Beatrix pulled up into Dom's driveway there were cars everywhere and you could hear the music out on the street as they pulled up. Turning to Dom in the back seat Beatrix said "ok bob this is your stop, your home and safe and not in cuffs" smirking at his with a twinkle in her eye.

"Thanks for the save guys and the lift, can I invite you guys in for beer at least for saving my arse tonight" Dom asked both Brian and Trix. Beatrix look at Brian, both having a silent conversation that sibling do with there eye, Brian turned to Dom and replied "Sure we can stay for a beer need to take a leak anyway" "eww Brian you don't say that shit out loud you wait till you get inside and ask for a bathroom, geez man" Beatrix told Brian.

After getting out of Trix's car they walked up the step to his porch and went inside the walkway that was filled with heaps of people just dancing and making out, Beatrix notice that Bob's crew didn't even look for him and even though she doesn't like him now you never leave a man behind that is the number one rule when running a crew you always have each other's back.

Beatrix notice the Letty was on the floor playing a video game and they the guys were jamming in the corner with what looked like hookers in their laps, Beatrix tapped Brian on the arm and said "Look can you believe this shit, they didn't even bother to look for their leader what type of crew or family is that man" Brian nodded his head in agreement they both look to Dom who had hear their comment and he looked mad the look on his face almost ran on par with Sphinx when he was mad or annoyed with someone, this was going to be a good argument that Beatrix couldn't wait to watch.

Finally Vince noticed that they were standing there and tried using some lame excuse that they were about to go look for them, "pffft year right," said Beatrix, Dom rushed towards Vince and asked if that was his beer and snatched it out of his hands and walked back towards Brian and Trix, Vince yelled out to Dom about whey did he bring the Buster and the Bitch back to the party to which Dom told him "The buster and Trix kept him out of cuffs, they didn't just run back to the fort." Dom handed Brian Vince's beer to which Beatrix told him "I would wipe the lip of that bottle don't know what diseases the dickhead has", so Brian wiped that bottle and took a mouthful of it, after swallowing it he asked Dom if he had a bathroom he could use.

Once Brian had left the room Vince approached Dom and started talking shit about how we are untrustworthy and that he didn't know us and all that stuff. Beatrix walked up to him and got in his face saying "Listen here twat face, first off of course you don't know us but someone who supposedly known Bob for so many years you dropped the ball tonight and left a man behind, you and your crew failed that main rule of having a crew never ever leave someone behind, don't turn tail and abandon your people because you don't have the balls that face cops or getting caught. Secondly don't be hating on us because you can't handle new people coming in and thinking they are going to take your spot or replace you, it's pathetic and shows a lack of masculinity and also it makes you look like a major cunt and no one wants to hang around with an aggressive chihuahua with a little man complex" "now Bob you said you had beers where they at I need one before I smack a fool" Beatrix said looking at Bob.

After being shown where the beers were kept in the kitchen Beatrix decided to chill and people watch while waiting of Brian to be finished in the bathroom, just as Beatrix got comfortable, she noticed that Brain had made his way down stair and was looking around at the crowed when Beatrix raised her hand with a beer in it so Brian could see her. Vine and the few male crew members were watching Brian and making comments about him, Beatrix was getting ready to deal with them when Mia stepped in and told them to basically knock it off, her and Brian went and got her a drink. After a while Brian informed Beatrix that he was going to get a ride home with Mia Beatrix told him to wear protection to which Brain told her to fuck off with a grin on his face. Since Brain and Mia left Beatrix decided it was time for her to leave the party, she was over it and she didn't know anyone there and her bed was calling her name. Beatrix left and got in her car and drove to her motel, when she arrived, she texted Brian that she was home safe and was calling it a night, she also sent a message to Sphinx saying good night and that she missed him and the crew and hope they were all doing well.