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(*TV announce dude: Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh*)


/Yami is that you?/

//Yes Yugi can you tell me where you are?//

Yugi weakly smiled, "Tenshi, its Yami!" He said.

//Yugi are you still there?//

/Yami I don't know where we are./

//Well just describe the area around you then.//

Yugi mentally nodded and looked around the room. A loud gasp escaped from his lips. It was the room from his dream.

/Uh, Yami you remember the room I told you about in my dream?/


/That's where we are/

"No!" Yami turned to his father, "It can't be true!"

Narato's face was filled with horror, "I'm afraid it is, Yami. Phasio has taken Yugi and Tenshi to the dreaded shadow realm!"

Yami walked deeper and deeper into the familiar shadows. Glowing eyes appeared on every side. They were used to scare wandering souls but Yami merely ignored them. He'd spent half his ancient life in the Shadow Realm due to the Shadow games and knew every single trap, scare, and surprise. None of those worried him in the least. Yami turned a corner then stepped back as fire shot from the walls. Yami patiently waited for the flames to die down before continuing. There were many surprises like that in the Shadow Realm. No only fire but ice cold and boiling hot water which shot out in jet streams. Yami passed a few of those too. One thing he would have to be slightly cautious on was the duel monsters. The only way to get pass them would be to name another monster with a stronger attack power. So far Yami hadn't passed one of those and was glad he hadn't. Yami had a very good feeling where Yugi and Tenshi were. The Magical Doors of Chance, Luck, Skill, and Heart. The only thing that was really weighing down on his mind was the actual location of the four magical doors. Yami took a minute to think then remembered. He finally reached the familiar wall. In front of him lay four doors. All four had the symbol of the millennium items. (The eye). Now the only problem he had was choosing the right door. If Yami selected the wrong door he would be in major trouble, "It's a risk I must take." He said to himself as he put his hand on one of the door knobs, "Here it goes, Ra please guide me."

Despite the horrific pain he was going through; Yugi smiled. Yami had kept his promise. /Yami, are you all right?/

Yami was about to open the chosen door but stopped.

//I'm fine Yugi. But I don't know for how long// Yami cursed himself. He shouldn't have told him that. It was too late to cover what he'd just said now.

/What are you talking about Yami? You're not in any danger are you?/

Yugi was starting to panic.

//No, Aibou. Don't worry about me.//

Yami took a deep breath and placed his hand on the solid gold door knob again. He bit his lip, hard as he slowly turned the knob. The door was unlocked and the bolt snapped open easily. Yami gently pushed on the door holding his breath the entire time. The door squeaked loudly causing Yami to wince in pain. He ignored the annoying sound and pushed open the door farther. When the door was finally open all the way he stepped in the room. Yami noticed two small figures in the corner of the room and ran towards them as top speed, "Yugi, Tenshi!"

Yugi's head shot up at the sound of his name. He looked around the room which was decorated like a torture chamber till small, innocent violet eyes caught the sight of a shadow. The shadow was heading right towards them, "Tenshi wake up!" Yugi gently shook Tenshi's sleeping from, being extra careful not to come in contact with any of her wounds.

Tenshi's brown eyes slowly opened and she looked at Yugi, "What is it?" she asked moaning lightly in pain.

"Yugi, Tenshi is that you?" Yami called towards them. After what seemed like an eternity he finally reached the two, "Thank goodness I found you." Yami took a good look at his two friends and gasped in pure horror. Tenshi's usual white gown was torn and was covered in that familiar shade of red. The jewels that once decorated it along with her head piece were gone. Her bare legs and back were covered in scratches and a few of them were still bleeding. Yami couldn't believe his eyes. He changed his glance over to Yugi and felt his heart stop. The little one was literally covered in his own blood. His white clothes were that red shade and the back was ripped open revealing numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises scrawled across Yugi's back. Anger flooded Yami's heart.

"Oh, Yami I'm so glad to see you, my friend. You're right on time."

Yami turned around knowing exactly who he would be facing, "Why are you doing this Phasio? What do you want from me?"

Phasio chuckled (think of how Pegasus chuckles. He's the same way) evilly, "You know exactly what I want, Pharaoh."

Yami gasped. He should have guessed it sooner. It was so obvious, "What makes you think I'm going to give you what you want?"

Phasio didn't respond but merely walked over to Yugi's limp but breathing form. He picked the small boy up by his hair causing him scream out in pain. Tears flooded Yugi's eyes. His face was filled with pure terror, "Oh, you will give me what I want."

Yami's eyes grew red with pure anger. His heart beat sped up and his hands balled into fists, "Let him go, Phasio. You're fight is with me. Leave the young one out of this."

