Chapter 7:

"Man I have the worst headache!" Darien mumbled as he woke up. Claire looked over.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like a truck hit me then back over me and then I was hit by lighting and then-"

"Okay I get the idea." She frowned. "Darien, the cure didn't work correctly."

"What do you mean?" He asked suddenly worried.He glanced down at his wrist."Am I going to be-" He stopped himself and rubbed his wrist glancing back at Claire.

"I'm working on it, As far as I can tell is that Arunad's version kick started the real version of the tolenrance."She walked over. "The quicksilver will be now secreating at their normal rate it's just that when you have counteragent it's won't be as affective." He nodded. "So don't use the gland unless, you NEED to." She stress the needing part. "Alex and Bobby are waiting for you."

"Okay Keepie, I'll talk to you later after work maybe?" he asked her. She nodded.

" I'll see you at home and Darien." She turned to him. "Be careful." He smiled at her.

"My middle name is careful."

"Really I thought it was G-"

"Don't even think about it." He told her shaking a finger at her. He pulled on his jacket and got out of the chair rolling his neck he walked to the door. "Later." He shouted as he dissapered behind shut doors.

"Later." She said to her empty lab.


"Good there's the man of the hour." Bobby said as Darien walked into Alex's lab. "Ready to do some real work?"

"Do I have to?" Darien asked. Alex cocked her eyebrow.

"What do you think?" He smiled at her. But didn't reply.

"So where to?" Darien asked taking a seat across from the two.

"A armpartent building downtown. We have had a few different people point us in that direction for Cassandra's location."

"Okay then Let's hit the road." Darien got up and moved to the door followed closely behind the other two.


Cassandra loved her job. She counted out the names again. Fourteen in total. At Half a mil a person. She smiled. Thanks to Darien she would never have to work again in her life. Well if she hated her job she wouldn't but where would be the fun in that. She laughed softly and grabbed her jacket. She checked her gun and slipped it in the back of her pants. She lifted the paper's to her lips and gave them a small kissed.

"I love America!" She said. "They make wonderful weapons."


"How much longer?" Darien whinned.

"Twenty minutes."

"That's what you said a half an hour ago."

"Well sooner or later I'll be right..."Alex let that sink in. Darien shurgged and looked back out the window.


The official was looking over yet another report. When the phone rang. "This is him." He stated when he picked the phone up.

"Yes sir," He made a face. "I will be sending you my best agent as soon as he finish up with then present assignment." He said. "But there will be a fee." He smiled he loved doing bussiness.


"We're here!" Bobby finally annonoced.

"Fianlly, I've got to pee." Darien said.

"Okay we'll just do the regualar job." Bobby said as he got out. "Darien she should be on the top floor somewhere."

"Got it." The two men walked up to the building. Bobby stoped at the desk and Darien walked to the elevators. Pushing the up botton he began to tap his foot as he waited for his ride. 'Ding' the doors slide open to reviel a surprised Cassandra. It took Darien a moment to recover from the shock.

"Hey!" He screamed as she pushed the close. the doors slammed shut. He watched the needle tick off the floor. Sixth...seventh...eighth...she stopped on the eighth floor.

"Bobby that was her!" Darien yelled.He ran over and pulled his gun out.

"Stair's!" He commanded. Darien nodded and the two sprinted to the staircase. "What floor?"

"Eighth." The ran up keeping pace with one another. As they got off onto the eighth floor bobby's phone went off. Sighing he fished it out with his free hand. 'Fish'' He mouthed to Darien. Pressing the 'talk' he hissed into the phone.

"SIr, this isn't the best time."

"You have a new job finsih up with what you are doing and get back here ASAP!" He said.

"Yes, Sir" Bobby said not in the mood to start a fight. Then he hung up. Darien was a few steps ahead of him. "Fawkes...wait for me." He said. Darien turned around.

"Hurry up then." Bobby walked up to him and the two conutiuned their little search. They finsihed the floor.

"There's no one here." Bobby said. "Let's go hit her room then I have to get back to the agency." He moved back to the staircase. When someone burst out into the hall running right into him. It was Cassadrana. they fell to the floor. She picked herself back up first and took of to the stairs. "DARIEN GET HER!!!"Bobby yelled as he picked up the two fallen weapons. Darien ran right after her. She exited on the ground floor and Darien pushed threw slamming the door. Cringing at the damage it caused.

