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Chapter 7: Quest goes wrong

We find our trio walking down the spiraling staircase to attain the second floor. When they arrive, they notice Alessia waiting for them next to the board on the left side.

"Ah, here you are team Salvation. I was waiting for you," she said. She waits for them to be in front of her. "Now I will give you your next mission."

"What is the difference between this one and this one?" said Blanche, pointing at the board on the right side.

"Oh, I will explain it another time. But, for now, this board is the mission board. There is a lot of type of mission, like saving, retrieving lost items, retrieving materials, delivering items, etc." she explained while searching for a mission. "This one should do it." She give the mentioned request to Erpoejnel. The trio begins to read.

Dear reader,

I need desperately of your help. I lost my mate's ribbon, it is the only thing I have of her now. I tried to retrieve it, but Gloomy Forest is too difficult for me. Please, I implore you to retrieve it for me.


The trio doesn't know what to say about the request.

"Well, it seems simple," said the furry mon. Cynane narrows her eyes.

"I questioneth wherefore this mon wouldst wend inside a myst'ry dungeon with t if 't be true it's so precious to those folk," said the knight.

"I'm more concerned about civilians going inside those places," said the angel. Civilian? The girls wonder what he talks until it tilts them. He lived in the human world before. So, if they think about, the comparison of Simipour and 'Civilian', then it means non-feral mons. They nod to themselves.

"We accept it," said the pure being, giving the request to his guide so she can put it in their bag.

"Excellent, I will tell the client that his request was accepted. Before you go, I need to explain something about dungeons," said the gardevoir before leaving them alone. The winged being turns toward the furry one

"Do we have enough items or should we buy some before?" he asked her. She smiles at him.

"We have enough items. We can go directly if you want," she replied. He thinks a second about that.

"How long the journey toward the dungeon will take?" he asked.

"It is near here, only one hour of walk," she replied. He nods, taking a decision.

"We ought to go directly then. But before that, we should recharge our stone," he said. The girls are confused about the stone until it hits them. Of course, their blue, golden eight-pointed star, stone. Yes, they should really recharge it. But…

"How do we do it?" the guide asked. The angel hums at that.

"Haply yond strange device couldst holp," said the knight. The other two turn toward where she points. It is indeed a strange device, a cubic rock covered in pink runes and a notch on top of it and a notch on the front, in the form of a badge. They approach it, the grey mon taking the stone out of the bag before putting in the notch on top. Nothing happens. The angel decides to put his badge in the other notch. Footprint appears above their stone. He has no idea what it means.

"Footprint language," said the blue mon. Her female friend nods, taking the initiative of using the device. After what looks like Blanche hits a 'Yes' option, the device and the stone glow for ten seconds before stopping. The chinchilla takes it back.

"Well, we can wend anon," said the armored mon. The pure being decides to put his confusion aside to focus on his mission. He sights, he will need to learn this Footprint language.

They arrive at the dungeon, an indeed gloomy forest. The trees are darks, forming walls and the entry. A feeling of depression floats in the air with the present and numerous dark wisps. There's a sign next to the entry, it reads:

Gloomy forest, the depressive forest. 5F. Difficulty: E-rank

"E-rank? I'm quite relieved that our first dungeon will be easy," said an unnerved guide. The dragon pats her shoulder.

"Don't worry, we are with you. And it is an easy one," said the knight, reassuring her friend. The shy man nods and smiles at her. They turn toward the hero who is looking at the entry with folding arms. "We're eft, mine own l'rd." They don't get a direct answer. After all, the angel is trying to scan the forest with his senses. And he doesn't like what he got. First, he can only sense the outside and the last floor it seems. Second, on the last floor, the distortion is extreme. And last, he has a bad feeling.

"Let's go, and put your guard on," he ordered, walking toward the dungeon. The girls raise an eyebrow at each other. They quickly follow the hero, entering the forest with him.

Gloomy Forest


Like the previous dungeons, the entry is closed by the tree, wrapping to cover it. Then their blue stone activates, preventing the dungeon to place the fourth dimension. The savior feels the air, sensing this depressive aura. What is concerning is he can't feel the outside or the last floor. He only can feel the floor they're in. And this bad feeling is still here.

"Whoa, quite depressive, isn't it," said a nervous guide. The dragon nods.

