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Revenge by Verbal Flaying.


Rogue was back in uniform, ready to help her cause, even though her head still hurt a little. When she walked out onto the plane bay and her eyes quickly took in the new arrivals: Magneto's new crew; one in particular she didn't like.

"Oh, no," she flatly said, turning to go back in. "Ah'm so not workin' with them. Professah! Ah'm havin' a relapse, Ah'm goin' back ta bed."

"Rogue," he said in his oh-so-rational voice, "We need the full team on this. We need you."

"Look kid," Logan volunteered. "I know you don't want to have to work with these guys, but we gotta. It's the fate of the world and all that. . ."

"Yeah, cherie," Gambit teased from his position of leaning against the Blackbird. "Doan y' wan' t' be a hero an' save mankind?"

"Ah've been a hero for a while now, thanks."

She turned to her mentors.

"Ah'm jus' sayin' this once: Ah ain't nevah gonna with him-them! Them! Damn!"

Juvinile male laughter came from the direction of thhe plane.

"Oh, and the Jack of Hearts claims another prize!" Pyro said with a bow to his team mate.

Rogue put her hands behind her back in an outwardly rageful attempt to keep from killing them both. Discreetly she was working her left hand out of her glove as she walked to the plane. And the still laughing male cretins. (Stupid boys)

She got on the ramp loading into the plane and reached a bare and out to stroke Gambit's cheek. It wasn't enough to immobilize im, just enough to make him dizzy and give Rogue some ammo. Thus she began teling Gambit what she thought of him. In Creole. In explicit detail.

"An' by the way, mon ami," she aded. "Fantasizing about your step-sister (well, she's there now. Get over it) isn' normal, I don' care _how_ old you were."

This caused a good amount of laughter from Logan, Pyro, Collosus and Jean. Remy looked annoyed (and a little woozy) and would have retorted, had Rogue already not ducked into the Blackbird.

Jean was the next on the plane. She sat in the seat in the front, behind the epilot, who was Storm. Rogue sat in the back, now with a little bit more of a headache, due to thinking about how similar Creole and French are, and then about her missed schhool work, and then feeling guilty about missing two tests, etc.

Her musing was cut short wen Kurt 'ported onto the plane ad took the seat next to her. His arrival was followed by Magneto's mutants. Pyro sat across the aisle form Kurt, and Collosus tookthe seat next to him. Gambit sat in front of ROgue, turning to smile at her after he sat down.

"Y' do know dis means war, right?"

"Bring it on, Cajun."