Light Me Up

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Hi guys! And welcome to a new story of mine! Well… not exactly new-new, this is a companion story of my other story Into You which you can find that in my profile. This story is all on Bella's POV. Like with any stories, you can read this one by itself. There are some things in this story that are different and you don't see at all from Into You. I'm trying to make this different and sound so… Bella like, you know, with all the descriptive details and everything, do a better job than the last time I did a two story between two different characters. There's also some new characters being introduced into the show that you possibly never see in Into You and also, during the story, there are some things in Bella's POV that can relates to the things going on in Edward's. I'll drop it below in the end. Hehehe

Anyway, if you have read Into You and are curious to know what goes on in Bella's world, here you go! For those reading Light Me Up, before Into You, that's okay, it can go either way so I hope you'll enjoy this one.

Just want to thank Foenix2Phorks for inspiring me and her work for making me do better for this one. You guys need to check out her stories! It's amazing! She knows her stuff! Enjoy! :)

Bella Swan, singer and actress, is living the life of fame and fortune and making a name for herself as America's Princess. To the world, she is living the dream, but to herself, not everything is not what it seems. Can a mysterious bronze hair boy show her that?

Chapter 1 – Living The Dream

So baby, come light me up
And maybe I'll let you on it
A little bit dangerous,
But baby, that's how I want it
A little less conversation, and
A little more touch my body
'Cause I'm so into you
Into you
Into you

~ Ariana Grande

Bella's POV

"What a performance by none other than Bella Swan!" Jimmy Kimmel announced as the crowd cheered while I took a bow. "You can buy her album in stores now, and you'll be able to see her on her Shine World Tour! Have a good night everybody!"

Jimmy and I waved to the crowd before the director gave the signal and the sign that said "On Air" in red, turned off meaning that the show is now over.

"Thanks for being here tonight, Bella." Jimmy said as he shook my hand.

"Thank you for having me on your show." I smiled.

"Oh please it was a pleasure!" Jimmy beamed. "Well, I got to get going. Best of luck on the rest of your tour. Say hi to Charlie for me." I nodded before I left the stage going around back where all the crew and stars are. I walked down the hallway until I reached my dressing room and came inside where I flopped down on one of the chairs, taking off my shoes to massage my feet giving out a sigh of the feeling where my feet gets to breathe. One interview down, and many more to go.

My name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer to be called Bella. I'm an actress and singer living in Los Angeles, California, the land of Hollywood where all the famous celebrities make their dreams come true of living the life of fame and fortune. It's hard to not know who I am, but I do rather not draw so much attention to myself. You may know me as the daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan, the famous actors themselves.

There's my father, Charlie, and he's one of the most famous actors of all time. He's best known for his role in the hit TV series Jump Force. It was an action/crime fighting show about a group of misfit police officers from different background who joined the force and go on to many crime fighting adventures. Charlie played the lead role, Hunter Stone who enrolled at the force at only sixteen years old after the loss of his family where he shows tremendous skills and intelligence and quickly rose the ranks becoming the chief of police as he led his squad to becoming one of the best the force has ever had, along with going through a lot of comedic skits.

Charlie's role in Jump Force was well recognized where he later on landed roles in other TV shows and blockbuster movies where he won many accolades for his work, including three Golden Globe Awards and many nominations such as the Academy awards. He's also done some producing in a few films now a days. His latest work, Forwarded to the Future, is about to come out in November. It's about a boy from the 1910s who somehow ends up travels forward to the future meeting a family not like others and a girl that makes the boy gives this fate a chance.

He's got the fame, and the fortune. All of his work and accomplishments has earned him over 10.1 billion dollars worldwide, making him one of the highest-grossing box-office stars of all time. Charlie is what people considered to be like Tom Cruise, only he does it better. Did I forget to mention that he's got the looks? Even though Charlie's in his late forties, he knows how to keep himself in good shape. To this day, even girls my age would be falling for my father, which is pretty weird to be honest. Though I guess you could say, looks matter here. How else my dad got to be named Sexiest Man Alive four times?

My mother, Renee, didn't start straight to stardom like Charlie did. She came from the city of Downey and she did a few commercial and guest appearances on TV before she got her big break staring in The Immense Boom Logistics. It was a show about a group of grown men who are scientists living the typical life bantering about scientific theories or news (notably around the start of the show), and make science-related jokes along with playing video games, reading comic books and fantasizing with the female characters. Renee plays Daisy, a struggling actress who lives next door to the characters. She was eighteen at the time. After that, Renee soon landed even bigger roles in movies and TV, theater as well, where she won numerous Emmy Awards and an Oscar. Her biggest success was her role as the titular character Maleficent. During her career, Renee is also a model various brands and magazines. All of her work has made her one of the highest paid actress of all time.

