I got this idea recently and can't get it out of my head. I didn't see Yuri!!! on Ice whole because I hate watching romance but I love Jujutsu Kaisen.

Well this fiction will be short and I will probably never finish it, so it's up for adoption.

I won't be using Jujutsu Kaisen characters just Yuri!!! on Ice. I just can't get the characters right if there are too many.

Also I haven't see Yuri!!! on ice in a while, so the characters might be a little OOC. Sorry.


In this fiction all people are able to see curses if they are attacked by them or if the curse is big enough. To put it simply they're under so much curse energy, that they are able to see them temporarily. However they're not able to use curse energy. Only Jujutsu sorcerers can use curse energy and see curses all the time. General public is aware of their existence.

Because of this a Jujutsu transnational organizations was made. Every Jujutsu sorcerers is working under it (it's like the organisation from Hunter X Hunter). They have rules they follow and if any of them break these they are punished, the punishment can be even death.

Sorcerers are easy to recognise. They are wearing personalized uniforms (like in Jujutsu Kaisen) and identify cards. Sometimes people can recognise them by weapons they have. Also there is a online list of sorcerers.


Since his parents find out he could see curses he was trained in martial arts and he done ballet and figure skating too.

Because he could always see curses he was scared of them and could get panic attack easily. When he got his dog he got better.

He skate because he liked it a lot and it was form of therapy. He got really good at it and often competed in it. He admire Victor for his skills but wasn't as much of fanboy as in cannon.

When he entered high school (junior high and later Jujutsu high school in Tokyo) he didn't compete as much but still get in some World wide competitions, even hit the podium few times (only third and second places). He met Victor there but they didn't talk much. He met Phichit and others too. He stopped competing in his last year of High school. He lost one of his classmates on the mission and got depressed. After some months he get over it and started to work as proper Jujutsu sorcerer, he has never return to competing. And he always kept his abilities and school secret and no one exposed him, he was lucky.

His power is to create an ice. With his cursed energy he can shape the ice at will. It is double ache sword. If he use too much energy it can give him frost bite or drone all his energy. Of course he has better resistance against the cold but if temperature goes under -25 degrees Celsius, it can hurt him (frost bite,) if he doesn't have 'a second skin' made out of cursed energy (like Gaara's sand armour from Naruto).

His weapons are twin daggers and blades in his boots. He wears combat boots with high sole. When he take the sole of it reveals blades like on ice skates.

His fighting style is combination of martial arts, street fight, ballet and ice skating. He focus on his speed, flexibility and stamina. When the cures is lower rank he just kills it with his daggers. With higher ranks use his ice skates too.


Yuri attended a wedding of his friend and fellow sorcerer. Now he is staying in town to see Grand Prix Final and look after the town while his friend is on honeymoon. He took his dog Vicchan with him. (Even after not needing therapeutic animal, Vicchan is still his dear friend.) He is 23 years old and is trying to find a lover. After a nice walk with Vicchan he is walking back to an apartment (his friend bagged him to look after his apartment as well) he ran into a curse. It attacked a passer by, thankfully Yuri saved him. He fought it but it killed his dog and run away. He was depressed for a while but is determined to hunt down and kill the curse.

Now to the story:

Chapter 1

Yuri is currently at the stadium where is Grand Prix taking place. The curse is after the skaters. He has warned everyone police, other sorcerers, skaters and their coaches, the International Skating Union. He tried to convince them to hire more guard or wait with performance until he deal with the curse but they didn't listen. The latter was practically impossible. Which is why he and like tree newbies sorcerers are here acting as a guard, waiting for attack instead of hunting that damn thing.

He is in his uniform but has a trench coat on hide the uniform. He doesn't need to alarm the curse. He has his hair slide back and wear his glasses.

It's end of the finals and most people are making their way to the main exit or in another words his current location. 'So many people are coming out'. He can feel stares at him. 'Looks like some fans still remember me' he thought. It took nearly two hours too clear the place and skaters are finally coming out.

'It's time' he tighten his grip on his daggers. He looked around the hall 'some fans are still here, reporters, guards non sorcerer, coaches, skaters, workers. I may have to use my ice to protect them. It will be dangerous.'

His gaze wander to skaters. He recognise some of them from his days. It's kinda nostalgic worrying only about skating and fans. They don't have it easy but it is easier than his work. A voice snapped him out of his musings.

"A commemorative photography? Sure!" it was Victor Nikiforov. That guy was looking directly at him.

Yuri was frustrated since his dog died and today he is extra annoyed. So he desaited to be rude. He give Nikiforov the most annoyed look he could muster and look away after few seconds. The shocked look at Nikiforov face was hilarious and it cheer up Yuri a little.

