We won, didn't we?

Winning a fight is never easy, winning a war? Almost impossible!

"The fight is over."

Cody's tone had a solemn quality to it, as he stood in place, staring into the wide endless fields in front of him. Lost in the picture perfect scenery. Something Cody had doubted to ever see again.

It was their place, their special place. The one the two of them had redeemed sacred and safe. Somewhere far away, hidden from prying eyes. Their, comfort place.

Something of a dream from so long ago, finally materialised, even if at some point, having lost faith in this ever becoming true. Not for them. They were clones after all. Bread only for one purpose. To fight in someone else's war.

"Yes it is. And we won."

Rex sounded chipper albeit in a rather subdued way. But Rex too had his feelings of what the victory meant for them. All of them. Clones, nat-borns, all those having opposed the Empire all those years. And now, the fight was finally over. The rebellion had come through. They had won the fight in the end. The Empire, was gone now.

"But, at what cost?"

Cody still had his doubts. About the victory. And whether it was all worth the celebration or not. After all, was there really a reason to celebrate? And with whom would they do that? Most they knew were gone. For good.

"Several good souls were lost in the way to the win. But now, the rest of us, are free. All of us, are free. The galaxy, is finally free."

Rex always the positive one was not having any of the gloom talk. Despite his own feelings of doubt still lingering somewhere there. But, he would bury those doubts and concentrate on the here and now.

After all, they, the rebels, the clones, others likeminded people, had won. And now, they were free and together. The two of them. Finally after all the years of hardship, sneaking around. Taking their pleasure where they could, in the dark corners.

But not anymore. They were starting their life they had always wanted. Together.

As for the rest of them having survived?

So many of their brethren were gone. Others, they had known, were gone. Never having the chance to taste freedom they had fought so hard for. But they had died because they had all believed it was what they needed to do. If not for themselves then those who came after them. To be able to be free.

It had been the right thing to do.

Cody took one final glance at the view he had already grown to love. Because it was their place. His and Rex's now. The small piece of land with a home to call their own. It was all they needed for their own comfort.

"I guess you are right."

Cody let out a small smile, lingering there for a moment as his eyes set on Rex's.

Those eyes, which had always comforted him.

Ever since the two of them had been little. Growing up together, training together. Having fought together in so many battles they had lost count. And so now, they finally had a chance to grow old together. Without the war, the fighting. Just the two of them in his place they called their own.

"I am always right."

Rex laughed out loud then. Even if it wasn't totally true. Rex being right. Because if they were both honest, there was no right or wrong. Just this, the moment, of freedom.

Rex had been wrong, plenty of times. But right now, he was right, in ways that mattered the most. And there was really no use in lingering in the what-ifs and maybes any longer. They needed to move on from the past and start living their lives.

"No, you are not."

It was Cody's turn to laugh a little then. As it was a continued argument the two of them had been having since, forever. And it would most likely be forever more. Until the two of them were old and grey. They would always argue about something, but with a hint of a jest in their tones. Because it did not matter as long as they were together and could easily make up for any quarrels or arguments they might have been having.

"Does it matter?"

Rex drew Cody close to him, placing his arms around the other man. Cuddling Cody in his arms. Placing soft kisses on Cody's neck, his face. Before whispering the words Cody needed to hear at the very moment before he could sink into another bout of depression still having a strong hold on him.

"I love you."

Together, until the end of time

The comfort place, is where it all stays, the peace and the quite, all in the togetherness

They might have been a tad older and not as new and nimble anymore. But the two of them knew still quite well, how to get around the others' body. How to please their partner without a hint of a doubt.

Finding comfort in the familiarity of the other. The planes of skin mapped so many countless times before. And even now, after a thousand times or more, it was never a bore and certainly no chore, for either of the clones to give what the other needed and deserved.

Tracing the contours with fingers, the touches ever so light. Tongue following suit, licking and sucking, leaving its marks wherever threading. The tasting growing ever hungrier, the more of the saltylicious skin was covered along the trek.

Rex felt the maddening sensations deep within him as he kept on going. The hunger growing with each and every touch, lick and sigh either of them elicited. Not leaving a single spot of Cody's nakedness untouched. Because Rex needed to have it all. Have all of Cody.

The gasps and moans were growing ever louder. Rex could not help but to smile against his lover's skin. The softness, the sweetness of it all, spiced with the salty sweat. Rex devoured every inch of what was offered by his lover's body. Being somewhat sated and needing to explore so much more. And despite the familiar territory, it always was like the first time for them both.

Finding his favourite spot, Rex settled between the toned thighs of Cody's. Continuing kissing and licking his way upwards. lingering on the soft skin he found there. Always a weak spot for Cody it had been, the man making small noises every time Rex suckled a delicate spot here and there.

Rex liked to take his time. Exploring every inch of his lover. Cody.

That was until Cody started begging for Rex to mover faster. And when those pleads became more and more frequent, it was only then, when Rex was ready to let his partner of the hook. Toying with the length of Cody for a moment. Perhaps too long, if the profanities spilling from Cody's lips was any indication. But it only made Rex chuckle, continuing is torture before he was ready himself. Sucking all of Cody to his watering mouth. Rex's duty clear until the time of Cody's release was upon.

Rex knew Cody quite well. Knew what his partner needed. To get to the highest of highs. And Rex never the man to disappoint a lover. And from now on end, the two of them had all the time in the galaxy to do what they wanted. What they needed. Making love undisturbed for hours on end. In their own special comfort place.

Because the fight was finally over. And they, had won.