Even with all the clashing personalities gathered at Chaldea under a single Master, the feud between Minamoto-no-Raikou and Shuten-Douji was one of the more heated conflicts. While the great oni took pleasure in teasing the woman who drugged and beheaded her in life, the youkai-slayer's hatred and intolerance for the oni hailing from Mt. Ooe specifically was not playful. Able to get along with figures with oni influences, like Michizuki Chiyome, Kiyohime, or Tomoe Gozen, and able to be courteous with other youkai like Kijyo Kōyō, Suzuka Gozen, Osakabehime, or even another of Japan's Sandai Keshō Tamamo-no-Mae, it is only Shuten-Douji and Ibaraki-Douji that Raikou wishes to exterminate entirely.

However, for her Master, her beloved son, the sweet, innocent boy yet to be corrupted by that immoral oni pests, Raikou stays her blade if left unprovoked. And yet, if her boredom reaches a certain threshold, the mischievous Shuten cannot help but poke the Genji general's buttons. Or rather, in the most recent case, sneak up behind Raikou using her Presence Concealment skill for a kancho.

Laying on her bed with her face buried in her pillow, the purple-haired woman remembered the angry face of the young Japanese Magus who was forced to lecture her and the oni menace that trigger her uncontrollable rage. Rubbing her plump posterior through her light-purple latex body suit, though she wasn't bleeding in any way, the Oni's sharp claws had momentarily pricked her as they slid into her anus.

"Shikushiku… shikushiku… It's not your fault, Master. Mother was the naughty one, I know that. Shikushiku… I destroyed so many rooms trying to remove that useless head from that useless bug's body. Mm, you did well to chastise Mother." It wasn't that she had been reprimanded that was causing her such distress though, nor the fact that she was once again unsuccessful in crushing that irritable insect. It was the pained expression on the dark-haired young man's face as he had to give his ultimatum to them. "Oh… I am such a terrible mother, forcing my son to make such a face. Shikushiku, shikushiku…"

As much as she wanted to make her darling Master happy though, this hurdle was too tall even for her. She was already compromising by not tracking down and slaying those dreadful oni every time she sensed their presence. How was she supposed to do anything more than that?

"You can be so cruel sometimes, Master… Shikushiku. But Mother understands."

*Knock, knock, knock*

As the sound of knuckles lightly rapping against metal alerted the motherly Berserker to a visitor, she wiped the tears from her eyes as she sat up in bed. "Who is-!? You! How dare you come to my room, you detestable insect!" She didn't need to open the door to recognize the Servant on the other side. Manifesting her Doujigiri Yasutsuna, she was about to draw and slice through both door and the infuriating Assassin, but her Master's stern, pained face flashed through her mind just as her thumb was about to move. Sighing heavily, not wanting to be the cause of any more damage to the facility, Raikou dropped her fighting stance and let go of her katana. "Just leave me alone. You heard what Master said. Not even you could possibly find being forced to remain in Spirit Form entertaining."

Despite not being given permission to enter, the pale-skinned youkai walked in with a hand on her hip and a wily smile on her lovely face. Her elegant, purple short kimono hung off her shoulders and was open to show the skimpy, metallic-looking article of clothing reminiscent of a modern-day sling bikini. Of course, she presented herself without a hint of shame, confident in her unearthly beauty as the scent of ripe fruits and strong alcohol followed after her. "Maa, maa~ As creative of a threat Dan'na-han proposed is, I'm not here to play, cow. Kunkun, kunkun… Ufufu, you are going to spoil all that milk at this rate." She said, walking right up to the famous samurai.

The difference in their heights was starking evident, as while Raikou was the second tallest female Servant in Chaldea, excluding Meltryllis and Kingprotea, Shuten tied with Helena Blavatsky and Kama's child form for the ninth shortest Servants. Though with her horns she'd rank much higher. The gap of 30 centimeters between them, though, meant that the fearsome oni stared up at her killer from her bust line.

"Unlike you, I refused to wallow and cry like a child. Instead, I procured a solution, of sorts, to our Master's demand." Reaching into the sleeve of her kimono, Shuten pulled out a slip of paper that had a spell formation inscribed on it.

With her knowledge of magecraft starting and stopping with eastern sealing and exorcizing spells, the obvious western design of the magic circle was foreign to Raikou. However, she was able to recognize some of the most fundamental of sealing magic in parts of it. "Hmph, going to seal yourself away? I could have done that for you. I'd make sure neither Master nor Kintoki would find you too."