"Aye, this isn't a lodging i wanteth oth'rs to liveth," she said. She turns toward her lord, seeing him thinking deeply. She frowns, for her lord to be this tense shows that he senses something terrible coming.

"I lead. Blanche, follow me while Cynane takes the rear," ordered the hero, still looking forward. The girls nod and they know he feels their nod.

They begin their journey with the pure being leading. The girls don't know if it's thanks to their lord skill but the group didn't cross broken mons during the walk. They even found the stairs faster than the girls anticipated. The only problem with this is they didn't cross many items.

Now, in the stairs' room, they can see the stairs being protected by a little yellow spider.

"A joltik, lord Erpoejnel," the knight said. Just after saying this, the broken mon attacks them, but the angel will not have anything with it. Faster than the girls can see, the otherworlder creates a light sword before dashing and hitting his foe with precise strikes. The electric spider has no chance, falling unconscious quickly. The girls are in awe of this skill demonstration.

"Whoa, I never saw our lord moving this quickly. I didn't even see the strikes he used," said the grey mon. While the knight is impressed with his sword skill, she rapidly becomes more serious, creating an ice sword too. It surprises the grey mon.

"If our lord takes this seriously, then something bad will happen," she said to her friend. The furry mon's eyes widen, and she feels a shiver on her back.

"Are you serious?" She asked nervously. Her friend only nods. Something bad will happen. Is it why they go so quickly? Their lord wants them to finish the mission fast so they don't get into some horrible situation, isn't he? Then, she will be serious. She nods back with a determined face.

The girls turn toward the divine being, seeing him waiting for them. When they approach, he nods to them.

"It seems you understand the situation," he simply said. The girls nod back.

After this quick exchange, the group takes the stairs. But now, their guard is completely up, taking this mission more seriously.

Gloomy Forest


"I have a question, lord Erpoejnel," said the furry mon. The angel stops, waiting a moment before turning to her.

"What is it?" He asked her. He notices that she is stiff from the tense atmosphere in the group.

She knows that he can see she's stiff, but she isn't accustomed to this heaviness. She would never admit it, but the serious eyes and his tall stance put a shiver in her back, and turn her on a little. Her grey fur doesn't help hide her pink cheek. She quickly hides it before focusing on her lord.

"How much can sense?" she asked. He waits a moment before nodding.

"Right now, I can sense all the floor," he said. The girls are surprised at that. He continues. "When we were outside, I was able to sense the outside layer of the forest and the last floor. But inside the dungeon, I can sense only the floor we're in." Now, the girls are really surprised and in awe.

He wonders how many times he will get this reaction. He doesn't even touch the bottom of his skills. Well his old skills, he still needs to relearn them too.

"Heigh-ho, this is some incredible IQ arts thee has't, mine own l'rd." She praises him. IQ skills?

"What are you talking about?" he asked her with his head tilting.

And the tense feeling is broken like that with this movement. Seriously, does he know he is more cute than majestic right now? The furry mon giggles, her stiffness is all gone.

"IQ skills, there are skills you learn by training your mind or eating gummies," she explains. He sees, there are still things in this world he needs to learn. No wonders exploration was a thing.

The girls giggle at his expression. It's good to not be the only one to be taken back they thought. But the knight thinks about something now. She cups her chin.

"We ought to learn IQ skills. And seriously me. After all, between us two, you're the only one to have some," she said to her friend. The guide raises an eyebrow at her.

"Don't you have some too?" she asked back. The dragon turns her head away to hide her embarrassment.

"Only Status checker," she mumbled. The guide's eyebrows disappear behind her head before she shrugs.

"Well, I can help you with some if you want." She receives a nod. She turns toward the hero. "Is there a name for your IQ skill?" The savior raises an eyebrow.

"Oh, it is called Environment sensory," he said. The girls nod at that. It is indeed a great skill if you can sense the environment. There are still things they need to learn from their lord.

"Oh, then all the mon we crossed, did you sense them?" asked the grey mon. The pure being nods.

"And some items sometimes," he replied to her. They refer to the items and the pokemons they crossed. They were minimum. For the items, it was unfortunate. They only get some materials and one-two Oran berries. But for the broken mons, it is good. They only crossed some Joltik, Blipbug, Komala, and the most annoying of them Gastly. But they were all quickly taken by the angel with his sword and precise strike.

