was feeling her up for the first time. I had dreamt of this moment for months.

She moaned softly as I ran my hands down her back and then down her legs. Good god, I was getting hard again. I was about to squirt some more of the cream into my hand when the bottle ran out.

"Oh that's too bad. I'm sure you have some inside, don't you?" Alice presumed.

"Uh, yes I do." I looked at her lips and noticed she put a gloss on from between the time that I put her lotion on and the moment I greeted her outside her car.

"Shall we?" Alice motioned towards the glass screen door. I nodded and led her inside. I was actually shaking, this was going too well right now. I went through some drawers and finally found a half full bottle of sunscreen.

"Hey, you need a coating too." Alice giggled, taking the bottle quickly from my hands and playfully tilting her head to the side. I chuckled in response out of both nervousness and sheer excitement.

She squeezed a generous amount onto her hands and placed them on my chest. She began massaging my chest lightly all while smoothing her hands down my body. I could not hold back my moans as her fingers expertly pushed into my skin lightly.

"That feels good." I moaned. She beamed at me and brought herself closer to me. I could feel her cold breath against my warm skin. She was actually huffing as her hands massaged my muscles. I looked down at her breasts sitting comfortably in her bikini and my lust went haywire. I wanted to fuck her so badly, I could feel my cock grow in size.

She glanced upwards at me and purred, "I should get everything, shouldn't I?"

I just watched with probably a stupid expression on my face. Her thumbs hooked into the waistband of my swim trunks and began to move downwards. I licked my lips as her dainty hands moved my shorts past my knees, my cock now completely free from its hold. Her eyes widened as my cock bounced free from its confinements.

"Oh my…" She began licking her lips, her hands already cupping my balls and massaging my shaft. I was completely rock hard, all 9 inches proudly showing. She was so much more experienced than I initially thought she'd be. She squeezed the base of my cock, the sunscreen oozing from between her fingers.

I moaned aloud, yearning for her lips on the head of my cock.

She tilted her head side to side, inspecting my penis adorably. As if she had no idea what she pulled out. I couldn't take it anymore, I was about to buck my hips wildly any moment now. She positioned the head of my dick over her head and kissed the middle, while continuously squeezing and stroking the base with her two hands.

"I want to fuck you." I grounded out.

"You will." She purred and let her small tongue lick a stripe into my skin. I nearly recoiled from the sensation. She licked once more and reached my tip where she finally positioned her lips over. Her eyes locked with mine. Her eyes widened, her glowing golden orbs dominating my brown ones. Her lips traveled down my cock as she began to slowly pick up the pace.

Her glossy lips moved up and down my cock and I began to buck against her throat. She was excellent.

I growled and put my hands around the back of her head, forcibly thrusting her head down to the base. She didn't need to breathe right?

I finally released her, a web of spit and shine absolutely coating my dick. She did not let a moment rest though as she expertly pursed her lips into a pout and began spit shining the side.

I reached downwards and cupped her breasts, my fingers wandering to her pink nipples. I squeezed them tight as I heard her yelp mid blow job. She moaned and I took that as a sign to move things a bit further. I pulled her head off with a pop and picked her up easily. I placed her round ass on the counter and shoved my head into her snatch without a second thought.

Her head whipped out in pleasure with a small scream. My tongue maneuvered around the small fabric of a bikini and thrusted in and out of her cunt. She whimpered, her hands seeking refuge in the locks of my hair. I voraciously ate her out for only a few more seconds before positioning my cock over her. She was incredibly small compared to me and I knew I was going to make her mine.

She moaned my name again and I pulled her bikini top right off, bouncing her breasts deliciously. I thrust my cock inside her as she squirmed from sheer pleasure. Her toes began to curl as my hips pounded into hers on the counter.

This was my zone. I cheekily smirked and spit into my hands. I placed them easily over her breasts and slapped them as I fucked her senselessly.

Her head reeled backwards, her moans getting louder and louder. I was not going to hold back. Her whole family can probably hear this but I do not give a damn.

I put my knees up on the counter and bent over her body easily before I claimed her lips. My hips were still gently pushing into her, but I fully focused on exploring her mouth with my tongue. She whimpered against my kiss as I felt her cum all over my cock. She was mine, for sure.

I pulled away for a second, letting our eyes take each other in. Her eyes were simply just gorgeous. She spoke softly, "Jake…More, please."

I agreed silently and ramped up our kiss, as both our tongues met in a passionate and lascivious fight for dominance. My hips also ramped up as I mercilessly slammed my cock deep into her pussy. Each thrust going the full length.

