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~*~Kickball: Chapter 1~*~

~*~"Dis is too dangerous for you, petite."~*~







Jubilee scowled, chasing after her friends' retreating figures.

"Why not?" She demanded as they neared the hangar.

"Because you're too young and inexperienced." Scott explained matter-of-factly.

"Dis is too dangerous for you, petite." Remy smiled.

"Well… How am I supposed to get experienced if you guys never let me do anything!?"

"We do so let you do things!" Jean insisted, slightly winded since they were all running during this conversation.

"Some things, but not all things." Rogue added.

"And not this thing.

Jubilee continued to glare. "You guys really suck."

"Too bad for you!" Bobby added, dashing up from behind her and ruffling her hair as he passed. She growled- the hangar door was in sight. If she could just make it through before…

Bobby dashed in after the rest of the team and they turned to face her. She stopped in her tracks, staring at them in disbelief. She decided to make a last-ditch attempt.


He shook his head.

"Try and get some rest, Jubilee. We'll be back before morning." Scott informed her, and the door shut in her face. She stared at it as sounds of the X-jet powering up and taking off could be heard.

She was alone.

~*~End of chapter~*~

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