"Ufufu. I see your ability to think outside of coddling and killing is as limited as ever." Snickering playfully, Shuten didn't fall for the provocation. She was the one to instigate and aggravate, not the other way around. "Ibaraki gave this to me as tribute, likely plundered from that doll-maker witch, though I care not where what is now mine came from before. And since I do not believe either of us is willing to compromise with the other's existence any more than we already have, it stands to reason that one will have to oversee and manage the other's position."

"Hmph. Even hearing facts from your lips makes me want to deny them." Raikou said, taking the paper from Shuten and looking it over. "Though, again, is there a need to use a western sealing method?"

Letting out a sigh, the petite oni shook her head in disappointment. "And how would Dan'na-han summon either of us if one is sealed away? Using this along with your ofuda scripts and my Oni magic, we should be able to create a seal that neither are able to tamper with from the inside but the one controlling it from the outside can let them out when Dan'na-han needs them. Once your service is finished, or you are slain, you'd return to the object I've sealed you into, and of course, we'd have to make it so you cannot one-sidedly nullify your contract just to get out of it, ufufu."

"And what makes you think I will be the one to be sealed away?" Picking up on the drunkard's shift from using neutral terms to specifying her, Raikou still had to consider the merits of the idea. Master never would allow me to get rid of this annoyance. He's just such a sweet, caring boy. He shouldn't think of oni as creatures whose feelings you need to consider, but as bugs to be trampled and forgotten. However, this may possibly be my best chance to remove this insect without angering my dear son.

"Maa~ A slip of the tongue, my mistake. Ufufu." Deflecting the accusation, Shuten giggled mischievously as she took a couple steps back from Raikou. "Of course, we'll decide fairly who shall be seal and who shall be the seal-holder. A single round of shiritori, to keep things as fair as possible. Initially, I wanted to play a game of kemari, but I could hear the excuses you'd make already if you lost. 'My bosom got in the way!' 'That didn't count!' There'll be none of that. Loser has to submit and get sealed away without complaining."

She's right that my ofuda would prevent Master from summoning her, so this complex spell array must allow one to seal the target multiple times or something to that effect. Medea must have also designed it with Servants in mind, but if it's so effective, why didn't this bug try to seal me without my consent? Does it not work if the target is unwilling? I suppose that would make the difference in the seal's potency. Breaking a binding spell one willingly submits to is much more difficult. Thinking clearly only because she needed to be sure that this wasn't a trick, the busty Berserker inspected the paper. She's plotting something. A way to guarantee my loss and then she could seal me away without issue, but before that, she needs my help and cooperation. Well, I suppose that is true for both of us. Fufu~ "Very well, insect. I can only tolerate you buzzing about my son for so long. Once I have you sealed away, that'll be one less thing to worry about."

Heh, perfect. Once this cow is gone I can take my time teasing and corrupting Dan'na-han. Ahhh~ Such a sweet boy, without his 'mother' to protect him. I'll have to keep him close or else some other oni may gobble whole and savor him to the last drop. Happy that things were going her way, Shuten earnestly cooperates with her long-time enemy.

And while the duo was known for so famously not getting along while in Chaldea, the moments when they fought together in defense of humanity and their Master they displayed a level of teamwork and synchronicity that matched even the likes of Anne and Mary or the Dioscuri twins. There was no stopping their constant bickering, threatening, and teasing, but they ironically enough complemented each other's strengths and made up for the other's weaknesses. Even when summoned and tampered with by Ashiya Douman in Shimousa, the hostility of their relationship couldn't be changed, but few challenges could overcome their united front.

Once they understood the intricate formation of the necessary elements of Medea's spell and supplemented the unneeded aspects with their country's magecraft, it was just a matter of fine-tuning and blending their styles of eastern curses and thaumaturgy. Raikou was able to point out flaws in Shuten's curses from her years of experience hunting youkai while Shuten revealed some of the weaknesses the only youkai could notice and take advantage of in the ofuda's sealing magic so they could escape.

After the seal was prepared, they then decided on the rule of the game, since shiritori has always had a few additional rules to make the game more interesting. They both agreed that they would only play one game, dakuten and handakuten would not be added or removed from the kana being used but a long vowel may either be ignored or considered as a vowel. Raikou wanted to allow common pronouns and names, but in the interest of making the game more challenging, Shuten suggested that they only be allowed to use the names of staff and Servants in Chaldea, excluding family names and titles. They also agreed on allowing nicknames and the same word if the kana used was part of a different kanji.

