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Chapter 9

Scott stepped warily up to home plate. As the morning grew later, even the usually tireless leader was beginning to feel the need for a nice long nap. On top of that his team-mates weren't exactly encouraging…

"Just make sure you kick the ball, Cyke, don't worry if it doesn't go very far," Hank called to him helpfully.

Remy sniggered, "Yeah, your femme is fast. She'll make it even when, dat is if, ya screw up."

Obliviously, Jubilee continued to make a lot of noise in general shrieking things like "YEAH! WOOHOO! GO SCOTT!" and "WE NEED A HOMER!"

"You can do it, sweetie!" Jean called from first base.

Scott frowned, "I know I can. Why does everyone get the idea that I can't play kickball??"

"Sometime today would be nice!" Wolverine growled.

Bobby agreed, "Yeah, just pitch Rogue!"

"Don't tell me what ta do," she shot back, but complied. A small smile rested upon her lips as she wound up and let the ball roll sharply to their awaiting leader. He appeared completely determined, his hidden eyes trained entirely on the ball.

WHAM—his foot slammed into it. It flew at amazing speeds at waist level. Surely anyone who tried to catch such a fast-flying ball would only end up getting hurt. He smirked and set off running to first base. Victory was his! He sure showed them!

Rogue caught it and tossed it to Kurt on second base before Jean could reach it.

"Yeah guys! Two outs in one play! That's more like it!" Bobby cheered. Ororo and Kurt high-fived.

Jubilee was seething, "Oh COME ON, two outs! We were doing so well!"

Jean shrugged and strolled back to the rest of her team while Scott stared at Rogue in disbelief.

"Nice try," she commented with a smirk. Scott shook his head.

"That was a good kick," he muttered to himself as he followed Jean. She allowed him to catch up and put an arm around his shoulder.

"Of course it was," she soothed. Scott growled.

Jubilee grinned at Hank, "Your turn," she said happily, having gotten over her tantrum quickly.

"Football is really more my sport, but I suppose I'll give it a shot…" Hank replied levelly, and approached the base.

"Hey batter batter batter," Bobby teased from third base, "SWING batter batter."

Logan glared, "Wrong sport, popsicle."

"Ja, vouldn't it be 'Hey kicker kicker kicker', or something like zat?" Kurt wondered. Bobby shrugged and continued his annoying chant. Hank acknowledged him only with a smile.

"Is that what you're resorting to, my friend? Are you that desperate?"

Bobby ignored him happily, and a determined grin lighted on the Beast's face.

"Well if you're not… you should be!"

Rogue let the ball go, and with his tongue between his teeth Hank let it fly.

"TOUCHDOWN!" he cried, and bolted towards first. He didn't bother to watch it soar through the air, ensured that he'd scored another run for his team. Behind the plate, the yellows cheered crazily.

There were a few moments of confusion in which case both the ball and Kurt disappeared for several moments, but finally he reappeared at second base, the red sphere tucked safely in his arms. He looked at it, apparently startled to find himself holding it.

"Yeah, Kurt! Nice catch!" Bobby cheered.

But Jubilee was aghast. "You can't do that!" she cried, dashing forward to snatch the ball from Kurt's arms.

"I didn't mean to," he explained a bit shamefully, "It was a reflex."

"It's okay," she sighed, "But it doesn't count! Hank, finish your run!"

The rest of the red team wandered over to see how the dispute would be worked out.

"That's not fair," Bobby whined, "Jean used her powers and she didn't get in trouble!"

"I did not," Jean seethed, flying towards them. An argument quickly broke out between the two teams, fueled by exhaustion and frazzled emotions as well as the growing sense of competition between them. The shouts grew more intense, and Wolverine looked just about ready to take some one's head off when Jubilee sighed and stepped between them.

"Who's got a quarter?"

End of chapter