"We're here." The pure being announced. They take the stairs fast, seeing there is no pokemon guarding it.

Gloomy forest

Deep end

They arrive at the deep end of the end, only to be shocked by it. The back of the room is covered by black substances. Numerous dark wisps come from it, the worst is the substances gain space by devouring the room space.

"W-w-w-what is this?!" exclaimed a panicked Blanche. The dragon isn't better, face the unknown, she can only be scared. She is just better at hiding it. But she sees the ribbon.

"Th're's the ribbon!" It is just before void-like things, a fiery red ribbon. The guide runs to it, so they can quickly exit the dungeon. The pure being tries to reach her.

"Blanche, wait! This is the extreme distortion I was talking about! Don't go near it without precaution!" He screamed at her. But in her panic, she doesn't hear him. The moment she touched, the void gained again territory, being even nearer to Blanche. This is where all go into chaos.

The chinchilla tries to run to her friend, but a force prevents her, it even tries to suck her into this portal thing.

"BLANCHE!" exclaimed the other two. They run to a resisting grey mon, but the force was too great. She falls in the end into the portal screaming.

The rest of the group is aghast. The knight falls on her knee while the hero grits his teeth. He decides to jump into the portal to save his friend.

"MY LORD!" The knight screamed and without hesitation, she jumps into it, not wanting her lord to be lost from this world. And by chance, she can save her friend too.

Erpoejnel wakes up from unconsciousness and the first sight of his environment shocks him. It seems his group is in a sort of different dimension. They are on top of an island with nothing but a void around them with colorful ray surfing on the void. He observes that the island has a forest like Gloomy Forest but different. WAY different. Instead of dark and depressive, the trees' foliage is a glowing green while the barks are a bold red. The floor doesn't have grass but a black material he doesn't recognize. He couches to touch it. It feels like obsidian but powdery and contains energy that he doesn't know about.

He hears a grunt on his right. He turns and sees it is Blanche and Cynane waking up. And like him, the shock comes to them. While the knight manages to regain her calm like him, the guide is another story. She looks like she's going to faint again, with tears in her eyes. He approaches her, surprising his knight. He puts his hands on the shy mon's shoulders.

"Blanche, calm down. I promise you that we will find a solution," he said softly. Her eyes turn to him.

"Lord Erpoejnel?" He simply nods. She begins to sob now, and he hugs her for comfort. While he is doing this, his knight is crouching, inspecting him for injuries. When she found none, she releases a sigh of relief.

After a moment, he releases her and takes a step back.

"Better?" he simply said. The chinchilla nods to him, scrubbing the last tears.

"Wh're art we, mine own l'rd?" the armored mon said. He turns to her.

"That, I don't know. I never went to a place like this," he said. "But…" He turns toward the forest, making the girls look where he's looking. The sight shocks them. "I have a feeling that the exit is in this dungeon. I sense at the end a likely portal. Maybe we can reverse the process." His knight nods, but looking at his guide, she has a guilty look.

"This is my fault," she said. She then looks at the ribbon still in her paw. "If I didn't rush, we will not be in this situation." She is about to cry again. The dragon hugs her.

"Blanche, we're not mad at you. And don't worry about it, everymon make mistake," he said. He passes them, ready to enter the forest. "I promise you two that we will exit this place. You will see…" He turns his head to them. "…why I am called the Hero of Salvation." He stands tall with a fire in his eyes. The girls' eyes widen in awe before they harden. They nod with determination and follow their lord, entering this distorted dungeon.

Incipiendi silva


When they entered, the first thing they got is a seemingly normal dungeon but they notice something.

"Is it me or is it hailing?" The chinchilla said. She winces at every hit she got from the hail. The strange thing about it is the hail is dark like the wisps.

"No, you're not dreaming. And this hail hurt me too," said a surprised Cynane. The grey mon toward her in shock.

"Because it is not hailing. It is another type of crystal," said the angel. The girls say an 'Oh' before nodding. He narrows before trying an idea. He releases his aura, englobing the other. He was right, the crystal rain hurts less.

"This humour…" said the dragon looking at her hand. The furry does too.

"Is it maybe lord Erpoejnel's special ability," said the shy mon.

A special ability he muses, but he decides to put this thought in the back of his head. They have better things to do.

