(I don't own, G-gundam no sueing ok)
This is a poem about Chibodee being misunderstood.
No one understands me, and I feel so alone.

My crew tried to convince me that I have won their undying friendship.

I know that as I sit here on my knee relying on what's inside.

Yet many don't know the pain I hide, I feel like I don't deserve such

I feel so much pride for what I have done.

However, my real torture has just begun.

People say I can confide, and I have nothing to hide from them or so I'm

When in reality inside I feel a little cold.

I wear a tough mask every day.

Yet no one has even dare to ask along the way.

I wonder can anyone see through this mask I wear.

Girls often stare at my hair but that's all they see.

Sure I go out with girls but none of them can tear away this mask.

I look around in the sun as I continue not to show this man behind the

Many judge for what they see and what I do.

No one sees the real me, and just judge me more.

Many think my heart can be sold by a pretty face.

Sigh why can't they see how my heart can sink as they assume I'm a playboy.

I'm not just some sex toy, I actually care about life, although may not
care what people say.

I just wish someone could tear this mask away.

Sigh as I pass by each day, not always doing what I am told to do.

I still feel deep inside so cold in my point of view.

(Well this may not be real good but I gave it a shot at least. So, please R
and R.)