Hailing frequencies are open, Sir!

'Long distance relationships can take their toll on anyone, even in a loving relationship. But thankfully, holo calls were created just for the purpose, to ease up on the longing!'

A few weeks had passed since Wolffe's and Hardcase's first official date. After all, simply hooking up after a blind date having gone bad was not it. A date. Definitely not a date!

Still, the two of them had managed to setup a proper date. Right after several nights and a few bouts during the days as well. Having spent loving time in each others arms, neither of them getting much sleep. Neither of them complaining about it either.

Because, the sex was great and Wolffe and Hardcase were really good together in many other ways as well.

So, taking things further, having a real date had been a no brainer for the two lovers. After all, making things official had been on the minds of both men. This was no casual dalliance they had been looking for after all. And finding something more, to hold on? Well, that was the gist of it.

But, as it was with long distance relationships, both soldiers having been on assignments across the wide of the galaxy. So, finding time to spend with the other had turned out to be, well, somewhat difficult.

Alas, where there was a will, there always, was a way.

And so, the two of them had managed to find a middle ground. A solution benefitting them both, while out there in space and not physically together for a while at least.

It wasn't the same of course, not being able to touch the other. Because Wolffe had grown rather fond of touching Hardcase, whenever they were in close proximity. Wolffe being incapable of keeping his hands to himself when the two of them were in the same space.

Not that Hardcase was any different. Having become all touchy feely with the Commander of his own. Something new for the otherwise hyper man for sure. Never having been able to be too long with anyone to enjoy the small perks of what a full fledged relationship had to offer. That was before.

This was now. And now was rather different.

As it was, this was a totally new situation both Wolffe and Hardcase having had found themselves in. And so, willing to put the very effort there, to keep the relationship going, no matter the distance between them might just have been.

"The comms channel is open, Commander!"

"Finally! Patch me through!"

Wolffe's order was quite clear, even if this was a call of a more, well um, personal nature. But, at this point of the war, Wolffe really did not care. Because the Commander had found someone worth it all. Even a slight embarrassment in front of his troops.

What the kriff is the hold up?

'Acting all prim, proper and discreet might not always be the option. Especially when blinded by such a little thing, called love.'

"What is taking so long? I thought you said you had him?"

Wolffe demanded of his Comms officer, having lost the very important signal. Again.

"Sorry Sir! It seems, well, we had some difficulties in establishing the connection."

There was a slight snicker from the other officer right beside them just then. Making both Wolffe and the Comms officer to give him a wicked glare. This was no time for jokes, rumours, any of it. Wolffe simply did not have a patience for it. Not now! It had been way too long and the Commander felt, well, rather frustrated.

"But we have it now. Sir!"

The Comms officer almost jumped up from his seat to salute the Commander on the 'sir'.

"Patch it to my office."

And then, they did.

Seeing the naked form of his lover displayed in all its glory, even if it was a glimmering blue version of it. It was simply, a vision to behold!

Wolffe could not help but lick his suddenly dried lips. The scene in front of him was - spectacular, exquisite, graceful, magnificent, superb. Simply put, gorgeous!

There weren't enough synonyms in the galactic standard dictionary to describe the man Wolffe had given his heart to. It was something, oh so totally tasteful and it was only for Wolffe's eyes to see at this very moment in space and time.

Well - that, and the unfortunate (or fortunate) slip of the image of the man in inside the broadcast, while the Comms officer had tried to get the signal through to the Commander's office earlier.

Seeing that he and a few other officers present on the bridge had managed to get a rather an eye full of a peek preview of the full frontal nakedness of one Hardcase because of a minor glitch in the system.

And what they had seen? Well, it was enough to make any man jealous! For various reasons.


Wolffe managed finally, after staring into the flickering image of his lover.


Yeah, so that had happened. Developing sort of endearments for each other. Guess it was only the natural progress at this point in their relationship for that to have happened. Thankfully, those names were rather generic as they could have been so much worse!

"Sorry for the delay!"

Wolffe then apologised. Even if it had hardly been Hardcase's fault leaving him hanging on the line while Wolffe's troopers had tried to figure out what the snafu had been on their end in receiving the signal.

"It is fine, honey, I assure you."

The coy smirk emerged on Hardcase's lips.

"I was able to, um, entertain myself."

The results in plain view now as Hardcase turned ever so slightly. His handiwork on full display for the Commander to see and admire. The literal kind of handy work it had been.

Wolffe could only gulp at this point, his mouth having gone totally dry, the words getting stuck in his throat. Having been waiting for this moment for several days now, and seeing his partner already several steps ahead of him.

Well, Wolffe knew this was going to be quick. At least, the first round would be.

"I, I can see that."

Was all Wolffe managed.

"Why don't you get undressed too honey, so we can get this, holo train moving and on the road."

Hardcase let out soft suggestive chuckle, seeing the affect his nakedness was having on his lover.

"I um, yes. Please!"

And Wolffe did just that, get naked, as per ordered.

Glad to be have been of service, Sir!

'There is a thing called service. And then, there is, service, that of one reserved for one's lover only.'

"Oh. My. Maker!"

Wolffe was deep in the throes of passion. Yanking off after several rather carefully placed words and even more visual stimuli from Hardcase to get his lover into the state he was in at the very moment. The imagery Hardcase was pulling up, literally, almost as good as the physical touch would have been. Almost.

They both had agreed it really wasn't the same as being in the same room, same bed… or wall, table surface or even the shower stall. Basically any flat surface they could find for their little interludes, their romps of love making. It really did not matter as much as the fact that the two of them were skin on skin. Sliding perfectly against each other.


Hardcase was not far behind, his release as close as Wolffe's.

But it was mostly Hardcase's doing this time. Getting them both off. The dirty talk more in his domain than it was Wolffe's. But Hardcase did not mind. Being in control. As usually, when they were face to face, or well, dick to face or whichever way day were doing things, Wolffe seemed to be the one commanding their situation.

"You will be the death of me!"

Wolffe gnarled between clenched teeth, his hand working over time.

"It would be a good way to go though."

Hardcase could not help but laugh, even if they were both beyond anything except their pending releases. Still. Thinking about going that way? Well, what could have been a better way than leave this plane of existence than in one helluva orgasmic bliss!


Wolffe really could only form one word sentences, if even that.


They both chuckled then. The mere thought of some troopers finding their dead bodies wrapped around their own private parts with the open comms channel crackling between them sounded rather morbidly hilarious.

Not that Hardcase was in any better position either even if he managed to still think. Somewhat.

"Um, sweetie, I am, so close…"

"Me too."

"Together then?"


"On one, two…"

The last count faded into the ohs', ahs' among other incoherent sounds moaned in the heat of passion. And so, in almost a perfect unison, the two of them, inside the virtual connection, the star crossed lovers let their release take over, spreading their love juice for each other to see.

Because no distance could keep Wolffe and Hardcase from each other, even if the time spent was only through a cranky and flickering blue holo connection. The communications channel between them would always remain, open. Glitchy or not!