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Title: Equally Cursed and Blessed

Author: Caer

Rating: R-ish

Warnings: Yaoi, violence, angst

Pairings: Eventual YukixKyou, ShigurexHatori, and HaruxMomiji

Status: Work in progress (part 20)

Disclaimer: I hereby disclaim these characters.

Okay just so you guys know, this story is going to be relatively lemon-intense going forward. I will only post the lemon on my site though. I've been wanting to couple these two forever, and now that I'm finally through the story it took to get them there, I'm gonna take full advantage of their togetherness. That doesn't mean it will be bereft of story. Still a lot of plot to get through. So I hope you all do enjoy the next chapter

A feeling of pain in his ankle was the first thing that stirred Momiji to wakefulness the next morning. Apparently the painkillers were starting to wear off. As Momiji could see a sliver of light filtering through the curtains. It seemed too late and he realized that the alarm hadn't gone off. They must have left it off on purpose. There was a soft pressure on his chest and he was quite warm. He slowly processed the fact that he was spooned against his cousin. Soft puffs of breath tickled his neck. Haru's arm was resting protectively against his chest. Momiji sighed happily and settled into the embrace, wiggling a bit and pulling Haru's arm tighter to him. Haru responded, by shifting his arm and rubbing his nose on Momiji's neck before settling in sleep again.

Momiji recounted the events of the night before and shivered a bit. What had he seen in the woods? Who was the boy? Why had he appeared. What was the significance of the lake? Was that where he had died? What did he want with Akito? That was what he had meant right?

Momiji looked up and gasped as he saw the image of the boy again in the window. The boy stared at him with pools of black in his eyes. He seemed to be floating in the very glass. Momiji froze, taking a few breaths, before forcing himself to relax. He could do this.

"I'm sorry I ran away." Momiji whispered softly. The boy blinked his ink black eyes and Momiji could hear his own voice echoed in a whisper, with "sorry" echoing in his mind. The presence didn't seem threatening and he could hear the tinkle of laughter almost seeming to resonate through the glass of the window itself. Suddenly the ghost of a boy moved forward slowly. Momiji's breath quickened, but he tried not to jerk back. The ghost seemed to dissipate and dance around him, tickling his skin all over, before sliding down his body to his ankle, lingering there. Momiji could feel something in him and around him, sighing in his ear, feeling almost sorry as it seemed to move through his leg. Then it seemed to travel up his body and slide off the top of his head and shoulder. Before it disappeared completely, he heard a name.


The feeling was broken as Haru stirred behind him and a gruff voice spoke.

"Hey," Haru said sleepily. "You okay?"

Momiji nodded and turned, settling into Haru's arms, breathing in the taller boy's scent.

"He wants something, Haru. I have to find out what."

Hatori watched the two boys in the back of his car. Momiji seemed to be a fair bit happier now, which was strange since they were headed to the main house. Hatori needed to check on Akito and Momiji had begged him to take them along. Though Momiji would come to see him occasionally, he usually only did so to keep Akito from coming to see him. If he made an occasional visit, Akito seemed to be satisfied and would leave him be. Haru would visit with a bit more desire to see Akito and spend time with him. However, it was something else for them to beg to come along. Lately especially, Akito had been especially moody and quick to anger. He was still seething from losing Kyou's bracelet. Eventually, he would punish someone for the discretion. The storm hadn't reached it's climax yet though.

"Hari, was there a Yukiya in the family before?"

Hatori's eyebrows raised. That was a name he hadn't heard for a long time.

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"I heard about him somewhere," Momiji said I've just been wondering lately. Who was he?"

"As far as I know, he was one of Rin's relatives. Great great uncle or something. He was the Junishi mouse. He died young as I recall. He was your age, Momiji."

"Was he sick like Yuki?"

"I'm not sure. There were differing stories about him. Is that why you wanted to come with me? To look at the family history?"

Momiji nodded.

"I just heard about him and kind of wanted to know."

"Oh?" Hatori looked at Haru, but the boy looked out the window, seemingly bored at the conversation. However, Hatori knew he was coming along to protect Momiji. Hatori gripped the wheel and sighed. He had hoped for an uneventful day.

"Breakfast time!!!"

"Oh Tohru, my little flower! What delectable treat did you make for us today???" Shigure was literally crying with joy. Tohru had been so busy lately, breakfast had consisted of serial and instant soups. Tohru must have had the energy to get up early.


Tohru grinned as she gestured to the spread on the table.

"I thought I would try trout katsu today."

"Fish..." Shigure's excitement quickly died.

"Hai! I thought Kyou would need a big meal before school to keep his energy up."

"Aha, my little flower is looking out for her two boyfriends ne???"

"Hai!" She beamed. "But I got Sohma san some pumpkin bread to eat."

"Aaaaahhhh. You truly are my lovely little flower."

"Hai!" She hugged Shigure enthusiastically. She knew Shigure preferred a sweet breakfast. She had felt especially energetic since Kyou had come home and her two boys had seemed so peaceful since figuring out they liked each other.

"Kyou-kun, Sohma-kun! Breakfast is ready!" She yelled up the stairs.

