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Chapter 1: A Savior coming


It is the only thing we can see in this void. But in an instant, the darkness is being repressed by a new entity. It could only be described as a ball of light, with wisps of every color of the rainbow escaping it. The light was so pure, that the void disappeared, replaced by white clouds for the floor and only white for the sky. If we look closely, we can apperceive that in the middle of this purity is a crystal generating all those colors.

Suddenly, a hole formed in the floor, filled with water-like substances. The crystal reacts to the hole, moving toward it like it is curious about it. In the next second, the mini lake lightens with golden light, coating the being. The crystal flinched before not moving. The colorful wisp comes together, creating what would be rainbow wings but with the flexibility of a scarf. The wings contort around the crystal, encompassing and protecting it from any dangers.

As the wings finished moving, the hole creates a vacuum, absorbing the mass of the wings.

What you don't know is that the crystal is someone being reincarnated into a new world and not just any world. The world of Pokémon.

The view focuses now on a small dirt road with grass and trees surrounding it. But their colors seem darker and, in the air, you can see small dark-colored wisps coming from nowhere, like reality distorted itself. The reasons? Nobodies know.

Or maybe there is some Pokémon that knows? Like the one walking on the road right now. It is a furry, gray chinchilla-like Pokémon with fur on its head and neck. The fur on its head is shoulder length, looking like hair with a tuff falling between its eyes. It has large ears on the sides of its head with red insides partly covered by tufts of fur. It has large, pink eyes and a small, dot-like nose. Its limbs are somewhat rounded and small, and its ears and tail have white tips. The tail is also long and particularly furry. This one is particular as it has a white scarf with a pink hue and frills, a golden bracelet surrounding her left ear, and an inlaid with pink stones. It has a bag across its back, filled with something. It is a Minccino. It seems to be scared of the wisps surrounding it, staying the maximum in the middle of the road. It looks from left to right, as if it will be attacked by something.

"Don't worry Blanche, you will arrive soon at Verdant Village," she mumbles, trying to cheer herself up. She is accelerating, wanting to be home quicker, casting her sight more frequently to her sides. Fortunately, she only needs to wait at most three minutes before seeing something far away. At that moment, her face relaxes and becomes a happy one. She is running toward the seeming village now, holding her bag tighter.

As she enters the village, we can observe numerous huts, from shops to a bank, with some giving a different types of other services, managed by different pokemon, and finally the normal dwellings. But they are not the most things in the village. The village took its name from the number of greens and trees spreading through the village. The other thing is the seemingly transparent barrier that has enclosed the village. The last thing is the church in the middle of the small town, taller than any huts. It will be the first thing you see from far away.

As of right now, she is going to the church, greeting the mon passing her. It hardly took five minutes as she has used the path so many times. She pushes the door open with a little effort and is greeted by the inside. Benches for the mons that want to pray, a lectern for the preacher, and stained glass showing different legendary pokémons with the biggest being behind the lectern, showing a white equine one.

In front of the lectern, in a praying position, is a rabbit Pokémon with brown fur, cascading waistline brown hair, long ears, and cream-colored fur tufts on her ears, hands as a bracelet, feet as boots, and above her eyes. She is a Lopunny. She has a strange white hat on her head and what seems to be a golden necklace around her neck and the same bracelet as Blanche around her wrist and feet.

Blanche approaches her before calling to her.

"Sister Arya, I came back with the provisions," said Blanche, putting her bag in front of her. The sister hearing that stands up and turns around, showing the golden cross-like wheel symbol on her, the pink jewel attached to her necklace, and her blue eyes. She shows a motherly smile to the younger Pokémon.

"Thank you, my dear," she thanked her. "The church has now enough food for a month. Why don't you take some rest? I'm sure it was a stressful journey," she proposes kindly. Blanches took it and thanked her for the offer before going to the right, in the direction of her room. After taking the stairs, she heads for the last door on her right. But as she was going to open the door, someone calls her.

"Hey, Blanche! Is that you? Did you come back from your trip?" call a young boyish voice. She turns around before greeting the newcomer.

