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When Insanity Stops

AN: This has been one hell of a ride! But here is where I have to say, "Good bye! Hope you enjoyed the ride."


Twisting her body slowly, Hermione snuggles deeper into her pillow. Letting a soft moan of contentment, she reluctantly starts to wake up. Yawning loudly, as she stretches her feet and then her arms. Hermione becomes aware that she is alone. Reaching a hand out, she feels out for Sirius. Finding the bed empty except for herself. What is that crazy mutt up to now?

Soft footsteps could be heard approaching the bed. Rubbing a hand over her eyes, Hermione opens them to see Sirius holding a breakfast tray in between his hands.

"Good morning love," whispers Sirius as he places the tray on the bed before her. Gasping, Hermione was surprised that none of the contents on the tray spilled when Sirius joined her in bed. "Charmed it," laughs Sirius. "One of these days I'll have a camera handy, just so I can get a picture of your face."

"So, what is so special about today?" asks Hermione, changing the topic. "That I get to have breakfast in bed." Humming, Sirius picks up of the fresh strawberries. Dipping it into the bowl of freshly made whip cream; he focuses his eyes on her face.

"Sirius?" asks Hermione as he brings the strawberry close to her mouth. Opening her mouth, she lets him feed her. The last time he did this was when I hexed Erin with a ghastly case of acne.

"Can't a man feed his lovely woman," responds Sirius, placing his lips over hers. Pulling back he quickly adds, "But since you mentioned it. I ran after Erin last night."

"What?" demands a confused Hermione as Sirius attempts to kiss her again. "You ran into Erin last might and you didn't tell me?"

"No," slowly corrects Sirius. "I ran after her." Watching Hermione's eyes narrow themselves into slits, Sirius calmly explains. "I turned into the Grim and chased her around."

"Sirius!" laughs Hermione. "You didn't."

"Yes, I did," argues Sirius. "If you don't believe me, you can ask Severus or Remus. He hit her with a well-placed confundus charm. While Remus took several photographs."

"Sirius!" bellows Remus. "I can't find the rings!"

"We need to get him some drugs," mutters Sirius. Hastily kissing Hermione one last time, Sirius bounces off the bed. "That's because I have them!" shouts Sirius as he leaves the room. "You're wearing a towel! You can't get married in that! What will your future mother-in-law think of you?"

Yeah, this is going to be an interesting day.

Dinning Hall

"It is my extreme pleasure to announce Mister and Misses Remus Lupin," states Dumbledore grandly. As the couple continue to kiss in front of him.

Several not so discrete coughs from Sirius cause the blushing couple to break apart. Gesturing with his hand towards the aisle, Sirius gets the newlyweds to head towards the bridal table. Shaking his head as they move down the aisle, Sirius trails behind them. Briefly stopping to give Hermione a devilish wink before progressing down the aisle.

"Is he always like that?" questions Gwen.

"He was much worse in school," comments Severus gravely. "Hermione, are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine," dismisses Hermione as she takes several deep breaths. "I'm going to go sit with Sirius."

"Ok dear," mutters Gwen.

Reaching forward, Hermione grips the back of the chair in front of her, pulling herself upwards. The room momentarily tilts before it come centers itself. I must be tired. Taking great care Hermione slowly makes her way over to the table that Sirius was standing next to. I have never seen Remus so happy. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Tonks this happy either. It's almost like they're glowing.

Watching the newlyweds make small talk to several of their guest that we're lingering about, Hermione sank gratefully in her chair. Merlin, my back in killing me today. Rubbing her soar back with her hands, Hermione forces a smile on her face. Better keep that smile in place before you ruin their day. And damn it, they deserve to be happy.

Spying Ginny making her way towards her, Hermione raises her hand to wave a greeting when the room tilts and sounds fade away. Rapidly blinking her eyes, Hermione sighs in relief as the room comes back into focus. Feeling overly warm, Hermione shakily reaches for her glass of water. Gulping down the water, Hermione feels better. Maybe I just needed a glass of water.

Seeing Remus make his way towards, Hermione gives him a bright smile. Standing up, Hermione once again feel everything fade away.

"Hermione? Hermione dear," whispers her mother. "You need to wake up now."

"What?" mumbles Hermione as she slowly comes around. Opening her eyes, she instantly notices that she's in the infirmary. "What happened?"

"You passed out dear," states Madam Pomfrey. "But don't worry, you're fine."

"Why did I pass out then?" asks Hermione slightly scared. "It doesn't make any … any."

"Calm down Mione," soothes Sirius as he strokes her hand. "You're fine. Madam Pomfrey was just about to tell us what made you faint." He leans over, placing a soft lingering kiss on her lips.

"Well, I would say congratulations are in order," states Madam Pomfrey. Seeing everyone's confused expression, she clarifies. "Hermione is with child." At the news, Sirius lets out a loud shout of joy. Only to be shortly admonished by Madam Pomfrey.

Laughing at Sirius's antics, Hermione freely smiles. "So how far along am I?" asks Hermione.

"You are just about two months along," answers Madam Pomfrey as she hands Sirius a roll of parchment. "You're to follow the instructions on this list."

"Yes Madam," staunchly states Sirius frightening to keep the goofy grin off his face.

"Here Hermione," laughs Severus handing her some dark chocolate. "The reason why you fainted is because your body needs additional supplements."

"Why don't we leave these two alone for a few minutes, and when they're ready that can rejoin the party," suggests Tonks. Smiling gratefully at her, Hermione watches as everyone leaves the room.

"Sweetheart," whispers Sirius as the bed dips under his weight. "You have not said anything. How do you feel about having a child?"

"Scared. Frighten. Nerves. Happy," states Hermione as she reaches for Sirius's hand. "But I know, that if you're with me, I can handle anything."

"I love you," whispers Sirius.

"I love you more," whispers Hermione.

Standing in the doorway, Harry and Ron watch the exchange with bemused grins on their faces. Nodding to each other, they step back and close the door behind them.

The End