"STOP FEDREAL AGENT!" Darien yelled at her. She didn't pay any attendance and conutiuned running. A younger man tried to stop her but all he got was a punch in the face from her as she ran by him. Darien quickly followed her. "Sorry!" He said to the fallen man. "And Thanks!" Darien poured on the speed he was so close. She was getting in a car. //NOOOOO!!!// He made it just in time and pulled her out of the car.

"I don't think so." But Darien didn't think and he to was on his ass looking up at her.

"If only I had the time." She said. "I'll get you later." She dived into her car and spun out just as Bobby ran into the parking lot. Spotting Fawkes on the ground he became worried.

"Fawkes you okay?" He shouted.

"I'd be better if we catch her." He said picking himself up he ran to the van. "Come on she's not that far ahead of us." Bobby smiled

"Come on then." Alex was already in the car.The two men jumped in. Within second Bobby was pealing out of the parking lot behind Cassadrana.


It had taken way to long for her to lose those idiot's. She looked at her watch and now she was late. She frowned and finally pulled up to the small house where she was meeting up with. She locked the car and pulled out her suitcase. Closing the door she calming walked up to the house. She ran the doorbell and glanced at her watch. Only fiveteen minutnes late...It could be worse. A young men opened the door.

"Your late."

"I know, but what I have is worth the wait." He eyed her.

"Fine, come in but this better be worth it."

"It is trust me." She grinned and walked past him.


"This is so dumb!" Darien exclaimed as he crawled threw a tigh air- duct.

"Darien, shut-up and do your work." Bobby's voice crakled over his headphone.

"Easy for you to say you're not in he frickin' airducts."

"Please, just try and find the stuff so we can leave."

"Trust me when I say that I'm trying I mean-" He stopped mid- sentence. "I think I found something."

"What is it?" Darien moved forward and grabbed the bloddy towel, and a knife fell to the floor. "I think we might want to start looking for a body."


Cassandra walked out of the house she had went into smiling. She was now half a million dollars richer. She made her way to her car and got in. Slightly laughing she shifted into drive and took off ploting how to get Darien and all of his friends.



Darien lay on his back looking up at the ceiling. Claire lay sleeping on his bare chest. He was enjoying this time alone with her, even if she was asleep. The past week had been nothing but work for both of them; when one was home, the other was at work.

Darien had begun to develop a tolerance to the counteragent and Claire was working in the lab 24/7. He sighed running his hand through Claire's hair. Taking a quick look at his wrist, he noticed it was already half-full. 'And I only got a shot yesterday.' He sighed again. Claire was still dressed. He arrived home earlier that night to a letter saying that she would be home later that night and there were leftovers in the fridge. When Claire had arrived home at 12:30 am that morning. Darien had been fast asleep. He had just woken up now to find Claire asleep on his chest.

He wanted to cook her breakfast but he was stiff and sore from chasing another pointless lead in the case of Cassandra's whereabouts. Claire moaned and shifted wrapping her right arm around his neck, snuggling deeper into Darien's chest. He closed his eyes just enjoying the simple feel of her hair, and her face, her lips, her neck.

Darien's heartbeat picked up turning his left arm invisible.

"Aw, Crap." He shook it off just as the phone rang. He reached over and grabbed the cordless that was on the bedside table. He pressed talk and the cradle blew up.

Darien grabbed Claire throwing her off the bed onto the floor. 'Not a great way to wake her up but it'll have to do.' The quicksilver coated Darien as the flame hit the bed and he rolled off to grab Claire by the arm and cover her too.

"What's going on?" she mumbled, still half asleep.

"The phone blew up." Darien said as he helped her up. They moved to the door Darien grabbing a pair of pants to slip on.

They made it into the kitchen and Darien un-quicksilvered them. Claire shivered.

"I hate that stuff." She hissed as it fell to the floor. Darien smiled knowing how she felt.

"Get some water and then call Bobby." Darien said pulling on his pants as Claire filled a pitcher of water. She passed it to him. He turned to go back into the bedroom when a figure jumped out from the shadows pointing a gun at his face. As they came closer, the intruder's face came into view. Darien's face became horror-struck, the figure just smiled.

"Surprise, you found me." Cassandra said. Then she pulled the trigger.

"No!" Claire shouted grabbing Darien's shoulder she pulled him down towards the floor the bullet flew over their heads crashing into the window causing it to shatter and lights flicker on in near by houses as people were awake by the noise of a gun shot.