"Maa~ So many rules. Are you going to be able to remember them all? I hear memory is the first thing to go in one's later years." As they were now ready to start, Shuten's confidence hadn't diminished in the slightest.

"Ara ara, and here I was worried you'd be able to handle following the rules for the entire game." Unprovoked, Raikou was also sure of her victory.

They were both looking for a swift victory and the sweet satisfaction that came after.

"Then, I'll begin," Shuten said. "'Chaldea'."

Thinking of her distant, older half-brother, Raikou replied. "Hmm… Oh, 'Arjuna'."

"Na, na… 'Nagayoshi'." While not too fond of the beheading-obsessed Berserker, the violet-haired oni thought he and Raikou would get along.

"Shi… rou? Yes, 'Shirou'."

"Hmm? Oh, yes. That Amakusa brat. Then I'll use your lineage against you, Genji general. 'Ushiwakamaru'."

The game continued for longer than either Servant thought it would, as each time one thought they had trapped the other, they'd find a way out. There were also accusations of 'cheating', like with Raikou using Ushiwakamaru's other names, like 'Kuro' and 'Yoshitsune', but Shuten wasn't shy about naming the same person multiple times too, like referring to herself as 'Ibuki'. They also fought over how much of a person's name to use and certain foreign countries' naming conventions, which contributed to the game getting dragged on and on.

However, no matter how they tried to drag it out, there was only a finite number of names they could use, and a winner would be decided inevitably.

[Shuten Wins]

"Ufufufu. Maa~ Poor Genji cow. I'm sure you accepted my suggestion in the hopes to protect Dan'na-han for me, but who would have thought he'd be your undoing!" Laughing at her former executioner, despite Raikou seeming so confident when she chose 'Lamda' that she'd have a host of names to choose from, Shuten had been trying to get her to say the Mysterious Alter-Ego's name for a while. "Go on, there is still one man's name you can say, is there not?"

Glaring at the salacious temptress, the youkai-slaying Berserker wanted nothing more than to draw her blade and remove the Assassin's head from her shoulders once again. "Huh? Trying to cheat again? There is nobody in Chaldea named 'Dan'na', choose another name."

"Hmm hmm hmmmm~ But, as I recall, there is no 'Shana-O' or 'Kaoruko' either." Smugly pointing out the creative liberties that Raikou had used in the game, Shuten was enjoying the futile effort. Like a bug under her toe, she was going to enjoy watching until she pressed harder. "Besides, Dan'na-han is Dan'na-han to me and I'll not budge on this fact. I've not once shied away from calling him as such, and should he ask, perhaps I'd even allow him to steal me away. Ahh, or I could plunder him instead. Either way is fine with me."

"B-But-!" Biting her tongue as she was about to argue more, Raikou knew she had to accept the facts of the matter. She agreed to abide by the rule they set, and by the rules, she lost. If it were just her, she might have been willing to shoulder the disgrace of going back on her word but as a prominent figure of the Minamoto clan, and more importantly, a Servant of her Master, she couldn't. "Fine… 'Napolean'. I lose."

"Ufufufu ufufufufu, ahahahahaha! How kind of you, Genji general." Standing, Shuten took the seal they had created and placed it on the Berserker's forehead. "Well, it is only natural that I would win when you can no longer cheat and poison me. Sweet as it was, and I accept my defeat but, it was truly the Shinpen Kidoku that bested me. But that is neither here nor there. What shall I seal you in? Worry not, though, I'll ensure that Dan'na-han isn't lonely while his 'mother' is away. Ufufu." But where do I want to put her? There are so many options, though I suppose I could move her around if I truly wished. However, the first would be the most important. One of my foot wraps perhaps? How often have I dreamt of having this woman at my feet? Now, every step I take could be bliss. No, no… that's far too boring. Having her become part of my clothing is an option. Forcing her to cling to my body, oh I can imagine the frustration on her pitiful face! Running her hands over her body as she thought, Shuten licked her lips at the idea of the maternal-crazed Berserker resting in the outfit she had so often denounced as 'indecent' was good. However, as she cupped one of her modest breasts in her hand, a devilish, or rather an oni-ish smile adorned her beautiful face. "That's it. Since I'll be depriving Dan'na-han his mother's bosom, I'll keep you within mine and offer it to him in your stead."