"Let's go." He ordered, leading them.

They begin their journey, noticing the area as they walk. It is like the outside, TOO much like the outside. No grass, no rocks, only those trees, and a black floor. Arriving at the third room, they notice some type of crystal on the ground. It is dark, but with a rainbow middle.

"What is it?" said the shy mon, pointing at it. She doesn't want to touch it.

"I don't know, maybe some type of material," said the knight, tilting her head. The angel thinks with his eyes closed. After five seconds, he opens his eyes, turning toward his guide.

"Blanche, do we have an empty pouch?" asked the otherworlder. She looks at him before nodding. She takes a pouch from the bag, giving it to her lord. He nods at her. He then creates a sword, cutting the crystal. He then uses the pouch to pick it up without touching it. He then gives back the pouch to Blanche who put it in their bag.

After this event, they continue their journey. But they find themselves at a dead end. Worse, the hallway is blocked by the tree.

"Eh, wai- Why the hallway is blocked like the entry?" said the chinchilla pointing at it, cartoonish sweat flying from her head. The knight inspects it while the angel narrows his eyes. He senses something coming.

"Be on guard, something is coming," said seriously the angel. After saying his warning, something strange appears. It looks like a ball of gases covered in black stoned materials with rainbow veins. In the middle is a red eye surrounding by mouth.

"Is that…" tried saying the guide nervously, but is interrupted by this monster when it opens his mouths. It shoots dark rays at them. The pure one has enough time to use his body as a shield and use a spell.

"Darkness Negation!" All hits are negated by the spell. He doesn't wait, he shoots his own barrage of light rays before creating a light sword. The monster manages to dodge all rays and has enough time to erect a dark barrier, protecting it from the hero's sword. After taking a step back, the monster shoots this time with a dark ball of the angel size. Unfortunately for it, it doesn't see the angel use his wings as a drill, taking massive damage from the hits. Worse, it gets blindsided by the dragon with her Ice wind. Slowed down, it can't dodge the winged slash of the angel. It disappears in black smoke.

"W-What was that? Was this a Gastly? And what is Darkness Negation?" asked the guide. The otherworlder turns toward her.

"I think some broken mon was transported into this place, twisted even more," he said, making his guide panic. The knight puts a hand on her friend's shoulder to calm her down. "As for Darkness Negation, it's one of my spells I manage to recreate." They nod at him.

Then they can hear a Whoosh sound behind the angel. When they look at it, they can see something glowing on the… ceiling? And before that, there is a glowing brown pearl on the floor, where the dark being disappeared. Approaching it, the angel takes it and inspects it. It seems inoffensive, so he decides to give it to his furry friend. Then he inspects the glowing circle on the ceiling. It feels like he saw something like that before. Then it hit him. It's like when he traveled in the demon lord's castle. This glowing part is intangible and can be crossed. He should address this to his friends… and calm them down.

"Calm down, I found the exit of this floor." The girls focus on him, wanting to be reassured. "It seems this dungeon doesn't have stairs at all. But…" He interrupts them, seeing them begin to panic again. "This glowing part is our exit. It is intangible, meaning we will use them to faze through the ceiling and go to the next floor." You can literally see the dots above their head. He sights. "I show you."

He then places himself under the glowing and jumps. The girls jump in surprise when he fazes through the ceiling. They quickly ran to it and jump like the savior, fazing through the ceiling too.

Incipiendi silva


When the angel arrived at the next floor, he observes that the room doesn't have a hallway. Don't tell him…

He doesn't have time to think, his companions arrive. He approaches them to explain, but first…

"Are you alright?" He asked in concern, seeing them lying on the floor.

"We shall beest good now, mine own l'rd. F'r some reasoneth, this jumpeth tooketh some en'rgy and madeth us a dram fill'd with pangs of hunger," said the dragon panting a little.

"I know about the hunger, but energies too? This is ridiculous!" exclaimed a hard-panting shy mon. He nods, relieved that they are ok. But he doesn't feel those symptoms. Is it because he is protected by his special ability. He will find out another time.

"Well, while you recover, I explain the situation," he said. They say nothing and listen. "We are again in a situation where we need to walk in a higher dimension." The girls pale a little. "Second, there is no hazard in this room, so I can observe where the dimensions are, but recover quickly. If something comes here, I will not be able to find a solution." They nod and he turns around before walking to the middle. He then cups his chin before looking right to left.