"Yeah, I came back. I already gave the food to sister Arya," she says to the younger boy.

He is a Turtwig but at the same time different. No, he is not shiny. The green is replaced by pristine blue and the shell, instead of dirt, is made of dark pink crystal that can be detached. And instead of a seedling on his head, there is a pink pointed crystal with a leaf-like crystal on it.

"What are you doing here, Garnet? Didn't you need to help around the church?" she asks. Confused, he tilts his head.

"I already finished my chore around the church. I was about to take a nap," he answers.

'Cute,' she thought before processing what he said. She shakes her head, knowing his lazy habits.

"Did you explore a dungeon on your way?!" he answers excitedly, making her take a step back. She flinches when she is remembering her travel.

"Well…" she mumbles, her eyes looking to the side, not meeting the stars-filled eyes. She doesn't want to say how afraid she was, but she doesn't want to lie too.

"I just went to the same spot, you know? Nothing really exciting," she manages to answer. Looking at her cadet, she meets a disappointed look.

"Aww, and I thought you did cool stuff," he looks at the ground. She shakes her head again, knowing as a young boy, he dreamed of exploration.

"It's not just about exploration, you need to enjoy the small thing," she answers back. The turtle nods his head hesitantly. She turns around, entering her room before looking back.

"Well, I'm going to take some rest so I see you next time," she says. He looks with more energy at her.

"Yeah, see you next time!" his hand wave was the last thing she sees before closing. She sighs before shaking her head, thinking how this young boy can come back with much energy.

"Oh, backeth already?" a voice cut through her musing. She looks back at the voice, seeing her roommate.

She has a scaly white body, a little pointed maw, dark blue eyes, and dark blue silk hair attached with the same bracelet as Blanche in an ankle-long ponytail. She has dark blue scales on her hand, her feet, her chest, and the tip of her tail acting as gloves, boots, and armor. She has the same scarf as Blanche except for being light purple. She's sitting on the right bed with a book in her hands, studying something. While she looks small while being sit, she is, in reality, 3'04" tall, which quite taller than Blanche.

"Yes, sister Arya gives me permission to take some rest after retrieving provisions for a month," the smaller one answered the question while sitting on her bed. The dragon narrows her eyes.

"Has't thee did manage to visage thy feareth?" she asks. The chinchilla flinches, she should have expected the question. As a dragon, her roommate is prideful, you combine with her acting as a knight and you have someone that pushes mons to be better. Seeing the reaction, the knight sights.

"Thee shouldn't peize m're. Being a coward shall not holp at all," the word 'coward' pierce Blanche in the chest. "As a church memb'r, thee shall beest requir'd to p'rf'rm thy duty outside the village. Imp'rtant duties f'r the valorous of our mons," the dragon finishes with a pointed look. The clean mon can't help but grit in pain. She knows she needs to be braver in her duties. But every time she tried, her mind showed her horrible scenarios making her stop.

"I know Cynane, but when outside the village, I became scared of all those things that happened. Scared to be jumped by one of those creatures," she says, looking down, ashamed of herself. Cynane sights again, her eyes becoming softer.

"Th're is nay shame to beest afeard. Feareth is not evil. T shows how stout thou art and courageous thee can becometh. Beest not asham'd of being weak, but what thee shouldst beest asham'd is staying weak" the scaly mon says". Hearing that, the furry mon cheers a little but is still a little sad.

"You right, I need to be more courageous but it is tough for me, you know? For now, I just want to rest, read a book while I'm here," she says the last part while reaching for a book on the bookshelf. The scaly mon sights before she continues reading her book.

A calm silence falls on the room. However, one hour later, it is cut by Blanche's voice.

"Hey, Cynane, I have a question for you," she says.

"What is on thy mind?" she replies while still reading.

