Author's Note: This is my 5th A.I. fic… it's kinda different, because it's not focused on David, but in Martin! I just watched A.I., and I thought about the reasons why Martin was considered a little brat… Well, here you'll find Martin's POV about his life before and after he met David, based on the movie and some ideas of my own. I hope you'll enjoy it…

"Confusion, Hatred and Angst: Martin's Diaries"

By Danielle Swinton

*Maybe he wasn't that bad… or was he?*

*Chapter 1: Before Freezing*

At the beginning, my life was plain good. I was happy with my family, I loved them and they loved me, especially my mom. But everything was… maybe it was too good to be true. When I became 11 I began feeling very weak, and we discovered I had an incurable disease…

"Your son is seriously ill, it seems like a new kind of cancer" the doctors said "We'll have to freeze him until we find a cure"

Those words broke my parents' hearts… my mom started crying.

"Why did this happen to us?!" she sobbed "Why? Why?" she burst into tears.

"Don't blame yourself, Monica" Dr. Frazier said "I promise we'll find a cure… he'll just have a long nap" these last words made my mom look at him angrily.

"A long nap?!" she yelled "My child is seriously ill, he's almost dying, you want to freeze him for God knows how long… and you just say he's gonna have a nap?!"

"Monica, calm down…" my dad said. But I understood my mom. How could she be calmed when her own son was almost dying? But Dr. Frazier tried to calm her down.

"Don't worry, Monica. We'll just freeze him for a little while. He'll be just fine"

"O-okay…" she said, sobbing.


2 days later, the doctors put me into a capsule which had a bed, and one of them told me "Don't worry, you'll just take a little rest". I lied down and the last things I remember were my mom crying, my dad gave me a hug, and the doctor put me a mask. Then I felt a cold air running through my body, and a gas entered into my nose and my lungs, and I closed my eyes.


Author's Note: This is what happened before David went to live with the Swintons. What will happen to Martin when he meets David? Check out Chapter 2!