And then there's me. The famous daughter of the two famous actors who started dating in their twenties and became a power couple due to their fame combined. I'm what everyone calls me, America's Princess just because of who my parents are. I honestly don't know why everyone gets their attention on me, the same way they do for my parents. I'm just an ordinary girl who is their daughter. Or so I thought. As I gotten older, I somehow followed my parent's footsteps into being an actress. I didn't start out big, I did a few commercials, some guest appearances and even some cameos just to get somewhere. I landed a few minor TV and movie roles to improve my skills. I wanted to show people that I'm not just Charlie and Renee's daughter, and I didn't get the roles or the skills just because of that either. I did it all as myself, Bella Swan. All of it is my doing. And I kept it that way, trying not to go to big on the acting role until when I was fourteen, I somehow got my big break on the hit TV show, Rainbow Garden.

Rainbow Garden is a comedy-drama series that revolves around a group of students entering high school where each one comes from different backgrounds in their high school life, and in their personal ones. They all gotten themselves detention on the first day of school, but somehow, since that day, those group of students became best friends as they go through their daily lives surviving high school and meeting challenges along the way. Not to mention, showing how stereotypes are meant to be broken from the status quo.

There are seven students who are the main stars of the show.

The first is Colton Parker. He's the athlete of the group who started off as the typical jock. He comes from a family of athletes where his older brother and sister are star athletes in college. Colton may be as skilled as an athlete, but being the youngest, he doesn't seem to meet the same expectations as his siblings. It's not that he's not as good as them, it's just that it's not good enough for his father. Colton's father doesn't seem to care about how good he is as he always seem to compare Colton to his siblings, not praising for Colton's own skills. The pressure keeps going that Colton's father seem to even take it far by pelting his own son with football. That there caused a huge tear in the family as they all turned on the father for not showing any care about Colton, or not appreciating of what he can do. After going through so much pressure, Colton finally sees what's really important and what he truly wants in his life.

The second was Lilly Bellamy, the most beautiful girl in school and the head cheerleader. She comes from a rich family and is the middle child. However, her older brother left the family when the parents didn't approve of his girlfriend due to not being in the same class as their family. You can say that Lilly's family are pretty much all about their reputation. Lilly was shown to be a bit shallow and self-centered at first but has grown to see more out into the world when she opened her eyes more and has become more respectful on others on their appearance. Her behavior has made other girls in school look up to her and even asked for tips on how to be as beautiful as her.

Dominic Steele, who is devilishly handsome, is the joker of the group. He tends to slack around a lot and makes jokes, being considered the big comedian. All of it just to ease up for Dominic on what he deals with in his personal life. Dominic lives with his father who lost his wife when he was a kid. Even so, those two have a close relationship. Dominic soon slowly starts taking things seriously such as his schoolwork when he dated Emmett's character's younger sister, even if it caused a temporarily riff between two boys until Colton accepts their relationship.

Another student, Kylie Madison, is the gifted one of the group. Her family comes from a group of being gifted. Something her parents had dreamed to have where each kid to be gifted in certain areas; sports, academics, and other areas in school, you name it. Kylie is the youngest of her siblings, being gifted in academics. Despite how smart she is in class, she is expected to be top of the class, become valedictorian and be enrolled in an Ivy League school after graduation. On her senior year, Kylie started dating Colton which her disprove of because they believe dating is a distraction for her and she should focus on her school, nothing more. Soon, Kylie had drawn the line and told her parents that she was tired of being expected to excel at something that she doesn't even want and wants to pursue her own future and excel at something, she wants to. It took awhile before her parents finally accepted her decision and her life choices.

Then there's Nathan Carr. He is the school heartthrob of the group. He's known for his good looks that makes every girl fall for him, and all the boys jealous. But he's not one of those arrogant kinds who shows off or even mistreat girls as objects. Nathan is the more down to earth type who respects girls as individuals. He and his sister were adopted when they were kids after their father proved to be irresponsible to raise them himself after their mother died since he was an alcoholic. Though Nathan shows to be a kind and caring person, well, he does tend to have a temper when it comes to the people he cares about gets bullied or hurt and he shows to have strengths that even surpasses Colton's. So, yeah, don't ever cross with him.

