Conflict on Vegeta-sei

AGES: Trunks-21, Ryanna-19, Goten- 20, Pan-17, Bra- 18, Kankton- 19, Marron- 19,


Chapter 21: A new life another day

Trunks smiled as he held his new born son. They had named him Damien after Ryanna's father. The baby gurgled and Trunks chuckled at the face it made. Though Damien had his eyes and hair, the smile that he gave reminded him so much of his adoring fiance' that was laying in bed resting. The labor had tired her out completely, after taking a small moment to hold her son she let Trunks as well as everyone else to hold him while she rested. A yawn interrupted Trunks from his thoughts. He carefully put the baby down into the pin to lay down and checked the bed where Ryanna began to wake. "Hey sleepy head, are you okay?" Ryanna smiled and sat up. "Yeah I'm fine." She looked to the crib where Damien played with the dangling toys. She smiled. "He's so adorable. I couldn't have asked for more." Trunks smiled back and kissed her soft pink lips. "What do you expect with such an adorable mom?" Ryanna cocked an eyebrow but smirked. "You and your romance lines. Tell me something oh dear prince, have you ever considered reading romancing for dummies?" It was Trunks' turn to cock an eyebrow and Ryanna tried her best not to burst out laughing.

Several weeks went by and it was a summer afternoon. The large village that surrounded the palace was quiet as the citizens approached the castle. The royal horns blew and the crowd of saiyans, demi saiyans and what not cheered. King Vegeta stepped up to the high balcony to survey his people. "My people today is a day to remember. My son Trunks Briefs-Vegeta has taken a mate, produced an heir, and is now your new King." The crowd applauds but Vegeta raises his hands once again. "And now here they are, King Trunks, Queen Ryanna, and young Prince Damien!" The crowd cheers as Trunks approaches the balcony, Ryanna at his side holding their bundle of joy. Ryanna smiles as she holds the tiny infant in her arms. "Well due to all the events that have happened I'd say this is the perfect ending." Trunks looks to her and smiles back. "You're wrong love." He places his arm around her. "This is no ending, our life is just beginning."


"HELP!!!" "Oh common cuz it will only be for a wittle while." A baby girl with cerulean hair chases her older male cousin, Damien, down the halls of the castle. "No way Chyna! I'm no girl, go find Medina to play dolls with!" Chyna pouted and her chocolate brown eyes welled up in tears. "Oh no not the puppy dog treatment!" Chyna continues to pout and Damien groans. "Common Chyna I'm fifteen. I don't like to play dolls." "Hiya Damien." Damien looks around to see two females around his age, a blonde and a brunette, both with hazel eyes and angelic smiles. "Hi Medina, Hi Riley!" Medina, the brunette looked at Damien and winked. Damien gulped. 'Why did I have to be the only male in the family?'

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