Unreal: What did I do to Deserve This?

Disclaimer: I don't own Unreal or any of its constituent parts they are the property of Epic Games and Infograms, I think.

One: The Crash

"Prisoner 359!" The Guard barked. "Return to your cell!"

I did, the force field flickering to life behind me, I settled down on my bed to eat the gruel.

"Damn!" I cursed as the sudden shuddering caused my food to slosh everywhere. Alarms started going off and I grabbed the bunk above mine to stop form being thrown across the room. Outside the cell guards were running around,

I knew one of the men form another block was being executed in the electrocution chamber attached to our block. Couldn't remember his name, didn't really care.

"Everyone Stay in your bunks." A guard yelled over the intercom. As the force fields at the doors of our cells flickered out.

Iverx, my cell companion, jumped on a guard smashing both her hands into the back of his head, he crumpled in a lifeless heap on the floor.

"Behind you!" I yelled over the growing din of alarms, as a guard razed his laser and fired into her back. She spun around the massive gash in her side didn't bleed, the heat form the laser prevented bleeding which was why it wasn't such a good weapon.

Iverx leaped at the guard who was court off guard and fell to the floor, she twisted the laser out of his hand with her superior strength and shot him, point blank anything will kill, especially if it's aimed at the head.

"Common!" She called to me, I took a step forward to join her when the chains holding the top bunk snapped and it came crashing down on the top of my head. That was the last thing I remember, Iverx left me there. Ok I would have done the same, you didn't survive this long inside without learning look after number one.