"You see, as church members, our duties are to help hungry and cold mon while guiding all to Lord Arceus's blessing. At the same time, the éclaireurs save mons from the outside's danger," the small one pauses a moment to organize her mind. "But even with all our efforts, the word still erodes more and more. All we can do is wait for the pure one to come," she has faith that he will come. But as every year passed, her hopes diminished. Even now, her face become sadder and sadder. "Though it is already five years, I was wondering if we missed something. What do you think?" Blanche looks at her roommate hopefully. The question is a surprise that fit the knight. She stops her reading instantly, her eyes widening a little before they come back to their calm ones. She looks toward her friend, trying to think of an answer.

"Doth not dread. T is a fact yond bodement art fickl'd things. 'twill not befall even but now, though 'twill becometh true, as t is our creat'r Arceus himself yond gaveth t to us. Has't faith," she finishes with a soft voice, feeling her roommate. The prophecy tells of a pure being, coming to save Pokémon from darkness and the world's erosion. In all honesty, she wants the prophecy to become true too. She came from another region, coming here to make after the disaster falling on her village. She has seen the suffering and darkness, and she became a knight for this reason. Her training is for her mons and when the chosen one will appear, she will become their knight and shield. All she can do is train and have faith. But she wonders how long they need to wait. Her thinking is cut by her friend.

"You're right, I can't lose faith. We are sure that they will come. We need to endure a little more and give our savior the greatest chance to save this world," she says softly with a little smile. The knight nods, happy that she cheers her friend up. Their talking is interrupted by a voice behind the door. They look toward the door before hearing.

"Girls, dinner is ready," the voice says. They look at each other before getting up and directing toward the dining hall.

After dinner, the duo of friends decides to get some sleep. Blanche lays on her bed, thinking about the conversation before dinner. She rolls on her side before saying.

"Hey Cynane, what will you do if you find the savior?" she already knows the answer but still asks, curious about the outcome.

"Thee already has't the answ'r. I shall becometh the savi'r's knight and buckler" is her short and precise reply. Blanche could only sweatdrop. She sighs, rolling on her back.

"If I find the savior, I wish to become his guide. He will need someone to teach about his new world," she explains her wish.

"A gentle goal. Catch but a wink, f'r en'rgies thee needeth f'r tom'rrow. Thee can prayeth tom'rrow f'r his coming," the dragon says before falling asleep. The furry one sights before closing her eyes, getting sleep, and being ready for the next day.

Not knowing that her wish will become true.

The night is silent and peaceful. The moon is high in the sky, giving light to the mons still awake. The nocturnal one working or doing things with the occasional diurnal and éclaireurs walking in the street. But nobody will know about the storm bringing a miracle. But for now, it still crawls in the darkness, ready to strike its prey.

Our view zooms on a bedroom on the church's right side, more precisely on Blanche, who is rolling on her bed. Moments later, she awakes with a gasp. Sitting on her bed, she thinks about her dream. It is always the same dream. She hears somemon in a forest calling for help, her trying to run toward the voice but unable to reach it, while darkness encloses her. Eyes appeared everywhere, making her scared. Until a bright light chases the darkness. She doesn't know what it is, as she always woke up before. It appeared every week in the past but two weeks before she got it every day now. She still wonders if it has some sign to it. As always, on the night of her dream, she looks through the window above her bed, searching for answers in the night. And as always, she gets nothing.

As she was about to fall asleep again, she saw something strange moving in her eyes corner. Trying to search for it, after a moment, she rubs her eyes thinking maybe she imagines it. But as she opens them, she sees it isn't the case, a black form moves in the shadow with a moving bag on its shoulder. She wonders what was that until her mind catches up.


Rushing toward the door, she is running as fast as possible, not thinking to tell the present éclaireurs in her haste. While she is running, her roommate awakes, wondering what all the noises are. But seeing her friend's absence, her mind kicks. The dragoness observes first the hall, noticing nothing. Then she observes through the window as her friend did. She sees nothing until the furry mon appears running as quickly as possible toward the village's exit.

"What in the origin w'rld is the lady doing?" she asks herself. She decides to run after her friend, not wanting her to do something stupid.

