It's been ten years since the Cullens left Calgary behind, since Alice and Jasper arrived.

So far things had been great.

Alice and Jasper got married, Alice crashed her first car, Jasper found out he liked motorcycles over cars, Emmett, Edward and Jasper got arrested in Las Vegas, Jasper and Rosalie grew closer to everyone but Alice's surprise.

And while Jasper still got tense when someone touched him he no longer seemed to avoid as much contact as when he first arrived. He still refused to be hugged though and he still wore sunglasses in the morning for some odd reason. Wouldn't be caught dead outside when the sun was out either. But at least he was warming up.

Also. He had a tendency to space out sometimes, and more than a few times someone had overheard him talking alone.

And while not much there were still times when that voice appeared. The one that made one want to kneel and beg for one's life to be spared. Cold and dark. Rougher. Unforgiving. It demanded submission and respect. Submerging the room in darkness and cold as the void stared back.

Emmett had dubbed it "Dark Jasper" even though the only time he heard it was when Jasper had asked him to wrestle him. Jasper never asked to wrestle him. He had been twice as merciless and brutal than usual. Maybe a bit too brutal considering Emmett's back was hurting for the rest day.


Other than that things had been rather peaceful.

And now, after five years, he was finally going to school.

Carlisle had managed to get him taking each class with at least one of his siblings or Alice so as to keep an eye on him in case something happens.

To be honest?

Carlisle was worried. Not because of his control which had grown better but because of his gift.

He knew how hard it had been on Edward when he first went to school. All those voices he couldn't keep out of his head... Jasper was an empath.

Empaths were against popular belief quite short tempered. Though, so far Jasper had never shown something as that of having a short temper.

Jasper was by far his most well behaved child. Quiet. Patient. Composed. Yeah. He had his moments but he was never as explosive as Rosalie or as venomous as Edward when it came to fights or arguments.

In fact.

The few times he had gotten into an argument with someone his voice had been cold and also condescending. Almost as if he was just humoring them with an argument. It was unsettling to say the least.

And the one time he got into a physical fight, it was with Edward, it had begun with an argument after Rosalie saw a scar of a bite on Alice's back while they were in Paris, Edward saw it in Rosalie's mind and of course had to make the wrong comment.

Carlisle had been at work but for what Esme had told him Jasper had gone from condescending and cold to flat out cruel. His words blazing and aiming to do as much damage as possible as his "Dark persona" appeared.

The fight had ended in a blink as Jasper had brought Edward down before this one could even throw a punch. And while Jasper had been far gone he had still yielded to Esme.

Still .

He was composed most of the time.

So Carlisle wanted to believe things would go well.

He should have known better.


Jasper said he would be fine. Alice told him he would be fine.

Then how come he was feeling a lot of things but fine right now? The scents were crushing him as much as the emotions were. The second Edward had parked his Volvo the second the wave had come. So different from the South and at the same time so similar. It was loud and intense and he was glad he was sitting for he would have crumbled down otherwise.

Because damn was it loud.

Dare he say this actually felt louder than the South, the emotions were so intense he could barely focus on the humans' scents at all. It was like standing among a fog so thick it strangled him. Burnt. Suffocated. Hurt. He couldn't breathe. His chest was being crushed under the weight of emotions. Making his blood boil and focusing hard.

And fuck he can't breathe.

He tries to focus but he can't. Thick. Thick. Thick. He is drowning. A surge of love slams into him like a tsunami. Louder than the rest. Deafening. There's a hand on his back rubbing soft circles and a soft voice whispering in his ear.

The love is overwhelming. Like a hand grabbing his own and pulling him out of the suffocating sea of bitterness and cold. Heat. Warmth. Red. Pink. Acid. Sour. Sweet. Green. Blue. More heat.

And it takes him a moment to push back the unwelcome waves and for the world to clear up. He had at some point curled to grab his hair, forehead against his knees.

-You don't have to push yourself, if-

-I'm fine.- Jasper cut off before straightening back up.- I just didn't expect it to be this intense.

Edward didn't seem convinced but he still nodded.

Once outside of the Volvo all stares fell on them. Edward grimaced at the thoughts that flared as loud as a crowd in the middle of New York. All of them expected but no less disturbing.

-Come on!- Alice called excitedly, Edward wondered if she would ever stop being so excited about school.

Or maybe she was just excited about finally having Jasper at school with her.

He smirked as he caught the thoughts from the humans about Jasper. Most of them were terrified of him for he looked like a serial killer. Others were jealous either of him or Alice for being with the other. And another handful were the kind of thoughts Edward liked to shut down for the sake of his mental health.

God please do let him survive this year.


A week.

That's all the Cullens managed to stay in Portland.

But for the record Carlisle should have known better than to let an ex-civil war soldier keep up using the same last name he had as a human.

But how was he suppose to know this would happen when this had never happened before in the first place?


That's the one class that got the Cullens sprinting out of school.