There's also Genevieve Jennings. She didn't actually join the group until halfway near the end of sophomore year. Genevieve was the antagonist of the show. She's the reason how the group got in detention and has since then tormented them every time they see each other. It wasn't until their sophomore year, the gang finds out more about Genevieve than they think father was abusive to her that almost led to rape had not the others had come and stopped her father and landing him in jail. After hearing her life story, both sides took a mutual understand in one another and Genevieve was accepted into the group. She and Nathan later became a couple.

And then, there's my character, Evelyn Walker. She is the shy bookworm of the group who is usually quiet but is very loyal to her friends. Evelyn didn't think she would have friends entering high school until she met the group since she was the insecure wallflower but throughout the series, she grew to be more confident. She lives with her mother since she was a child. Her father committed suicide when she was a toddler due to later, it was revealed that he was handling a tough time since the divorced and later discovering his sexuality resulting to end his life. The news was brought after Evelyn revealed to her mother that she's bisexual and is in a relationship with Rosalie's character to which her mother accepts.

The show has been praised not just for the show's performance and storyline but from the actors and actresses for their portrayal in the show as it has been given nothing but positive reviews. The series has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards, winning the Outstanding Comedy series two times, a People's Choice Award, thirty-six Teen Choice Awards nominations, where the show along with the cast individually won twenty of them and was nominated for the Young Artist Awards. It's high ratings is what kept the show going for four seasons with ninety-six episodes adding one more season that we had just wrapped up and won't be aired until next year.

The show wasn't the only thing that made the big news. My portrayal as Evelyn has been viewed by many as one of the most favorite characters of the show. I guess when you start off as a shy girl to a confident woman in the series as you grow, it what inspires others to feel the same. That's why my character has been viewed as a female icon to people everywhere. And for that, I'm proud of it, because I've been praised for my work on the character to be well known and inspiring young girls to never feel insecure when facing the tough challenges. She even inspired me, when I decided to pursue a career in singing due to being recognized when I sang as Evelyn on the show.

I honestly didn't think I would make it as a singer, but I was wrong. I released my first single Let Loose, which features R&B singer Bryson Tiller, and it immediately became a big success. Within the first week since it came out, Let Loose debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 making me the youngest female artist to have a song debut at number one and remained at the top for six weeks. I was shocked but amazed at how much success it made. That's why I continued writing songs and released another song, Moon Walk featuring the two DJs, Martin Garrix and Zedd. That song not only got me another number one hit, but it hit the charts in the Dance and EDM category. Soon my music went sky rocketing when I released my first album Shine immediately hitting number one for four weeks.

You can see how much success I've made as a singer and actress. And being the daughter of the famous Charlie and Renee Swan, you can say that I'm living the dream. Not that it matters to me how I'm living it.

Right now, I'm on my world tour to promote my album and already it has sold-out numerous concerts in many cities. I'm currently back in L.A. on a break leading to where I am now finishing off my interview with Jimmy Kimmel live on his show.

"That wasn't so bad, wasn't it?" My day to day manger Reyna Winters teased. I looked up to see the woman with long light gold silk hair in her dark blue suit leaning against the door with her arms crossed as she smiled. Even though she has a plump size figure, she somehow makes it look good on her being beautiful.

"You're not the one wearing these death contraptions they call shoes." I playfully scoffed as I looked at my three inch black chunky heels I tossed aside. Honestly, why do women like wearing these?

"Hey, you make them look good, and that is what rocked the crowd tonight." Reyna said.

"Thank you." I smiled as I got up to get some water.

"Well Bella, we should get going before everyone else does." Reyna said. "Tomorrow is when you guys leave for your final show of your tour and your mother insists you get there a few days early."

I wanted to let out a sigh, but I did my best to suppress one. Unfortunately, Reyna saw right through that one. "Hey, I know how she is, but she's just making things easy for you. Better prepared than being late, right?" She said as she came to rub my back while giving me a synthetic smile.

"Yeah, sure." I said.

To the world, Renee is one of the most talented actress of all time and is considered an icon being praised by her skills, but at home, well, looks can be deceiving. Let's just say, she's a great actress for a reason.

My mother has always been insisting me to follow in her and my father's footsteps into acting ever since I was a kid. No really, for as long as I can remember, maybe like three or four, she tries to get me to be on TV shows to star or even movies, but I refused. I didn't want to be in those things right now. I just want to be have fun with all the other kids and play with them or even just read a book. Plus, I didn't think I have what it takes as an actress back then. Renee was persistent however as she believes it's in my blood to achieve stardom and that means landing star roles to become an A-list celebrity like her and Charlie. Thankfully, Charlie intervene that I should be a kid and just have fun. My dad seems to more humble about being a celebrity than mom is.