"Coming!" Kyou yelled as he pulled on his jacket. He was feeling better and better every day now, although a nightmare had woken him this morning. He still would dream fitfully of his time in the woods. The dream had started with Yuki underneath him, whispering his name. However it had quickly morphed into Yuki under him and bleeding, his shoulder laid open and the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. Kyou had jerked awake so hard, his neck still hurt from the whiplash. He was still hard from the erotic part of the dream, but it was fading quickly.

Instead of going back to sleep, he had decided to get up and do some exercises. Crunches and push ups still hurt a little, but he pretty much able to follow his usual regimen, albeit with a bit more pain than usual. Still he was feeling good, and the smells coming from downstairs were making him feeling even more energetic. He loved it when Tohru made fish.

He grinned as he walked toward Yuki's room. He banged on the door.

"Hey Rat! Wake the hell up. Tohru made breakfast."

The door opened and a sleepwalking Yuki plowed right into his chest, resting his head on Kyou's shoulder and groaning.

"Too early..." He slid his arms around Kyou's waist startling the cat. He froze. When Yuki was in this state, there was a good chance he was going to get his ass kicked for no reason. He tried to extricate himself from the boy's arms. Pulling back, he was able to catch a glimpse of the scar on Yuki's shoulder. He twinged in guilt and relaxed into Yuki's hold, guiding him gently back into his room.

"You need to get dressed, stupid rat."

Yuki mumbled something into his shoulder before surprisingly turning and letting Kyou push him back into his room.

A few minutes later, the cat was watching Yuki grumpily straighten his tie in front of the mirror. He grabbed his jacket off the towel rack and attempted to pull it on, but winced when he jarred his shoulder. Kyou got up and helped him finish getting his jacket on. Yuki's gaze locked on him and the redhead blushed, looking at his hands as he buttoned the Rat's jacket up. Finally he looked up. Yuki's eyes were so warm now, and there was a slight smile on his face. For him. Kyou blushed even harder, but bravely pulled him by his jacket and kissed him clumsily. When he pulled away, Yuki was smiling even more. His amazing violet eyes were shining. Kyou just stared. The rat was so beautiful, but to have him smiling, at Kyou no less, was worth every bit of sacrifice of his pride.

"Um. We have to go. Tohru's waiting."


However neither of them moved for a moment. It was new, but somehow it was comfortable. It seemed like this was the way it was always supposed to be.

Yuki let a hand trail up Kyou's thigh, before finally breaking from their propinquity. He made his way downstairs and Kyou took a few breaths before following him.

While Hatori was in seeing Akito, Momiji hobbled into the main family library with Haru. All the journals and history of the Junishi family was here. It was collected carefully, especially if any mention of the Junishi was involved, since they couldn't risk their secret bleeding into the general population. So this library had been around for hundreds of years. There had been two Every time a family member died, the books and papers were collected and anything of value was stored here. Of course, even members of the family were kept from the secret if they weren't directly involved with one of the 12 shii.

Beside letters and journals and financial and medical records, there were even quite a few books, written by various Sohma family members over the ages. Everything from information about the curse itself, to biographies of some of the more prominent family members.

Momiji was leaning on his crutches and scanning through the tomes busily. Unfortunately, the library was sadly in disuse. So many of the books were in the wrong place, and nothing was in any sort of logical order.

"Someone really needs to reorganize this place," Haru said, pulling a book out. "I don't think that 'Iterations of the Junishi Curse' belongs in the..." he squinted. "Financial records of Manami Sohma." He walked toward the end of the shelf, scanning the books. "Looks like she lived to be about 80. That's pretty good if she was one of the Junishi. She had a sake refinery. I wonder if it's that stuff they serve at the New Year's party."

Momiji huffed in frustration.

"Yukiya was certainly a popular name. Which one is it supposed to be?" He pulled out another book. "This one was definitely too old." He looked for a better place to put it back, but opted on putting it back where he found it. "These are so out of order, I can't even tell where I should look." He sighed and pulled out another book, before he heard a squeak. Looking up quickly, he focused on where the sound came from.

"The medical records seem to be in decent order at least," Haru remarked.

"Did you hear that?"

Haru looked up. "Hear what?"

"There was something..." He stood up and hopped toward the shelf where he heard the noise. Stabilizing himself on the shelf, he took a look. These all looked to be journals of various family members, but he focused on the one that was sticking out. It was hidden in a stack on top of the other shelved books. It was dark blue, with a silver tassel bookmark sticking out. Momiji pulled it down and opened it carefully as it was practically falling apart. A strong smell of must and old paper wafted out of it as he opened it.

"This is it," he breathed.

"How do you know?"

Momiji didn't say anything, as it sounded a little weird to say that he believed Yukiya helped him find it, though he was sure that was the case. He looked around. He felt nothing different, but he wondered how close Yukiya was right now. However he didn't see anything strange, or even feel the heaviness that he had felt the other times he had seen the ghost.

"Is there a date?"

Momiji carefully flipped to the last page. It was blank so he flipped back until he found some writing.