I moaned loudly as I could feel myself reach my limit. I was going to cum any second now. Alice whimpered, "Yes! Yes, right there!"

She began to quiver from the waist down and my lips detached from hers. I was going to take in every aspect of this girl from now on. My lips attached to her nipples as I rolled them between my lips. She screamed as another orgasm flooded from her pussy. That sent me over the edge as I also came. My back straightened up as I sent a stream of semen into her womb. I moaned as I attempted to pull my trembling cock from her pussy.

It was so much better than expected. Alice, no, my Alice, she sat up with that same joyous grin but with a hint of what I could only call, satisfaction. I huffed and we both met eyes again. Our minds must've been at the same place as we both magnetized to each other and began kissing again.

"I need you, Alice. Forever."

"I feel the same way." She whispered.

"Don't think for a second that you are going in a pool after this. You belong in bed with me." I snarled out.

"I think they will understand." She grinned, hugging me closer to her. We fit, we just fit. It felt truly amazing. She was the one. She had to have been! I never thought I would progress so quickly but she knew as well as I how physically compatible we were.

I'm sure her whole family and the whole clan probably heard us fucking like wild animals on the counter top. I wonder how they're going to break it to the blonde kid that his girl is with a real man now.

Also thank goodness that Alice could not get pregnant. I could go ham everyday in her pussy without a single worry.

Alice and I made out all the way over to my room where I fucked her some more. Before I could even take a sip of water, we were already at it for over three hours.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the door. I cursed under my breath and pulled Alice's mouth off my cock. Her coy lips formed into a pout. Ah fuck it.

"I'm busy." I loudly announced to my visitor. I smiled down at my pixie and ushered her to continue. She smiled ear to ear and placed her lips back on the head of my cock.

"It smells like sex all over, dipshit." Leah's voice rang out from behind the door.

"I'll clean it later, I'm busy." I answered. I hushed Alice as she began deepthroating me again.

"Hey ASSHOLE. I CAN HEAR YOU!" Leah screeched. After a bit, I heard Leah's footfalls leave. I'm sure everyone was mighty pissed that I created a party and left with Alice only a few minutes in.

I leaned back, arms crossed behind my back, enjoying every bit of my new girl's mouth. She popped her lips off and playfully smacked my cock on her cheek. Her lips moved down to my ballsack as she did what she did best. Her eyes stared into mine, and I realized that I could look into these eyes for the rest of my life. I really could.

Then, suddenly a ring blared out. It was Britney Spears' Toxic as a ringtone. I knew for damn sure that was not my phone. Alice did not mind at all and continued sucking like a maniac. She was the full package.

The ringtone died down before it reset again. I guess whoever is calling really wants her to pick up. Alice finally relented and picked up her phone from her purse. She did not even glance at it as she switched back to my cock.

She slurped the tip nonchalantly before answering, "Hello?"

Her eyes widened and I could only wonder who or what she heard. Her eyes very quickly turned angry and narrowed and I briefly thought she was staring at me. I then realized that she was just glaring into the wall with that angry expression.

"I'm fine, why?" Alice snarled, she looked like she was going to bite my dick now. I awoke from my relaxed state until Alice licked my cock again. Why was she angrily licking my dick while talking on the phone?

"I said I'm fine, asshat!" Alice growled. She let go of my cock completely as she began screaming into her phone. I could barely make out the voice.

"Maybe you should've thought about that before leaving!" Alice shouted.

Then it clicked. Leaving? Was that the blonde kid? Jasper? Aka her boyfriend? Oh fuck. Wait, they must've fought. She wouldn't be kissing my cock if she was happy with him.

"Alice." I whispered. Bad move, she whipped her head to me and scowled.

"It's Jacob. What, are you jealous?" Alice cackled like a witch.

Oh right, super hearing. I quickly sat up but Alice got back onto the bed. She threw the phone over her shoulder and began sucking my cock back to hardness again. I started to get real nervous however. I didn't like admitting it, but the blonde one. Jasper, he was the most intimidating of the Cullens in my opinion. He was the main reason why I didn't want to pursue Alice.

"W-What did you say to him?"

"I said we were just friends." She grinned as if nothing happened. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and bobbed her lips down my cock. She batted her eyelashes and I came another load into her mouth.

Alice swallowed it all, something none of my previous girlfriends ever did.

"Jasper is an idiot. He won't know a damn thing." She muttered.

"What do you mean? You're not breaking up with him?" I asked.

"Break up? Do you think it's that simple? We're married."