Renee lets me enjoy my childhood in the end, but that didn't stop her from getting me involved with acting or even photoshoots. As I got older, I made a deal with my mother that I would do the acting, but only in commercials and small roles. She didn't like it at first, but then she agreed thinking small roles will give me more resources when booking acting gigs to which she finds it brilliant of my way of getting to be an actress when in reality, that was never the intention at all, but if she's okay with what I do and doesn't push it, I'm happy.

Then, when I somehow got my big break in Rainbow Garden, Renee seems to take it upon herself as my manager on making me a big star of the show, even though Rainbow Garden focuses on all seven of the characters. She has been in charge of my schedules, my finances until I'm eighteen, and pretty much on what opportunities I've been given. I have a say in it, but there's always arguing where thankfully in the end, I win.

To say my mother is being difficult to work with would be an understatement.

I grabbed my belongings and Reyna walked with me out of my dressing room, saying goodbye to Jimmy one more time, and met with my bodyguard, Felix Martinez where we ducked through the crowd o screaming fans and photographers before we safely got into the limo. It was about an hour drive until we arrive at our 14,000 square foot mansion. Pretty big for family of three, but I guess that's how it goes. It has a lot bedrooms in case we have guests staying over, mostly my friends, then a studio room where I do my music, the big living room where it has the big eighty-seven inch flat screen TV (it's mostly Charlie who watches sports, preferably the Mariners and Seahawks), the outdoor pool along with a good view of the city but my favorite one is my personal one, the library where it has all the books I could read. I enjoy reading in my spare time when I'm not writing music or acting. There's just something about the books that make things come alive. It's also my sense of how I deal with the stress, mostly my mother.

"This is your stop." Reyna said when we arrive. "You have a good night, and enjoy your trip in Seattle. Good luck on your show."

"Thank you, Reyna." I said as I gave her a hug. "Say hi to Tyson and the kids for me." Tyson is Reyna's husband for fifteen years, they have been together for twenty of them and her son Leon is thirteen and her daughter Mai is ten.

"I will." Reyna said. I said goodbye to Felix and our drive before I got out of the limo and walked my way through the gates and arrived at the front door. I used my key to get inside and closed the door behind me.

"Hello?" I called.

"In the living room." I heard Charlie called. As I walking down the hallways, I was met up with the tiny Maltese white puppy who came running up to me excitedly.

"Hello Fluff!" I smiled as I picked up and kissed her. "How's my baby doing?" Fluff just barked happily as she licked my face.

Fluff is my eight month old puppy I got over the summer. I actually met her at a dog adoption fair with my castmates to help find dogs new homes. There, I met Fluff. She was so small and looked so delicate and not to mention so adorable. The minute I saw her, she had me wrapped around her little paw and I immediately went out to adopt her. To say Fluff was happy to be living with us would be an understatement but I didn't care because I wanted her, and I love her so much. I gave her a home, fed her, washed her, groomed, pampering her, pretty much I spoiled her. Call me a mom dog all you want, Fluff is my baby.

"I hope daddy and his friends didn't bore you tonight." I teased Fluff when she and I entered the big living room.

"Okay, I wouldn't call taking a nap during the opening kickoff made her bored." Charlie said as the man with curly brown hair and a mustache was by the bar behind the counter. I inherited his chocolate brown eyes. "Besides, she's only a puppy. Puppies take naps."

"Sure, if you say so." I chuckled as Charlie was washing the glasses. "Did you boys enjoyed the game?"

"You bet!" Charlie said happily as he started drying them. "We got to Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson go at it to start the NFL season." Honestly, I don't know anything about sports. I never participated in them anyway since I was a kid due to how clumsy I am. I get lucky when I perform on stage when I do some simple dancing, but still, I could always fall over and break my leg. That's not how I want good luck. "It was a good game, and we got to see you after that." He pointed at the big TV where it just showed the news about my appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show. "You did incredible tonight, Bells."

"Thank you daddy." I said as I put Fluff down. "Um, where's mom?"

"Not home." He answered and from the look on his face, he seems okay about that. "She went out with some of her friends tonight. We won't have to deal with her until tomorrow morning." He sighed.

"Okay." At least I won't have to deal with Renee's attitude about what we're about to do for our trip in Seattle, my final stop to where I host my tour. Charlie nodded his head to me and didn't say much as he puts away the glasses. One of the things I love about my dad is that he doesn't hover about how I feel such as my mother. He doesn't need to expressed things something personal and what's more, he doesn't let the fame go to his head. He just works on when on set and as his fame goes sky high with people praising his performance, he kept his graces to a minimum just being humble about it, being himself and keeping his image clean.

