Part 1 - Backstory of Love

Bella and her secret husband of 2 years were going to come to the bon-fire and they would share their news being married in first place, but also how they met and fell in love with each other, and Paul, his son would have to learn that Bella was nothing like before nor a fucking leech-lover, as her husband and his father hated that his own blood was calling her like that without taking in any knowlegde of how her relationship with that forever-prude of a virgin vampire boy truly was like. So five years had gone by since those leeches had left the area and 4 since Bella had lost her father in a shoot-out accident as he was accidently shot by the shooter in the line of the real target and killed instantly.

Shortly after that had happened, Bella got into college in Walla Walla, and had loved it there, and it was also there she then met her now husband, none other John Lahote, father of Paul Lahote, the forever womanizer and total asshole to anyone including his own father. John and her didnt know each other, but he learned she was daugther of his fallen friend of years, Charlie Swan, but unlike most he didnt feel it all was wrong for the two to fall in love and get married.

Instead he just fell more in love with her, and 2 years ago, the two after dating for 2 before that, the two got married in Leavensworth, a city that existed mostly of German immigrants, and it was in that town, they got married in court there. It had been a perfect, snowy day and the two had found the Post Hotel and Spa, and they had their mini-honeymoon there, then after that they flew to Hawaii, for their real honeymoon for 3 weeks there.

In all, the whole thing had been perfect in every way, and now 2 years on, the two had recently also found out to be pregnant with their first, his second child together, and they both hoped for a heathly baby, and whatever sex she or he was, didnt matter, but she knew he wanted so badly a daugther to dote on and have that special father/daugther bond, and Bella too wanted a girl for him, but they knew they couldn't control that aspect of it, so they took it in stride together, and since Bella was now in her 4 and half month, it was time to reveal themselves for the reunion bon-fire tonight, as John had been invited by post of they were having one, and to bring whoever he wanted with him to it aswell.

And since Bella had changed quite abit since the others of the tribe and town of Forks had seen her in person, they would not know straight away it was her in first place, at least until John introduced her to them all again tonight. So while waiting the two were in the kitchen, eating their light lunch together, as John always came home to eat lunch at home, as he was a contractor and electrican he could come home and eat lunch on those days it was a lighter work day, and today it was that kind of day for him, so they enjoyed the lunch and their usual talk for the day during it.

After it was done, he helped her to get rid of the dirty plates and utensils, then he also gave her a deep, passionate kiss aswell rubbing her active belly, as their baby had started to move around more now, so he could too feel it moving, and it made her smile every time he did so. He then also helped her with the most of the dishes to be done, before he had to get back to the sight of his jobs that day, and she went to take a nap in their bed, as she was tired out alot more easier these days with her pregnancy.

Later that day, the two took a hot shower together, which almost always lead to sex in the shower into their bed, after that they got ready for the bon-fire reunion tonight, and they were both exicted but also nervous of course, as most would be shocked if not angered of who Bella had ended up with, and how and why it had happened by then too.