I nearly spit out the remaining air in my lungs, "What?! Married?! You don't even wear a ring!"

Her face twisted back into that coy, smiling Alice that I was used to. "Don't you worry, you're my new man now. Jasper isn't even an issue."


"Did you hear me? It's not an issue."

"I get that but-"

She stomped her foot down but kept her sweet grin. "Look, I have been loyal to Jasper for over a century. I deserve a cheat meal every now and then. To be honest, Jasper and I have been having troubles. Don't you think a girl like me deserves a strong man who will always stay by my side?"

"Of course you do." I cleared my throat and began to move next to her, cradling her in my arms. "You deserve only the strongest of men."

"Exactly." She pouted. "I deserve a man like you."

She was pulling me in deeper and deeper but I still did not understand. She acted like everything was set in stone.

"How do you know it'll be fine? That guy is going to try to kill me."

"He won't. I have everything under control. He won't even know you're blowing my back out." Alice giggled, squeezing my arm.

"Why did he leave you?"

Alice swallowed, "He's a very fragile man. Insecure and emotional."

"Why stay with him then." I raised an eyebrow. Really? That stone faced blonde was really like that? Then I had nothing to fear.

"Well…" She paused. It seems I hit her with a stunner of a question.

"Let me clean you up." I interrupted her. I retrieved our clothes and some towels. We sprinted towards the bathroom and continued to make love in there. I was in love with this woman, I just needed to know for sure if she reciprocated those thoughts.

The next few weeks went by without a single sad moment passing by. Jasper still had not returned and Alice and I were spending more time than ever. She spent most days at my place and we had sex for hours on end. I learned so much about Alice, how caring and sweet she was, to her eccentric hobbies in shopping. She was all so human.

Even as mortal enemies, I couldn't help but empathize with her vampirism and her dreams to live life as she never had back in her asylum. She told me everything and I told her everything. I told her my woes with Bella and my relationships with the boys at the reservation. I told her how much I resented Edward for taking away someone I truly loved.

She understood that my loneliness drove my ambition and we related so much to that. We were falling in love.

There was one thing however that she did not mention, not even once. Her husband, Jasper Hale. I had told her about Bella and my previous flings. But not once did she care to mention the blonde leech.

I decided to ask her at least once. It seemed we trusted each other, after multiple dates.

We were in the car together, listening to the same music. Shockingly, we both loved the same music.

"Does Jasper not listen to this?" I kicked my feet back casually.

"He doesn't. He hates pop, he loves country."

"What a backwards idiot." I guffawed I looked at Alice's expression and she merely nodded in agreement.

"Where is he?"

"Somewhere in Alaska."

"Ah, when will he come back?"

"You're oddly curious about your competition today." Alice voiced. My chest burned with excitement. I could finally say, I could finally answer. This gravity, this want in my chest. I knew she felt the same.

"I think we can let him know that I've imprinted on you." I gave a genuine smile as I turned towards Alice and hugged her closely.

"Huh?" She gasped. Her eyes began to well up with venom. I kissed her deeply and she responded with the same enthusiasm. She accepted me.

"Is that what this feeling was?" Alice exclaimed. I nodded into her chest, kissing the skin above her breasts lightly.

"We're going to tell that jackass. We're going to tell him what's happened and get you out of that fucked relationship." I announced. "We're going to get that house that you've always wanted. We're going to raise a family, through adoption or something, get you that life you've wanted. Everything you ever wanted, my Alice." I continued.

"I can't believe it." Alice cupped her mouth as her eyes began to well in venom tears.

"Yes, Alice. So.. Will you marry me?" I opened the glove compartment and grabbed the ring I had prepared for this very moment. I knew only a few days ago that I had imprinted Alice after all this time. "It may seem rushed but I think this is the best time as any."

"I- Well, I need to talk to my family." Alice answered.

"Of course, let's go together." I kissed her chastely and pushed myself off of her and back to my driving seat. I started towards the Cullen mansion. I occasionally looked back at Alice to see her staring out the window. This was the start of our new life. She looked happy and that's all I could ask for.

"Uh Jake."

"Yes, my love?" I responded.

"I think I should go in by myself."


"Well, they won't take kindly to seeing you. They won't understand our love." Alice calmly spoke though I could tell she was still emotional.

"I get that, but it shouldn't matter what they think. We will marry no matter what. Imprinting is natural and fateful. We can't stop this attraction."

"I know, I know. I just don't want a violent outcome to happen. So please, stay in the car while I speak to them."