Cassandra growled grabbing Claire by the hair. She cried out trying to fight back.

"Stop it!" Cassandra hissed slapping her across the face. Claire fell back onto the floor near Darien. "Look, the two lovebirds are going to die together." She said cocking her gun. "But which one first?"

"YOU!" Darien growled leaping up and grabbing both of her arms he tried to push them to the ceiling but was to slow. She pulled the trigger and the bullet slammed into Darien's left side. He grunted but continued to fight. "You've held me prisoner." He twisted her left arm." Tortured my friends and I." He pulled the gun out of her grip. "Almost killed me and the people I hold dearest." He shoved her to the floor. She held her arm close to her body. Making no move to get up. "It's your turn to die." He said cocking the gun he pointed it at her. She smiled and swung her leg upwards . She hit him and he fell backwards the gun sliding away loss in the confusion. Cassandra jumped up as Darien cried out grabbing the back of his head clawing at it.

She scanned the room for the gun and found it in Claire's hand being pointed at Cassandra.

"For crying out loud!" She screamed. "Enough with the musical gun." Claire kept the gun trained on her as she moved to the fridge. Opening the door she pulled out a syringe of counteragent and walked to Darien who was laying quietly on the ground.

"Darien, Sweetie are you going to let me give you this shot?" She asked.

"Maybe later. I have some unfinished business with that bitch over there." Darien said sitting up. His eyes bloodshot he stared at Cassandra.

"little Darien might not have been able to kill you; but trust me when I say I have no problems with that." He quicksilvered his hand and placed it over his wound and left the coldness stop the flow of blood. He smiled the entire time as Claire winced for him. Cassandra's smile disappeared.

"You're insane!" He grinned at her..

"What was your first clue?" he asked as he took a step forward. "I would run if I were you." and she did with Darien right after her. She ran up the steps taking two at a time. "Little Cassandra did you know I killed your father?" QSM Darien taunted her as she slipped out of sight. "he was weak an easy kill. Not even worth my time." He carefully took the finally step up the stairs. "He thought I was weak but he was mistaken. He didn't last five minutes." A fist flew at Darien. Connecting with his cheek. He laughed. "You're weak too." He said grabbing her wrist he pulled her close. "Do you know how you're father died?" He asked her and he gripped both of her arms and held them behind her with one hand. With the other he grabbed her throat and walked to the bedroom were the flames ate at the walls. She shook her head visually no. Darien dragged her to the window. Still holding onto her he kicked the window. It shattered on impact. He lowered his mouth to her ear. " I threw him off of a roof." Darien informed her in a whisper. Her eyes shoot open in fear and her body tensed. "Now this isn't the roof exactly but it will have to do. I mean it's the next best thing, I've got." He pulled her to the window. She was fighting but his grip was to strong. " Say Hi to your dad when you see him. I imagine the devil has a circle in hell just for the two of you." Once darien said this he picked her up and threw her out the window head first. HE looked out just in time to she her land. Her neck twisted at an odd angle. He smiled and turned. The fire was now spreading into the hall. He walked threw the jumping flame not even cringing as it hit his bare flesh.

""Claire!" He called out."No playing hide and seek. Come out." He heard a noise downstairs. He walked down the stirs humming to himself. He was enjoying the warmth the fire was giving off on his back. He snaked his way around the living room. Suddenly he felt a needle plunged into his neck. He turned around to see Claire injecting the counteragent.

"Damn." Then he collapsed.


Darien shot awake, looking around he realized her was safe in the keep. Claire as sitting in a chair watching him.

"Hey. Welcome back to the living." He smiled.

"How long was I out?"

"About eight hours."

"Is it over?" he asked referring to Cassandra.

"Yes, don't you remember?" She asked worried.

"Enough." Claire got up and walked towards him. Darien got up and moved backwards.

"Claire don't I'm not safe to be around." She frowned.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know the quicksilver Madness."

"Sweetheart. I'm working on a cure. You don't have to-"

"WORRY?!?" He shouted. "Yes I do, Claire. I have to worry every time when we are alone, Every time I use the gland." A tear slipped down his cheek. "I just can't do this anymore. I'll find a new place as soon as possible. 'till then I'll crash at bobby's." Then he turned and walked out of the Keep, leaving a stunned and hurt Claire in his wake.


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