"Well, have a good night Bella. We got a big day tomorrow." Charlie said as he was done and left the room, heading to bed leaving me alone with Fluff.

I went behind the bar counter and opened the little refrigerator to grab a can of Pepsi. I flopped myself on the couch just as Fluff jumped onto the couch, after a few struggles to hang on, and snuggled close to me, and grabbed the remote to change the TV for access to Netflix where I found Stranger Things with the latest episode of Season 1. As it was loading, I opened my phone and found some very inspiring poems online. I decided to use that as I went to Twitter and share with my friends and fans to feel inspire about it.

I will treasure this day,

For it is all I have.

I know that its rushing hours

Cannot be accumulated

Or sorted,

Like precious grain,

For future use.

After I posted it, I looked through the tweets of those I follow and I saw that my appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show was trending as people were talking about. Those I follow, left nothing but praises from the friends I made. After liking a few tweets, I turned off my phone and set it down on the table. I pulled Fluff close to me as I picked up my drink in time to see the show was about to begin and enjoy this peaceful night.

I was drifting off into a blissful sleep when all of a sudden, something was making me go up and down against my will. Or should I say who was making me go up and down against my will.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!" Alice sang as I hear her bouncing up and down on my bed.

I groaned as I pulled the covers over my head. "Go away!" I mumbled with my eyes still closed.

"Hey, you had plenty of rest last night and now it's time to wake up for some breakfast." Alice said as she continues jumping on my bed. "Now get your ass up, we got a big day ahead of us!" She announced as she jumped off my bed finally and then within seconds, the covers were pulled off of me.

"Alice!" I groaned as I buried my face in my pillow.

"Sorry bestie, I do what I had to do." Alice laughed in a sing-song way. "Besides, I know you would rather have me wake you up than let your mother be the first thing you wake up to." She sounded sincere about it and that there, she has a point. With that, I reluctantly got up slowly as I stretched my arms out with a yawn.

"Now that wasn't so hard wasn't it?" Alice said happily as I opened my eyes and glared at her to see the petite, short black hair pixie standing by the door. "Now come on, chop-chop, breakfast is almost ready!" And with that, she skipped her way out of my room.

God, how could someone so tiny be so annoying? How is she my best friend is a question I ask myself every day. I thought as I went to my bathroom and washed myself and fixed my bedhead before heading downstairs.

I entered the living room to see on the couch watching TV were the two biggest guys I know. Emmett being the burly dark hair and Jacob, being the tallest with russet skin and short raven black hair. I saw Jasper, the honey gold hair guy, sitting on one of the chairs as he casually watching Emmett and Jacob arguing over something silly on TV. I looked to see across in the kitchen by the counter sitting while on her phone was Rosalie as she flipped her long blonde hair to the other side in such an attractive way. By the sink, I saw Victoria, with her dark red hair tied up as she was doing the dishes while Alice had her phone taking pictures of the table filled with breakfast ready.

Emmett McCarty plays Colton Parker in Rainbow Garden. He was born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where his father works as a blacksmith. Emmett and his brothers would help their father out when they were young while his younger sister helps their mother in the house. You can say that Emmett grew up in a place where his family have help produce in order to survive and support one another. Thankfully, Emmett received his call into acting when he got into acting and he was able to purchase his family a new home once he got his paycheck from the show, along with being on commercials to promote a lot men products such as Axe or Adidas brand due to his muscular form. Emmett is known as the joker as he always tends to laugh and make jokes, even when it was not the time for jokes. He also has a bit of a competitive nature whenever there's games involves, even chess, he jumps at the opportunity. But none of the less, he's got heart and shows to be loving to those he cares about, especially Rosalie.

Rosalie Hale plays Lilly Bellamy and is Emmett's girlfriend in real life. She came from New York. She has two younger brothers and her father works at a bank while her mother works as a stay at home mom since her father makes all the money making the family wealthy. Of course, despite the wealth, there has been complications between Rosalie and her family to which what prompted her to move to L.A. and live with her aunt and with that, Rosalie made a name for herself in Hollywood. Rosalie is incredibly beautiful. She's been on every magazine since becoming an actress before even starring in Rainbow Garden due to her model like figure. Rosalie has said how she dreams to one day be on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This girl has got the money, elegance and class, but don't be fooled, because she's not one of those dumb blondes. She's actually quite intelligence as shown from her report cards when she is homeschooled. Rosalie may care about her looks, and doesn't mind the attention (though she does maintain boasting about it) but she is really loyal to the people she cares for.