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"Yes, my love. My sweet Jake, trust me." Alice leaned over to kiss me. I nodded and agreed to trust my new wife. I pulled over to the curb of Alice's home. Alice quickly got out and rushed to the front door. I wasn't exactly sure what her family was going to say. I knew they knew of our relationship and Edward especially was not fond of it. Though, it did not matter to me. It would have to take a warship to stop me from marrying my woman.

I waited long and hard, letting my thoughts carry the silence of the night. She had still not come out. I started to get impatient and looked over every bit of their house. Everything seemed just right until I noticed an unfamiliar vehicle in the driveway. It was a motorcycle. Was that Emmett's?

"Okay, what is taking so long?" I furiously texted Alice for a response. None. Hmmm..

I grabbed my keys and decided to go against Alice's wishes and find her myself. I quickly got out of the car and sprinted towards the front door. Before I could even knock, Alice swung the door open and grabbed my hand. She used her powers and forcefully dragged me back to my car.


"Let's go back to your place." She wiped her lips and I just watched her settle back in her seat.

"What? Did you tell them? What took so fucking long?"

"Jake, I had second thoughts. I think it would be better if we told everyone together, you know when J-Jasper gets back." She looked outside as she spoke to me. "You know if we told the family now, they'd tell Jasper and you'd definitely get killed. I have to tell him to his face." Alice continued.

I reasoned in my head. That was probably true, she knew better than I afterall. "Okay, but what took so long?"

She turned to me finally with a coy grin. "I was sooo hungry. So I had a meal."

So she hunted. It made sense, so why was she grinning like she did when we fucked?

"It's getting late so I'll see you tomorrow?" Alice said, she looked like she was ready to get out of her seat.

"I- Okay, but Alice. When does Jasper get back?" I asked, putting my hand on her lap.

"He gets back…umm… I'm not sure, but it's soon!" Alice stammered. I nodded. When he gets back, my love with Alice will truly bloom.

"Okay, babe. Take the ring before you go." I leaned over to kiss her. Our lips touched for just a second before she pulled away and fled towards her house. Hm.

The very next day, in the morning, I called Alice. I was thinking of everything over and over where I could not even sleep. I could only truly sleep with Alice in my arms.

I stood to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. The call finally connected as I scrubbed my molars.

"Hello? Alice?" I mumbled.

"Ah! Yes?! Oh hi Jakey." Alice said in a flirtatious tone. Oh? She was always in the mood, another reason why I loved her.

"You want to come over?" I said, spitting out a bunch of toothpaste.

"Mmmm…Later?" Alice moaned. I held the phone closer to my ear. Was she masturbating?

"Ooooh…Yes! Jay! Right there!" She moaned in her high pitched voice. She said Jay? Jake? She must've misspoke.. She was thinking of me afterall….

I laughed, "Okay, babe. I'll see you." I heard what I thought was a growl and then the call shut off.

Alice POV

"Yes, Jasper! Oh fuck yes! I love you baby!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I flung my phone to the side. My Jasper was back from his vacation, and even though we fought, we made up almost instantly.

"Alice, I told you to stop calling me Jay." Jasper grunted from behind me. He was currently digging my pussy out with his big cock.

"Okayyyy…" I moaned. Poor Jake didn't even realize that Jasper came home the day he confessed to imprinting me. And the reason for taking so long? He should've got the hint, I was getting fucked by Jazz!

"What kind of friend calls you 'babe'? I should be the only one who says that to you." My Jasper growled, not slowing his thrusts at all.

"Ah! Yessss!" I came all over Jasper's thick cock, my body began to slump as I lost feeling in my arms. My Jasper's ability was so useful in bed. He made me feel like ten orgasms hit at once.

My Jasper pulled out, a river of semen pouring from my pussy. I huffed, I have two men wrapped around my finger. I loved cheating!

Poor Jake and Jasper, I giggled to myself. Being around Jasper so much, I could mask my true emotions to whatever I wanted at all times. Jake believed that Jasper was still in Alaska while Jasper believed that Jake was just a friend.

"What are you giggling for?" Jasper stood up from the bed and went to grab a shirt from our closet.

I turned on my side to admire my scarred husband. Yummy. I have two unbelievably handsome men at my fingertips. My Jasper's physique could only be matched by Jake. And even then I had a hard time arguing which one I liked more.

"Jazz…Cuddles?" I proposed. He put a blue shirt on and some sweatpants. He turned his face and looked at me with his golden eyes. Ah, face wise, I much preferred Jasper's. He was just too handsome!

"You're filthy." Jasper scrunched his nose adorably.