Our view comes back to the chinchilla mon, breathing heavily but still pursuing the kidnapper. She sees them moving through a familiar.

"Please, don't tell me they will go to that place," she says to herself. Unfortunately, after ten minutes of running, she finds the kidnapper entering that place. You can easily identify it, being part of the forest but not too. You can see the boundary between the two places. One filled with greens and healthy trees, making a simple and normal. The other…

How I should say it?

It is like this part of the world refused to accept reality's law. The trees are numerous and contort forming literally walls. The barks are darker and the leaves are red. The grass is red too. And the only way to see inside is through the entrance, formed as an arch by the tree. And of course, dark rainbowed wisps escape the barks. Blanche stops before the opening, eying this place with fear, her eyes wide open.

"What should I do now?" she mumbles to herself, finding herself at a dead end. It's natural, she is only a church member.

She doesn't go into a mystery dungeon.

Though she gets her answer from her friend catching her.

"What art thee doing h're of all lodging?" the dragon with her hands on her hips. The chinchilla becomes sheepish from the question.

"Well, I see some shadow kidnapping. So, without thinking, I decided to pursue them" she replies scratching behind her head.

"So, instead of asking holp from an éclaireurs, thee hath decided to simply doth t," Blanche blushes, embarrassed from the statement. Seeing her reaction, the knight sights, softening her features.

"Foolish but brave. T is a most wondrous opp'rtunity as 'twill beest thy trial," she points to her friend.

"Cometh, duty calleth us. Alloweth this beest a stepping stone. Alloweth's arresteth this miscreant and shows oth'r our values and strength," she says with conviction, moving toward the dungeon. The cleaner mon can only look at her in shock, not believing what she hears. But she doesn't want to let her friend enters the place but she will bode. So will reluctance, she follows the knight inside the dungeon.

The Blooded Beginning Forest


When the duo entered, the trees behind them warp themself to block the way in. Blanche knows that if somemon enters a dungeon, the only way out is finishing it. However, reading and reading it are two different things. She couldn't hold the shock out of her face.

"It's alright, I'm not alone. It will be okay," she mumbled to herself, trying to not panic.

"W'rry not, this dungeon is only three flo'rs. Focus on the goal and alloweth thy instinct guideth thee," said her partner. The furry member calms down after hearing her friend's advice. She wonders too how she knows the number of the floors.

"Did you already go into this dungeon?" she asked the dragon.

"I'll beest blunt, this is mine own first dungeon. I knoweth the numb'r of flo'rs grant you mercy to reading and hearing some éclaireurs telling each oth'r about t. I'm halcyon because of mine own training," replied the knight. This is not something that reassures the chinchilla.

"Alloweth's taketh this path," Cynane pointed toward a path before moving to it. Blanche follows her silently. As they walk, curiosity hits them, looking around the areas they cross. The inside is like the outside with the trees forming rooms. But unlike the outside, the inside contains different materials like the blackish brown pic on the trees or the bluish herbs growing around the dungeon. There are more materials but let's go back to our duo.

"Do you think we should take it?" Blanche asked her partner. You see, items can generate in mystery dungeons and right now they come across an Oran berry. Cynane takes a moment to think.

"Thee taketh t. Coequal if 't be true our arms art behoveful, we journey through the unknown. Precautious steps wilt beest taken," the stronger mon decided. The other nods, knowing she will be more of a support than a fighter. After taking the berry, they continue their travel without crossing problems until they meet stoned stairs.

"Stairs?" the fluffy mon asked, confused with a tilt of the head.

"Ingraft senseth doesn't existeth h're. But from mine own mem'ries, the stairs leadeth to the next flo'r," the squamous mon answered. The moment they touch the stairs, their visions blackout.

The Blooded Beginning Forest


Their visions come back after a moment, though they are disoriented from the strange feeling they get.

"What was that?" Blanche asked, trying to keep her balance.

"I doth not knoweth. Though, we shouldst receiveth hath used to t. T can beest a recurrent effect," Cynane is faring better, but still feel nausea. When the repercussions end, they notice they are in a room without stairs indicating they climb a floor.

