Hey everyone! Summer here. I've always loved Twilight. I love the concept. I love the plot. I love Bella. I love Edward. But their relationship always bothered me. I felt like most of the time, it was just Bella whining about stuff and Edward ignoring her, Bella being obsessed with Edward, and Edward being creepily obsessed with Bella. I've always wondered how it would go if Edward ended up with someone else, someone he couldn't stand at first, someone who could defend themselves instead of just waiting for him to do it for them. So, this story was created. I hope you like it!

I rummaged through my backpack and pulled out the crumpled, stained, and completely blank packet of paper that had once been my calculus homework. I had tossed it to the bottom of my bag and forgotten about it - as I did with most of my homework. The issue was that it was due today. I sighed and reached out to tap the girl who was sitting in front of me on the shoulder. She turned around, her blond hair cascading down her shoulder in a river of melted gold.


"Hey, Rosalie," I said, trying to keep my voice quiet and even. Rosalie was known for having a nasty temper. Not to mention that she was absolutely gorgeous and was both adored and hated by everyone in the school. She gave me a withering glare. I swallowed, my mouth surprisingly dry. "I forgot to do today's homework assignment, and I was wondering if I could just look at yours for a second?" I held my breath. Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Do your own homework, Wendi," she turned to face the teacher.

Bitch. I thought, staring daggers at the back of her perfect head. Of course, she paid me no attention. She was sitting straight up, her posture perfect, her hands folded in the lap, with her clean packet of completed homework in front of her. Just looking at her was enough to make me feel bad about myself. My orange hair was pulled back in a messy braid, my homework was sitting on the floor, crumpled and dirty, and I was slouched in my seat, my combat boots up on the desk just because I knew it would annoy Rosalie.

"Joanne?" my teacher asked. I winced at the name.

"Wendi," I corrected her. I hated my first name - I always had. It sounded like the name of a grandmother, or a paper doll or something, and since I was young, I had made a point of going by my middle name.

"Alright, fine. Wendi." She extended a hand for my homework. I could already see the disappointment in her face, the expectation of my failure. I sighed.

"I didn't do it, Mrs. Wentworth" I mumbled. She didn't say anything but frowned and made a mark on her clipboard.

That was the way most teachers reacted when I didn't do their assignment - what more could they expect from Wendi Madison, the unruly girl who lived in the trashy trailer park with her alcoholic aunt? Forks had its prejudices against me. It was fine. After all, the minute I was out of high school, I was moving out of this oppressive town with its gossipy, judgmental residents, and its stagnant gene pool. \

I think the last time we got someone new was when the Cullens moved in, and before that - hell, I couldn't even remember anyone before them. It had been that long.

Anyway, my point was, Forks sucked. And the sooner I could be done with it, the better.

I slammed my tray angrily down on the cafeteria table. Iris, a small Japanese girl with long dark hair and glasses, jumped.

"Shit, Wendi. What the hell was that for?"

"Wentworth. That old cow." I muttered angrily. Iris smirked.

"Looks like someone hasn't been doing their homework."

"You are so annoying," I said, but I cracked a smile at the same time. Iris shoved my shoulder. /span/p
"Too bad I'm your only friend." she teased.

"It's not like it's any different for you!" I protested. She shrugged. I glanced at her and saw a glint of hurt in her eyes.

"If I had to be sitting next to the dumpsters and breathing in rancid garbage fumes with anyone, it would be you," I promised her. It was true, we were sitting at the back of the cafeteria, tucked away in our little corner of the loser's table - affectionately named that by Iris because of the positioning, right, next to the trash cans. She placed a hand on her chest and fixed me with the look.

"Wow. That statement truly warmed the deepest reaches of my heart and soul," she said sarcastically. I grinned. Iris pulled a pack of ketchup off of her tray of 'food' if you could call it that, it was some type of meat (hopefully) mixed with a pale orange sauce, in between two slices of bread, and some soggy sweet potato fries.

She placed it on the table in front of her so that the seam was angled up towards the ceiling.

"Iris-" I started to say, but she slammed her fist down so hard that the table shook and everyone glared at her. The ketchup burst out of the packet and was propelled towards the ceiling, where it stuck, slowly dripping down onto the floor a few feet away. Mr. Parker, the man who watched our lunch period and checked for people trying to make trouble - basically just Iris - turned around.

"Shit," Iris muttered, grabbed the ketchup packet, stuck her hand under the table, and then smiled innocently as he approached. He passed right by us. "Works every time." She grinned and then winced. "Ow!"

"What?!" I asked.

"I cut my hand on the side of the fucking table," she muttered. And then she said,

"Shit. I'm bleeding."

I didn't know it then, but those words were about to change my life.

I hope you liked it! I would love it if you gave me some feedback in the comment section - it's how I improve as an author! Stay tuned for chapter 2, which should be coming soon.

-Summer (: