Title: The Hunt

Author: Electricgurl

E-mail: electricgurl_0582@yahoo.ca

Rating: PG-13 There is a possibility that it might go up.

Disclaimer: Don't own just play with them.

Paring: D/C and maybe A/B

Summary: The hunt for Cassandra is on… but who will win and at what cost…the 3rd in the series…

Spoilers: Maybe not very sure.

A/N: Okay people here is the 3rd and possible final in a series unless my muse have something to say about it. Just a few short notes. I still have no name for this series any idea's are welcome would be appreciated. The rating might go up I'm not sure I'll post a warning in an A/N in the chapter if it does…Claire and Darien are a couple now but no one knows yet…Darien suffers from tolerance to the counteragent in this story.  Hope you enjoy…