Puddles of Blood

Chapter Two: The Plot Thickens

Ryan got into his car and drove eagerly to Salvatore's mansion. He had the radio blasting with GAME FM. He sped through the city and swerved left and right, and driving through red lights.

His speeding car caught the eye of an officer. He quickly flashed his lights and turned on the siren. Ryan saw the paddy wagon in his side mirror and slammed on the gas even harder. He weaved in and out of traffic and lost control on a speed bump. His car flew up in the air and the police car went flying under him into a telephone pole. Ryan's car must have done a 900-degree flip in the air and then it smashed into the ground and kept rolling. It rolled onto a sidewalk and hit an old lady and another cop. The car finally stopped and stayed upside down.

Two police cars showed up and so did an ambulance. Ryan was carefully pulled out of the smashed car and put in the back of an ambulance. He was unconscious and had a huge gash on his forehead that made blood run down his face. He had other cuts and bruises on his body. The ambulance roared its sirens and raced to the hospital.

When Ryan awoke his head was bandaged up tight. He had a terrible headache that made his forehead feel like it was throbbing. He left hand was in a blue cast. The lights were bright and reflected off of the bright white walls. He tried to sit up but groaned in pain instead.

A doctor came in and shut the door behind him. He then went behind a red curtain in the corner of the somewhat small room. Ryan stared at the curtain and heard a clicking sound. He saw the doctor come out from behind the curtains with a silenced nine-millimeter in his hand. He aimed the gun at Ryan's head.

Ryan lay there on the bed frozen in terror and shock. He heard and gunshot and shut his eyes tightly. He hadn't felt a thing. He opened his eyes and saw the door open and the "doctor" lying dead on the white tiled floor. A beautiful young woman came in holding Colt Python in her hand. Ryan stared at her in relief and curiosity. He had never seen her before. She was wearing a long-sleeved black leather jacket with a little red shirt underneath and a small black skirt. She had beautiful big brown eyes and shoulder length black hair with white highlights.

"Who are you?" Ryan asked.

"I'll explain everything to you as soon as we get out of here," she replied.

She grabbed his clothes and helped him up off the bed and outside to her awaiting car. She put him in the passenger seat of her Infernus and got in.

"My name is Mercedes. The doctor that tried to kill you was one of the Mafia men that work for Salvatore Leone."

"But why did you help me, we've never met."

"Tommy Vercetti sent me to get you, he's familiar with some of your work for Toni Cipriani, and wants you to work for him.

"But why does Salvatore want me dead?"

A/N: Did you like it? Sorry it's so short, I put this here since I hadn't updated in a while and so I can have a little more time with the story. I still don't know what's going to happen. So if you want to find out why Salvatore Leone wants Ryan Gutter killed and why Tommy Vercetti getting involved. Then PLEASE review so that I know people are interested in my story. I'm really trying to thicken the plot. Also, please read 'Money Isn't Everything' by Phoenix Master, it's a really good story. Thanx!