Hiei's Predicament

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"Ughhhhhhh!" Hiei screamed in agony.

He walked through the woods as the pain in his stomach pierced through him. He couldn't even run without crumbling over.

"What is this?!" he said through his teeth.

This was pain unlike any he's ever experienced before. If an enemy attacked him now he would be slain for sure. * He finally made it out of the woods and fell to his knees from the pain. Luckily for him, Yusuke and Kurama were walking through the park when they saw him. *

"What's wrong Hiei?!" Kurama said anxiously.

"P-p-pain" Hiei managed to say.

"We should get him to your house quick!" Yusuke said, "I'll go get Yukina."

Kurama took Hiei to his house and met the other there.

"Oh, Hiei!" Yukina said, "what happened?!" she demanded.

"We found him at the woods, he had fallen to his knees in pain." Kurama said.

"Keep still Hiei, I'll do my best to help." Yukina said in her gentle voice as she placed her hands over Hiei's stomach and they began to emit a blue light. "Is it helping any Hiei?" she asked.

"N-n-no." Hiei managed to say.

"What! But why aren't my powers working?" she said in confusion.

"Maybe we should get him to Koenma-sir." Botan said. She had just appeared a moment ago with her oar.

"Good idea, Botan!" Kayko said.

With that they all follow Botan to Spirit World and met up with Koenma.

"Yo. What's up?" he said.

"Hiei's hurt really bad, he can't move, without pain." Yusuke said.

"Lets take a look." Koenma said.

He leads Hiei to a room with a giant capsule thingy and gestures for Hiei to take a seat. Hiei then laid down and Koenma started the machine up. A blue light began at Hiei's feet and slowly reached his head.

"So Ogre, what's wrong with him?" Koenma asked.

"K-K-Koenma-s-s-sir, y-y-your not going to believe this!" the Blue Ogre could barely speak.

"So, what is the cause of Hiei's pain?" Koenma asked again.

"H-H-He's." the Blue Ogre was stuttering.

"Out with it Ogre or your not going to get any dessert." Koenma convincingly said.

"Hiei is.pregnant." the Ogre finally said.

"WHAT!?!" everyone, including Hiei, said in unison.

"How could he be pregnant!" Kuwabara said. "He's a guy! .You are a guy, right?"


"So.when's the baby due?" Yusuke calmly asked.

"Yusuke!" everyone yelled.

"What! If he's gonna have a kid we should at least know when it's gonna happen!" Yusuke protested.

"Well.he is right Hiei." Kurama said, "You don't want it coming out in the middle of a fight."

"Hn." Hiei replied.

"Well to answer Yusuke's question, he'll have the baby in about.four hours." Koenma said.

"4 hours!" Hiei said, "Are you insane?!?"

"Well I'm not the one who's been carrying it for a couple of months now." Koenma began in a singsong voice.

"But he doesn't even show any signs of being pregnant." Kurama exclaimed.

"Hiei." Koenma said.

* Hiei took off about 12 capes draped in front of him and then his shirt*

"Oh, my God!" Keiko said.

"I thought I was just getting fat, so I tried to hide it." Hiei's stomach was about twice the size of a watermelon and all the guys were disgusted but all the girls, including Shizuru who just arrived, ran over to feel the baby kicking. They laid Hiei down on a bed, clothed him, and tried to comfort him. He screamed in pain.

"Why.does.it.hurt.so much!" Hiei managed to say.

"Well, since you are a guy we might have to cut you open.because.it ain't comin' out the normal way." Koenma said.

4 hours past.

"Ugggggggghhh!" Hiei screamed as he felt a quick sharp pain.

"Uh, guys I think that was, a contraction." Keiko mildly said unwillingly.

"Oh, no." Kurama said.


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