Welcome to another incarnation of Bella and Edward!
A huge thank you to Team SLG:
Di, my editor,

Paige, Aileen, Rachel, and Renee, my prereaders.
Also, to Lizzie for the gorgeous story banners.

This story was based on a Fic Lab prompt called different.

Thinking of the word different, I decided to focus on a girl who'd been bullied by a boy in high school, and the idea that over ten years later, they would be completely different people when they meet again.

The boy, now a man, has forgiven himself for his past, has forgiven himself for being a beast to the girl. He's seeking redemption, but first has to face the consequences of his behavior toward the girl whose past taught her not to trust him.

The girl thought she'd moved past the pain as well, but she never expected to meet the boy again. She certainly never expected the now-compelling man to ask for forgiveness. Still angry, hurt and reluctant to forgive him, she does everything she can to keep him at arm's length. That's where the title Stupid Little Game comes from. (And does she want to win or lose this game?)

Together, they have to learn to accept their "new" normal. Which is a surprise for them both because neither anticipated the feelings each would have for the other.

I sat with my anger long enough,
until she told me her real name was grief.
- C.S. Lewis
Stupid Little Game
Chapter 1

I'm sorry, but this story was pulled to publish as a paid writer on a platform called Kindle Vella. The name of the game there is to publish episodes (story chapters) instead of the whole story at a go. In this way, readers look forward to reading you "an episode at a time." The new name of the story is ENEMY MINE by Andi King. I hope you check me out!

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