Jacob Black plays Dominic Steele. His father Billy Black is actually best friends with Charlie. The two starred in Jump Force together and even after the show ended, the two became close friends like brothers. Billy was married to a former model, Sarah who they two daughters who are twins and Jacob, but died in a car accident when Jacob was only nine. To make things harder for Billy, he decided to stop acting due to a few years later, of the progression of diabetes where he lost the mobility and ended up in a wheelchair. Thankfully, Billy has been comfortable directing films while going easy on himself. As for Jacob, he followed in his father's footsteps into acting, landing a few roles before making big moves to star in such as Grown Ups and The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl. He's really gained a vast amount of fans as he got older due to not only he shot up in height but in muscles growing out of his lanky build as he looks toned. As for Billy and Charlie's friendship, Jacob and I are close ever since we were kids. He's like a brother to me, always there for me when I needed him and he shows to care deeply for me. Many of our fans were hoping that we end up together due to when we worked in a film that came out last spring, To All The Boys I Loved Before playing as the lead characters Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky but Jacob and I only see each other as friends. However, that doesn't seem to ease up on the fans, especially to the girls who pushing to make it happen between me and Jacob. They even go far as to go online and on social media to troll on Jacob's girlfriend Lizzie Meyers, daughter of Alec Meyers who also costars with Charlie and is good friends with, calling her out that she's using him or saying she's not even pretty and of course, thinking I should be with him. But Jacob did the bold thing and threatened that he will quit acting if they don't stop this behavior and respect him of his choices, including who he dates. And with that, they reluctantly back off of Lizzie.

Alice Brandon plays Kylie Madison and she's my female best friend, or in her case, best friends for life over Jacob. Cue the eye roll, but I do love her. Alice is from Biloxi, Mississippi. Her mother stays home to take care of her while her father travels often as a jeweler and pearl trader. He remarried a woman who has a daughter after Alice's mother died and that woman never treated her right. Even Alice's own father sides with his new wife and spoils his stepdaughter over her and because of it, being ten years old at the time, she ran away and moved in with her mom's close friend who became her guardian. When Alice got into acting and later became a big star, her father and the family tried to reach out to her, but she didn't return the calls knowing that they took the time now to come for her due to the fame and Alice wasn't going to budge due to how she was treated. But she was nice towards her stepsister. Alice, as you can tell, is annoying due to her energetic personality of optimism. She loves shopping; does it like every single freaking day like it's a job, dressing people up, mostly me, and has a habit to plan parties… even if it's like six months away. Let's just say Alice has this thing where she claims to have these "feelings" as if something is about to happen, like she can see the future. Once she senses it, Alice does things her own way that results in the outcome being better than predicted. Despite all of it, I love Alice, she's like a sister to me and I know I can count on her when I need her the most.

Jasper Whitlock, Alice's boyfriend in real life, who plays Nathan Carr is from the city of Houston in Texas. He was raised by his military parents and did had plans to join the army when he became of age when he was young, however, when Jasper was discovered by a talent agent when he was performing at a school play as a child. When the agent approached him, Jasper never really thought about being an actor and was lucky, because Jasper showed some potential in acting and he soon became passionate about it. His parents seem okay about it even if Jasper decided to change his career choice being in the army. Jasper is very charismatic like his character, but he's also the kind of person you feel open to talk to. He would sense how you're feeling without telling him and just talking to him, even standing by his presence, he's given a calm vibe to settle things around you peacefully. He's pretty there for you whenever you need him.

Victoria Sutherland plays Genevieve Jennings. She was actually born in London, England in an orphanage. Her mother gave birth to her there before she died while there is known trace at who her father was. At the orphanage, Victoria and the other children weren't treated very well. The owner there would beat the children as punishment, Victoria getting it worse than others. Victoria grew tired of it and by age twelve, she ran away and has been living on the streets, leaving no traces to avoid the cops to bring her back to the place. However, the owner was able to catch up to her later on and was about to take her back until a famous makeup artist, Brenna Starr stepped to save Victoria and even had the owner arrested along with filing a lawsuit for child abuse. Afterwards, she soon adopted Victoria as her daughter and since then, Victoria has been living a better life thanks to Brenna. Victoria made a few roles into acting before her breakout in Rainbow Garden. She played the antagonist of the show but due to how Victoria gets along with the castmates so well outside of the show and how fans hearing her character's story, her character has been changed into the protagonist, given a new role as part of the group. Victoria is a mysterious one. She came out as bisexual during the show and goes between flirting with men, and then to women before going back to men, but that's how being bisexual works I guess. She just loves to explore it with people she comes across.