He heard noise from ceiling. When he looked up he saw it. That stupid curse, it looked like a chameleon with eight legs and shape teeth. It jumped and was about to attack the Russian team.

Victor is bord. Coach Yakov is enthusiastic about him getting gold and won't stop brag about it. But this year is even worse because Yuri Plisetsky will be senior next year. Yuri has talent, Victor won't denied it, but has a poor step sequence. Now he just want to go home and cuddle with Makkachin.

They were leaving the stadium when someone caught his attention. An Asian man in dark coat with glasses. He was lazily looking around and now he's looking at them. His face morph into one of nostalgia. He seems familiar. 'Maybe he is fan. If not I can still talk to him.'

"Commemorative photography?" Victor asked. At sound of his voice the man looked at him. 'Yes, now I have his attention.' Victor continue "sure!"

But he got reaction he never expect, the man give him annoyed look and look away. Victor was shocked no one has ever react like this. 'How interesting.' Now he is determined to get to know this man.

Yuri, Yakov and some of his fellow skaters give him a look. And Yuri asked.

"You know him?"

"No, but he seems familiar and interesting."

Yuri snorted, "will you try to get him on date?"

Victor smiled. "Yes I will."

The man looked up an expression of hunter who find his pray spread across his face.

"Isn't he a bit creepy?" asked one of the skaters.

Victor just looked up and saw a shade. It flicker from a shadow to semi visible monster and back.

"A CURSE, RUN" someone yelled.

The monster now visible jump down ready to attack. It was aiming for Victor. Instinctively he shield his face and shut his eyes ready for attack that never came. He opened his eyes and saw the man and wall of ice.

"Are you ok?" he asked worry in his voice.


"Good stay here," the man demand and schrack off his coat and Victor could see his uniform.

'He's a sorcerer' Victor's mind scream.

He took off his boots sole reverting blades like ice skates and run to the battle. An ice was forming under the man's feets.

Once the sorcerer despair behind the wall Victor turned around. He saw equally scared Yuri and Yakov.

"What the fuck?" screamed Yuri.

They heard roar of pain and seconds after human size body slammed into the wall. They carefully looked at the other side of the wall.

On the floor lied a massive tongue and a leg. The monster was trying to escape but could get up on the ice. The sorcerer was getting on his legs A blood was dripping on the ice from his wound on his stomach. He gripped the daggers and charged again.

He moved with grace of dancer easily dodging purplish spits from the monster. Once he was up close he took down another leg with one swing. The monster roar again. It swing it's tail at the sorcerer, but he jumped like figure skater effectively dodging it. His lending was perfect. He started to skate really fast and as get enough speed he practically turned into the whirlpool. The spins surprised the monster which gives opportunity to strike. In mater of seconds he cut off its tail, another tree legs and give it numerous cuts. Now he was standing in front of its head. He held up his right hand and stab the monster in head effectively killing it.

The monster disappear leaving the sorcerer standing alone. The sorcerer hid his daggers and slowly melted the ice.

"I'm sorry for the trouble," he said when he came to pick up his coat. "Well Be on my way. See you around." He waved a good bye and was walking away.

Yakov nudged Victor towards the sorcerer. "Go on, brat."

"Wait a moment," Victor said hurriedly.

The sorcerer stopped and looked at him.

"What is your name?" Victor asked.

The sorcerer tilted his head to one side but answered non the less. "Katsuki, Yuri Katsuki."

"I'm Victor Nikiforov."

Now named Yuri nodded.

"I want to thank you for saving us."

"There is no need. It's my job."

"Well, still-" he was interrupted by a loud voice.



Yuri turned to the source of the voice.

"Phichit, nice to see you again." He smiled.

"I haven't see you in years and all you have to say is 'nice to see you again'?" Phichit mocked, but it was clear he was still shocked. "Why did you never tell me what is your job. Like really you're a sorcerer, bro."

Yuri looked sheepish, "Hehe... Sorry I didn't want everyone to know while I was still a pro. After that I just forgot to tell you." He bowed "Sorry."

"It's cool, bro. We should go grab a drink together and catch up."


"Ahm," it was Victor, "do you know each other?"

"Don't tell me you forgot. Yuri has been competing with you for tree years. He nearly got gold one time."

Victor was stunned.

They heard a chuckle. "Well we didn't really spoken to eachother and I was still chubby in face. It doesn't suprise me that much."

"Well, you changed a little." said Phichit. "Anyway how long will you be in a town."

"I'm leaving tomorrow at same time as you just in different plane."

"Really, you need to tell me everything then. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you." Yuri turned and finally leave.

Well, that's it. If you want me to continue this story let me know.