"Wha-!?" Before she could protest, Raikou's body transformed into golden particles of light and was drawn into the pale-skinned youkai's small chest.

The sudden infusion of such concentrated mana into her body aroused the lavish, sensual oni, reddening her cheeks as she gripped her chest tight. "Ahhn~ Maa, I wasn't expecting you to feel so good in my breast. Ufufu, my, is that you?" A solid lump in her breast was wiggling around, pushing against her fingers as she played with and tormented it a bit. "My apologies that there isn't much space. Not everyone can have such uselessly huge cow udders for breasts. Though, perhaps you prefer more cozy, intimate accommodations, ufufu." Playing with the trapped Servant a bit more, Shuten's arousal only deepened as every effort Raikou mounted to fight her off was so easily overpowered. Both the physical and psychological pleasure had her breath quickening and loins burning with desire. "Ahn~ D-Dan'na-han…" Leaving Raikou's now vacant room, Shuten salaciously skipped off to her real prize.

Though she couldn't see, the evidence around her was more than enough to convince the fair-skinned woman that the drunkard temptress wasn't lying. The moist heat and slimy walls of squishy flesh were telltale signs that she was inside of an organic creature and the deafening beat of its heart so close to her eliminated any doubt of Shuten's words. But what made her humiliating captivity all the more unbearable were her restraints and nudity. Her smooth flesh rubbed directly on the oni's, there was nothing to protect her sensitive nipples and crotch as she was bounced in place and squeezed from the outside while her limbs were stuck in tight passages that refused to release her.

I can't believe she put me in her breast! A mere bug treating me like this. Oh, how can I even face Kintoki or Master after this? She wondered, fighting against the narrow fleshy tubed holding her arms and legs but unable to break free. Around her fingers and toes, a warm liquid filled the small void spaces at the ends of the ducts restraining her and a sweet scent began to fill her lungs. Huh? Th-This couldn't be…

Looking around Novum Chaldea, Shuten wasn't able to find her Master anywhere. She was able to keep herself entertained with the thoughts and struggles coming from her breast, and she was sure to walk in a way that maximize the amount of bounce to them but she was looking forward to finally being able to talk with and tease the innocent, accepting young Magus without the middle-aged cow showing up uninvited.

Maa~ I suppose I'll just play with you for a bit, Chichi general, and find Dan'na-han late-ahhh~ Ufufu, speak of the not-yet oni. Returning to her room with her prize, as she turned the final corner, she was pleasantly surprised to see the dark-haired young man pace in front of her door. "Dan'na-haaaaan~ Were you perhaps waiting for little o' me? Should you humans not tarry before an oni's den though?" Skipping up to her handsome Master, she bent over at the waist and playfully, subtly swayed her shoulders back and forth so her modest assets drew his gaze a bit more. Entrancing and ensnaring someone's attention was easy when small techniques like this were used right, as sentient creatures pay more attention to something in motion than still. "Perhaps you'll be dragged in and 'devoured'... again."

"I-I j-j-just wanted to see if… I w-was a bit harsh earlier and…" Trying his best to keep focus on her enchanting, violet eyes, her charms bested his sensibilities as they usually do.

It was a simple matter to tempt and seduce someone so innocent, yet with Ritsuka it was an achievement that she valued for how unique of a human he was. "Ufufu. An apology despite not being guilty? Dan'na-han, you needn't worry your adorable, delicious-looking head about that anymore. You were right, and the Genji general and I have already made a pact with one another."

"Really!? How di-?" Excited to hear that the two had worked something out, Ritsuka was denied asking the nature of their agreement as Shuten placed a finger to his lips.

"Dan'na-han, you must understand that there can be no coexistence between that cow of a woman and myself by now, correct? So then, how do you believe we resolved this issue?"

"Huh? I don't…!? Wait, Raikou didn't go back to the Throne, did she!?" Just the thought of one of his Servants leaving pained the compassionate Master.

"No, no, no. You must know that none contracted to you wishes to be separated from you, Dan'na-han. Even if you attempt to keep some of us at… arm's length, ufufu." Pressing her body into his, Shuten forced Ritsku into the wall opposite her door with an inviting smile. "And fail in some cases. But worry not. While she is still contracted with you and resides in the proximity of Chaldea, that woman and your adorable Shuten-Douji played a game where the loser would not manifest in Chaldea without the other's permission, therefore eliminating the chance of us seeing each other anymore. If you wish to summon her, please just tell me and I'll pass it on to her."