"Even the stairs disappear?" said the clean mon shocked.

"T appears. Nay behind, only f'rward. Thee can't do quit the 'rdinary way," the dragon analyzed their area, crossing her arms. She frowns.

"Nay timeth to w'rry. Timeth is 'gainst us," she said, choosing a path.

"You're right," admitted Blanche, remembering why they are there in the first place. As they travel, they witness the almost same pattern of the first floor except for the difference in rooms and halls. But unlike the first floor, they meet a dead end.

"Alas t!" swore the knight.

"Uh, it seems it's not always straightforward," stated Blanche. Facts she doesn't like.

"Then caution might not but beest taken. Alloweth's headeth the right way," said her friend.

"Cynane, watch out!" the knight heard before being tackled by her partner. Not a second later, greens laser hit their previous place. After they hit the floor, Cynane comes quickly to her feet, shocked by the outcome.

'How? I should have heard it!' thought the knight, observing their foe. It is a small, white Pokémon similar to a mushroom. It has large, black eyes with pale green half-circle markings on the outer sides. Small bumps ring the top of its head, similar to hair. Its head is much larger than its thin, stem-like body. At the base, the stem splits into three green roots that act as feet. Three large mushrooms sprout from the center of its head. Each mushroom has a thin white stem and a darker ring of color around the base of the cap. The center and largest mushroom is light pink, while the other two mushrooms are smaller and have a light purplish blue. It is a Morelull.

'Ok, it is a grass Pokémon, just use your ice swords and win swiftly,' but too in her thinking that she realized too late her foe charged at her. The morelull is in front of her, she can't dodge. Fortunately, a Pound attack sends it away from her. The dragon blinks once, twice, before deciding to charge. In her run, she conjures an ice sword in her right hand. As their opponent gets up, the dragon slashes at the grass Pokémon, sending it toward a tree. At the impact, the mushroom falls to the floor unconscious. The squost waited three seconds before going to her partner.

"I thanketh thee f'r the saveth and I recognizeth thy brav'ry. I'm fustian to seeth t," she said, smiling at the chinchilla. Blanche blushes, scratching behind her head embarrassed.

"Oh, I just didn't want you to be hurt," said the smaller member softly. Cynane closes her eyes still smiling.

"I appreciateth thy conc'rn. Cometh, our journey isn't did finish," said the squost. They progress on the floor, now taking the right way. They saw sums of money and a Pecha berry and decided to leave it, still considering the Oran berry more useful in their situation. They meet a Paras but with their teamwork, they managed to win without injuries.

"So, this is it?" asked Blanche, looking at the stairs.

"Aye, the next flo'r is the endeth," replied the dragon. They nodded at each other before touching the stairs, their visions blackout again.

The Blooded Beginning Forest


When their visions came back, they find themselves in a circular dead end that contains a huge amount of dark wisps floating in the air. As they look around, being careful about the environment, a voice cut through their observation.

"Who the hell are you?!" said the voice. They look toward the voice which is the kidnapper with a young child. The kidnapper is a small, bipedal Pokémon with a vaguely beetle-like appearance. It has a rounded red and black head with a silvery blade extending from the front. Its face is gray with yellow eyes. Four steel spikes protrude from its black torso, two on each side connected by steel ribs. It has red arms that end with knife-like blades instead of hands. It also has red legs with two white toes located on both sides of each foot. is a small, pink Pokémon that is vaguely star-shaped in appearance. Its ears are completely brown. It has two small black eyes, and a small mouth, and it appears to have a small, permanent blush on its cheeks. It possesses stubby arms and legs, which have no defined digits and come to a point. It has a curl on its forehead and a curled-up tail. The former is a Pawniard and the latter is a Cleffa.

"I don't know who you are but you will leave if you don't want this one hurt," the dark pokémon said coldly putting his blade toward the child's neck.

"Thee hijack'r, releaseth the issue even but now!" the dragon said, receiving a scoff.

"Why are you doing?" said Blanche, scared for the child.

