"'Well', nothing," she countered. "You know, I'm starting to see shy Rogue hates you so much."

She sat down in Rogue's old seat, Kurt next to her. Remy sat there and thought over everything they'd said that day. When had it gone so terribly wrong? _Most_ of the time it'd been fun. The bad parts all seemed to happen when he said something vaguely sexual.

Rogue sat in her new seat. Amara was tryignt ot alk her down, so to speak. She'd seen absolout red when he'd made that crack. She had _never_ wanted to truely kill someone before, but today she'd made an exception. She had wanted to squeeze het life out of him slowly and painfully.

[Why?] she was finally calm enough to ask herself. [Why does such an obvious dick-head annoy me so much? Because he always has to say something gross. 'Gross?' What are you, _five_? Anyway. . .yes, gross! 'Tongue down my throat?' Eeeew. Really?Yes. Be honest. I like his eyes; happy? No! I'm mad, angry, pissed off, and embarrassed!]

At that point she realized how insane it was to talk to yourself in your head. So she started planning an enjoyable (for her) revenge.

Tabitha made yet another _tiny_ bomb and rolled it under Remy's chair, right next to his boot.


"Dammit! Would you quit dat!"

One good reason?" Tabitha challenged.

"HEY!!!" Logan yelled. "Both of you1 Cut it out 'til we're back on the ground! And you," he pointed at Remy. "I'm not very happy with you, so you can count yourself lucky I'm helping you at all.

Remy's eyes widened in surprise. He held his hands up in surrender.

"MAgneto," he called up front. "Aren't you gonna help me out here?"

"No," Magneto said, sulking.

Suddenly Scott yelped. He'd fallen asleep and had a bad dream. This did two things; Roguegave him a sympathetis look and calmed down a little more, and Magneto's mutants started to make fun of him.

"Poor baby. You wanna sit next to me? I'll hold your hand."

"John, dat's a little disturbing."

"Hey, I'm bi, he's got a nice chest. I'll hold whatever he has."

"You're not bi, you'll just take whatever you can get.

"So? I'm flexible. Wonder if Scott is?"

Scott turned bright red. Both he and Jena turned around to yell at the boys.

"Shut up now."

"I take back my apology for ROgue. You are exactly what she called you." The other mutants Ooohed. "That goes for all of you."

"Weak. No points awarded."

Jean pursed her lips and sat. It was quiet until another soft boom came from the back of the plane.


Tabitha laughed, along with the rest of the mutants.

Xavier sighed; and telepathically 'told' everyone to sleep.

The rest of the trip was spent in quiet, until they got tot eh institute and everyone woke up with a headache.

Rogue's headache was the worst. It'd been bad when they took off for tibet. It'd been throbbing (*snort*) when she got back on the plane to go home. Getting mad had gotten her mind of it for a little bit, but ultimately made it worse. Now she was nearly to the point of tears from the pain. _Nearly_.

Everyone got off the plane with a little less shoving than before. SOmehow everyone instinctivley moved between Rogue and Gambit. There were always at least eleven people between the two of them. . .most of teh time.

Professor X and Magneto went off to the side to discuss how Mag and the boys would be exiting so that they couldn't see anything else. Kitty was still with Colossus, and St. John was trying to preposition Scott. Gambit slowly crept over to where Rogue was sitting on a crate with her head in her hands.

"y'r eyeshadow's ruined."

"Ya botts are trashed."

"Y'r friends are scary."

"What d'ya want?" she asked pathetically.

Remy sighed. He'd only ever done this a few times in his _life_. He mumbled something and started walking away.


"Ulch! Jus'. . ."

"Fif-feen-feet NOW!" Logan yelled.

"Logan," Rogue whispered, "not helping."

Remy noticed the extra strain she seemed to be under and, as he backed away, called over his shoulder.

"I t'ink y'd better get y'r girl t' sick bay, cap'n, she's lookin' a lil' under de weather.

"Rogue?" Ororo said coming over. "Are you feeling ill again?"

"Ah'm not gonna start shiftin' again, but _yes_."

Ororo helped Rogue to the med lab.

"Alright!" Magento said.


(The not so great ending (old fics, bleagh))

"We've decided on the buddy system. You will all be blindfolded and assisted off the premesis by an X-man. Myself included."

"Ooh! Dibs on the red head!" John shouted. Jean thought abotu t.k.ing a crate into his head, but decided her head hurt too much for that.

"I'll show Pete. . .Colossus out."

A chorus of ooohs from all mutants, except Kitty who blushed, and Peter who pretended not to hear (His specialty), ran out.

"I guess I doan get a request huh?" Remy said, knowing full well any of the X-men were likely to shoce him off a cliff.

"I'll take him. I had to calm Rogue down, I deserve some fun."

Remy looked at Amara, who was grinning at him like a cat at a mouse. He'd seen her melt solid rock. He wasn't about to argue.

So the acolytes were led to the outside gate. Magneto led by wolverine, Pyro by Scott (who regretting standing in for his girl the second he realized he would have to hold John's hand the whole way), Gambit by Magma (who spent a lot of her time tripping him and pretending it was all his fault for being clumsy), and Colossus by Shadowcat, who had covertly slipped him her e-mail address.

Once they were off the grounds, Scott drove them, still blindfolded, and they went home from where the mall used to be. Once at the abse,t ehy all crashed and slept for a very long time. This is basically what the X-men did too.