Though she was an oni, an evil spirit known to prey on human lives and once almost brought ancient Japan to its knees, Ritsuka knew that he could trust Shuten's word… to an extent. Leaving the question aside of how they planned to enforce this materialization ban on the other to the side, the fact remained that he'd be seeing a lot less of the maternal Berserker from now on. Mama Raikou…

"Though, since you have been calling on her Tenjiku sibling these days, I suppose you'll not be needing to bother me with such matters. Instead…" Noticing the bit of sadness in his eyes, Shuten quickly changed subjects, grabbing him and pulling him into her room. "You gaze has been lingering on my chest, Master. If you are so interested, shall I nurse you a bit? While the idea of treating you as my child is unappealing, I am quite interested in this 'infant play' I hear was popular these days." Not giving Ritsuka a chance to escape, Shuten revealed the nipple on the breast in which she had imprisoned Raikou and held his face into her chest, pulling him down onto the floor with her.

"Shu-hmph!?" Trying to protest, as he opened his mouth the domineering oni filled it with her breast to silence him and guided his other to her other breast. The softness of her chest was enthralling and his struggles to slip free were easily denied. She just smiled down at him, urging him to suck on her teat with a gentle gaze. There was no resisting her, he didn't want to and the sweet, rich liquid spreading over his tongue eliminated the instinctual resistance in him.

"Yes, that's it, Dan'na-han. Worry not, these breasts of mine are incapable of producing alcohol, so enjoy my milk to your heart's content. Ufufu, yes, there, there. Your Shuten-Douji is here. Maa~ what a good boy you are." Cooing and encouraging him as Ritsuka drank from her with decreasing hesitation, he was soon holding on to her without reservation. Letting his head go, she adjusted his position so she could reach into his pants and stroke his engorged member like she had seen Raikou do for him once before. "Yes, sweetie. It's okay, for now, I shall be your mother. Would you prefer 'Mama Shuten' or Shuten-Mama'? Either is fine with me."

Holding him close, her heart was racing as she saw the total submission of her Master in her arms. He was as helpless as a baby while she played with his cock. Yet, while her loins flooded with lust and she wanted to fill herself with him, she was able to hold back rather easily so she could keep holding him in her arms a bit longer. Milk began leaking from her other breast, spilling out of her clothing and dribbling down her stomach and Ritsuka quickly switched nipples so's not to waste any.

"Ufufu… Maaa~ Rai~kou~, Dan'na-han's lips feel so divine on my breasts. How does it feel to be sucked on and doused in my milk? Do you think he'll become an oni if I feed him for long enough?" She asked, poking at the entrapped woman.

While it wasn't as rich as the milk she produced for her Master, Shuten's milk was much sweeter, a fact Raikou wished she had never learned as she was forced to drink some just to avoid drowning. Dying wouldn't free her from this undulating prison of flesh and milk, it would only serve to humiliate her further. But knowing that it was her Master that was sucking on Shuten's breast enraged and saddened her more than anything else.

Of all the nerve! This is immoral and unacceptable! Only a mother should be feeding her child like this! She thought, trying to ignore the taunts the salacious youkai directed at her.

"Maa… or perhaps I should try saying 'ara ara' instead since I am playing the part of Dan'na-han's mother right now." Her captor replied. "Either way, Master is my son currently, so there should be no issue with me feeding him."

Huh? That almost sound like…

"Like I can hear your everything thought? Why yes, I can! Ufufu, I guess you missed that part of the seal, but don't bother trying to be an annoying voice in my head. I choose when I want to hear you." Shuten confirmed with malicious delight. "I won't be listening often, though, if your thoughts are so boring all the time. Worrying about that brat or Dan'na-han, planning to escape or telling him where I'm keeping you when he calls on you next. Just enjoy your retirement, Raikou-chan~! I hear milk baths are good for older women and I'll be sure to have someone massage you every day. It's a far better retirement than a cow like you deserves. Ufufufu ahahaha!"

Hmph, like my son would let you keep me trapped in here once he learns I'm here! Even if I have to remain sealed as part of our agreement, Master will have you put me somewhere else. With how magnanimous Ritsuka was, there was no doubt in her mind she could convince him to help her. She just needed to be patient.