The teacher; Mr. Ursin, had decided to start the civil war topic, but apparently, while he had been doing his own research, he had come across something particular.

Jasper Whitlock.

There had been a picture too.

Edward had seen it in his mind before the man even stepped into the classroom. That had prompted Edward into faking a stomachache that could have won him an Oscar as he scrambled out of the class. Jasper had followed after him out of "worry".

-Have you lost your mind?!- Rosalie snapped the second they stepped out of the car, anger bleeding out of her like dancing flames of unforgiving heat.

-You are blamin' me? How the hell was I suppose to know that could happen?

-I don't know, because it's about you? - Rosalie told as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

-Rosalie that's enough.- Carlisle called as he came to stand at the doorframe. He was holding a book about the civil war and it didn't took a genius to know what he was looking for.

-We haven't even been here for a week!

-I understand that but blaming Jasper over something he had no control over is not the way to solve it. I should have thought it better.- Carlisle told frowning as he read the page over.

Major Jasper Whitlock; Youngest Major of Texas. Joined at the age of 18 and got promoted to Major two years later. Rumors say he wasn't actually of age when he first joined. He was well liked by his men for his charisma and bravery. He disappeared while helping evacuate women and children. It was believed that he was on his way to Galveston when this happened. His horse was found two days later and due the blood in this one's saddle it's believed he must have been injured and subsequently killed. His body was never found.

There was a picture with it.

Even if it was black and white his hair looked darker and longer. There were no scars on his face and his gaze while similar it wasn't the same. He wore a confederate army uniform.

Between this picture and the Jasper he had right infront of him not much had changed if one was to take it in a human perspective.

But for a vampire the differences were loud and clear. The scars in his skin and that haunted glimmer in his gaze that spoke of the horrors he had seen and been put through. The gold of his hair and the paleness of his skin. The golden eyes, the short hair, the age in his gaze.

And while saying he was related to the original Jasper Whitlock could be easy there were the few details that matched too much.

His soldier-like stance, his extensive knowledge about History, his accent, they couldn't take chances.

-Major Jasper Whitlock?- Emmett was standing right at Carlisle's side with a frown.- Major?

-It's a military rank standing above captain but below colonel, had the command and administrative responsibilities for an infantry division; around a few thousands soldiers.- Jasper was quick to explain as he ever so subtly got rid of the sudden uneasiness in the air.

-So a 19 year old was the boss of a bunch of adults? Fun. Wait, wouldn't that like, make The Major a military dude too?

Jasper bristled at that.

-No, maybe? Who knows.

Alice at his side squeezed his hand.

-We should start packing. The sooner we leave the better.- Alice told hoping to dissuade the conversation.

Thankfully, that seemed to work.


Jasper was finishing buttoning his shirt when Rosalie appeared.

-I get it, you're annoyed, can we just drop it? It's not as if I was aware I would stand out enough that they would feel the need to write about me.- Jasper told not bothering to look at her as he grabbed his sunglasses.


That made him halt and turn to look at her with a frown.


-I have been thinking it over. You are right, it wasn't like you knew that would happen. I have told Carlisle, we could pose as twins, we are both blonde and close to age.- Rosalie said, she had been mulling it over, blaming him over this was stupid for as he said, one would never expect to be written about.

And since she knew he wouldn't take on the Cullen last name as Alice had done she decided to offer him hers. Both of them were blonde and his soldier-like near serial killer air would match perfectly with her ice queen persona.

Also. She guessed he was handsome enough to be her twin.

-Are you okay?- Jasper's question got him a glare and he smirked back at her.

-You want it or not?- Rosalie snapped.

-It would be my honor to be your twin brother.- He conceded taking off an invisible hat to Rosalie's visible annoyance.

-You have gotten horribly annoying, you know that right?

-I like to call it charmin'.

Rosalie rolled her eyes.

-What's with you and sunglasses?- She couldn't help but ask as she watched him put them on.

-It helps with my mysterious aura.- Jasper told without missing a beat, both of them knew that was a lie, he always changed his answer whenever someone asked him about them.

He had told Emmett it was to hide his stares from humans but he had also told Esme he wore them because Alice found them attractive on him.

And now he told Rosalie this.

There was an ongoing bet that Carlisle wasn't aware of among them all about the real reason he wore them.

Emmett said he used them to look cooler.

Alice who shouldn't even be betting on something she probably already knew said he wore them because he was used to hide his red eyes from humans while walking into town. Esme for some reason seemed to agree with Alice's words.

Edward said he wore them because maybe, just maybe, he liked wearing sunglasses.

Rosalie? Rosalie was pretty sure he did it to fuck with their minds. She had come to learn he could be an absolute bastard if he wanted to. He didn't got along so well with Emmett for nothing. Both of them could be as childish as they could be insufferable.

He did wore them at random intervals. Alice had gone into town at 8:00pm once to get him new ones after his broke.

So, whatever the reason was Alice was definitely in on it.

She had to admit their commitment was quite outstanding.