Conflict on Vegeta-sei

AGES: Trunks-21, Ryanna-19, Goten- 20, Pan-17, Bra- 18, Kankton- 19, Marron- 19,


Author's note: Hiya! Me again, well another story on it's way... I'm almost done with 'When our Futures Collide' and when I am done I'll be working on this and 'From the beginning.' Well here's the first chapter of Conflict on Vegeta-sei.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Vegeta-sei's bright orange sun peaked over its might mountains to welcome a new day. The temperature was fair with a cool windy breeze for a beautiful spring day. Trunks Vegeta... Prince and heir to the throne of Vegeta-sei looked out from his balcony to witness the beauty of the morning. The smell of morning dew filled his nose and the cool wet gale blew his short hair. "Man what a morning. It's beautiful." "Your majesty," Trunks turned to the door where one of his loyal guards and best friend stood by the door. "Hey morning Goten... and you know better... you can call me Trunks but only when my father isn't around." Goten smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh yeah sorry man. Anyway your dad wants to see you in the throne room once you're up and at em." Trunks smiled and nodded after pulling on his black spandex and royal armor Trunks clipped on his cape and headed to the royal throne room. Vegeta paced up and down in front of his already troubled looking wife/mate. "Vegeta stop pacing! You're making me nervous." "Get a grip woman."

The doors opened to reveal Trunks. "About time what took you so long?" "Had a bit of trouble with the armor... You wanted to see me?" Vegeta nodded and looked to Bulma who had a grief/nervous look on her face. "Trunks how old are you?" Trunks cocked an eyebrow and shrugged. "21, but you should know that by now." "You're getting older by the day Trunks, and I'm not getting any younger. The thing is I need an heir." Trunks nodded but then it hit him. "Please don't tell me you're throwing a ball to help me find a mate... that is so Cinderella's time." Bulma giggled at her husbands confused look. "Not exactly Trunks... but I do want you to find a mate. And the best way is to attend the Female fighting tournament this Saturday." "Why is that the best way?" "Because do you think I want some weak pathetic heir for Vegeta-sei? The strongest females are participating in this tournament and I want you to look sharp for something you like... perhaps the winner will be best." Trunks sighed though he hated to admit his father was right when he said he needed to find a mate. He was soon going to be 22 and needed someone. "Very well father. I will join you and go to this tournament." Vegeta smirks as his son and heir walks out of the throne room.

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