We've all met when we auditioned for Rainbow Garden. It was awkward at first working with people you never met, but as the time goes by, we've became close as friends like our characters in the show, only bigger. I'm happy to have them in my life. They are like a second family to me. Sure, we drive one another crazy, but that doesn't stop our bond. I don't know if there's another group of friends that has a bond bigger than ours.

"Morning Bellsie!" Emmett greeted in such a loud way when he saw me.

"Ever keep that volume down a notch?" I said as I walked over to the counter where a cup of coffee was ready for me. The one thing I need to help me start my day before being my life as a celebrity is the rich smell of caffeine.

"That would do some of us a favor." Jacob said with a snicker causing Emmett to shove him.

"Doesn't matter, he'll still act the way he is." Jasper laughed and then quickly got up, bracing himself when Emmett went to tackle him causing those two to be in a wrestling match. The sight of it, made me roll my eyes. Boys. I thought as I turned to Rosalie.

"Seriously, what made you decided to give Emmett a chance?" I asked since Emmett has asked her out numerous times and she turned him down before finally giving him a chance after season two of Rainbow Garden.

"Well, he's got the looks, that's one." Rosalie said as she puts away her phone. "Then he's got the body, that's two," Okay, TMI, Rose! "And there's the part where it takes a real man to being persistent on one lady." She smile adding a smirk. "And that there is where despite the fault my monkey man has, is something I like is when a man begs for anything."

"And now he looks as if he's set for life." Victoria said as she was done washing the dishes. "The only question is when he'll act like it."

"When did you guys get here?" I asked.

"Like early morning." Jasper said as he and other boys came over to join us.

"Shorty here, didn't have to barge into my house and into my room to wake me up that early." Emmett said with a grumble as Rosalie comforts him by rubbing his arm. "It's like eight in the morning right now!" He said to Alice.

"We have a lot to do before leave for our flight for Bella's tour." Alice announced as every of us grabbed a plate to eat our breakfast.

"Our flight doesn't leave until like late afternoon." Jacob said rolling his eyes as he scarfs down on his eggs and pancakes.

"But we need to get ready before we arrive." Alice said.

"Please don't say we have to get our hairs done and makeup ready, because we can do all of that when we get to Seattle." Victoria pointed out. "Plus, I just got this hair color done."

"Seriously, does nobody here have vision?" Alice asked in disbelief.

"Apparently." Jacob muttered causing me to chuckle.

I'm glad my friends are able to come with me to Seattle. I never got to see them since I went on tour. They were able to attend the opening in L.A. but since then I've been going around the United States performing. It was fun traveling and seeing the cities, but it is lonely since it was just my parents and Fluff who came. Now I'm glad my friends get to come with me on my final stop of the show. Sure, the show is not until Sunday, but at least we get to go sightseeing in Seattle. What's more, I only got some interviews next month which means that I'm pretty much free after so long. Maybe we can stay in Seattle longer where I can take a break from the spotlight. Or maybe visit Charlie's hometown to where he grew up, Forks. Renee of course, shot that idea down. Even Charlie told me there isn't much to see. It's the smallest and wettest city in Washington and nothing exciting happens there. I didn't care, I wanted to see where I dad grew up and how life was like for him before he became famous.

"Alice, you're just lucky we've all brought our things we packed up on last night before we got here." Rosalie said.

"At least you got that part down." Alice retorted.

"Alright Ally, let's not get all worked up." Jasper said as he came behind Alice putting his arms around her. There, Alice calmed down as she embraced being in Jasper's arms. Guess Jasper's the only one who can settle her down in ways. "We should be focusing on the fact that we're going to have a great time in Seattle. No work involved other than Bella's concert."

"You're right," Alice said happily. "We'll settle in Seattle and then plan out our little vacation." Finally. I thought. "Maybe we came plan Bella's birthday party there!" She said excitedly. Oh damn. I'm not one to make a big deal about birthdays, but being America's Princess, it's a big deal especially since I'm turning eighteen in about a week.

We continue talking while eating our breakfast when we heard the sounds of footsteps coming in and we turned to none other than the woman with medium length brown hair similar to mine wearing a light blue sundress wearing a sun hat. Her phone is in one hand while her purse is in the other. At that moment, Charlie came in from outside with a tablet and coffee in his hands and saw what is going on.

"Dammit. I picked a bad timing to come back in." Charlie muttered as he awkwardly moved to the kitchen and wash his coffee mug.

"Good morning, mom." I greeted her politely.

"Isabella, please tell me you're not eating all the food." Renee said looking what's on the table in distaste. Some greeting, mother. I thought.

"Like obviously she can't eat it all." Jacob whispered with an eye roll.

"We're just having breakfast together, mom." I said.