"Ara ara… Ufufu, that is fun to say." Roughly grabbing and squeezing her breast tightly, Shuten subjected Raikou to intense pressure from the outside as she laughed at the Berserker. "And when exactly is he going to summon you next? Everyone knows that composite Tenjiku god is the superior area-of-effect Buster Berserker. And with me whispering in Dan'na-han's ear… ufufu."

It was far too late to realize the trap she had fallen into. She thought she knew that Shuten-Douji wasn't an oni to be taken lightly, since she was an unchanging member of Japan's Sandai Keshō. Raikou remained vigilant against her because of that. But somewhere, a part of her underestimated the scheming oni because of how relatively easily she exterminated her in life.

"Awww, don't be sad, Raikou-chan. As I have been asking forever now, you're well past your prime. Just enjoy your retirement as my toy."

[Raikou Wins]

"Ara ara~ Fufufu, what are you going to do, you little lush?" Gloating in her assured victory, Raikou enjoyed seeing Shuten wrack her mind to think of a follow-up to the last name she used. However, both she and the annoying, petite oni knew there was only one name to follow 'Karna' with left.

Scowling as she couldn't think of any of the childhood names of the Japanese Servants that began with the kana 'na' or aliases or nicknames for anyone else for that matter, the frustration left her face as she just sighed. "Maa~ Well I suppose that is that then. A game is only fun as long as the participants follow the immutable rules while taking advantage of the loophole they can find. 'Napolean'." Making no move to flee or avoid the fate about to befall her, Shuten instead manifested her lacquer cup and gourd of alcohol, pouring out a cup for herself and drinking it.

"Ara? Not going to try and scurry off, hide in some hole, and hope that you never see me again?" Taking pleasure in her victory over the powerful youkai once again, Raikou tried to provoke the horned menace. Of course, her victory was all but assured in this game. She had bested the member of Japan's Sandai Keshō before, after all.

"Ufufu, do you hear the words passing those lips, oh 'Great' Genji general? Is that the policy of the Genji clan? Run and take back your word if defeated?" Though she had lost, Shuten-Douji was an oni who prided herself on living true to the oni way of life. "I'll say again what I told you as you had me held down to be decapitated. There is nothing false in the words of an oni. If I promise a priest safe lodging for the night, I am free to devour them in the morning. If I promise to spare the righteous, I am free to slaughter those that have malice in their hearts. So tell me, Minamoto no Yorimitsu, have I ever lied to you?"

Her victory somewhat soured by the little drunkard's uncharacteristic acceptance of her loss, Raikou had to admit that for all the evils and atrocities the hedonistic oni committed, lying wasn't one of them. "Hmph, fine. Now, are you ready to be sealed away? I have the perfect place for you since you have been such a pain in my backside for so long." Still, she was determined to enjoy her victor and savor the suffering of her nemesis.

"Yes, yes. I am sure you'll seal me in those uselessly huge cow udders hanging off your chest, right?" Shuten said, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. "Aaaahah… having to smell milk all the time is going to be such a bother."

"Fufufu. Why would you think I'd put you in my bosom, insect? A mother's chest is the sacred vessel that feeds her children. I'll not taint Master's milk with your filth. There is only one place in my body appropriate for you." Reaching under her bed, Raikou pulled out a box with seals and talismans on it and a big label with the word 'Confiscated' written on it in bold letters.

Opening the box, she pulled out an oblong spherical object with its greatest diameter equalling roughly that of a fist and a thin neck protruding from the flatter, rounded bottom with a disc on the end. It had a glossy, smooth texture, and numerous divots and bulges covering the deep purple, egg-like object while the disc on the end was set with a light-purple quartz crystal.

Of course, the sensual oni recognized the sex toy for what it was, and with a bead of sweat betraying her otherwise aloof expression she said, "Maa~ What's the self-professed upholder of Chaldea's public morals doing with such an object? While it is an old favorite of yours, hypocrisy ill suits you."

"Oh, this isn't mine, Shuten-chan. Sessyouin-dono, for all her flaws, is still a professional therapist and having her around, so long as we keep an eye on her, is good for Master's mental well-being. However, I recognized that her knowledge of indecent, immoral behavior could be used for good in helping me identify the signs I should be on the lookout for. Though her methods of teaching are…" Just remembering the nights she spent at the mercy of the former Beast candidate's euphoric fingers ignited her unsavory desires, but in this case, it would help in administering the punishment her biggest headache in Chaldea deserved. "I hope you like your new home. When you suggested sealing one of us away, I had no other place in mind for you than here." Her normally sweet and gentle face had been stern and terse most of the time she was forced to tolerate Shuten's presence, but now it was twisting into a dark, wicked smile of lust and malice. "Because, as I said before, you have always been a pain in my rear! Fufu, fwahahahaha! Insignificant insect, be consigned to ass!"