"Why am I doing this?" the abductor sneered at her. "You church members are really only a bunch of idealist idiots. Look around you, this world is a lost cause. It is survival now and only the strong survive and the weak being used by the strong," he looks toward the child with a crazy smile. "His family knows where to find Moon Stones, they are sold for a pretty sum. He will make me rich," he looks toward the duo, scowling. "And you two will not interrupt my plan." The dragon can only grit and disgusts at his selfishness and greed while the chinchilla is shocked about the pawniard's cruelty. All mons continue to stare down at each other, trying to find a hole to exploit. The kidnapper presses his blade, drawing a little blood while the cleffa flinches, crying and praying.

"Please… help me," he said silently but he is heard by his abductor. As the dark Pokémon going to scream at the child, the two are blown away by an explosion. While the pokémons were staring at each other, the wisps began to converge on one point behind the pawniard, creating a portal. This is where the explosion came from. This is a chance for Blanche and Cynane, the former going for the child while the latter going for the kidnapper. But they were interrupted by two beings coming from the portal. One is a serpent made of black matter with rainbow veins on its body. It has a purple stoned mask and a purple stone blade as the tail tip. Its eyes are red with a slit pupil in the center. The other looks like a ball with purple stone spikes on its head. The only other features are its floating stoned hands and red eyes with a circle for the pupils. The serpent bites on the pawniard's neck, killing him immediately. The balled one rushes Blanche, reading a punch fill with black miasma. The chinchilla uses Echoed voice to try to stop it, but her foe just rushes in it without flinching. Fortunately, the knight manages the punch with her ice sword and pushes back the abomination. But she is blindsided but the serpent, getting a cut across her side. With the dragon on the floor bleeding, the two monsters advance threateningly toward the small pokémon. Blanche, knowing she can't fight against those foes, use her body to protect the crying child, closing her eyes, awaiting the pains.

'Lord Arceus, if you hear me, I beg to you, make this nightmare,' she prays with all her being, wanting to put this nightmare. The knight still conscious, looks in shock as her friend and the child are going to be killed. She tries to stand up and reach them but her body doesn't comply.

'Somemon…anymon…please, save them,' she closes her eyes begging with all her strength. 'SOMEMON, SAVE HER !' At the end of her thought, a blind light coats the area, making all pokémons close their eyes, and the two monsters flinch in pain. This light makes Blanche remember her dream. So, when it tones down, she looks at it and sees a mass of wings, tightening themselves as a ball. The wings are rainbow colors and flexible as scarves. The wings unfold, revealing a being of Blanche's height. She can see it has no fur on its head and slim arms, showing alabaster skin and gold tribal marks on the arms. It has clothing covering the rest, a sleeveless white coat with six bands acting as tails. On each of them is a crystal of the rainbow color. Its hands are covered by gold gauntlets. Its legs are slim like the arm, covered in fitted white clothes, and finished in pointed golden hooves. It has golden silk shoulder-length hair with two meshes framing its face's side. Its eyes are closed and covered by long lashes. It looks pure, but the true things that make the duo of friends thinks that it is an otherworld being are the golden metallic, spiked halo above its head and the three pairs of scarf-like wings placing themselves behind their master. They had never seen a being so …

"Beautiful…" mumbled Blanche in shock.

"The savior…" mumbled Cynane in awe.

The two monsters on the contrary see it as an enemy, charging to kill it. But they stood no chance. As if sensing, a pair of wings moves fluidly, like whips, slashing in half the two monsters, making them disappear in black fog. The duo is in awe at the power of the wings while Cleffa stops sobbing and falls asleep from the soothing aura. The savior stop levitating, their pointed feet touching the ground. They open their eyes, showing a golden flower pattern in the middle with no pupil. The pure being stared at the girls before looking around. After their inspection, they close their eyes for a moment before looking back at the church members. The following words confirm that this being is an otherworld one.

"I uy acet, kreh I ebe dae kuh uy ebei?" They said in an angelic voice.

The pokémons don't know how to process.

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