Phasio reached into his robe with his free hand and pulled it out again. In his hand lay a dagger, "You've got two choice's Yugi. Either you hand over the throne and give me the power I so rightly deserve. Or you will witness your worse nightmare come to life." He placed the dagger dangerously close to Yugi's tender throat.

"Yami, please help me!" Yugi's cry hit Yami right in the heart. He'd never heard Yugi so terrified.

"I'm waiting Yami." Phasio said smirking.

Yami growled under his breath. He glanced to the side and notice Tenshi beginning to sit up.

Tenshi gathered her remaining strength and stood up. She saw the position her friend was in and sprung into action. Being as quiet as she possibly could, Tenshi snuck up behind Phasio.

Yami saw this and knew how he could help, "Phasio, listen up, I have something to tell you and you know what I'm going to say is true. You're a coward. You can't even fight your battles alone. If you want the throne you're gonna have to take me down first."

"How dare you speak to me that way?" Phasio roared. He threw Yugi to the side and charged towards Yami. The Pharaoh made no attempt to move. Yami merely smirked.

Tenshi took this advantage and ran up from behind Phasio. She jumped onto his back taken the former high priest completely by surprise and causing him to drop his dagger. The knife clattered to the ground as it slid towards Yami. He picked it up and nodded towards Tenshi. She returned the glance and jumped off Phasio's back. She used the rest of her strength and pushed Phasio down making him hit the ground. Tenshi ran to Yugi and covered him with her own body using herself as a shield.

Yami ran over to the fallen Phasio and kneeled on him, literally. He pressed his knee into the man's abdomen. Yami pressed the dagger against Phasio's throat.

"No please, don't hurt me please!" Phasio whined.

"Not so tough anymore are you, you coward." Yami said, "If you ever try to destroy my life again. I promise I will hunt you down and destroy you. Make no mistake about that." Yami took the handle of the dagger and hit Phasio on the head causing him to lose consciousness, "Tenshi, come on let's go!" Yami threw the dagger aside and ran to Yugi. He picked the wounded figure surprised at how light his light had become! Yami led Tenshi towards the door. The two of them ran as fast as their legs would allow. After dodging numerous traps, Yami stopped for a split second in order to open the portal. The portal appeared and the two of them jumped through making it just in time, "That was close." Yami breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yami?" Yugi groaned lightly.

Yami looked down and gasped. Yugi face was deathly pale. He could feel in his heart that his light didn't have much time, "Yugi, please don't die." Yami's eyes filled up with tears. The droplets fell onto Yugi's innocent face, "I love you more than life itself. Please don't leave me." Yami couldn't hold anything back any more. He leaned down and gently pressed his lips to his light's.

Yugi's form was suddenly surrounded in a brilliant white light. So bright in fact that both Yami and Tenshi were forced to shield their eyes. His body was lifted into the air. The wounds that covered his skin seemed to disappear and the blood that once flowed from his beaten body seemed to evaporate into the air. He looked just like an angel.

"Oh, Yugi." Tenshi watched as well not believing what she was seeing.

Yugi's body was brought down again; right into Yami's waiting arms, "Oh, my Yugi."

Yugi's violet eyes slowly opened and his own met Yami's glistening crimson one, "Yami?"

"Yugi!" Yami through his arms around Yugi, "You're alive!"

Tenshi watched the scene with tears in her eyes as well, "Looks like my work here is done." She headed back towards her chambers.

Narato had witnessed the scene as well and appeared, "Yami my son."


"Yami, you came here to find some answers right?"

"Yes, but I'm afraid I haven't found what I'm looking for."

"Yes, you have, my son. The answer to all your questions is in your heart."

Yami took a minute to absorb what his father was explaining to him. After a while it started to make sense in his mind, "Thank you father."

"I think it's time for you two to go home."

"Wait, if I must go I want to say good bye to Tenshi."

Narato chuckled, "There will be no need."

Before either Yugi or Yami could respond they found themselves in Yugi's bedroom, "My father must have taken us back into the present!" Yami explained.

The door bell rang and Yugi's grandpa answered it. A few seconds later he called upstairs, "Yami Yugi you have a visitor!"

Both boys jumped off of Yugi's bed and raced down stairs. When they saw their visitor they both stopped dead in their tracks. Standing in front of them was a girl. She was dressed in dark hip hugger jeans, a white shirt and a golden chain. Her black hair hung loose around her shoulders, "Hi, I'm your new neighbor. My name's Tenshi." She smiled at Yugi and winked in Yami's direction.

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