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This story takes place after Buffy dies to save the world, again. Willow was unable to bring her back and life, as they knew it went on. Seventeen years later a woman shows up at the Hyperion, making Angel remember the girl he has tried to forget all these years. Then along come the prophecy that everyone had been waiting for but it involves the girl who died to save the world.



Some where in the universe......

"What are we going to do?"

"I don't know, the prophecy was so, well, correct. The other slayer is not ready to be called yet and this one was to play a major part in his life, his redemption."

"We can't just let this happen. He will go to the Other's side and then all is lost"

"I know, I know. Just let me think"

"Well there isn't time to think. He isn't going to make it in time to save her. What a waste, to die in such a normal way. It's so ... beneath what she is. All is lost"

"I've got it! She died in a normal way. Her soul is coming here. What if we make it take a little detour?"

"Where to?"

"Oh must I do all the thinking? To another body of course!"

"But, but, we can't do that!"

"And why not? What is the use of being the Powers and not take advantage of it?"

"Well for one, the Others will find out"

"But if we do it now before the Others finds out that she's dead then it may work"

"I suppose but what if ..."

"No time. I'm doing it"



Some where in the universe.....

"I can't believe you made such a mistake!"

"Hey, how was I to know her other friend was with him and would save her. I can't keep my eye on everything you know"

"Yeh well, now you have to fix the mistake"

"But I can't. She jumped onto a portal. She didn't die from it; she's lying in stasis in the Other's realm. They have her"

"So why are They making her believe she is here?"

"I don't know what their plans are. I'm only omnipotent, not all knowing"

"Well luckily for you, the witch is going to try to get her back so we can use her spell to divert the rest of the slayer's soul here. Then we will put it where it belongs. The poor child we used the first time will grow up with split personalities if we leave her the way she is."

"I can't just give the four-year-old the rest of the slayer's soul and expect her to survive the transfusion! Only babies have that strength. No, that's not the way we do it anyway. It would be too easy. As she grew up she would believe she is the slayer, find him too early for the other prophesy's to come into play and we will lose all our hard work over the eons."

"Even I am getting a headache from all your ramblings. Fine, I will create a prophecy. You will retrieve her soul and keep it up here for safe keeping then you can slowly release the slayers soul into the child as she gets older and able to handle it more. When she has fulfilled the prophecy we will make her whole again"

"Good idea. Maybe we could even get the gypsies back into their lives? I miss them so"

"Oh all right. Look here comes the witch now. Don't mess this up!"

"Yes yes yes no need to nag. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve eternity with you!"

"Just shut up and get on with the job"