On October 31St 1981 a figure wearing robes as dark as the nights sky walked quickly down the streets of Godric's Hollow. As they approached the address given to them by their follower that went by the name Peter Pettigrew or wormtail. When he reached the correct address they removed their hood to reveal a almost human face that was missing a nose, had red eyes and had a grey tint to their skin.

They then entered the house and found James Potter standing by the fireplace at the other side of the room looking ready to fight.

"What are you doing here Voldemort" he asked with a hint of fear evident in his voice.

"I have come for the child" Voldemort replied with a hint of boredom in his voice " now move aside Potter"

"No I won't allow you to tou.." he was cut off as he was hit with a stunner to the heart.

Voldemort stepped over the unconscious form of the member of The Order Of The Phoenix and made his way up the stairs were his follower had told him the nursery was located. He moved down the hall to the door of the nursery before blowing it up with a quick flick of his wand.

He then walked into the room carefully avoiding all the rubble scattered across the blue carpet in the room.

Inside the room he was met with the red headed Lilly Potter standing protectively in front of her children a three year old Harry and a three month old Nathan.

"Move aside you pathetic Mudblood" he sneered at the red head.

"No take me instead. Please take me instead" she said as she attempted to plea with the mad man in front of her.

"Stupefy" he said as the blue spell collided directly with her chest knocking her out instantly.

"Now" he spoke as he made his way towards Nathan" you are going to die". He then pointed his wand at him.

Shouting the words "AVADA KEDAVRA" a sickly green beam appeared at the end of his wand. He was shocked when he saw the three year old with eyes the same shade green as the curse he just fired step in front of his spell.

The child held up his hand and the spell seemed to freeze . Before he could comprehend what just happened the boy flicked his wrist and Voldemort was horrified when the spell came hurtling towards him.

He felt no pain as he disintegrated into a small pile of ash. All that remained of Voldemort now was a cloak, wand and a small pile of ash.

Harry and Nathan were not injured except for a small cut on each of their foreheads. Harry's caused by the magical backlash and Nathan's caused by rubble falling on him.


A low sound of a motor bike was heard as James's friend Sirius arrived on his flying motor bike. As the bike landed it shook slightly as it hit the ground.

Sirius arrived as fast as he could after finding out the rat animagus had left his safe house.

He rushed into the house and found the still form of his friends still body. He rushed over a let out a sigh of relief when he realised his friend was still alive and only unconscious.

He then cast a quiet regeneration spell and James instantly quickly woke up.

"Are the boys ok" was the first thing he asked in a panicked voice

"I don't know James, I just arrived" he replied before the two ran up the stairs as fast as they could.

To their horror the door was blown opened. They then rushed in side the room. Relief flooded them as the saw the two young children alive and mostly unharmed.

The relief quickly vanished when they saw Lilly unconscious on the floor. James quickly ran over to his wife and cast the regeneration spell on her when he realised she had only been stunned.

"We should call Dumbledore" said James as he made his way over to the fireplace which was connected to the floo network.

As James contacted Dumbledore Lilly and Sirius made sure the boys didn't have any hidden injuries.

When Dumbledore arrived he quickly took noticed of the small V shaped scar on Nathan's forehead.

He then told James and Lilly that " Voldemort came and cast the killing curse at Nathan but due to his high power levels the curse was rebound back at Voldemort. Leaving only a cut on his forehead"

In their celebration no one noticed the lightning bolt cut on Harry's head.

Harry was happy that no one was stressed little did he know that nothing would ever be the same again.