Confined to a butt plug and shoved up this cow's fat arse. My, how utterly depraved of the Genji general, though I suppose that is nothing new for her. Allowing herself to be sealed, for Shuten, this was the true face of the woman who slew her. Cruel and merciless, taking pleasure in vanquishing her enemies. What a waste. If only she let Ushi Gozen out, she'd be a beautiful oni to behold, ufufu.

Expecting to be locked in the cold darkness of the anal toy Raikou had designated as her prison, Shuten was surprised to find that her mind was registering more than that. Delicate, powerful fingers held her firmly and the warmth of them passed into her. From the smooth flesh, the salty taste and intoxicating scent of sweat dominated her mind as she was forced to look up at the face of a now gigantic, sinisterly smiling Raikou.

Huh? What is this? She wondered.

"Ara ara, look at how cute you look! I've never been so pleased to see you, Shuten-chan! Though, I suppose I won't be 'seeing' you too much after this. Fufufu~" The oni-loathing Berseker's voice said in her mind. "But first, Sessyouin-dono did teach me about the dangers of using one of these dry." Hearing her actual voice as well, Shuten was helpless as she watched the middle-aged woman's plump lips part and strands of her saliva dripped out to meet her. Caressed by Raikou's tongue and coated in her spit, Shuten involuntarily tasted the sour liquid as it crept and spread over her.

Unable to shudder in discomfort, the petite oni had no choice but to be violated by the maternal Berserker's oral muscle. This is rather unpleasant… But, when I next see Dan'na-han, I'll convince him to get me away from this cow.

"Ah, so that is how you planned to get out of this, you conniving little bug. True to your word to the letter, I suppose but not in the spirit of the agreement." Raikou's mental voice said to her as her bodysuit vanished leaving her naked as the day she was born. "We didn't discuss what actions are or aren't allowed after the loser got sealed, only ensuring the one sealed couldn't get out with their own power. But will you be able to convince Master?"

Shuten watched as Raikou brought her body behind and under her wide, plump backside and used a hand to spread her cheeks apart to reveal the oily, sweat orifice ready to welcome her. There was nothing she could do to resist and trying to convince her not to would only make this better for the purple-haired woman. We'll have to see when I see Dan'na-han next, won't we?

Smirking at the comment, Raikou slowly pressed the tip of the lubed-up sex toy against her tight pucker, twisting it and applying more pressure as needed. At first, her anus stayed firmly sealed, but with a bit of encouragement, she was able to slip the tip in and the euphoria of inserting something up her rear washed over her.

And while Raikou experienced a new pleasure, Shuten was subjected to a worse torture than if she had been sealed into the Berserker's bouncing bosom. The stench of the mature woman's body odor and sweat was bad enough, having been trapped and stewing in her latex bodysuit for so long, but the rancid miasma that was sealed away in her rectum was utterly mindnumbing. Not able to protect herself against any of it, the viscous disgusting mucus that surrounded her made her skin crawl and stomach turn, but she was unable to physically reject them. Slowly, her field of vision was consumed as the rim of Raikou's anus spread over her until only a small bit of 'light' remained from the bejeweled base. However, even that tiny window of vision was severely limited once the meaty cheeks of Raikou's rear were allowed to settle back into place and the Berserker manifested her bodysuit once more. How can such a 'big' woman be so tight? Smushed and compacted by both bowels and buttcheeks, the constant agony wasn't too much to bear but uncomfortable.

"Ara ara. I was expecting that to be a bit more difficult." Giggling sinisterly at her captive's plight, Raikou gave her rear a firm smack, causing her to tighten her grip on the oni plug. "Do you think your little antic earlier helped, or did you accept this is where you belong? Maa~! Is that what you were up to earlier? You knew you belonged in my rear and wanted to climb in? Fufufu, why didn't you just say so? If you wanted to be in there so much, make sure you enjoy the tastes and smells. If it's an embrace like this, I'm more than happy to hold you, Shuten-chan."