"Bella, you know all that has too many carbs for you. This could ruin your figure before you get on stage." Renee scolded.

"Honestly Renee, I don't see why Bella shouldn't eat what she wants." Charlie said with his back to us. "I'm sure many of us can eat whatever we want and still maintain in good shape. She's not forced on a diet."

"I don't see why she shouldn't!" Renee snapped. "Looks are important and gaining an ounce of weight could ruin her image." I am doing everything I can to not be offended on my mother's comment about my body.

"I think we're going to go outside." Emmett announced as he and the rest of my friends grabbed their plates and took it out to the balcony leaving me and my parents alone. Jacob stay back a bit to give me a light squeeze on my shoulder before he joined them.

"Nice going, you ruined their breakfast." Charlie said turning to face Renee with a frown.

"They did it to themselves by throwing away an unbalanced diet for Bella." Renee said with her arms folded.

"Stop it!" I said stepping in. "I don't want you guys fighting before we go on this trip, and mom, if it'll make you feel better, I'll just eat a salad on the plane to Seattle. I will be okay before the concert." I said to her, standing my ground hoping she drops it.

"Just have your things ready by afternoon." Renee said finally. "We have a very tight schedule when we arrive." And with that, she went out to the balcony. As soon as she did, my friends came back in with their plates still not finished.

"Why are we the Renee magnet?" Jacob commented.

"Why does she have to come with us?" Emmett complained.

"She is Bella's manager." Victoria pointed out.

"Get Reyna to come! She's way nicer and less of a bitch than your mom. No offense!" He said when I was about to raise my arm ready to smack him in the head.

"None taken." Charlie said with a shrug like it's no big deal.

"Plus, Reyna looks hot in her forties. OW!" Emmett cried when Rosalie smacked him in the head. "I was trying to ease up the mood." He defended.

"How about saying something that doesn't make you sound like a complete pervert?" Rosalie said in annoyance while Jacob was sniggering behind her back. "You got something to say?"

"Yeah, just figuring out how to keep a blonde at home if Emmett actually has a chance with her." Jacob smirked causing Emmett to burst out laughing while Rosalie flipped him off before she turned around and went to the sink. As she was making her way to wash her plate, Jacob quickly placed a piece of pancake that had syrup in it on his fork, bends it backwards and lets it fly when he lets go where it hits Rosalie in the back of her head causing her to stop in place. Emmett laughs even more while Victoria and I stifle a giggle. Jasper quickly pulls Alice close to him while Charlie backs away slowly seeing Rosalie slowly turned around looking extremely pissed. She holds out her hair to see some syrup stuck on it and glares at Jacob who looks pretty smug.

"You got FOOD in my hair!" She said, fuming.

"Well I'm sure it'll come off like that hair color." Jacob smirked causing Rosalie to pick up the food that was tossed at her and threw at Jacob who ducks down and instead hits Victoria. She frowns and before I could stop her, she grabs a roll and threw at Rosalie who avoids it and randomly throws an apple where it hits Jasper and bounced off of Alice.

"Okay kids, come on," Charlie said with a sigh seeing everyone joining in on the food fight. "This is completely immature of you all." That's when a piece of bacon landed on his face causing him to frown as he turned to see me smiling at what I did. "I don't get your friends, Bells." He said.

"That's just how we are." I chuckled and threw a biscuit at Emmett when he was distracted as we all enjoy the rest of our breakfast morning.

After cleaning up the mess we made, I went to my room where I saw my dog running around in circles as she was chasing her tail. The sight of it was too cute and I took out my phone and went to my Instagram where I recorded what Fluff was doing, posting it on my story.

"You're so cute when you're being silly." I said to her like she was still a baby, which she is.

I started packing my things and going over what I need for this trip in Seattle. Even with what I'll pack, Alice will no doubt drag us all into shopping for more clothes. But that's Alice for ya. I spent the rest of the next few hours getting everything ready as everyone else was going over the plan before the flight. Soon, it was around two when we were all ready. My friends along with my parents and myself along with Fluff who is in her dog carrier had their belongings ready and we all loaded everything into one vehicle before we watch it took off and soon, we got into the limousines and followed the vehicle to the airport.

It wasn't long until we arrived and we quickly got inside without the paparazzi spotting us as we boarded our private jet. We got comfortable in the lavish grey seating, I let Fluff out, letting her roam around. Once we heard that our luggages were loaded and that everything was set, the pilot ordered us to put our seatbelts on as our plane started to take off into the sky, leaving the big sunny city of Los Angeles, California, to the city of Seattle, Washington.

Time for the adventure to begin.

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