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Marco -

Of course, I couldn't talk to Rachel and Ax out loud. The evil docs from Hell were still hovering around me. So all I could do was try and send them subtle facial expressions that showed my feeling right then. The first one had the message, "Get me the hell outta here!". I scrunched my face again into "Hurry up!". Then I tried to make my face convey the words "Rachel, Ax is stuck in the leftover jello from the previous patient!". For some reason, Rachel didn't get any of that.

What the hell, Marco, is your face trying to run away? Rachel asked.

Rachel, I apologize, but I appear to be suspended in a gelatinous substance. Ax called.

WHAT!? Rachel and another voice demanded. Another fly zipped nonchalantly in the room. Tobias.

Marco, man, your dad is here. He's all frantic and talking like he's be inhaling helium. Tobias told me. My eyes grew wide. What if he was made a controller? I scrunched up my face, trying to send them the urgent message: "We have to get him outta here!"

Dude, why is your face all weird?

Excuse me. . . Ax said weakly from the jello.

Comeone Tobias, we need to get him outta there. Rachel quickly flew to the green jello on the stand on the other side of the room. Tobias followed.

For the last desperate time I widened my eyes, pursed my lips, and tried to discreetly wave them back. This time the message was: "You idiots what about me?"

"Marco are you all right?" Dr. Penniswiggle looked at my face.

"I. . .yeah. . .pain. . ."

"Ah, well, you needn't worry about that. Soon you won't feel a thing."

I'll bet. Yeerk. I bit my lip to stop from saying this and braced myself for another slamming trip through the hospital swinging doors.

"But first, we'll need to do a few tests." Doc P informed me. He held a long tube and a jar over me, looking like the Angel of Death.

"W-w-what does that do?" I stuttered. I didn't see any yeerks yet, but the tube looked just as scary.

"Oh, it's just a test." He smiled. The banged me to a nearby room, leaving Rachel and Tobias trying to pull Ax from the jello. It was times like these I wonder why those people are my friends.

Fifteen minutes later I was returned to the first room, feeling like I suddenly wouldn't mind all that much having a yeerk in my head. I'd already been violated to the extreme, a yeerk would be nothing.

I saw three flies sitting on the doorframe.

Umm, hi, Marco. Rachel said sheepishly.

Sorry we, uh. . . Tobias trailed off.

Marco, what is the purpose of inserting a long thin tube into your -

Okay, Marco, we're busting you out of here. Tobias interrupted Ax. So they'd followed me and seen my "Testing". Wonderful. I showed the sarcasm on my face.

Marco, did they tamper with your face? Ax said in horror.

No they didn't, they just where testing some stuff in his body by sticking the tube up his -

People, we have a mission here. Rachel said quickly. I sensed embarrassment. If she were human, she'd have been blushing.

Just then a man burst into the room, looking like he just fought off the unibrowed nurse and several doctors. My dad.

"Marco!" he cried. Then he hugged my limp body. "They called me, told me you had possible appendix complications, told me they were doing TESTS!"

"That's about right. But you don't know half of it."

He looked at me confused. "What, oh you mean the probe test. They explained it to me. But look on the bright side, at least there weren't any girls around to see it."

I groaned and I saw a fly almost fall off the doorframe.

"Does it hurt? Oh they said they'd be taking you away soon." My dad said. Then he looked at the chart they had placed on the foot of my bed. "Holy. . .do you know your doctor's name!?"

"Why yes, he does." Doc P said icily. He appeared behind my dad.

"Oh, um, well, please carry on. I'll be in the waiting room. Bye, Marco." He hurried to the door and turned around to shoot me a comforting smile. I tried to return it, but it was ard considering I was about to become a controller and my protectors were a bunch of peeping flies on the wall.

Suddenly a doctor with his face-mask hanging off and the unibrow nurse sporting a cut on her lip bounded in, looking all ruffled.

"Was there a tall man with dark hair just in here?" Unibrow gasped. She was breathing hard. I caught her name on her ID. Ingrid.

"Why yes, it was his father." Doc P pointed at me.

"He's not supposed to be here! He has to stay in the waiting room!" the pissed off doctor said.

"And that's where he's gone." Doc P said calmly.

Ingrid and the doctor looked at each other and tore down the hallway.

"Well, Marco, your father certainly has a colorful personality." He said coolly. "I'll be right back, I have to check out the test results downstairs. If you need anything, the place is swarming with nurses and my associate Dr. Liu is right there ." Doc P huffed out the door.

That guy's got his panties too tight, doesn't he? Rachel commented.

I've got an idea! Tobias said. Marco's dad is really worried about Marco. So much so that he broke hospital rules and he checks the chart. Even more so now that he's gotten on the bad side of his doctor. . .Anything might set him off. . .

I twisted my face to express the word "Finally! What's the plan?"

Ax, do you know how you could possibley disable the elevators?

I believe so.

Alright then, after that Penniswiggle!

Hold on there, Tobias. What are we going to do? Rachel stopped him.

We really have to do it fast. No time to explain right now. I'll tell you as we go.

I widened my eyes frantically. No, no what about me!

I'll be back in 3 minutes Marco. Tobias said. Then they zoomed out, no doubt about to make my pleasant stay at the hospital much more difficult.

- - - Hee, this is fun. It's almost exactly like my expirience, except minus the evil yeerk plots and the insane flies who are supposed to be guarding me. Anyway, again, I SWEAR I didn't forget about this story **whistles and looks around** Hee hee hee. Anyway, I already finished my major fic THE ISLAND, so I'll start finishing this up. Like I said before, this will be very short, not a full length deal. Now I'm gonna watch some TV before the stupid power decides to go out again. Yesterday was hell, imagine 6 hours straight of playing Charades. . .and having to act out the movie "Gigli". . .