'There are always some indications that exist,' he thought. After two minutes, he has an idea. 'I only sense right now, but if I use echolocation with my aura, I should get something. After all, waves go in all directions.' And effective it was. With this wave, he finds three directions to go. 'Is it a choice?' He wonders. Because the rooms he found are not connected to each other. There are all from different dimensions. And if they can't go back to this room like the previous floor, then it means there are multiple exits. Now which one to choose. He took one minute to think. 'I will choose this corner.' He looks at the right back corner.

"I found a direction," he said to his companion, looking back at them. He sees that they recovered and are ready to go. His guide looks confused.

"A direction?" She asked. He nods to her.

"Yes, more like choose a direction. With my senses, I found three rooms from three different dimensions. If we will get blocked like the previous floor, then it is a choice," he explains. She pales while his knight looks apprehensive.

"It means there are multiple ways to exit then, my lord," she said. He nods to her.

"Yes, we need to be more cautious. It isn't like our world. This place is more complex and dangerous," he said, crossing his arm. "But the more difficult, the greater reward is. And by learning this place, we can find solutions against the distortion in our world." The girls are hit by this statement. The root of their problem indeed comes from this place, this… world? Well, moving on. By learning about this place, they will be able to save their world. Determination comes to them, and they nod with seriousness. He nods back.

He offers his hand to Blanche, taking it while the dragon takes her other hand. The angel walks then to the corner before imagining walking in the direction he desires. He looks like he is going up before disappearing and leading his companion in that direction.

They arrive in another room containing a hallway this time. Taking it, they progress without problem until they cross another dark being.

This time, it looks like a blipbug, but the purple is black instead, the setae are red spikes, the collar is made of a sort of stone and the eyes are ruby and full of bloodlust.

When it sees them, it immediately shoots red spikes at them. They dodge before the knight rushes toward it, marking a hit with her Dragon Claw. But it doesn't go down. It jumps back before shooting a black miasma arrow at the chinchilla. But the angel protects her by countering it with a light arrow. The dark being is ready to shoot again but stops its attack before dodging the iced slash of the dragon.

"Blanche, on me!" The angel ordered, receiving a nod.

The corrupted one has enough of dodging, so it sends a black wave to the armored mon, making her stop and holding her head in pain. But it is blindsided by the pure one, taking a combo of uppercut, knee, and roundhouse kick, being sent toward the guide. She hits with all her strength her foe with a Pound attack. The dark being is sent again, barely staying conscious before it loses it, being hammered by the savior.

After the battle, the hero takes the brown sphere before he observes his companion, seeing a non-touched furry girl tending the iced warrior.

"I'm alright Blanche. Give me a minute. I feel like I was hit by a Confusion attack," said the blue-haired dragon. Her friend nods.

"Good job you two," the angel said approaching the girls. Blanche blushes, embarrassed by her lord's compliment. But it feels good none less. Cynane, on the contrary, feels proud receiving it. "We rest for a minute before continuing. I sense the dead end." The girls nod at him.

After recovering, they walk toward the dead end the angel talks about. Arriving at it, they only a green crystal with blue spots on it. But no glowing like last time.

"Maybe breaking it will reveal the glowing part." The angel hypothesized. The knight nods but the chinchilla tilts her head in confusion.

"But why. What is the connection between the two of them?" she asked. The angel searches his word to explain what he thinks.

"Last time, we fought this dark sphered being before the glowing part appeared. This time, we have this crystal but no glowing part. My hypothesis is that you need to fulfill a goal to access the next floor," he explained, pointing to the crystal. The girls' eyes widen a little in understanding and they nod.

Cynane decides to do the breaking. Using Brick break, she easily reduces the crystal into pieces, revealing the blue spots. Blanche takes one.

"There are crystals in the form of Oran berry. Maybe they can be used to restore our health," she said. The other two nod. And like the angel thought, the glowing part appears on the ceiling. Knowing what to do, they jump through it.

Incipiendi silva


Arriving at the next floor, the girls collapse in hunger.

"So hungry…" mumbled in pain the chinchilla, her stomach screaming in hunger.

