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~ When Insanity Stops ~

Summary: At the end of Hermione's fifth year, she feels depressed about all the stuff that has happened. One morning upon waking up, Hermione finds someone else in bed with her. And that's the only the start of this interesting tale.

Warnings: This story will contain spoilers to the fifth book. This is also a story is AU based.

Rating pg-13: Reasoning: curse words, implied sex.

Pairings: Sirius Black/ Hermione Granger
Remus Lupin/ Tonks
Harry Potter/ OOC

Slightly Bad Guys: Ronald Weasley Ginny Weasley

Real Bad Guys: Voldemort Lucius Malfoy

Things you need to consider:
If you were hurt badly, how would your mind react? Would it create for you a new world? Or would it retreat until your world was once again safe for you?
The mind is a fascinating thing. No one knows what its really capable of doing, or reacting. Many scientists have studied the brain, and many have their own theory regarding it.


Summer between Fifth year and Sixth Year
Hermione's Room

Turning off her bedroom light, Hermione wipes away the tears with the back of her hand. How stupid could he have been? Why did he have to taunt her? Chocking back a sob, she pulls back the linen on her bed. Sliding in between the bed sheets, Hermione says a quick prayer that Harry's doing all right.

Closing her tired eyes, she struggles with everything that has happened in the past three weeks. I can't believe that he's gone! Poor Harry, now who's going to tell him about his parents?

Slowly she drifts into sleep.

Until Later