She felt someone shaking her.


The voice became louder. She opened one eye and saw Lorne staring at her.

"Oh good you're awake. Sugar your escort has arrived", she looked up and saw Connor standing to the left of Lorne.

"Oh god how embarrassing", Beth mumbled wishing she could melt into the velvet love seat.

"Don't worry Beth, it's all part of the service. We always walk our patrons home from a night out", Connor smiled, hoping that the laughter he felt wasn't showing on his face. Lorne's sea breezes had a bit more alcohol in them than most people realised.

"Come on Beth, up we go", Beth felt someone lift her up into a standing position. Keeping her eyes closed and taking a few deep breaths, she slowly opened her eyes.

"All right, thanks for helping me Connor" Beth smiled at him as he took her by the elbow. Lorne studied the way that Connor was looking at the slightly drunken girl.

"Maybe I should walk home with you guys. Two people are better than one" Lorne said as he went to grab his coat.

"It's o.k. Lorne, Willow is coming with us", Conner replied as he led Beth out through the bar.

The cool air hit Beth as she walked with Willow and Connor out onto the street. No longer holding on to her, Connor was still standing close to her side in case she stumbled or fell.

"It's o.k. Connor, I feel a lot better now. I think the stuffiness of the club got to me more than the drinks did", Beth smiled up at him noting that there was still something about this guy that was familiar.

Willow looked at the Beth "So did you get your mojo read?" she asked as casually as she could.

"Will it help you with what you are looking for?" Connor asked as well.

"Yes and no. He basically told me what I knew already but him saying made it all seem more real than I thought possible", Beth replied, relaying in her mind what Lorne had said and how he had looked like he wanted to say more.

"You never did get around to telling us what it was you were looking for. You were researching gypsy curses this morning right?" Connor hoped that his asking was as subtle as possible.

Before Beth could answer a body was thrown out of an alleyway on their left, landing in front of them. The three of them looked down at the man who was bleeding badly. "Run. Get yourself to safety" Connor told the man, and he pulled what looked like a piece of wood out of his pocket. What the? Beth watched as Connor's face became contorted with anger and he walked into the alley.

"What is he doing?" Beth asked Willow frantically.

"Um, well, you see Beth DUCK!" And with that she pulled Beth down onto the ground just in time as another body flew out from the alleyway.

Connor ran out after the man, well what looked like a man. 'He has the same kind of face as in my dreams. Hang on, I've seen enough horror movies to know what he is.' Beth tried to pull her self up, but Willow held her down.

"Let me go Willow, I need to help him" Beth yelled as she saw another 2 so called men come out of the alleyway. Instead of heading towards Connor and the man who were fighting in such a style that would rival any Jackie Chan movie, they moved towards the two girls struggling on the ground.

"Well, well, well what do we have here" one of the beasts said as they headed towards them. Beth managed to get out of Willow grasp and ran towards some broken wood piled up next to some trashcans. Grabbing the closest bit of wood, she turned around in time to see Willow standing strong, facing the vampires. The red head raised one hand and yelled out some words that Beth didn't understand. She saw the two vampires fly backwards into a window on a near by building. 'What the?' Suddenly an arm grabbed her by the neck and Beth used the only weapon she could, her kick boxing training. She bent over and threw the body over her head. The vampire jumped up quickly and looked at her.

"We are a strong one aren't we? Our master didn't tell us that. Oh well, just makes the killing more fun" and with that he flew at her. Beth held the piece of wood up in front of her and watched as shocked registered on the vamp's face, just before he turned into dust.

Through the cloud, Beth saw Connor and Willow running towards her with more pieces of wood in their hands. They stoped short of her as the dust settled.

"How. What. How did you know how to do that?" Connor asked her with suspicion creeping into his eyes.

"What's so strange about that? Haven't you seen that Vampire Slayer show?" Beth replied smiling happily. As she passed out into Connors arms, the last thing she heard was Willow laughter.