"How? We're only on the second flo'r," said the panting knight. The otherworlder looks at them in concern. In their world's dungeon, they shouldn't be concerned about after at least ten floors. But here, it seems the rules are different and/or amplified. It feels like common mons shouldn't be able to survive in this place. He prays that the exit is on the next floor for their life. And again, why isn't he affected? Does his special ability protect him from this place's condition? He will think when they get out of here.

"Blanche, Cynane…" He gets their attention. "…recover and eat. I will observe this floor to think of a plan," he ordered. They don't complain, happy they can rest and eat.

Turning around, the legendary being scans his surrounding. Again there is no hallway, but there is no ceiling too. And when looking up, he notices a floating island with black floors and those bizarre trees. His eyes slowly widen.

"You're kidding me…" he mumbled to himself. How will they go to those islands? Is the gravity low enough to jump to them? Worse, it seems corrupted ghastly floats on some of those islands. He will need to fight those so his friend can jump without a problem. He doesn't want to imagine if they miss a jump. At least, he is here.

And now, everything crashes down even more. One of those corrupted beings sees his group, charging directly at a dark ball. The angel tsk when he sees the other following. He acts without hesitation.

"Holy Haven!" He yelled his spell, clapping his hand and doing it. When the balls reach him, they disappear before reaching his group. The girls are in awe of being interrupted in their meal. But understanding the situation, they eat more quickly.

The angel begins to fly, and his wings become golden, sending a barrage of light rays. Some of the dark monsters dodge them, but the majority are taken down. He accelerates taking more with his light sword. The rest group together, creating a massive dark ball. The pure being riposte with creating a light bow, shooting a powerful light arrow. The clash of the two attacks produces a great explosion, making a smoke screen. The dark being makes the mistake to wait for their prey as the angel uses the advantage of his speed to take down the last ones with his light sword.

When he sees no more, he flies down toward his party.

"Are you ready?" He asks them. They nod, still in awe at the speed display.

"But how are we going up?" asked the grey mon pointing at the island.

"If my theory is correct, the gravity should be low. You just need to adjust your jump," he explains. The girls raise an eyebrow but don't reply back.

It took some time for them to learn how to jump in this low-gravity environment. And with more dark sphered monsters appearing from nowhere, it slowed down their progress. But the otherworlder managed to gain more of those brown spheres. And they made it to the last island containing a wall with white with brown spots. Breaking, it reveals the brown spheres and activates the glowing part on the wall. They use it to go to the next floor.

Incipiendi silva

Finis perditorum

They arrive at a cubic room, it is a dead end with nothing in particular.

"It's a dead end," said the guide, her ears dropping.

"There should be something. Remember we need to achieve a goal," said the knight, trying to reassure her friend. The furry mon's attitude becomes normal again, looking right and left to search for their goal.

Meanwhile, the angel approaches a strange being lying on the ground. They have the form of a water drop, their body made of red crystal, and next to them is a crystal circle and a crystal orb. They are unconscious and she wonders what happens to them. He decides to carry them to the guild. Nobody should be left in this dreary place. The moment he lifts them, a black sphere appears at the back of the room. He hears humming behind him. Turning around, he sees Blanche holding their stone which glows on and off. He has an idea.

Approaching his party, he gives the crystal being to his knight before presenting his hand to the furry mon. Knowing what he wants, she gives it to him.

Facing the black sphere, he nears it with the stone humming more frequently. He then points it toward the black sphere which shoots a beam of light. The black sphere becomes white before becoming a portal. It shows Gloomy forest. He looks back at his party seeing the happy look on their faces. He signs them to come before walking toward the portal.

After taking the portal, the trio arrives at the end of Gloomy forest. The giant distortion is no more, leaving only a black sphere behind.

"We did it!" Shout happily the grey mon, jumping in the air. The knight nods with a smile still holding their guest.

"Yes, we did it. Now it is time to go back to the guild. We need to report what we find and place them in the infirmary," the angel said smiling and pointing at the rescued being when he said the last part.

"Yes, sir," the girls shout their agreement. He shakes his head in amusement. He leads them toward the beginning of the dungeon to return to the guild. But while walking, questions pop up about this strange place and their guest. He needs to do more research. Or maybe it is something new for even this world. It complicates the task. It means they will walk in the unknown. Well, no turnback. He will do his job and save this world.