Vice Life

Character profiles.

Disclaimer: I don't own the GTA series or Vice City and Tommy Vercetti, or any other character who is part of the game's universe.

2010 UPDATE: As many of you may remember, a long time ago I made this story as a pseudo sequel to Vice City. It was to follow in the vain of the Sopranos, only with that GTA style humor and a cast of returning/original characters. The premise is that it take place in 2010 and Tommy is now 59 going on 60, still running his drug empire. Only now he has two sons at his side. I decided to clean up the character list and also the pilot. I'll mention some of my current thoughts at the end of both.


The Vercetti's:

Poppa Tommy Vercetti: The Hardwood Butcher, the kingpin of Vice City.

Age: 59

Occupation: Drug lord, Don of Vice cities Mafia and known psychotic killer.

Marital status: Widowed, husband of Late Karen Thornson.

Father of: Twins Nicholas and Vincent Vercetti.

Background: Killed numerous opposing business leaders, two of which were Sonny Ferelli and Ricardo Diaz. Took over Vice City in 1986, as it's top drug lord, although he still faces opposition from small-time organizations and gangs. Despite his violent attitude and tendencies, Tommy cares very deeply for his sons and all of his friends and will do anything to protect them. Lost his wife, Karen, in a terrible incident 15 years ago.

Karen T. Vercetti: Tommy's late wife.

Age: 39 (deceased).

Occupation: Wife of Drug lord and mother to twins.

Marital status: Late wife of Tommy Vercetti.

Mother of: Nicholas and Vincent Vercetti.

Background: An old flame of Tommy's whom he called down to Vice City a month after killing Sonny Ferelli. They were married in 1987 and later gave birth to Nicholas and Vincent in 88. Gregory, the son of Auntie Poulet, killed her in 1995 during an attack on her, Tommy, and Vincent.

Nicholas Vercetti: Son of Tommy, twin brother of Vincent.

Age: 22 and a half (Was born about 10 minute before Vincent)

Occupation: Mafia son, arms-dealer and the head of weapons smuggling.

Marital status: Not married; though rumored to be seeing someone.

Background: Took the death of his mother pretty hard, but eventually grew up to bottle up his emotions and focus on helping his father run the empire. He took over the arms smuggling part of the business at only 17 and has since then become famous for his smooth talking and aptitude at making deals. He learned how to handle a gun at the age of 7 (the age his mother died) committed his first murder at only 10, which marked his steady change into a ruthless mafioso. His aim is very deadly and his most popular gunslinger hero is said to be Jigen, from the classic anime series, Lupin the 3rd.

Vincent Vercetti: Son of Tommy, twin brother of Nicholas.

Age: 22

Occupation: Handles the drug dealing operations along with a few other associates of Tommy's.

Marital status: Unnmaried; social status unknown.

Background: He was very quiet for nearly six years when his mother died. He was there that faithful day, he and his father both witnessed the tragic incident and he rarely speaks about, often becoming distressed when it's brought up. He learned how to handle swords by nine and was fascinated by them since he was five. He was the top of his class when he graduated from his school's fencing program, receiving the very same sword his father acquired years ago as a gift. At the age of 19, he become the chief of the drug smuggling operations, taking part in many deals over the last 3 years.

Friends and business partners:

Ken Resenberg: Former Lawyer and former good friend of Tommy. Manages for a rapper in San Andreas.

Age: 62 (I think he was only 38 in the game).

Occupation: Former Lawyer (disbarred in early 90's). Became a manager for rapper Madd Dogg in 1992 after ending his affiliations with three of Liberty City's three crime families.

Marital status: Never married, engaged several times, but always broke up very quickly.

Background: Was known to help Tommy back in the early 1986 takeover of Vice City, using his many connections and helped Tommy make friends, and enemies with many of the locals. He was once a contact of the late Sonny Ferelli but he betrayed them when he found that Tommy was treating him (somewhat) better. Tommy eventually began to ignore Ken after the latter's habits and personalty became exhausting.

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez: Great friend of Tommy, and father of Mercedes Cortez. He fled in 86 from French enemies and returned back in 2001 while nations were in confusion of the 9/11 incident.

Age: Said to be 85 (Since he's about 61 or so in VC.)

Occupation: Central American crime lord.

Marital status: Widowed.

Background: Crime Lord from Central America and has diplomatic immunities. Seems to have a bad history with French. Tommy's sons, whom he treats like family as much as he does Tommy, sometimes refer him to as 'Grandpa Cortez'. Is in declining health due to his age.

Mercedes Cortez: Daughter of Colonel Cortez.

Age: 48 (Since she appeared to be about 24 or so in the game).

Occupation: Unknown, though she does 'business' with a lot of men.

Marital status: Not married, dated Tommy, but lost interest after learning of his plans to bring in his old fiancée, Karen Thornson. Also known to have dated Kent Paul, manager of the band Love Fist.

Background: Dated Tommy and has helped him on several occasions, was once thought by her father to have considered a career as a lawyer, but those were simply rumors. Presently works around in odd jobs and occasionally visits Tommy and his family.

Umberto Robina: Cuban gang leader and long time friend of Tommy. He owns a restaurant with his 'papi' Alberto Robina down in little Havana.

Age: 69 (He looks about 45 or so in VC).

Occupation: Cuban gang leader.

Marital status: Unknown. (The game never really mentioned if he had married or was still single).

Background: Cuban gang leader and fellow arms-dealer, he has helped smuggle weapons into Vice City for years.

Claude: A crook from Liberty City who accepted many jobs, but eventually struck out on his own after being betrayed and used by others.

Age: 54 (He looked about 30 in GTA3.)

Occupation: Controls a gang in Liberty City.

Marital status: Not married, was said to have dated a friend of the previous mob family but their relationship 'ended' abruptly. He was also said to have been the lover of the leader of the Colombian Cartel.

Background: Rose to power in 2002 after becoming fed up with being the lap dog for traitors and cowardly mafia bosses. Eventually met up with Tommy and the two have conducted business together since.

Luey Quartz: A drug dealer from Liberty City who moved down to Vice City when he was found out and chased by the authorities.

Age: 30

Occupation: Drug-dealer from Liberty City. Marital status: Widowed. Had wife killed when he learned she tipped the cops of his hideout in Liberty. Background: Worked for gang leader, Claude for several years. He came to Vice City and found work with Vincent Vercetti as another member of the drug smuggling operations.

Georgeo Westin: Partner of Nicholas.

Age: 28

Occupation: Arms-dealer and co-worker with Nicholas.

Marital status: Is said to be seeing someone in this time.

Background: Came to Vice City to open an arms-dealer store, but was always thrown in prison for illegal smuggling of weapons, Tommy freed him and set him up with Nicholas. Not much else is known about his orgiins.


And there you have it, a slight revision to the character list for the series. Obviously I had to remove Avery due to his death in Liberty City Stories. Of course, I felt like updating this list for the time being, and will eventually update the pilot chapter. However, I can say that I may not come back to the story as I never got very far with much of a plot. Originally the series would have been episodic with Nicholas and Vincent having various encounters with the dark underbelly of Vice City. The only major plot points would have been Tommy falling ill and either dying of natural causes or possibly being killed off by another character. In either case, this would have led to the twins becoming the new leaders, which in turn would have led to a possible conflict between the two.

If anyone is possibly interested in seeing the series being revived, just send me a message and what ideas you have. Keep in mind that this series probably would benefit from a second writer as this was planned to be a long running, multiple season series. Also, I ignored the events of GTA IV considering that nothing officially ties the two continuities together aside from the few mentions of characters, but otherwise they are separate time lines.