Receiving no reply from her toy, Raikou's smirk only grew, taking it as an admission of complete defeat. Sure, it might take a bit longer to truly break the oni's spirit, but even if she escaped now, there was no denying that she had been shoved into somewhere so humiliating. The throbbing was worth keeping her away from her precious son.

Oh, that's right. I need to go tell Master that he can't just summon her anymore. Think of her Master, Raikou went to leave her room but was surprised to see the young man in question pacing in front of her door with a worried expression. "Ara! Master! Mother was just coming to find you!" Mother mode activating, she threw her arms around him, stuffing his face into her cleavage as she giggled happily.

"I-I j-j-just wanted to see if… I w-was a bit harsh earlier and…" Trying his best to unbury his face and keep focus on her enchanting, violet eyes, her charms bested his sensibilities as they usually do.

Holding him close, something was poking into her crotch was he just stared up at her. He wasn't fighting to get out of her embrace like he used to so long ago, but she did sometimes get overly enthusiastic and make it difficult for him to breathe. However, even if there was nobody else in the hallway currently, it wouldn't do to discuss what she needed to with him in the open. Pulling him back into her room, she used her breasts to lift his face and lowered hers towards him. "You don't need to apologize, Master. Mother was naughty and caused you a lot of trouble. I've thought about what I've done and am sorry. Will you forgive me?" She asked, closing her eyes and pursing her lips, leaving the last bit of distance for him to cross.

Embarrassed, Ritsuka responded to her affection, pressing his lips against her. "O-Of course… M-Mama…"

Oh, Master! You're such a sweet child! But if you forgive me so easily… Mother… Mother will… Pulling him even closer, Raikou kissed him more deeply and passionately than before, using her tongue to arouse him beyond any lingering inhibition he might have. "Mother is… so happy. Master disciplined me properly… The insect and I worked out… an agreement… and Master came to visit me!" Talking in between sloppy, loving kisses, she slowly dragged Ritsuka over to her bed and pulled him down on top of her. "Even my bum…"

"M-Mama… Mama, h-how is your butt?" Breaking free of her lip lock for a moment, Ritsuka's hips didn't stop grinding into hers as he asked. "I h-heard Shuten… W-Well, does it hurt?"

Thinking for a moment, Raikou grinned sensually at her easily aroused Master and turned over under him so that he was now rutting against her plump backside. "You need not worry about that insect anymore, Master. We've agreed that one of us wouldn't materialize in Chaldea while the other is here, so if ever you have need for her, unlikely as that is, just let Mother know first, okay?"

"O-Okay, Mama." As much as he wished it hadn't come to this, it was inevitable given who the Berserker and Assassin were. There was one other problematic pair of Servants that were doing their best to avoid one another too, but he was expecting the two Greek Servants to have to settle their differences somehow in the future too.

Giggling at how obedient he had become, she didn't even need to ask Ritsuka to 'massage' her bum for her, he just did. Though his fingers were getting dangerously close to feeling the immoral imprisonment she was subjecting her nemesis to. Clenching her anal muscles tight, she managed to draw the base of the anal toy into her bowels as well, despite it being designed to stop just that, and let out a content sigh as the foreign object slid deeper into her.

Maa~ Such a fitting place for an Assassin like you. I wasn't expecting this to be so pleasant, so perhaps I'll leave you there forever, Shuten-chan. Master doesn't need oni fighting for him. I am all he needs and I'll prove it so that he never calls on you again. Reaching back to pull her beloved son closer, Raikou kissed him again. Turning back over, she undid his pants and pulled his erect member free. "Ara ara. That looks so painful. Don't worry, Mother will take care of it for you like she always does." Stripping herself, Raikou was about to guide Ritsuka into her womanhood, but the wicked thought of dousing her oni plug in her son's semen while trapped in her rear was too good to pass up.

"Mama-!?" Feeling his cock enter the wrong hole, Rituska was about to say something but was stopped as Raikou preoccupied his lips with her own.

"Shhhh. Trust Mother, okay?" She said as she tightened her anus around him. "Trust Mother, and only Mother. I love you, my precious child and beloved Master. Just give yourself to Mother."

There was no denying her, he didn't want to. Her love was suffocating at times, but genuine. He had nothing to worry about with her by his side. "Y-Yes, Mama."

"That's a good boy. Mother will pamper you lots and lots today." And torment you until you break, Shuten-chan!