"Says you. Come here, Jazzy." I mumbled softly. Jasper reluctantly dropped his knees to the bed and let me wrap my arms around his frame. I kissed him softly on the lips and I snuggled close to his chest.

"Jasper, why aren't you saying anything?" I said softly.


"You're always thinking."

"It's good to think, ya know?"

"Uh huh." I nodded, squeezing him closer to me. After a few minutes, I spoke again. "What are you thinking about?"

"Just it all. You know how I am, too sensitive to my emotions." Jasper answered softly, kissing the top of my head.

I frowned. This is what I told Jake. I loved Jasper and all but he was always running away from his problems. Jasper left for Denali weeks ago when Jasper had slipped on a human for the 3rd time consecutively in only a month. Instead of staying with me and letting us solve it together, he ran away to "gather his emotions". Idiot. Does he not know that I can help him more than Carlisle and Eleazar combined? Jasper is always, always being sensitive. He is insecure about his resistance to human blood and often tries to run from judgment.

"Too sensitive indeed." I mumbled. All of a sudden I thought of Jake. Who I did love to an extent. We were physically a pair to be sure and he was everything Jasper was not. Jake always takes initiative and he never is afraid to say what he thinks, while Jasper is mature to a fault, often making me seek attention from him and taking hardships too seriously.

"I'm sorry for upsetting you, Alice. You know how much I love and respect you." Jasper whispered. I nodded silently.

"I slip and it feels like I'm not enough. I slip over and over and I know that's not what you deserve, Alice. You deserve a man who won't fail you. And I'm the opposite. My resistance has not gotten better." Jasper breathed deeply. I reeled from his touch and looked him in the eye. Surely he did not want to leave again?

"Stop talking like you are going to leave me."

"Okay. Then let's change subjects. Tell me about your new friendship.."

I gulped. Time to mask my emotions. I closed my eyes and regained my form. I knew I loved Jake. I just couldn't let that side of me show, I needed to show the side that saw Jake as the fun, free spirited man that I could befriend.

"He's just a fun guy to be around. That's all Jasper. He's a flirty guy and I'm a flirty girl, but he knows I'm with you and he tries to be respectful."

"You see why I don't like your relationship with him though?"

"Well no, we're just friends, Jazz. We don't flirt all the time, it's just when it presents itself."

"If I suddenly became flirty and I befriended someone like Tanya, would you be fine with it?" Jasper raised an eyebrow.

I could not lie, I really did not like girls, no, vampires flirting with Jasper. I knew Jasper having a relationship with a human was impossible so humans flirting did not affect me. But, vampires? Girls like Tanya who actively want mates and are perfectly capable of developing a relationship with my Jasper? Hell no. I felt real rage seeing the Denali girls flirt with Jasper so openly and I knew I'd be especially angry if Jasper ever reciprocated. However I knew Jasper would never do that since he had unwavering loyalty towards me.

"Jazz! Tanya wants a mate and has enough reasons to want to be with you." I exclaimed. I felt very possessive all of a sudden, realizing that Tanya probably flirted with Jasper in the past few weeks while he was staying there. I hugged Jasper closer.

"And Jake wants the same thing. He got dumped by Bella and wants a girl." Wow Jasper really read Jake like a book.

"Jazz, Jake is a shapeshifter, we are natural enemies. A friendship is as far as things will go between us." I bit my lip.

"Okay, okay. I'll try not to fret." Jasper obeyed. He quickly got up and pushed my arms off of him.

"What? Are you mad now?" I narrowed my eyes.

"No, I'm just getting a book."

I grumbled, "You should be spending time with me not reading. I haven't seen you in a month."

"Alice, we just had sex for two hours straight." Jasper stared at me. Yeah, well I'm addicted. If he won't give it to me then…

My eyes suddenly flooded into a vision that included me and Jake rolling around nude in his bed. Ohhh yes… Jake never gets tired of sex. That's exactly what I need right now.

"Then I'm going shopping."

"Yeah yeah." Jasper muttered, totally entranced with his book. I huffed. This asshole.

I quickly fled to my Porsche and drove outside of range of Jasper's hearing. I dialed Jake's number and waited.

"Hey babe." He said deeply. I giggled.

"Heyyyy…How are you?"

"Great, are you coming over now?"

"Yes daddy." I purred flirtatiously.

"Were you thinking of me earlier?"


"Get here quick, I'm going to fuck you til you can't walk anymore."

I started to moan at the thought of Jake's hulking form thrusting into me. My mouth began to salivate at the thought. "I'll be there very soon."