"The last entry was June 7th, 1958."

Haru scanned through the medical files and pulled out the one that looked right. Momiji in the meantime tried to make out the last entry. It was hard to read, since the writing was a bit faded and some of the characters were hard to make out.

June 7th, 1958

I haven't written in a while. I haven't felt well. My 17 birthday wasn't very good and after that, I got sick. I had another fever. It didn't turn into pneumonia this time, thank goodness. Sora was really angry with me. He scared Kazue, when he tried to kiss her. She's older than I am, but I still feel like I need to protect her. She ran away from him. I went and challenged him. I told him to leave her alone. For one thing, he's ten years older than she is. She doesn't want anything to do with him. I know she really has a crush on that stupid horse (horse's ass more like it) instead, even though I think he's kind of a jerk. But Sora has no right to force her like that. He hit me. Hard. The cat was surprised that I did it though. No one is supposed to challenge Sora. But I don't care. I hate seeing my sister sad. Anyway, Sora said I can't have any friends over anymore. He's crazy. He doesn't want any of us to be happy. I don't know why. He acts so strange sometimes. He really scares me. But it felt really good challenging him. Oh well. I can still play with family, so a bunch of us are going to the lake tomorrow. Kei said he's definitely going to be there. I love him so much. He's always helped me and spent time with me, even when I get so sick. I like my school friends, but he's always been my best friend.

Momiji closed the book. Haru looked at him with concern.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know," Momiji sighed. "It's really weird reading about us. I mean it's not us, but these were previous incarnations of us kind of. It feels strange.

"Yeah. It is weird. It says here that the ox was a girl. She even got married."

Momiji giggled. "Haru was a housewife!" he teased in a singsong voice.

"No I wasn't. The ox was."

"Maybe that's why you make such pretty jewelry, Haru chaaaaan!"

Haru snapped quickly and pulled a startled Momiji to him by the collar, making him wince as he jarred his ankle a bit. There was evil in Haru's eyes and Momiji realized he had gone black.

"Maybe I need to show you how much of a man I am."

He kissed Momiji hard and Momiji kissed back excitedly. Though he was a bit annoyed that Haru only got this way when he was black, Momiji did enjoy the attention he got. As Haru's tongue found his, he sighed and wondered if he shouldn't goad Haru to going black more often.

Haru was just about to unbutton the blond boy's shirt when the door opened. Haru turned angrily.

"Would you mind, I'm a little busy here!"

Akito looked at the cow distastefully and walked in.

"I heard you were injured. I was worried. You must be more careful, though I'm pleased you came to visit me."

Momiji twiddled his thumbs. "Yes. We were waiting for Hari to finish first. We didn't want to bother you!"

"Hm.." Akito said, advancing on the two. "And what is it you're reading?" Momiji

"J...just some history. I have a school project. We have to report on our family lineage. I thought maybe I could get some information here."

This seemed to satisfy Akito. "I hope you're careful. You know how carefully we must guard our secret."

"Momiji, this guy is interrupting us," He turned to Akito and loomed over him. "Should I get rid of him?"

Akito glared. "Careful, idiot. I'm not in a patient mood."

Momiji teetered forward, pulling Haru away clumsily. "He went black, Akito-san. I'm sorry. Maybe we should just go home."

Akito snatched the book out of Momiji's hand, opening it and reading. His eyes narrowed, and Momiji thought he saw a flash of rage pass through the dark eyes, before he shut the book.

"Why are you reading this?"

Momiji squeaked. He couldn't back up without falling over at this point. "It was just something I picked up. I thought I might do a report on him... since he was about my age when he wrote this!" Momiji said, thinking quickly.

"He was nothing!" Akito spat acidly. "He was a traitor and a deceiver." He advanced on the blond menacingly. Haru stepped in front of Momiji.

"Hey! He's mine! Hands off!"

"Haru, control yourself!"

Hatori's sharp voice cut through the air like a knife, and suddenly Haru was white again. "What's wrong?" He said, confused. "Why is everyone so tense? Akito, are you okay?"

Akito sighed in frustration, but relaxed a bit. The danger was gone from his eyes and suddenly he seemed like a different person. "I hate it when he's like this. Take him and leave. I'm tired."

Hatori stood to the side and let Haru help Momiji past before following them toward the car.

"Momiji," Akito called. Momiji turned around apprehensively, the book clutched tightly in his hand.

"Yes, Akito?"

"I don't want you taking that book off Sohma property. We must guard our secret."

"I promise!" Momiji nodded. Akito seemed satisfied enough with this and Haru and Momiji made their way to the driveway.

They sat inside the car, waiting. Hatori was still talking to Akito at the threshold.

"Haru had gone white again, but he was now looking at the book he had in his hands when they had been caught."

"Momiji, this is crazy. The boy, Yukiya? He was the Junishi mouse. Guess how he died?"

Momiji gulped. "How?"

"He drown."

* There be lemon ahead, mateys. Most of the time, I will separate these into little oneshots that are part of the main story, but not necessary to it most of the time. As usual, you can find the lemony bits on my site. Thanks for reading!!! *